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Sunday, July 28, 2019

For Ernest

By Anna Von Reitz

I already have a system worked out that far surpasses anything (QFS) the military has --- fast, secure, yet transparent so far as transactions go, completely un-hackable and alien to any systems presently in place, deployable worldwide, accessible for everyone, free to private parties, fees paid by corporations according to their size and net income, far better than the present internet or Google, designed for secure commercial and banking transactions....... but instead of talking to us in an open and forthright way, they send me military "planners" and mathematicians who have already failed to provide such a system, who nose around trying to get the technology for free and to dictate how we can use our own invention.  

The plain fact is that we have been lied to about mathematics just as we have been lied to about everything else.  We "can't get there from here" as a result.  The QFS system is a bomb.  It leaks like a sieve and is of very limited utility.  Last I heard, they could run it for six minutes a day.  Try to run the world's financial needs on six minutes a day.  Any questions as to why the system they have doesn't work and isn't secure and has a host of problems they can't solve?  

Kim and her sidekick "Tank" keep on talking and explaining away, but they can't actually do what they say they can do.  She only has half the keys.  And she doesn't know who the "male" counterpart is, so they are stuck there, too.   She doesn't even know enough to know that she HAS a male counterpart.  She doesn't know how the system she is trying to work is actually set up and she doesn't know why.  I do.  LOL.  Go figure.  God has a great sense of humor.  Maybe its payback for my lost career as a mathematician?  

But all these people think that they are the Big Wigs and the Controllers and the fastest, smartest, etc., etc., etc.---- so I just let them go along and fritter away and stew in their own juice and wait for that magic moment when they realize that they are getting nowhere and aren't going to get anywhere by themselves.  Then maybe they will humble themselves and come see Grandma and I can help them get back on the road. But only if they ask nicely and act appropriately going forward.  I am not in the business of suffering fools and I don't appreciate being taken for one, either.  

The key to all of this, is honesty, Ernest.  All these people have been trained to lie and pre-conditioned to lie.  They think that's natural.  They think that they are doing it in "the national security interest" and blah-blah-blah, but they aren't.  They are deceived by forces outside themselves.  They think that their need to control things and approve of things overthrows the basics of common morality --- like the simple fact that taking someone else's assets without their voluntary and free permission is theft.  The military has been going around confiscating whatever they like for so long that they have forgotten common decency and the Ten Commandments.  The Ten Commandments are still in full force and effect.  Thieves are thieves and putting some pretty top-dressing on it and making excuses doesn't change that. 

Liars, cheats, gossips, false witnesses, thieves, murderers---- are all abhorrent to the Living God.  So when the military confiscates the world's financial backing assets from private individuals who are innocent and honest, guess who God turns against?  The military.  That's why despite the Nazi's firm belief in "Gott mit uns." they lost the war and were trampled and defamed.  They forgot the basics.  They forgot the Ten Commandments.  They forgot the rules.  They forgot common decency.   The same thing will happen to our military if they don't repent and start dealing with a full deck.  The Laws of God are all like the Law of Gravity.  Ignore them, and you fall flat on your rump.  

Doing this and doing it right requires bringing the actual owners and trustees of the "legacy trusts" to the table and dealing with the FACT that the military doesn't own those assets and whatever claim it has to controlling those assets is naturally subject to dealing with the owners of the assets in a moral and respectful way.  There are those who would have you believe that the world's assets are owned by monsters, all controlled by the evil Illuminati Banking Cult Families---- and that therefore, the military is justified in taking all their assets and setting up their "meritocracy system".    

First, tell me how they are going to set up a system based on merit, when they have forgotten things as fundamental as "don't steal other people's property" ----?   Are we talking about the "merit" of being the best, most creative crooks?  Or the "merit" of telling lies for a supposedly good cause?   For example, if I hear one more Big Whopper about climate change, I think I will just throw up in public and divert attention to more realistic things. 

Second, tell me what you believe all that crappola about the evil Illuminati Banking Cult Families?   The truth is that the bankers work for the military and the military works for the Pope and the Queen in the western world.  All bankers are military bankers, except for the very few who do function as private bankers.  Even the Queen is a military banker for the Pope under the Commonwealth System.  So if you have a problem with the bankers, by definition, you have a problem with (1) the military and (2) the Pope and the Queen.  

95% of the mismanagement of the banking system lies squarely with the military.  We are living under a largely British-controlled military Protectorate and have been living under these conditions for over a hundred years.  Our Navy, our Marines, and our Coast Guard are not our own.  We "entrusted" all those functions to the British Monarch and the Pope (Coast Guard) under our delegated authority and the British Monarch is in Gross Breach of Trust and so is the Pope. So, add two plus two plus two plus two..... and what do you get?  

The bankers and lawyers have been busily bilking and plundering and pillaging us at the direction of our own military, which in turn has been misdirected by the Queen, who has been acting as a subordinate and collaborator of the Pope and the Lord Mayor of London.  They have suborned the civilian courts and replaced them with "civil" courts and military tribunals instead.  And then, acting under color of law, as if this were anything but a military dictatorship with a veneer of political control covering it, the military has been confiscating our homes and telling lies about us and betraying our interests in the name of the "Law of Necessity".  

They haven't been protecting us and they haven't been upholding their Oaths to the actual Constitution, either.  It's right there in front of our noses and it is up to us to put it right back under their noses.  The military controls the banking system, so don't blame the bankers.   If the military wanted to solve the foreclosure crisis in this country, it would be solved tomorrow.  If they wanted to honor their agreements made in 1933-34 and make good on the Mutual Offset Credit Exchanges they promised us, the "National Debt" would evaporate like morning fog. 
Instead, they just want to lie, lie, lie and control, control, control.   And we all know who the Father of All Lies is, don't we?  We all know that the Living God gifted us with free will, don't we?

Remember what I said about the Ten Commandments being in full force and effect?  Remember what I said about the inexorable nature of God's Laws and getting knocked down on your rump if you forget? 

There are Illuminati Banking Cult adherents, but the majority of the people who actually own (and are owed) the world's banking assets are ordinary people.  Farmers.  Indian chiefs. Housewives.  Those are the people that the military doesn't control and therefore, the people that the military is afraid of--- and the people that the military is stealing from.  The Illuminati are a piece of cake, co-conspirators, willing lackeys who happily jump as high as the military wishes them to jump in exchange for a cut of the profits.  It's the rest of us, who have the odd idea that since we pay the military, the military should indeed be subject to our civilian government --- not the "civil" government --- as the Constitutions require. 

They have justified or tried to justify their Endless Protectorate by pretending that the need to "reconstruct" the original State-owned corporations doing business as States of States was of paramount importance and that our government ceased to exist and was in "abeyance" while we sorted this out and established new "Federal" corporations.  In fact, no such thing is true. 
Our States, which delegated all federal authorities, are still here, still competent, still able to "assemble" and conduct business.  We simply weren't informed fully by our employees.  In fact, we were deliberately not told the truth and not assisted by our employees, who have instead taken "the bit in their teeth" and run roughshod over the entire world "in our names" and at our expense.  

So the truth of the matter, Ernest, is that: (1) the military has made a hash of things; (2) they are having a lot of trouble facing up to this fact and are afraid they will be found guilty of treason and other crimes; (3) they are compounding the problems they have caused by not being honest and not accepting civilian --- as opposed to "civil" control; (4) they don't know how to solve the banking problems or solve the systems requirements for a new global banking interface; (5) both the Queen and the Pope know that their misdeeds are discovered, so they are circling the wagons and tightening the purse strings, (6) and though I can help them sort this all out, they need to approach all of this in terms of conciliation and mutual benefit and (7)  in full view of the necessity of giving up the Culture of Lies and Commercial Feudalism.  

Given their belief in lies and their enthusiasm for plundering everyone including their employers, this adjustment back to civilian control and respect for the actual Constitution and the Ten Commandments, is a hard bowl of ice cream to swallow.  


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  1. Anna you admitted the Germans were set up in both wars .
    Industrial leader of the world wasn't going to set will with Rothschild puppets .
    Running around killing Dutch farmers and families in open air prisons were 1/3 perished .
    Shall we talk boloshivic.murdering jewish.Leon Trotsky.who said of the holodomor.a mother is not hungry till she eats her children .
    Or jewish Lenin who called old Christian women insects and were.taken to golougs.and worked to death.
    Or 1938 Rothschild mercenaries attacked Spanish nuns and priest savagely murdered . We're Italy.and Germany help general Franko.fight off the communist take over.shall we take it to present? Same characters muddling in America corrupting everything they come in contact with to quote Pat Buchanan "Israel owns our congress"

    1. of course ya know its far, far, far worse than you can say here. - We are being Bolshevik'ed.

      Jul 27, 2019 ….. During the Napoleonic War of the Sixth Coalition, [Marx’s father] Hirschel Mordechai became a Freemason in 1813, joining their Loge L’Ètoile anséatique (The Hanseatic Star) in Osnabrück.[3] After the war, he feigned conversion to Lutheranism as a means to better infiltrate Prussian society...

    3. wink wink nailed it lol, great website there bro :)

    4. ^^^^^^ this, my man has broke the spell to past the veil :)

    5. I have a few other websites for you, you may want to check out:

      I have written a few articles for the Renegade myself


      They started the Borad of Education here in the states and are behind UN Agenda 21 and Common Core

      FDA, AMA, American Cancer Society, etc etc etc

      Gues who behind them all

    7. Shelby, thanks. And on Big Med, we did research on the hospital accreditation committees & boards: jew mother lode.
      Then we poked around on awards given to doctors, inspired by an answer as to why a certain doctor was heading a specialty, which is going to be the only single head of that specialty in the entire state. The plan: all doctors associated in that area specialty must be under him, if working for any state funded med practice. One head. Why was he chosen? The answer was: Well he has awards.
      Those awards are all jew-given, the specialist is a jew.
      Then we were told by a hospital employee that another specialty was being shut down state wide, so as to funnel surgeries, emergencies to this one hospital. Need emergency surgery beyond the regular problem, then you have to wait, drive across state for appointments, wait your turn... until the specialty dept in that hospital can fit you in. They're also filled w illegals, who get equal standing, even priority.
      The hospital? JEW controlled.
      Then we found out that if the workers wanted a 30 minute lunch break, they'd have to work an extra 30 to earn it. JEW policy. To save money... for the JEW who's on the back end, controlling via Big Med, Big Pharma, Big Gov contracts set in stone, & no department may use anything than their allotted contracted meds, devices, treatments etc. All contracts dictate patient care, not the patient, not the doctor.
      We now ask the doctor: Do you have any contracts?
      THIS IS WHAT LIFE UNDER THE JEW LOOKS LIKE. Do ya think folks are going to wake up? Nope.

  2. Great overview bubba.

    At this point I think most of us don't give a flip to "understand" much more about their reasonings since the years of info we already have is, morally and logically speaking, a total waste of our time.

    Here is a summary of what happened:

    1. They stole from us.
    2. Said we were criminals.
    3. Abused us and our families.

    Were standing here waiting not for "Reversionary" trust interest which only allow you to have what was in the trust when it was started (look it up in a law dictionary) which would be: nothing, nothing at all since it was constructed when you were a few days old.
    Claiming our reversionary trust interests actually allows them to keep everything they have stolen from us from the unauthorized use of all
    I'm challenging/encouraging everyone to look it up for yourselves.

    No, all gain increase and enrichment from the unauthorized use if our.private and the public portion of our property ALSO belongs to us.
    Even the summaries of parts of the 1666 CQV Act that I've read say the same.

    They are trying to keep everything they have stolen that they still have in their possession AND not have to repay us for what they have used.

    Here's the answer to that idea:

    1. Please wait just a minute goodboots and back up- We come here to this forum for help in correcting and regaining what the criminals set up and essentially robbed form us. Please finish and Tell about the Assumed name form in Annas 928 package deal to freedom . Is it not true that the forms are setting us up for disaster as you mentioned? Anna " the self appointed fiduciary " has more than an interest for kick back on every one who records such documents? Is it true ???? what is going on for real? No more deceit please.....Are the documents we think are helping us infact enslaving us? If so then why are we here and how is it that this Anna Von Reitz is still trying to lead us into damnation.

      ANNA Before you go any further in leading to only God knows where and what I wish for you to come clean …...disclose to us that you will assume FULL liability if your freedom forms including Assumed Name are proven to be false fictitious misleading language...

      Will you take an Oath to all your followers that you are not an Agent and not misleading them? YES OR NO? If Yes I will send you a contract for your to sign and it will be made public. Please correct any MIS_TAKES in your freedom forms. Good Boots please submit your argument against the Assumed Name form so we the people can discern fact from fiction. This MUST and WILL be SETTLED -- Truth and Trust go hand in hand and I say NO to UNCERTIANTY! Thank you

    2. Anna , In other words if your forms are Correct and not misleading you will not have a issue backing these forms by signing a Notice of Liability Contract- THese terms will include a Fee Schedule of a Silver Dollar amount of "Our Choosing" Our - meaning everyone who has recorded your forms. If your instruction is Correct then you will be honored to sign the conditional Contract that will solidify your work, eliminate doubt and worry and remove any assumption that you are an Agent, which will save time debunk all those claiming you are not who you say you are.

      Anna You have taken on a role that unfortunately requires complete validation that you are not an AGENT. Most of the time when people unfamiliar with espionage ask about secret "agents" they really mean "officers" or "case officers". A member of the CIA, MI6 or KGB (now FSB) involved with espionage is properly referred to as an "officer". This is how the various spy agencies refer to their own employees who work with human intelligence.

      An agent is a source of human intelligence. Often times an agent is thought as an informant or really anyone who is able to gather intelligence for the officer. Officers recruit agents. The two terms are very often confused.

      So strictly speaking - you probably won't spot a secret agent - but not because the agent was well trained in espionage, not because the agent was selected to fit in, not because of any reason other than the fact that espionage activity is relatively rare. In the United States, with a population of ~300 million - perhaps there are a couple of thousand agents at any given time working against the United States. An agent is selected because he/she may have access (or be near access) to critical information of interest to a foreign power.

    3. Thank you!

      What you have done is exactly, EXACTLY what needs to be done.

      Josie and all,
      of course, I do not understand BAR English but I am happy to share my very, very serious concerns about anna's free forms and then we will all have an opportunity to have anna, hopefully, dismantle my concerns and set the record straight publicly.

      Everything I share is shared by me in utmost good faith. I do not want us to be hurt any longer, by anyone, and so, if I am wrong, I will gladly and humbly apologize.
      And will not mind eating a huge helping of crow!

      Josie, I know you specified the Assumed Names Cert, but since it is full of gobbldy gook BAR language that I don't even understand, I will just deal with what I find illogical, unclear, contrary to what she or others i presently find credible have written/said, IMO:
      and I do want to say before even starting that what the Corporation has done is completely criminal and intentional and meant to completely destroy freedom and us, IMO. They have known it is criminal since 1933 and carried it out anyway by carrying out violence on us. None of us should even have to be dealing with ANY of this.
      And finally and most
      importantly, to me:

      We Americans are ALL under lawful authority of the Declaration of Independence, NOT commerce or other.

      My grave concerns:

      1. On the cover sheet Anna has people entering into a foreign known-criminal commercial jurisdiction and, without authority and on the record, taking control over property that belongs to someone/thing else: the constructed CQV trust that has our name on it.
      We are the beneficiary, not the owner of the CQV trust so we cannot just claim to be the GRANTOR granting the trust to a different Grantee...

      2. then without proper authority, the people are issuing a Deed, which only an Officer of their private corporation can do; because it is in their jurisdiction and we aren't in it.
      We, Americans, don't have deeds in American traditional common law, we have land patents or other means of making land claims.

      3. Then AFTER aaaaaall that, *THEN* we're Cancelling Powers of Attorney?!?!

      "What the *hell*?", I'm asking myself...

      This woman has us COMMITTING TRESPASS upon another jurisdiction and THEN removing their claim of authority?
      Didn't make any sense.

      Then she goes a step further and actually, AFTER committing trespass, actually
      becoming officers of the private, criminal, commer ial, corporation by becoming attorneys!!! which makes us a navy officer, if her info is correct! Now she has us in the Queen's Navy! Unless I'm mistaken, we just got trafficked into:
      A. Commerce
      B. Being an Officer of their criminal corporation
      C. Becoming a Subject of their Queen
      D. Becoming a Citizen of their Corporation
      E. Becoming a Navy Officer.

      To me. It looks like we potentially have now just recorded, on and for the Public Record, that we are, perhaps, *EXACTLY* what they have always claimed we were:
      1. In commerce
      2. Voluntarily, a part of their Corportion (well, "you recorded it", didn't you,?)
      3. A subject of their Queen.
      4. A citizen of their Corporation
      5. An Officer/ member in their "military".


      Im going to have to stop for now, but Just real quickly:

      The info I have indicates we don't need to have an assumed name certificate because what your mother and father selected for your calling is protected in public through American traditional common law authority.
      When your parents told family, friends, and neighbors of your "*being*" part of their family, that was their "declaration" that you *belonged* to/with them..they announced your "calling":("name") publicly and everybody knew that referred to *you*. There was no confusion on the land and soil. The lying, designed confusion happens in commerce.
      Will finish later. Too much for one comment.
      Enough here to get started.

    4. Goodboots:

      We the living are GRANTOR of all. Dead corporations can not GRANT, they can only steal the assets of the living through deception.

      We the living are First in line, first in time. Gifted trade name stolen by Corporations. Claim it back, by common law right. Canon Law 2057. Any constructive Trust created on presumption of Death must be collapsed on Proof of life.

      Cancel all previous powers of Attorney given without full disclosure of facts.
      Become Attorney -in-Fact for your ESTATE. We are each an Attorney (non BAR) and each a Private Banker. The whole Banking System runs on our signatures.

      Step up and function in your lawful capacity as Primary Creditor, Executor/Executrix of your Estate. Highest Office. Highest Court. If you can appoinot an Executor in your Will, who holds the office whIle you live? Learn! Step into that Office and watch your life change. CORPORATIONS have a man operating in the OFFICE OF LEGAL PERSON. the lowest office in the system. One with no rights at all.
      Lawful= [A]live
      BAR ATTORNEYS have authority over the DEAD.

      If people don't understand the wording, get help. Anna is not forcing anyone to record any documents. Other people have the same information out there. Pay their membership fees and see the truth.

      I researched for several years before recording any documents. Anna gives a basic document and it can be made your own by adding to it. If you don't understand a word look it up. These BAR Attorneys have enslaved us with their deceptive language. It all goes back to definitions.

      Want to learn about Creditors and Debtors, Grantor/Grantee watch:High Frequency Radio

      Everything has to do with TRUST Law.

      If you don't understand (Stand under) the paperwork don't record it. No paperwork will help you if you are not able to stand on your own two feet and Govern yourself.

      I have had several positive outcomes since waking up. Correcting the Records is just a small part. People have to be willing to open their minds and wrap their heads around how banking works and br willing to reeducate themselves.

      In all fairness this post is a direct attack on Anna but I don't see any points actually indicating what may be incorrect with the Certificate of Assumed Name or the Grant and Deed of Trust. Please be specific before alleging Anna is some form of the Pied Piper leading people over the cliff. We are already slaves in this system if you choose to act the DEBTOR and since Probate of your Estate as a baby we are tied to their DEBTOR. What is wrong with cutting those ties and coming home and claiming our Bithright?

      Annie McShane
      On Delaware

    5. PART 2

      "...AFTER committing trespass, actually
      becoming officers of the private..."

      "...AFTER committing trespass, actually *** has the people*** becoming officers of the private..."

      My apologies.

      Continuing with my concerns that I hope have a logical, reasonable, applicable explanation:

      So, it looks to me like we just recorded ourselves as putting ourselves into the jurisdiction we think we are taking ourselves out of and (if my info is correct, and all the info I have found shows/indicates that it is): the papers we ourselves are recording now show us to be a part of their corporation (attorney)!

      And now *WE* take the name that is our *calling*, naturally belonging to *us*, and WE (now a corporate "Attorney") claim "the name" (that corresponds our "calling") and make up that Assumed Name Certificate ourselves, and claim the name FOR THE CORPORATION!!!! since we are now Acting as its corporate Officer??
      That is what it looks like to me. Because in the DeedofReConv we made ourselves Attorneys/ corp Officers.... Didn't we???? Yes, we did.
      So this, then, is fraud?

      Next, we do three *Acts*.
      My first question is now ALWAYS: "by what authority?"
      So, by what authority are these *Acts* being done?
      I was thinking only one of their corporate legislators could perform/commit *Acts*,...but maybe just anyone can... (But that doesn't make sense).

      So, what are we doing?
      Expatriating exactly WHAT?....
      Is it a name that is being expatriated? A person? A citizen? Our property? Their property? Is it a Trust account? A fiction? Abandoned cargo? A merchant? A merchant Marine claimed to belonging to "theQuain/Pope"? A ship? An enemy? Exactly what are we removing from commerce and placing on our land and soil?
      Do we even want them?

      Those things are their property, not mine; they are *THEIR* creation, not mine.... Yeah, they are committing "identity theft", "credit embezzlement", and fraud using *MY* calling (name) to steal from *ME*, the living woman by having trafficked my calling and property into their foreign, criminal jurisdiction/authority, but do **I** really want to claim those dopplegangerthings they made up to commit their crimes upon and against me with?
      I don't think so.
      They are NOT me or mine... They have nothing lawful to do with law-abiding me...
      Isn't one a pauper/debtor = criminal in their system?
      Isn't another one a debtor and a scoundrel and a criminal for having abandoned it's *TWIN*/responsibility/ "estate", having left the *TWIN*/placenta to the so-called "State" to care for it??....
      Oh, or maybe that's that **other** twin, the twin who is presumed dead and lost at sea that the temple bar initiates (attorneys and "judges") genocided on paper when the *twin* was a few days old so they could pre"probate" the American son or daughters "estate" and transfer/convert it to the doppleganger for financial raping by temple bar members.... If my information is accurate.

      So what exactly are we doing?
      Are we now trespassing into their criminal corporation's legislative jurisdiction too, and committing Acts without authority to do so?

      What are we patriating?
      Are we patriating criminals to our land and soil? Are we responsible for bringing *their* lies and fraud and criminals and constructs and crimes to and upon our land and soil and permanently domiciling criminals, crimes and /or their fictions upon our land and soil where they don't belong?

      Are we unknowingly and unintentionally acting as their corporate Officer (Attorney) (YES!) and then "signing" the Acts using our natural born capacity being a living man or woman?
      To me, the two don't mix.
      It's confusing.
      And spiritual law says: the living (me) cannot be mingled with the dead (the corps(es)) they created. Its an abomination.

      Continued to PART3

    6. Annie,
      No, it is not an attack at all;
      if it was, then you just attacked me in your own comment to me!

      I am commenting on my serious and valid concerns on the parts of the basicpacket that do not make sense to me (and others). If you believe you have complete understanding and mastery of it all, terrific!...but many of the rest of us still have questions.
      Anna has published over approximately 4000 pages of info now and people are still unclear as to what she is talking about many times.

      Many, many, many people over the months and years have asked the same types of questions I am bringing up. And they are mostly ignored, and seldom get an answer to their questions.

      I have contacted anna privately on two or three separate occasions asking the kinds of questions I am posing here for everyone's consideration and she ended up calling me something childish once, telling me to go away and being as generally nonsubstantively responsive as she generally is on here with other peoples' questions if I recall correctly... I might still have some of the texts.

      Did you, by chance, actually read my question and her answer pertaining to the "effective date" issue with cancelling PRIOR POAs before commenting on my concerns? My guess is either you did not or else you're not as well-studied as you hope your mostly irrelevant comments to me suggests you are.

      Summarily, in case you don't understand yet:
      The difference between what you have done that you say works for you, and what *I* and many others apparently want and what anna seems to have been saying she has the solution for is:
      Some of us want to exit the commercial criminal system and live under lawful authority of AMERICAN traditional common law.
      (Not *English* common law.)

      Your comments are not relevant to my concerns because they do not apply to what I, and I believe most/many/some of the people want to do:

      Said yet a third way, I do not want what you are doing!...

      That would have been exceedingly obvious from my comments, if you'd actually bothered to read them!

      One final comment, and this is about you:
      The fact that your little lambasting included telling me (and others) to:
      *Pay the fees* my own mind, puts you right in the category of people I will not waste my precious time listening to...

      'Cause, just who the *heck* is selling us our freedom?......You don't appear to me to "get it" yet. And, isn't that how that man just recently got put into federal prison? ....for "selling benefits"?
      ....Bad advice from you Annie, IMO. :):):):):)

    7. Working on the third and final part of my concerns, questions, and comments.

      Looking forward to the honest, complete, and straight forward lawful answers I trust are on the way!

    8. Wow this is deep, I feel like after waking up a little bit and doing a lot of these things talk about here to help myself, I have fallen right back into another nightmare. Btw none of this stuff has ever worked for me....So has this all been bs which again benefits someone else.......Will Anna come forward as already asked and set this straight instead of posting a lot of stuff that most people can not understand? But I am very thankful to the folks here that do understand and try to help others for real.

    9. Goodboots, You are correct. Our given name plus family name-that format has been used for centuries by Men and Women, it is common tradition-existed before the birth event was recorded at the county and later registered at the commerce dept which created the "entity." The COLB is proof it comes first. John Henry Doe is NOT the same as JOHN HENRY DOE, they are as different as shoes and goats. When you bring JOHN HENRY DOE onto the land with the deed of conveyance and assumed name certificate, you are making a claim on the property of some one else and bringing their property, a commercial vessel and the admiralty/maritime law that governs it, onshore, the exact crime we are accusing them of committing!!

      Why would anyone do such a thing?

      Our bodies are the landed estate and are the value behind their system of paper. That makes us the Grantor. But in their system that is not the position you want to be in. Luckily, John Henry Doe is not the grantor in their system, JOHN HENRY DOE, infant decedent, human being, person, is. The only position a Man can hold in this system is that of an occupant of an office. Only a Man can occupy an office. The very fact that you are occupying an office proves you are flesh and blood.

      You can occupy the office of citizen, which is a debtor/slave or you can occupy the office of Executor/beneficiary, the one who directs the affairs of the paper estate and is its beneficiary. Annie, explains it well below.

      David Clarence claims the BC is evidence of that office, among other things. The office of Executor is not in commerce, and only you, and your mom and dad if still alive, can occupy it.

      Our political status only matters if we choose to participate in the political society-government. If we choose not to participate we are its creator and are above it. But then again, these are criminals and will do what criminals do.

    10. Good boots, thank you for your examination what I believe to be Extremely Prudent Observations and concerns- will only lead to what we are entitled- "the whole truth and NO-THING but the TRUTH- So Help us YHVH! Mikers, stay calm Answers Are Near! Rog, you are a Genius!

      Anna Von Reitz " Self proclaimed Head of State and Fiduciary" Of what ? WE don't know yet. Will you give testimony and produce uncorrupted evidence and accept liability to your claims and work being funneled through www. ?It appears you may be ---- Jumping ahead with more distraction topics in order to see if the majority will continue to follow/forgetting Present Major Issue- without validating your work this is denied! With all due respect, We the people - the many who are indeed conscious will not stop until you come clean. One way or another we are going to get the truth- for it is our duty to Discern to protect the - our fellow brothers and sisters- many of the covenant people who do not know what they do- due to massive deception and betrayal. Good Boots thank you for your service and we will all stay tuned for "Part Three" as we Await Anna Von Reitz TESTIMONY and chance to clear her name.

    11. I just spent over an hour entering


      and when I was done and just proofreading through it, the images on this smartphone started "moving" like upwards and the entire comment was wiped out.


      Gee, I've never had THAT happen. ;)

    13. There is a lot going on here!
      The people who have stolen from the American people are up the creek without a paddle.

      I'm going to go get done what I need to do today and will be back tonight to finish, if necessary.

      But basically, for the

      "PART THREE",

      I just went over why the Cancellation of PRIOR powers of attorney, effective the nativity day, does not work.

      The other main thing was that being an Executor, GRANTOR, Trustee or having an "estate" are all in their jurisdiction.

      I don't want a position or office in their jurisdiction and I don't want an "estate".

      I just want my property back from the criminals who stole it from me... The corporation and its officers.

      I, myself, I certainly do not want to make myself an officer of their criminal corporation and take control of their property (the trust).
      It is full of stolen property.

      Their property, the trust, that they put a name on that is similar to my calling/name is the container they created to hold the property they stole from me.

      I want them to open the container themselves (it belongs to them) and take my property out of their container and deliver it back to me, lawfully.

      I don't have to become an officer of their criminal corporation in their jurisdiction to get my stuff, or to control it, or use it. It belongs to me and they "unlawfully converted"/stole it.
      I'm not going to join them in controlling stolen property.

      See how they do this?

      They stole it.
      It's stolen property they are trafficking.
      They are trafficking "pirated"/other property, including my physical body that they *have* no and have *shown* absolutely no lawful right to claim.

      Instead, I'm lawfully in MY lawful authority telling them (making a lawful claim, with proof(s) of claim) to give me back what they stole and to also deliver to me all the gain, increase, and enrichment they made off of the unauthorized use of my property.

      What I've just said is redundant, but the way they have spun this deceit kind of necessitates looking at the fraud from as many different angles as possible even if it seems repetitive.... There are an unbelievable and seemingly endless number of deceptions within other deceptions. To me, it is as close to anything 'purely evil' as I have ever encountered.

      The other main concern was recording the "Mandatory Notice and Notice of Liability".


      If we made ourselves Officers in their corporation, then we cannot claim what is claimed in that document.

      To me, we would *possibly* only be claiming all that if we were agreeing to trade our natural "status" for the bonds, insurances policies, etc.......

      We need lots of "heads put together" to get all of this nailed down.

      I hope that no matter how it turns out with annamarias answers, that Paul will continue to leave this blog open so we can all work together with the Department of Justice to either get our property released or get access to the contents of the trusts, which contents belong to us, the people.

    14. GoodBoots, I don't think anyone, especially Anna cares about our concerns or is going to answer, all have moved ahead with the Lizzards and assumption that we are now snakes fish or dinosaurs " Or something to that effect" If you think about it this is how the evil is able to forge ahead after they tread on us. We have been left behind with no rebuttals, this forum is not what I would call a good place to get answers.. SOOOOOO we need to have a private meeting, Contact me at your earliest convenience so I can fill you in.

    15. Josie,
      "I don't think anyone, especially Anna cares about our concerns or is going to answer, all have moved ahead with the Lizzards and assumption that we are now snakes fish or dinosaurs "
      Move 'em from:
      1.actual physical people to
      2.fiction "persons/offices" to
      3.hobgoblins and reptiles!!??
      Too funny.

      Well anyway, yes, I can understand why Annamaria might perhaps actually not want to put the answers to our questions and "probes" into print and to publish them here on Paul's blog.

      That would be especially true if there is any kind of intentionally misleading info contained in the free basic packet...and of course I'm not saying that there *is*... I'm just saying that (for an example) having TWO Cancellations of POA is very, VERY highly irregular. And she might have difficulty explaining it. It might just seem to be easier to ignore the questions and go on with leading people on to fish bird alligator-origin speculations!!


      I'm pretty sure that Paul S. will see the necessity of that!
      He certainly seems to me to be quite an honorable and intelligent and stable and upstanding man. My *guess* is he will want to know why there are *TWO* Cancellations of POA, too, when it has been brought to his attention, plus all of the other questions are not at all frivolous, but are very on-point and in-line with the documents apparent purpose.

      And also, if Annamaria has people out here recording Cancellations of their POAs that were in place *PRIOR* to their nativity (since there probably weren't any) then when same people take those records into the corporate tribunals, those very records will be used/can be used to show that the man or woman is incompetent!!!!! And used to support the tribunals false claim of incompetence.

      This is could get to be a verrrrry sticky situation.

      I do not think that Paul would ever entangle himself knowingly in something like that.

      Annamaria is not looking so credible when she will not publish answers to our questions in print.

      I don't have email,... Long story. The (non-church) "ministry" phone number I'm going to be using is 913-406-0339. I haven't been answering it unless I know the incoming number, so, if you do decide you want to call me, I had mikers just leave the first number of his area code and also of his exchange and then Also the last three digits of his number so I could recognize his call.

      I will check back to see if you've left your numbers.
      Hope we can talk soon!

    16. (((((((MIKERS))))))),


    17. Offices, trustees, estates, trusts are FICTION!
      They are in COMMERCE, not common law!

      People, men, women, sons, daughters, land, homes, states/ conditions/(their word: "statuses") rights, property, gold, silver/other are actual physical things or things found in nature and so are NOT FICTION/COMMERCE but belong on the land and soil and are under American traditional common law authority, NOT commerce.

    18. Hi Rog,
      Executor is an OFFICE, so it is FICTION!!!

      Litmus Test for FICTIONS:
      "Is it found in nature?"
      Ex: Is beneficiary found in nature?
      Is Trustee?
      And so forth.
      So, they are FICTIONS!

      If it is from nature or found in nature, it is under our, the peoples' authority, called of course, common law for the living people on the land and soil.
      Americantradcomlaw's basis is the laws of nature and also over that, the laws of natures creator.
      It is the superior authority over all other man-made authorities, including commerce and also military.

      THIS IS BASED ON ANCIENT, ANCIENT JUST AND HONORABLE LAW, going thousands of years back,not only bible.

  3. Anyone who still imagines they will ever get their hands on any ''trust that is owed to them'' is dreaming. And so are those who think they will get to be in charge of any such 'trusts'' to handle as they think they know better than anyone else, fit to be in charge.
    This is like a tug of war where nobody gives in, and so nothing ever moves or advances.
    The Dems and the Rep political parties do the same thing, and consequently nothing ever gets done. There is no difference.
    The outcome is the same as its been for past couple of decades, nothing improves, but just slides downhill more and more every day. And all along the Remedy has been right in front of our faces, but 99% just ignore it and mock it.
    I happen to not believe Kim, or Anna, or almost anyone else who thinks they can fix things.......but dream on as y'all wish.

    1. I take this as your exit then?
      Good Day Citizen, we wish you the best

      ...if this was a movement on would be an anchor
      ...good thing its a movement of knowledge and actions

      Documented Americans Assemble!

    2. The Trusts the Government Corporations set up are Contructive Trusts. "They" won't even bring forth the paperwork such as any contract supporting the trusts they created because then they would be caught red handed. I've made the Demand. The BC Bond is evidence of Constructive Trust. You were bonded as a baby. The "Registrar" operates in Probate Court.

      You "can" take control of their constructive trusts and turn them into Expressed Trusts because they as TRUSTEES are not operating the Trust in the best interest of the beneficiary, "you". It is complicated but it can be done. All your assets were put into these Contructive Trusts all your life without your consent, so it's not just the original Bond or revisionary trust. How Many of you have at least asked the question once in your life: Why is my Name in all Capital Letters on this form??? and gotten the response: The computer does it that way!!! Pick up a used copy of the Chicago Manual of Style on Amazon or any Kindergarten basic reader/workbook. Proper Names are not written in all Caps.

      Go to the website:
      Understand Contract law and win.

      This process requires hours of education and re-education and certainly not for those who are looking for someone else to fix their problems. We have been deceived, but we also have to take responsibility too for allowing ourselves to be deceived. Corporate Government created a false Record #1 is that we are presumed Dead therefore they are plundering our Estate for their benefit because we have been acting the TRUSTEE for their Trusts and not the true Position of Grantor and beneficiary.
      They are Dead entities which must to be instructed. If you don't Instruct as Executor they will treat you as an incompetent WARD of their fiction STATE. Use your power of Appointment and take away their power to damage you. I recorded a document Anna does not have on her list. Its call "NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT TO THE OFFICE OF EXECUTRIX FOR THE ESTATE KNOWN AS Anne Frances McShane. The Document Doesn't have to be recorded, but it is testimony on the Public Land Record, I alone hold that Office while I live. Public Fool School will never teach you this fact because they want you to be a slave that can not govern yourself. We are from the hand of the Divine Creator. A creation made before all this deception. We were Granted Dominion over the earth while Satan was cast into the Sea. How many of you are ready to stand up and grab the gift of Dominion granted to us? There is one thing you have to give up: "FEAR"
      Forget Everything And Run or Face Everything And Rise. Your Choice!

      Annie McShane
      On Delaware

  4. Its we, us, Living Men and Women who are going to fix things. Recording docs shows we know. 2 dimensional flat paper is their language, even their oh-thority. Their sea of flat 2 dimensional paper! Whats the tether w the Pentagram to snip? The tie that binds.

    1. "Recording docs shows we know".

      Oh yeh, like it. :)
      A lot.

  5. I've read that the new QFS banking system is the ONLY way people holding foreign currencies will be able to exchange to the United States currency when the global currency re-valuations occurs.... What options do Americans have, who are holding foreign currencies, if the QFS is NOT what it's been built up to be? Is there a way to exchange their currencies in the system Anna speaks about? Thank you, Anna, for clarifying things!!

  6. quote: completely un-hackable
    maybe. thats what EVERYONE who designs such a system says.

    thats what various bitcoin people said. and then they got "hacked"

    there are no unhackable systems, unless it is not connected/accessible to anyone or anything.

    you said it yourself, back when you were pushing the "pope" would clean things up (paraphrase) at any time the pope or anyone else may slip and fall.

    disclosure 101. robes of white versus robes of black.

    of course, that is more evidence, that apparently the "pope" has been "hacked" because no "remedy" ever happened.

    the "earthquake" also seems to have resulted in some down time.

    what does the federal reserve do when 9/11 happens? they have live standby systems.

    right now, its all imaginary. maybe you do have such a system.

    the indians were supposed to be taking over "federal" functions. i dont see any evidence that panned out or ever even occurred in reality.

    the current finance/note system is already "quantum". theoretically your cash (gold or silver coin exists). you just can't "open the box" to see if schrodinger's cat is alive or dead. i.e. you just can "cash" any federal reserve notes.

    it is all based on theory, down the road, they will end the "emergency". LBJ said they are never going back.

    its already "quantum" long ago. we will never know if it is "cashable" because they don't do that due to "emergency"

    financial time, when and where and how and who can "cash" your notes for real dollars is permanently suspended. quantum.

    1. anyone can make an "unhackable" system.

      anything can be made idiotproof until nature/evolution comes up with the next model better idiots.

      it is people that are always the "weakest link".

      also, sleeping with masons is not part of "gods laws"

      (paraphrase) but he who blasphemies against the holy ghost shall never have forgiveness, but be in a state of permanent sin.

      that is what "2nd coming" is. permanent blasphemy/heresy.

  7. Hey Annie ----- Do you have any experience with UCL and would you recommend them for their different processes ? thank you for your time