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Monday, January 18, 2021

The Son of the Swamp Foxes

 By Anna Von Reitz

"The viruses are spread by horribly antiquated.... sewage treatment plants...." 

In lakes and rivers all over the county, the government is spreading pollution and sewage without limit.  Government officials are stuffing their pockets with money meant to upgrade waste management and water remediation capacity, dumping their untreated sewage into the country's waterways-- then laughing all the way to the bank. 

And nobody can stop them, because they are the ones who are being paid to stop this pollution.  Like that?  We are paying them big bucks for sewage treatment, waste management, upgrading delivery systems, water and wetland remediation ---- and instead, they are the ones dumping, dumping, dumping. 

Want to talk about carbon remediation?  Methane gas?  These shameless hypocrites are among the worst polluters on the planet and they are doing nothing to curb or change or improve anything.  They are just swaggering around dictating to and guilting everyone else, while their own filth clogs our air, our water, our soil, and our TV channels. 

Doesn't matter how you look at it --- industrial pollution, sewage, solvents, prescription drugs, biological wastes of all kinds, plastics, radioactive isotopes, slaughterhouse leavings, blood by the millions of gallons, filth of all kinds is being dumped on our land and into our water by people on our payrolls and their crony subcontractors.    

Wastes from the aluminum industry, including Fluoride and Chlorine are being sold to these schmucks by their cronies, as "valuable additives" to drinking water, even though these additives are known poisons that kill our adrenal glands and nervous systems. 

And if we are wise, it then costs us thousands of dollars to install sophisticated filtration systems to remove the gunk that they charged us to add to our drinking water.   

Freshkills, the infamous New York City Garbage Island is the largest man-made structure on Earth.  It dwarfs the Great Wall of China.  And you all think this isn't a ticking time bomb?  You don't care?  

One of these days there's going to be a whole new definition of "Wall Street".  

God knows virtually none of your tax money is going to fix this situation or update sewage treatment facilities or to improve water and sewer service delivery systems. Virtually nothing is being spent on water or wetlands remediation.  It's all being siphoned off by dirty politicians or simply not added as a budget item, so that money that should be allocated to waste management is "made available" for the politician's pet projects.  

Outta sight, outta mind -- but straight into your cooking pots, on your tooth brushes, your vegetables, polluting your bodies and ruining your health the same way it pollutes and ruins the biosphere we all live in. 

They don't care about your health.  How much they don't care about your health is evident once you start looking around, so the rank hypocrisy of wanting people to wear masks like some sick Woody Allen hypochondriac character while we are practically wading and certainly smelling the sludge is nothing but pathetic.  Our world is dying, and they don't care.  

Wuhan, China, and New York City have exactly the same sewage problems. Exactly the same.   

This is a topic of concern that every American must undertake for the sake of their sanity and health.  The government is dumping billions upon billions of gallons of polluted water, untreated sewage, straight into our surface waters. And that, far more than any single puny SARS virus, is a threat to your health, your agriculture, and everything else.  

So it's time to get out the pitchforks and apply liberally to both Democrats and Republicans, because they are all guilty of the same sins and doing the same filthy, unspeakable, rotten things to the Earth.  And to us.  

For all those who complain about me, meet my friend, Judson Witham.  He will tune you up and tune you into "stuff's been going on" that will finish curling your hair and wake up whatever other zombie cells are still sleeping in your brains. He's the Son of the Swamp Foxes of the Canadian Border and he is certainly living up to his heritage and name.  

Much of his attention centers on the Eastern Seaboard and Great Lakes, but what he rants about can be extended westward all the way to the West Coast and certainly down to the Gulf.  So don't let his pieces about Lake George and Lake Champlain fool you into thinking that this is some isolated local problem. 

Regrettably, it's not.  

And right after that, buckle your seat belts for a veritable cascade of economic and monetary wrong-doing faithfully reported, explained, documented, and served up for all to see.  

When I was a kid they used to have Smorgasbords on every other street corner, all you can eat places where the tables groaned under the weight of the harvest.  Well, once you step into the Swamp Fox's world, you will feel like you, too, are at a banquet --- a banquet of information that's important and that you will never find anywhere else.  

Here's a start: 


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  1. Great, tell Biden to send them to Anna, she's all about Multi-Culti, has advertised OPEN BORDERS for quite some time. All they have to do is lay low for 7 yrs, take no benefits, no Fed crimes, then GO SEE ANNA BANANA, she'll make YOU an American State National AND you get to choose whatever state you want.
    Americans have NO SAY.

    NOR DOES ANNA HAVE A CONTRACT WITH AMERICA TO BE FIDUCIARY, much less GIMMIGRATION TSAR, but that doesn't stop Anna Banana, she's bloodline heir to her very own throne.
    Yeah Biden, give Anna Banana a call, she'll have them all on America's Trust Doll asap, never mind Americans have not received one iota of their own wealth. ANNA WANTS TO GIVE IT ALL AWAY before our Generational Americans have a chance to claim what is rightfully theirs, eh Anna.

    Biden to Immediately Offer Citizenship to 11 Million

    1. No group of men will ever fall for fiduciary and chief they may learn from her but not one group would fall in line and I’m a member of a lot.
      Like some insight but the Michigan Assembly was Allready all over the proper way to reassemble our lawful government.
      And derailed by said member ,lot of bad talk slander veiled threats and turns out all the files could be done in-house??

    2. @Shelby... As someone who works very hard to respect someone else's opinion no matter how off base it may be, I believe we need people to question everything in this world today....

      your statement above.... "Tellin you she is not on the up and up and anyone giving these assemblies access to your birth certificate you have given them the proof they need to retraffic you".... is about as close to defamation of character as you can get.

      As an Assembly Coordinator I believe Your accusation goes too far and you overstep your bounds. We are only provided a printed "Copy", not a "Certified Copy". COLB or BC are kept private, locked in a safe and not published with Documents. Several "copies" I hold in trust are redacted. In your attack on Anna you attack others directly. People who voluntarily stand up to help our Country and help re-educate its people. If you feel the need to be attacking please keep your attack centered on Anna unless of course you have documented indispensable evidence individual "Named" Coordinators are CHILD trafficking, which is what securitizing and selling Birth Certificates is legally defined. When you attack someone's character without documented proof it is no longer Free Speech, you become a tort-feaser. You have a right to express your opinion. You do not have a right to cause harm.

      If you have documented evidence of wrong-doing by any individual Coordinator please email me at I don't want to work with people who would do such a despicable thing and as you know all crime must be reported or you are party to it.

      I have researched many links you have posted here and have gratefully added information to my education. Some I had seen, some I did not. None of those links are evidence that the information Anna is bringing forth about the History of this Country, how we should self govern, or even the lineage of her family is wrong.

      Please post the number and the name of the article that Anna wrote specifically telling "Shelby" to get your lazy ass to work. I believe taking care of an elderly family member is very hard work in and of itself. I don't remember reading such a thing but I may have missed it.

      Annie McShane
      Delaware Assembly Coordinator

    3. @ Wink Wink... All that sticks out in your post is "Disrespect" and the childish behavior of "Name Calling". Where can the documented proof be found of what you are alleging?

      The Bible refers to man being able to freely roam the world. What is an Illegal Alien? A man without a "lien" and a certificate to prove the lien exists..... Biden wants to offer the U.S. CITIZENSHIP lien to these people who are "Classified" illegal because they don't have a piece of paper. Isn't that Slavery?

      Why shouldn't a man chose where he wants to shelter if he causes no harm to others and does not ask for some corporate government to take care of him. Anna is absolutely correct. The law is if you have been somewhere for seven years and a day and have not taken welfare or caused harm you can claim that state as your home. No one goes to Anna to become a State National. What kind of nonsense is that BS? If Anna could just magically make all Americans State Nationals would it not be in her best interest to do so if that is what you are alleging? A man chooses citizenship when he becomes of age and they just set it all up to be easy as pie to walk right into corporate citizenship.

      What Anna is talking about are the lawful rights of man granted to him by his creator while you are grouping her into the LEGAL FICTIONLAND scheme to Issue Naturalization Certificates for servitude to a corporation.

      If there is a better way to get out from under these predatory corporations why don't you post your solution instead of tearing down people who are working tirelessly to help mankind.

      Anna has claimed back all the Assets for Americans. No Assets are in her Name. Are you saying Anna created "The United States of America"? You can look up the UCC filings. If Americans had not made this stand at this time we would have been corporate slaves forever. You might be happy being a corporate slave, that is your choice. If the corporations had not destroyed the economy of Mexico those people would be happy staying where they were born. People don't flee their country when they can make a decent living and give their families shelter and food.

      Looking forward to hearing your solution for this mess besides of course killing all the Jews.

      Annie McShane
      Delaware Assembly Coordinator

  2. If you’ve never watched the movie “Idiocracy“ you’ll be shocked to discover parallels between the year 2505 now. Not too different especially the part about the trash landslide. Shockingly similar. The producers of this movie were 500 years ahead Of their time

  3. "When my children turn away from their wicked ways (sins, crimes), I will heal their land (birth place, home sweet home, neutralize all toxins including radiation on Earth)"- our divine Father (Yahweh) from Paradise/Heaven!!!

  4. I hear the vitriol about anti white male but Jews who like it both ways minoritys when a benefit is to be had like college administration or government job but are white in public .
    It’s a lie the White European the only ones that matter know the facts the bigotry not withstanding.

  5. They pawn off biosludge products on unsuspecting people as organic fertilizer, recondition the sewage water and "recycle" all of it. The bags say organic on the front but fine print says "Not for gardens that people are eating" So its OK to poison animals and eat them? Plus now all the fields have ecoli, and numerous bacteria, everything that comes out of people and all the waste mentioned above by Anna. Watch biosludge dot com and see a short documentary on it with microscope of plastic, fibers and all the crap dumped on food fields. Anyone could open up a sewer line and dump poison that would make entire city sick. Spreading out the poison is all around large cities. Look for Biosludge products for sale and lots pop up.