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Saturday, December 22, 2012

The gun grabbers invented the term "assault rifle" to further their own agenda.

Send this out till your fingers are sore!
The gun grabbers invented the term "assault rifle" to further their own agenda.
Note the picture of the WW Two soldier or Korean War soldier proudly holding his M-1 rifle in the article at the link below.  This was the military style assault and main battle rifle until the early to mid sixties when the M-16 came on line.  The M-16 began that "look" that is so upsetting to the gun grabbers.  But in reality, It did nothing that the wooden stocked M-1 could do.  And the M-16 started the use of the small .223 caliber which the military uses today.  The M-1 was a 30-06, much, much more lethal.
I can remember when you could order an M-1 for under $100 from the back pages of many magazines.  I have trained with the M-1 Garand and it was capable of fully automatic or semi-auto.
What's called an assault rifle today is just a copy of the current military rifle.  It is a style but civilians cannot buy one that is fully automatic.  Those on the civilian market are not capable of fully automatic mode.  The term assault is better suited to the way the police use them busting into the wrong that's an assault.
The right to keep and bear arms was put into the 2nd amendment not so the people could have guns to hunt with, but to fight any out of control tyrant.  The military at that time fought with muskets, those were the military rifles of that time and muskets were the guns of the people.
What's termed today as an assault rifle is just today's version of today's military rifle.  The word assault is a military term for close in combat with firearms.  The M1903 Springfield bolt action rifle was used in World War One as an assault rifle.  It was neither automatic nor semi-auto.  It required a lot of skill to rapidly fire.  If you've ever seen the movie, Sergeant York starring Gary Cooper, then you have seen the M1903 Springfield.  York was more than an expert with that gun.
The Springfield 1903 was also a 30-06 like the M-1 that mostly took over in WW-2.  The 30-06 became the premier high power hunting cartridge of the 20th century.  The modern military assault rifle shoots the puny, by comparison, 223 which in some states is outlawed for hunting deer, because too many times the deer is only wounded and runs away to die a prolonged death.
I hope I have made it plain that for hundreds of years the people have used the same style rifle as the military.  I have shown that the WW-1 assault rifle was not an automatic or semi-automatic but rather a bolt action rifle.  Please note in the accompanying article the writer says that at some point the gun grabbers in the government will try to ban the bolt action by calling it a sniper rifle.

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