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Monday, July 29, 2019

The Lion and the Crocodile

By Anna Von Reitz

People ask me how I can continue in the face of such apparently monolithic deceit, evil, and ignorance. 

Have you ever had to clean a really, truly filthy garage?  

By the time you are a great-grandmother you have dealt with a great many unsavory tasks and daunting situations.  My attitude is--get out the mop and bucket.

That's what needs to be done and there's no help for it and nobody to do it, but us--- you, me, and all the other folk who call ourselves Americans.  

Can the Chinese do it for us without starting WWIII?  The Russians?  The Germans? The Brits? 

Sorry, no, they all have their own Mess to deal with. 

There are things that you have to do all by yourself, and though others may lend support-- you are the one that has to go front and center. 

So, here we go, over the top. 

There is another, deeper, reason, too. 

Ever seen a face off or a fight between a lion and a crocodile? 

The lion wins. He retains his title as the King of the animals.  Why? 

Because he knows the Crocodile's secret. 

The crocodile has unbelievably powerful jaws when biting down, but very little strength to open his jaws in the first place.   

The lion uses his fore paws to keep the crocodile's mouth shut and drives his own powerful teeth into the crocodile's throat. 

We are lions of God. 


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  1. Do the so called hackers and anyone they sold the information to have your information
    If so how to deal with that theft?
    You see how this works - that's how they came up with the service of Identity Theft Protection and sold people a servcie

    Equifax, Transunion and Experian were all collecting everyones data years ago and this report indicates their breech and your stolen data

    Read down the article and see that if you used a facial app that they now own the rights to your face

    This is how they sell the public on new products and things of 'national security' but of course that is after they sold you the product in the first place knowing full well what it was for

    Is your face yours or does it now belong to Facebook?

  2. How can a 40 year old Manny Pacquiao continue to beat larger younger boxers ?
    Pure hard work and will.

  3. I for one applaud your efforts Anna.

    I post things on here to help people try and navigate and find truths to this entire scam including the ecofascism UN agenda 21

    USMCA deal is part of their deception - rebranded from NAFTA

    I am a LION, LEO, today is my born on date

    Hear me ROAR

    1. mine was yesterday.... birthday. 28th baby!!!!

    2. According to the destiny cards July 28th is the King of Hearts and July 29th is the Queen of Hearts.

    3. Happy Birthday Shelby !!! Thank you for all the research you bring forth.

  4. 'senate' moves to fine anyone sharing copyright material on line

  5. A must watch by everyone - 'modern medicine' or depopulation in plain sight

  6. There is one thing that I learned in REAL LIFE and business -----UNLESS you are in a REAL position of POWER and or WEALTH ,The majority of people don't really listen to you or care what you have to say. That is who we are trying to reach and re-educate. A huge percentage of the 1% are not on our side and although MANY here are well versed in law/freedom , we simply don't have the resources it takes to make effective change----these are the FACTS. The 1% are either deluded with their own sense of self importance or they just like to stay on the side that is winning,or they are compromised in one way or the other.

    Let's be honest with ourselves-----If we do in FACT have an ACTUAL estate/trust , I WANT what was stolen from me as I have been taken for a LOT of money in this CRIMINAL system. I don't CARE anymore about hearing about the PROBLEMS----I want to hear about what we're going to do about it . The people on here that think TRUMP or any other puppets for ISRAEL are working in our BEST interests ----are NAIVE .

  7. "If we do in FACT have an ACTUAL estate/trust , I WANT what was stolen from me as I have been taken for a LOT of money in this CRIMINAL system. I don't CARE anymore about hearing about the PROBLEMS----I want to hear about what we're going to do about it."

    And, the trust/estate (their COMMERCE words) belongs to THEM, THEY CREATED IT. ITS THEIRS.

    What belongs to us is what is *in* the trust/estate they created. In COMMERCE they call it the "contents"; in American traditional common law its called "our life, liberty and freedom, our bodies, our energy, the fruit of our labor and bodies: our property".
    But they are too cowardly to publish it.
    They know they are lying criminals. So they keep it in secret!!

    Basically, the contents of the trust is our body.

    We have to claim our body.

    I have.


    Djt is a lightning rod, a rallying point for love him/hate him.
    He's not making the decisions. He is a "capture", too.

    Today it came out that after djt had been upset about the living conditions in Baltimore, that come to find out, his own *jewish* soninlaw Jared kushner is a slum lord for forty or so buildings AND Jared kushner adds all these charges on to the rent when people move out and then sues the poor people. Something like that: On Headlines with a Voice --Nancy Morgan hart.

    No, I definitely agree with all the people on here who realize that we, us, we're going to be the ones who makes the change.