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Monday, January 18, 2021

You Think I'm Crazy? Wait for It..... Wait for It.....

 By Anna Von Reitz

For several weeks, I have been pointing out the obvious --- the profit motive of the corporations (and that means the Municipal Government and that means the Holy Roman Empire and that means, ultimately, the Roman Pontiff) involved in the virus scam and the push for vaccinations. 

First and Second Base are very authoritatively explained here: 

"The" reason you can't talk about "the" virus on social media is that the virus and the tests for it and the vaccines and everything associated with it ---- all that ---- is protected by patents.  

You have to have their permission to talk about "It".  That is why you are being censored. 

And the patents that the social media corporations and many scientists are afraid of infringing upon are really the whole point of this fiasco -- not just the reason that you are being censored. 

Third and Fourth Base are simple, basic, logical extrapolations---- pathways well-worn by past experience with the Vermin.  

Remember that I told you --- these people are not actually creative at all?  They just find a scam that works and repeat, repeat, repeat?  

So, what did they do in the 1930's to gain access to our individual credit and foist their debts off on to us?   

Unlawful conversion.  

They unlawfully converted you from being an American to being a British Territorial U.S. Citizen, and then converted the British Territorial U.S. Citizen into a Municipal CORPORATION that they could own and abuse however they liked.     

My point is that a process of identity theft and unlawful conversion was used  back then, so why wouldn't they try the same basic schtick again?  And, as it happens, that is exactly what they are proposing.  More unlawful conversion.     

What they seized upon in the 1930's and unlawfully converted was your name. 

Now, they are attempting to seize upon your genome, and working to unlawfully convert your unique DNA into a Genetically Modified version that they can patent and own.  

It's stupidly simple, really.  

They patent a piece of genetically engineered mRNA, they use a fake pandemic as motivation and excuse to get people to accept being "vaccinated", and they inject their patented piece of mRNA into your genetic code.  

They can then claim to own you at a cellular level.  And since you agreed to this "voluntarily" you don't even have a basis to object. 

They can then exercise their patents to abuse you however they wish.   

This is why none of us can stand around and put up with this criminality any longer.  

Slavery in all its forms has been abolished, banned, outlawed in every venue and every jurisdiction since 1926, except for one --- and it's time for it to be abolished in the realm of commerce, too.  

If we want these corporations (and the men and women running them) to behave, the simplest and most effective means of control is to deny them their profit motives.   

If they can't make money doing something repugnant, they won't do it.  

There are other things we can do, too, to discourage this sort of thing from ever happening again.  

We can destroy corporations that engage in unlawful activities.  

We can force such corporations to be placed under new management.  We can confiscate their assets.  We can nationalize them for the Public Good.  We can liquidate them and sell their assets off in a piecemeal fashion.  We can arrest their Board Members and their Officers.  We can pierce the corporate veil that protects these Bad Actors. We can seize upon their personal fortunes and distribute their wealth to their victims.  

We can exercise our own "delegated powers" and completely uproot the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  We can clap the Patent Clerks that allowed this scheme in irons. 

Our Admiralty Law hasn't changed since 1860.  (Yes, Virginia, there is always a silver lining.) 

If I worked at the USPTO and approved any of this package of novel coronavirus patents, I'd be sweating like a dog in Wuhan, China.


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  1. I can't wait to start ending these evil Corporations starting with the VIDALTA Corp is abusing assembly members....