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Monday, December 24, 2012

So Wayne LaPierre wants a new government police force to police the schools.

 BIG MISTAKE!!!!!!!!!!
Is the answer to everything more government?  What makes him think the guard in uniform won't be the firstone to die?
And then who is left to protect the kids? The uniform just makes it easier for the criminal to identify, target and take out the persons most likely to offer resistance to their intended crimes.
If anyone in the country should know that more government doesn't work it should be the NRA.
The government had Dianne Feinsteine's assault weapons "law" on the books in the 90s and the Columbine shooting still happened. The ban did absolutely nothing to stop it, and La Pierre knows that.  Banning weapons in certain places just creates FREE KILLING ZONES FOR THE CRAZY PEOPLE, AND FOR GOVERNMENT HIT SQUADS.
Mr. La Pierre, you said the mental health system has totally collapsed. What do you suggest to fix that? Would you give that to government also?  Will you let failed "mental health professionals" decide who is sane and who is not?  Would you now let government mental health people getting paid by our tax money decide who can have guns and who can't?
WHAT WOULD MAKE US BELIEVE that these people wouldn't tend to try to justify their own paycheck like everyone else in government, by putting lots of people on the unworthy list that don't belong there? What makes you think that veterans and shooting enthusiasts wouldn't be put on the list or committed for mental health reasons, to remove opposition to the gun grabbers.
What government agency do you know of that wouldn't use this to remove their opposition? What government agency do you know of that operates using pure and moral or even lawful intent?
After all, the jails are full, so the people that run them can keep the per diem pay coming. Look at the result of the so called drug war.
The jails are full of people who either got caught with a half ounce of marijuana, or had evidence planted by crooked cops so they could confiscate their stuff. Police departments are auctioning off all kinds of stuff they confiscated and keeping the money to finance more firepower and military style equipment so they can do even more raiding. It's a vicious cycle of plunder under the color of "law".
It's so bad now that there are over 2 MILLION people behind bars in this country that we have to support with our tax dollars.
The jails and the courts and cops that keep them full are now a huge GROWTH INDUSTRY worth billions upon billions of dollars per year.
So do you want, now, to make the mental hospitals a GROWTH INDUSTRY the same as the prison system? Really?
IS THAT YOUR SOLUTION? Come on, get real. You can do a lot better than that!
Is this what you call compromise;  giving up something that involves our rights, to get what might not even make a little more safety?  
The dictionary definition of compromise is:
"...settlement of differences by arbitration or by consent reached by mutual concessions".
There can be NO concession, or infringement on gun rights, in the same way that there can be NO concession on your absolute right to defend yourself and your neighbor against a threat to your life and well-being by someone using lethal force.
Read this article on what is really the law about guns:
The NRA is famous for this compromising of our absolute rights. 
PROHIBITED PLACES LAWS make absolutely no sense whatsoever.
An example right here in Montana is the so called law that prohibits a lawfully carrying person, even a concealed carry permit holder, from carrying his weapon in a cafe that serves beer and wine. 
In the first place, I have never seen any person in the cafes that I eat in ever get rowdy from too much to drink.
Second, if someone did, and I needed my gun to protect myself, it would be out in the car. A fat lot of good that would do me.
If I am eating and not consuming alcohol, the stupid so called "law" prevents me from defending myself and my family.
Third, there is no reason to believe that a concealed carry permit holder who has kept his record clean enough to hold that permit, is going to leave all that effort and common sense behind when he/she goes in that cafe. Ask the lady that testified before congress who watched her parents get shot and killed by the crazy gunman that crashed his vehicle through the front window of a fast food place in Texas and started shooting people. Her gun was in the car outside because the stupid prohibited places "law" said she couldn't have it in the cafe and like most "law abiding" people she left HER COMMON SENSE at the door in an attempt to obey a bad "law".  Do you really think it was a law and that she should have followed it? Do you really think she would do that same thing again, regardless of what the so called "law" says?
Then there is the federal so called "law" that stops even concealed permit holders from carrying in a  post office. They even want you to not have it in your car in the parking lot.
What absolute stupidity!   So you are in the precious metals business.  Your product is valuable. Very valuable. A little box that weighs in at 37 pounds, and measures about 12" X 8" X 5" can be worth over $20,000.  So you come to the post office to pick up a shipment that is shipped via registered mail, which packages always by postal regulations have to be kept in a safe when not being delivered, and the so called "law" makes it so you can't carry even a concealed handgun to protect yourself from a possible robbery.
Not only can you not carry in the building, but they don't even want your gun in the parking lot, so now you are forced to park OFF THE POSTAL PROPERTY, which requires you to carry that box of silver much farther WITHOUT YOUR GUN.  How absolutely insane is that?  Who should have their head examined now? Yes, the people that wrote that insane so called "law". Do you really think  that is a law?
Then let's go to the bank with about $80,000 in cash to buy a cashiers check to pay for that precious metal.  At least there is a little running room on this one. While that so called "law" is supposed to prevent a concealed carry permit holder from carrying concealed in the bank, it lets you carry in the open. So now your gun is right there on your hip for everyone in the bank to see.
So you come in the bank with a large amount of cash to deposit in  your account so you can get a cashiers check to send to the mint in payment for an order for one of your customers, and one of the tellers, perhaps a new one that doesn't know you, pushes the silent alarm button and all hell breaks lose.  Wouldn't it have been better to carry that gun concealed like you can do lawfully almost anywhere else, and not upset the banks' help or their customers, and yet you would still be protected from a possible robbery or assault?  Again, who wrote such an insane law?  Maybe they should have their head examined by that government goon mental health professional?
So now we come back to the school, or the theatre, where most of these crimes seem to be taking place.
In 1990 the government purported to put a "law" on the books called "The gun free school zones act of 1990".  In 1995 the Supreme Court blew it out of the water.
Then the infamous Janet Reno, made some changes that were "adopted and widely concealed" to get around the Supreme Court's decision, and today all the school authorities believe that one can not have a gun within 1000 feet of school property without a concealed carry permit.  This change has yet to be challenged in the Supreme Court.
In any case what this so called "law" did was make it possible for criminals to come to a school with the reasonable assumption that there would be no armed intervention while they were committing their crimes. The same result applies to a theater who's owner opts to prohibit any guns in their building. They create a "gun free zone" translation "law free zone" where law and order goes out the window.
The real solution that will work.
In the case of a school, the administrative staff, those that are willing, should get the proper training at some kind of professional firearms training facility like Front Sight in Pahrump Nevada ( and they should all carry concealed at the school during school hours. Right now they can do that if they have a concealed carry permit. They don't have to spend money to pass any new "law" under current interpretation. If the school wants to hire an armed guard, that person or persons should also do so with a concealed weapon and the only requirement would be that the guard has a concealed carry permit, but they also should get that proper training.  That way the prospective shooter would not know who was armed.
Then, and this is the big one, the school should post signs and advertise to the effect that any lethal force will be met with more than equal lethal force.
This also applies even better at the theater.  The theater should advertise first for people who have a concealed carry permit to come and be interviewed to receive some free tickets during the year, in return for carrying concealed while they are in the theater. The theater should insist that the perspective free ticket user should also have the proper training at a proper facility as mentioned above. Then the theater can advertise that there will be maybe a hundred people allowed to carry concealed in their theater, and that nobody will know who they are and when they will be using one of their tickets to attend a free movie. The theater can also say something to the effect that their buildings are not a gun free zone, but a crime free zone.
I can hear gun control people screaming "bloody murder" at me right now.  Those that do, ask yourself just one question.
Why do these whacos pick schools and theaters in the first place??? It's because of the stupid gun zone "laws", dummy! Duh!
Don't believe it???  Read this:
And finally, why am I using quotes around the word "laws" so much? Again:
And here are more facts:
Paul Stramer  

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  1. Yes, it's a mess; now isn't it.

    Oh, and merry Christmas.

  2. Concealed carry should mean just that and if you are qualified and have a permit you should be allowed to have it on you at all times anywhere. No one really wants to have to use it but if you must it is no good if its in the car in the parking lot.

  3. Check out for a veriation to the NRA plan that makes sense. I say, arm the teachers like they do in Israel.

  4. I believe NRA President David Keene would agree with you Paul.
    That is why he came out a week after Exec VP Wayne La Pierre's statement to 'clarify' or 'broaden' Wayne's 'misspeak' to include training/arming teachers/volunteers/guards etc at each schools discretion. This was classic 'damage control' for the media's sake to give the perception that the NRA remains unified rather than splintered within utilizing 'Obama Style' politics which have proven so effective on the mindless gnomes and mental midgets who currently proliferate the media.

    Having said that...I think privately David Keene (and at least THREE of 4 million NRA members would WELCOME a new Exec VP more aligned with YOUR views, someone with the courage to publish those views, mince no words, compromise no values and protect the 2nd Amendment at all costs with common sense articulations of Constitutional truths that SPARE NO LIBERALS!

    Soooo....whatcha doin' Paul in 2013? :)

  5. Sir Francelot, You have stated the reasons very well why I don't belong to the NRA as a member. I do at Gun Owners of America however, because they just flat don't compromise with our right to self defense. Thanks.

    Van you are right one with one exception. The criminals are going to have guns and carry them concealed regardless of what is written down on any piece of paper. So our gun permit should be the 2nd Amendment and that's that.

    I did check out and the point is that EVERYONE that carries to defend the kids should carry concealed. The so called "law" (safe school zones) allows NOW for a concealed carry permit holder to carry at school, so all they need to do is get the permit.
    As to the issue of trading a right in for a privilege by getting a permit that argument doesn't hold water either.

  6. Paul, I love your message, am a Life NRA member, and an RN, and hold a Private armed guard License, in my state, as a precaution, I also picked up one of your very reasonably priced handheld 2 meter radios, and got my amateur Technicians License, as every one should. For years I've seen the potential for silver, and collected a very modest amount, as a tangible asset for future trying times.
    Basically, I want to say thanks for what you do:)

  7. Well written and put together,,great job Paul, ...a lot of great points brought up. I kinda forgot 'they' usually have more than one agenda with their 'order out of chaos' schemes and agendas. Your solutions for schools and theaters make a hellava lotta sense, you so rightfully pointed out,..more government control equals more problems. And this compromise talk from the NRA is nonsense,..Why in a so called Free Country, with the God given right to bear arms, and protect oneself and family in the pursuit of happiness have to compromise this right ?! In my opinion, everyone should have the absolute right to both open and concealed carry,..and should insist on it,..make it a daily practice,..and before long,..there would be little or few wackos walking around. Problem as usual, even more so today, is 'those' that want the demise of America, and Americans. America, the land of the bold and the Free, founded, fought for and defended by our ancstors that we may have a better life,.is the last stronghold on the Planet,..if it goes down,..the world is screwed.

  8. Thank you all for your very good comments. This issue is not going away any time soon, and It's my opinion that the gun grabbers are on the losing end of this, and causing their own demise by their stupid statements that make no sense.

    The people are smarter than that, and are waking up rapidly. There could be no better issue than self defense and the 2nd Amendment to make this awakening happen.


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