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Sunday, July 28, 2019

A Short Reply to Thomas "Tank" Williams

By Anna Von Reitz

When Kim first appeared on the scene, I thought --- "Thank goodness!  Someone to help sort through this mess from the banking side!" 

I am not a banker.  I am a fiduciary.  Those two facts should, taken together, add up for you in the proper order:  I have a responsibility of a fiduciary nature owed to my country and all the other Americans, but I am not a banker, so I am not in "competition" with any banker, and I don't desire to be a banker, either.  

Thank you, very much, I have more than enough to do without learning everything there is to know about banking, too.  

Basic justice and honesty is all I require and all that I am interested in.  

Unfortunately,  my experience with Kim has been deeply compromised and tainted by the fact that I gave her two names of actual trustees who stepped forward and bonded themselves to act in that capacity for the benefit of the other people those trusts serve ---- and what did she do?  

She rejected them out of hand without doing due diligence, responded with some whackjob claims of her own based on the residual holdings of the Russian Orthodox Church in Alaska, and when I replied to those, I heard nothing more from her.  Not a word.  

Next, those two trustees were viciously attacked by "federal" operatives, and have had to spend the last two or three years of their lives fending off false charges and acts of violence. The coincidence is a bit too improbable.  I gave Kim their names, and now these innocent, God-fearing, honest, compassionate people who gave up their own rights as beneficiaries so that they could serve as trustees ---- they are being attacked.  

Hello?  Do I look stupid?  

Why in the world would I give Kim any other names when this sort of thing is the result?  It's pretty obvious, isn't it, that Kim wants to be "the" Trustee and the military wants to work with just one Trustee, because working with the actual people who ARE the legitimate trustees --- in other words, doing the honest thing --- is just too inconvenient.  

The Private Trustees who have come to me for help in navigating the morass of the present system deserve far better treatment.  They are the ones that have voluntarily offered to give up a portion of their lives and their share of the assets to help deliver the benefit of those trusts to others and they are being hounded and harassed for one reason: I gave their names to Kim.  

So go figure why I won't give her any more names and won't support her bid to legitimize the Manna World Holding Trust.  

And please note, that I am the one who actually told you all that "the" United States is not the same thing as The United States, nor is "the" United States of America the same as The United States of America.  Please show the respect and do me the honor of not feeding my own lessons back to me and pretending to the audience that you are better informed?  

Until the military comes to heel and accepts the civilian government of the States and People, there is nothing more to talk about.  

I am not going to be played for a fool or have my Office disrespected by my employees and that is that.  

I was more than willing to accept help and to work with Kim and do my part to straighten this mess out.  I observe the results of my attempts to do so, and that is also the end of the story.  

If you want relief from your situation, you need a whole new attitude, and you need to be honest about the provenance and ownership interests attached to the assets underlying the world banking establishment. 


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  1. I stand with Anna!

    (Anyone know what Thomas William's said?)

  2. The trust accounts are already set up. All we need is ACCESS to them.

    People, shake off the baloney,... we've had trust accounts since we were born that they have been making money off of and skimming.
    Like how they did the "net worth sweeps", skimming from FreddieMac and FannieMae, social security, etc!

    They don't want to give that up.

    The thieves need to put back everything they stole, and open them to us, and let us, the people they were stolen from decide what to do with our own stuff.

    I do know for sure they have already given some access to the native Americans already. That is from a private contact of mine.

    They are just stalling.

    The native americans already have some access to theirs.

    They already know how to do this.

    THEY do it all the time to skim the contents!!

  3. And if anyone thinks that this is not all a set up, think again
    setting the stage here is what they doing
    HAVE A READ - I know the first one is Sorcha Fal or whatever but have a read anyway
    Then read this one that this site published today
    I smell another fake death is what I smell
    Kind of like the actor Reagan who was shot by Hinkley right?
    Funny how this guys career took off after that
    They have removed the video from his page like you tube erases a lot of his videos
    While they play around with the power grids - basically extorting the nation to submission they working to make it look like the orange savior is going to be whacked
    Funny how the crook in vatican just met with energy executives now ain't it
    JMO but they didn't make him The Apprentice for nothing folks
    Not the first time they faked or lied about anything now is it

    Be on alert because I believe this is what they will do to throw the nation in a tail spin so to speak

    Can they pull off another death of the leader of the free world in plain sight again?


  4. We're being lied to some more.

    The first nations people already have access to the trusts.

    We're being lied to AGAIN. imo.

    They already know how to furnish the rightful owners access!!!

    They are lying.
    And still stealing.

    Don't believe another round of the obfuscation/smoke and mirrors like: Ooo we can't *find* it... Ooo we can't *hear* you... Ooo we thought you were *lost at sea*.... Ooo we thought the placenta was your *TWIN*... Ooo we thought you were a *ship*... Ooo we thought you were a *criminal*... Ooo we thought you *volunteered* to be a slave... Ooo we thought you *donated* your son or daughter to the queen ...

    This is just the criminals continuing to lie.

    The indigenous peoples already have access to their trusts.

  5. I smell rats everywhere
    That video James just posted about that Kim broad the guy mentions Bush and Paraguay and how the new system that was being built was being built on the Bush newly acquired land on the worlds largest fresh water aquifer
    How about that read the story about how they faked who the president of Brazil was so they could go in and buy up the land on that aquifer
    And now Kim possible is saying something about this new system being compromized on this very ranch
    I smell rats is what I smell

    1. Shelby....I always said that the next most important thing is for water to be used as a source of "currency ", not gold or silver..!!
      If there is one thing they want to control besides money, it's water....!! The lifeline of humanity...!!

    2. Blue gold is what they refer to it as

  6. You see orange man will go back to himself while the nation mourns and a fake waxed dummy will be displayed in the rotundra
    Just like the nation mourned when they did Kennedy with such precision on the 33rd parallel in Dallas Texas - I wonder who the little boy was they had salute
    I wonder if the show Dallas a slap in the face tell lie vision programming telling us all along that Dallas was a false flag?
    How about Scalia or old bat Ruth
    Funny how no one has seen her now isn't it
    I wonder who else has acting roles in the so called supreme court of liars and thieves
    Folks I would suggest everyone be ready for anything at this point because these psychopaths have no end of tricks up their thieving little sleeves

  7. So while Reagan says Mr Gorbachev tear down that wall
    They move Gorby over here to build us one
    And not to long ago I believe Paul put up a video about this state of the art wall that they were putting up with cameras and sensors and all kinds of nifty stuff to surveill with
    Collected millions from people in a go fund me to help build that wall too

    1. And you bet your ass they had a public private partnership ready to build that friggin wall too
      Just like the public private parnership they have with Cheney and building their camps
      Kinda like how they did Handy Sook and then put surveilance in the schools under a 501c3 non profit of course because they care about your kids - mind you they collected millions from the terrorized public to create that non profit
      But don't worry Resilient Cities to the rescue - they will help with the psychological and mental trouble they just created for the children, here have some ADHD medicine - psychologists on hand to help with that
      And don't forget they are there to help whenever 'mother nature' in biblical fashion floods out entire states that just happen to be in line with land they want to build their NAFTA super highway
      But you aren't supposed to say nothing because this is not allowed else you going to a camp
      They got 72 rules for you to follow
      And you guessed it the fakers sitting up there in that fake city have written all the laws and put them in place so you will get put in one of them because you aren't going along with the program
      How nice that orange humty dumpty is rallying the crowd and funding for that new wall isn't it

  8. The solution is very simple however a non united humanity
    persists to cooperate with the enemy and thus the problem
    is maintained.

    1. A new government is what is needed, working in a broken system is only a mere distraction, wake up people!

      Donald, how do I get an American Passport?

      Documented American Need to Assemble, it is the only real REMEDY

    2. Donald,
      Thank you for your simple statement that goes to the heart of the matter. If you are Not In Unity, you are cooperating with the enemy & thus the problem IS maintained. Funny how Lessons must be learned over & over, many times, millions of years, before anyone takes note of your preciously commented words.
      Separation is a delusion of "us & them (the enemy)" that can inwardly be healed so that each projection outward is in Loving acknowledgement that the only way to achieve what needs to be done now Is In Unity, as One family with each Being as a child of the Creator GOD Grantor Of Deeds. All the children are equal. With great respect. Peace. ra

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. A sick organism relies upon its immunity system in
      order to neutralize disruptive "entities", and the
      pitiful morbid decadence of this age characterized
      by henious autrocities are inexcusable and must be
      quickly ended.

  9. And after you watch this video
    Have a look at this blog about Hillery and Tim Kaine - it's in there somewhere
    Kaine as in Cain and Able
    A page from the blog

  10. tank and tommy williams are 2 different people, see SPEAK Project (youtube channel), Tank is on SPEAK Project with Lisa and other co-hosts/guests--lately awesome guests: Dr Rima Laibow and attny Ralph Fucetola