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Saturday, October 12, 2019

Response from the Doorstop

By Anna Von Reitz

If I controlled 22 Trillion "by myself" don't you think I would be driving something better than a sixteen year old BMW?  

Use your heads.  I stuck myself like a doorstop in a door, forcing that door to remain open for other Americans.  When this started, hardly anyone outside the Navy knew what was going on, so when I got wind of the filings of the Fiscal Services Division, I counter-claimed and did it in such a way that everyone else could follow.  It is still my estate lodged in the door that makes it possible for everyone else to escape and get back what they are owed-- your share of $22 Trillion.  

 It's not "my" 22 Trillion.  It's 22 Trillion owed to the States and People of this country --- our National Credit.   

 What I accomplished with that little move is known as Portia's Paradox.   They might own all the blood in my body, but not a cubic centimeter of my flesh.  In the same way, they might have compromised the international jurisdiction of the sea on their own time, but they don't have any claim at all on our land and soil ---- that is, so long as we stand our ground and claim it and aren't stupid enough to give it away.   

As I explained to someone else this morning --- the reason that the military script is issued as debt notes is that when they issue them, they are already in debt to us.  They seized upon our assets--our  bodies, our names, our ownership interest in our soil and land, everything--- at the hospitals, which appeared to be civilian institutions---- and used us and our assets to borrow against and stand as collateral backing their script and their spending.  That makes them our debtors.  That's why Federal Reserve Notes are debt notes.   And that is why they owe us not only the notes, but the return on all those notes.  It's actually far, far more than $22 Trillion.  

The irony is that we have vast  "lawful assets" that are owed to The United States of America and once we put this to bed, the military is fully funded.  They just have to get their heads wrapped around the situation and the nature of their "National Debt" so that they can accept being funded by Credit Notes instead of Debt Notes.    

 As the situation developed and we learned more, we realized that the attack was aimed at "vacating" our land and soil jurisdiction with false claims saying that we had "abandoned" our land and soil jurisdiction and all voluntarily adopted "Federal Citizenship" instead---- which would then open the door for Secondary Creditors to move in and seize our land and soil assets as payment for debts owed by the Queen and the Pope.  

It was then that we launched full bore into the 1933 fraud which led to the 1907 and 1868 frauds.   We had to go all the way back and then bring it forward to the present day.   And along the way, we had to dope out the necessary moves to correct our falsified political statuses, and then bring forward the Federation Holding Company, and then educate and organize everyone to build properly constituted State Assemblies. 

Is there anything else that you would like a great-grandmother from a tiny hamlet in Alaska to do for you?   

Well, there is something you can do for me.  You can all wake up.  All the way up.    

I am tired of dealing with the rats in front and the traitors and ignoramuses behind.  I don't know how many years I have left, much less how many good years my husband and I may have.  He is sixteen years older than me and I am old enough.  Do you get my drift?   We are tired and worn and still here doing far, far more than our fair share to get this Mess cleaned up and get restitution for the living people instead of more money going to the goddamned banks and insurance companies and all the other corporations that are feeding on all of us like vultures. 

For starters, they are the ones that are supposed to be paying the taxes, not us.    

There is absolutely nothing "inconsistent" about what I have said ---- except in the cases wherein I have been obliged to make corrections myself as I went along and learned more.  There have been some corrections on the way, but other than that, there are no inconsistencies that I know of, and we learn more that corroborates our findings every day.  

Accept the fact that you can pay for military services with credit we have already earned, or be snookered and continue to pay debts you don't owe.   I repeat --- WTFU.  I will leave you to decode my meaning.


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  1. Is there a process being developed to access or activate our share of the credit that is owed, if our status has been corrected? Thank you Anna....

    1. joser rey - also, for those who like listening to Anna's articles go to Ed Movius link & keep going through them, many worth repeating several times
      This may help in catching up to date & valuable details.
      thanks & stay sane

  2. Yes,go to It was announced July 4, 2019. As fiduciary for California, Nevada, Arizona I have already processed 122 bills totaling $6.4 million.

    1. Thanks guys, but I don't want to go to untested water. Also, the Land grab happened long time ago, in county records, I trace back to 1977. The Great Theft maybe happened longer than 1977, bc d computer system was available after 1980. The UN Corporation assigned all Land of housing developments to their Fictitious GOV'T STATE. I almost cry seeing all of this mass murder and Great THEFT. This is how they did to other Race for 169 years that Anna was NOT even aware of before they did to America for 150 years.

      The Commercial-housing Land Surveys guys should all go to jail, to sign & transfer American Land to UN Corp. We can claim them back fast, but we will need at least 100-man power with Computer skills, training to do the paperwork right. A few person will not work, they will yank the little guys.

    2. Pinkham, it's called regionalism

      Unelected across the board, Councils of Governments working the UN agenda behind the scenes while the sheep are kept busy with their clown show

      For example look at CALCOG - no doubt in my mind these regional governments, all unelected, are working the UN agenda and people have no clue they even exist

      Forced relocation out of California

      All mapped out decades ago
      UN map
      And all being carried out by their world military

      This is why you have US forces all over the world pillaging nation after nation and depopulating as they go, so that they can steal all the natural resources, steal the land and move on to the next victim

      BRICS deal is part of it, they will now circle back around to Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa and steal even more while they bimetrically mark the survivors and dole out their 'benefits'

      Also shipping many of them to white european nations to take their jobs and eliminate that race (it's genocide plain and simple) The Kalergi Plan

      And the UN is part of the fraud just like the League of Nations was

      Their next move is The Earth Federation and Constitution that's why you hearing about the demise of the UN right now

      My opinions you can take them or leave them

    3. Thanks Shelby, for good Info. I am trying to analyze the BRIC, to see if they have any connection with the Illuminati or Rockefeller. I heard it was established in New York Sept-14, 2006? Well, it’s inconceivable. The Chinese president and US Obamby had a high tension by end of 2017.
      Please WARN everybody, NOT to call or give your phone # to these Banksters/Thieves ” JP MORGAN CHASE, and BANK OF AMERICA” pretending to help us over the phone. Do not trust their wiring Fraud neither. Do not Trust or believe the US Consensus mail neither, sent to gather your phone #, address etc. to GPS and murder you, if they think you’re threatening their stolen assets.
      They tried to GPS us to murder one of our group, and their attempt failed. They shall be charged as cited in the Lien, we have 10+ evidences of their attempts. They tried to kill their creditors off, as Anna said.

      You know these crooks JP MORGAN CHASE, BANK OF AMERICA, banksters can NEVER help you over the phone solve the debt they owe to us. They insisted, and failed to help their British UN Corp's, A.B.A., I.B.A., and the rest of Bankers out of our Liens. So Anna should watch out between OCT 27 and NOV 10, 2019.
      Learn to turn off your phone COMPLETELY by blocking a cellphone battery connection, with a carpet tape, make it reusable, it’s easy. So the crooks cannot turn on it on on the bkground, to GPS you.

      ALSO WATCH OUT, DO NOT give Google your 2nd email and password through its PASS-THROUGH website, when you want to post a Blog msg. They owe us lots of penalties for crimes, stalking, attempting to murder us. So do nothing, if your see Google on the Web Address line, top left.

  3. “inconsistency”

    Did Godel comprehend analysis of a “constitution” during his “citizenship” exam?

    Godel could have in no-way fully analyzed the “constitution(s’)” not to a resolvable comprehension.

    Most particularly he came looking, steeped in his “incompleteness” theory, for what? Consistency??

    Thanks to you Anna, truth is exposing.

    The constitution(s)’ messaging/guideposts (contract) are layer-cakes, side-platters, and served-up alongside lies, duplicities, and the diabolical. These may make great feast for a king and his sycophants; However these lying foodstuffs make not healthy diet for sovereign man-kind.

    Interesting that Godel starved himself to death. Poor Godel.

    Godel was not master at exposing deep traitorous narratives. That took a different genre of genius and mind.

    His concept of “incompleteness” is diabolical before message of Jesus Christ – “it is completed.”

    Thank you Anna, and thank you all who read to comprehend, before faces who can only tear down. Thank you also to those who assemble and guard the truth.

  4. Anyone reading Shays's Rebellion by Leonard Richards can see that right from the start the incorporated entities had everyone confused about what was what for government. A look in the index shows no Vatican or Jesuit entry in the book, perhaps a missed factor in the confusion of getting a non-incorporated republican form of government on its feet. The regulators had the right heart but the wrong means to keep the Pilgrim's progress going in the right direction. Anna is doing a great job of educating us and I thank her for her efforts. In telling the forest from the trees the forest consists of two types of trees: Republican or unincorporated and Oligarchy or Corporate.

  5. Many people are aware of how we got here.
    Little difficult to understand debt notes it’s antithetical to common thinking.
    Not even Melton Freeman under stood it .
    Like dissecting an equation need to fully see all the actions taking place .we know we are the creditors that is never recognized.
    They spend on credit card in our name and we can’t say your using our credit card you have your own contractual income alcohol tobacco fire arms .
    The fiat currency give them access to all our savings and future earnings by printing. Notes out of thin air then the banks abuse our savings more by fractional reserve banking making our savings chips at the rulette gamblelin wheel.
    And the enormous appetite for more global thuggery.
    Instead of borrowing from foreigners debt borrow from Americans above table top.

    1. bubbapatric - and about such loans, would like to add What If: No interest loans. Maybe a onetime fee. Then we have this loan made into as a presentment via the process provided by Anna & Team to offset against National Credit for its full amount including fee. - Wondering if this is possible... for those who are State Nationals in the very least. thanks & stay sane

  6. First of all, Anna, your vulgarity is from the gutter, and is sickening to see from anyone, but is especially from a female. You need your mouth washed out with soap. !

    As for all that you've done for the people, I do not seen anything that has done anything at all. You mislead folks to think that you have made a way for The People to ''get what is owed to them' when you know very well that is just never gonna happen. The rascals are never gonna pay up. So when you gonna give up this silly ruse.

    1. Abby... Why don't YOU just give up then?
      Leave, disburse, disappear, vanish, be gone demon!
      Your constant negativity is quite unbearable, some of us are learning, double checking and comprehending.... why must you consistently complain that things are not spoon fed to you? I don't expect answers, I just want you to know you are being mean, your not being intelligent at all.
      Abby, Have a day you poor U.S. Citizen

      Documented American Assemble.

    2. Turtle - thanks for your posts. Its been a bit of a barrage when someone wants to say something 'nice' constructive toward the goal, even complimenting others, to be hit w an insulting barrage, then harassed if one doesn't reply to it.

      Meanwhile it looks to us that many are doing their papers, more than we think, recording them. Reckon for many it takes concentrated, quiet efforts to do this w/o harassment, ridicule even from well meaning loved ones, friends, who just don't know what this really means.
      After speaking of this w friends, just to ease them into the idea, cracking their shell really upsets them, thinking we are the wackadoo's - so we're laying low, until we have substantive effectual numbers & results to evidence. Weird, as numbers are what we need. But again, we're getting word that papers are pouring into Recording Offices.
      >>> Yes lets Assemble, Americans. Lets get 'er done! <<<

    3. Abby,Thank you for making my point with your consistent nastiness!

      Have a better life US Citizen

  7. If I had 22 trillion I would keep and still love my BMW that's older than 16. Germans make the best vehicles. Who Knows I might get a airplane and a chauffer too. :) If I had even 22 million I could get the American Assemblies in every State and County up and running fast! Could probably get her done with even 12 Million but not 22 thousand. Money Moves Most People.

    1. Do right Rain!
      Greed guides most.

      Documented American Assemble, gather into Assemblies, Elect our officials, Open our Courts, Change this World!

    2. Rain,

      I talk to people all the time that have so called money. If I gave my son David money on the basis he had to believe what I AM telling him, he would take the money, say something complacent and still tell his friends Mom has drunk the funky coolaide!

      This is about having an open mind to be able to see and be able to hear and then be able to speak reality.

      People won't even accept that maybe, just maybe, these criminals are presenting their version of the Bible.

      Any church incorporated under the STATE OF STATE therefore UNITED STATES therefore VATICAN is subject to their rules. How hard is that concept to envision.

      Yes, the Church is the People, but the organizations People are members are incorporated into the MUNICIPAL GOVERNMENT. People want fellowship, but what are they fellowshipping under? This is a fact! Call the churches in your area and ask if they are 501c3 status.

      Freedom is only a word unless we live it on every plane. Get rid of all the licenses, correct your status but if you still participate as a member of a church subject to the STATE OF STATE well are you still tied into their rules? Figure it out for yourself.

      I would love to have fellowship but not one church congregation my area is outside this nonsense.

      It is a lonely place to be and I AM thankful the creator has put like minded people in my life as I asked.

      Annie McShane
      On Delaware