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Saturday, May 11, 2024

International Public Notice: Sodomy as a "Tradition"

 By Anna Von Reitz

It may have escaped the notice of our dumbed down and desperate population-at-large, but the Romans borrowed virtually all the culture they ever had from the Greeks, and unfortunately, the Ancient Greeks, especially the Spartans, who the Romans most admired, practiced institutionalized sodomy. 

The Romans followed suit as they did in most things Greco-Roman, and soon, the Roman Legions were engaging in the "rites" which paired young acolytes with experienced masters in the military. 

Thus, sodomy became a tradition in both the Greek and Roman military and generations of people throughout the Middle East practiced sodomy. It has remained a feature of military forces to a greater or lesser extent ever since. 

The most common form of rape in the military does not involve men and women. 

The American Military has been impacted by this, too, with many World War I and World War II veterans returning home as either bisexuals or dedicated homosexuals. 

Nobody ever talks about this. We try to ignore it, gloss it over, look the other way.  The Academics who know about it, shove it under the dusty rug as "history" and fail to enlighten the rest of us. 

Nonetheless, there it is, and that's where it came from: the Ancient Greeks and Romans. 

The Greeks, for their part,  got this "tradition" from the Babylonians, who got it from their own peculiar sex-as-sacrament religion. 

Sparta, the most famous practitioner among the Greeks, formalized this tradition of military sodomy by overtly pairing young boys with specific captains for their "initiation" and "training".  

Rome did the same. 

Sodomy and slavery went hand-in-hand in Roman society outside the military as another result; once a Roman returned home from his obligatory service to Rome, the habits of the military remained ingrained and many of Rome's most illustrious statesmen and senior politicians owned multiple "puer delicata" boy slaves used as sexual toys. 

Much to the frustration of their wives. 

In this way, the Roman family structure was degraded and the Patrician class, especially, was worn down by sex-based intrigues.

You get some echoes of all this from Homer and from the Roman poets and even some PBS offerings like "I, Claudius", but a more blatant and flat-footed discussion of this is needed to get the impact across to the American Public. 

This Big Push to normalize sodomy is coming from Europe and from largely military sources.  It's not sourced in New York or Las Vegas.  It's coming from Hamburg and Vienna and Paris and Bern. 

And it's coming directly from the military. 

That may seem counter-intuitive, as everyone knows the Nazis were badasses on the battlefield (so were the Ancient Spartans) and that seems to run counter to the frivolity of men prancing around half-naked with rainbow colored hair shouting Liberal slogans --but you must know what you are dealing with. 

The Romans admired the Greeks, and the Nazis admired the Romans.  So the Nazis aped the Romans like the Romans aped the Greeks and as the Greeks aped the Babylonians. 

Monkey see, monkey do.  

On top of all their other odd beliefs that seem at complete odds with their dictum, "Kirche, Kinder, Kuche" applied to their wives, the Nazis practiced sodomy in the ranks and thought nothing of it. 

Just like the boys at prestigious British private schools (perversely called "public schools" in Britain) and Universities indulge in every kind of sex imaginable and are often involved in homosexual liaisons by the age of eleven. 

This focus on sex-sex-and-more-sex comes direct to us from Ancient Babylon, through Greece, through Rome, through Britain, through Germany--- and it lives and breathes and gains ground because it is rife and "traditional" in the European Military, not because of quiet middle-aged homos living together in Somerset or because of Flamers like Liberace parading around.

As a result of NATO and UN "Peacekeeping" Forces and other occasions requiring hobnobbing between American (U.S.) and European military forces for years on end, there has been explosive growth of sodomy in our own military, which inevitably comes home to the dinner table in places like Gatsville, Nebraska. 

It festers. It causes guilt in some and rage in others. It gives rise to crimes of violence against women and children, scandals that tear families apart, declining birth rates, alcoholism, broken families and broken hearts.  

Sodomy does not deserve to be "taught" or justified as a military tradition, but we can't escape the fact that it has been and still is. We have to recognize that it's not coming to us from a "bunch of liberal faggots" who stumbled on anal sex in a college dorm room. 

It's coming straight to us from Babylon and by a route that most people would never suspect -- our own military; and, it continues to create social and psychological upheaval long after military service ends. 

We tend to assume that the terrors and misery and PTSD so many veterans suffer is uniquely the result of experiences on the battlefield, but the memory of being gang-raped by other soldiers is even more traumatic for many.  

Unlike talking about a battle or even having to kill someone in particular, a shroud of silence hangs over all of this.  It's not only too painful, it's too shameful to talk about.  So the victims suffer in silence and rage that cannot be expressed, or by some homemade, limping forward, come to terms with it, and though injured, move on. 

Why do men talk to me about things like this, when they wouldn't tell their best friend, their wives, or their mothers?  They come to me for help and healing. They let all the ugly things come out and roll around like so many little demons released from jail. 

Sometimes they just walk up to me and fall into my arms and weep. I am left standing there in a Walgreens parking lot with a sobbing stranger who is crying so hard he can't even say his name.  

I hold their hands, and tell them that in the great realm of Heaven, it's all known and accounted for. They don't suffer alone. Indeed, we all suffer with them, because they are a part of us, and they have been harmed physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually by military service. 

Sadly, broken as they are, they too often come home and harm others, or harm themselves, or "fail to adjust" or as a young friend did just last year, hang themselves in the garage once they get back home. 

We've got to wake up and we've got to say, "No!".

These men and now, women, are being ritualistically abused in the name of military discipline. If they are not physically raped, as many are, they are nonetheless reduced and compromised and battered and brain-washed beyond belief. 

We cannot stand around and let the Perpetrators of these "traditions" continue. They cannot be allowed to fill the senior ranks of our military by a process of secret love relationships and blackmail. 

Babylon fell, Greece fell, Rome fell, Nazi Germany fell, Britain is falling --- and if we don't face reality, America will fall, too. 

Ancient Sparta fell first to a slave rebellion; the warriors were away fighting, and the slaves just took over and raped the wives and retrained the children. The final death blow was struck when the Visigoths arrived and did the same to the slaves. 

Sparta, that once-proud and independent city, that stood virtually alone against the vastness of the Persian Empire, was reduced to flames and left vacant, its pale stones like half-buried bones in the clay, trampled on by fur-clad, club-carrying Visigoths. 

All (military) glory is fleeting.  

The glory of love, of righteous action, of compassion, of wisdom, of courage, these victories of the heart are what remain. 

We ask for every man and woman now alive to examine their hearts and engage their minds, to admit their full experience in life, to grapple with their demons, and to emerge victorious. 

We've told bitter truths here today, and bitter they remain; still, we cannot solve a problem we cannot see, or salve a wound if we don't know it exists. 

The practice of sodomy as a "military tradition" has to end. We must free our soldiers from it, and free ourselves of the cultural consequences, too.  

Most of all, we have to stop thinking that this sudden "Rainbow Revolution" is a result of liberalism or a matter of personal choice in the bedroom.  

This is the predictable and known result of an evil practice of institutionalized sodomy in military circles; it is designed to embarrass and subjugate and compromise individuals on a lifetime basis. And it has to be stopped, once and for all. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652


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May 11th 2024