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Friday, October 11, 2019

Navy Issues in RE: Hudok Arbitration

By Anna Von Reitz

Everything that Phil Hudok and his pals are doing is in the context of being British Territorial United States Citizens--- a citizenship status created under the Constitutions as I showed you --- to allow the British Service Providers to be here and deliver the "essential government services".
And I have already said-- if that's the political status you want to adopt-- who am I to stop you?
However, as I also pointed out, you are then no longer claiming to be, nor to act as--- an American, and that is where I object to you fellows claiming to be Americans and Patriots, when you are in fact acting as British Persons on our shores and claiming clemency from the British Territorial Congress.
Three Constitutions gives rise to three kinds of "US Congress" too.
So the way I perceive it is that you are all either: (1) confused and thinking that "Well, of course, we are acting as Americans!" when you are not, or (2) you really are British Tories, know exactly what you are doing, and are trying to ensnare as many clueless Americans as you can, to pad the Queen's bottom line.
Not disclosing this situation and the authority under which it is occurring -- together with failure to disclose the downside aspect of it-- results in more fraud.
None of the people signing on are being told what they will LOSE as a result of doing so -- only what they will gain.
In my view that is like setting up a salt lick.
Everyone has a choice, but that choice must be made freely, under conditions of full disclosure.
Have you told everyone signing this Arbitration Award that they will be giving up their claims as Americans? That they will be identified as British Territorial "United States Citizens" and lose their land rights? That they will become liable for the Queen's debts?
That is the other "issue".
Assuming that you know what you are doing and that you support the Queen and wish to live as a British Subject under the King's Law, and you know what the pros and cons of this are, I am not objecting to your choices or arguing with you about it.
But you are not "fully disclosing" the circumstance nor the consequences of "signing on" to all the people signing up. In fact, you are making it sound like some great "patriot victory" for Americans, when it doesn't even apply to us.
So it is that lack of disclosure that I am holding against you and your cohorts and your Queen. If you want to serve in the British Navy, that's up to you--- but press-ganging has been outlawed for two hundred years, and that is, in effect, what you are doing.


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  1. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 11, 2019 at 3:17 PM

    Exactly right!
    That is what I felt also about the Hudok "arrangements":
    That as long as its fully-disclosed in a lawful contract in the people's own language and they understand that they have no more unalienable rights, and as avr-construct says, no land rights, and so forth, then who can stop them?... Hell, who would want to?! Maybe its a great offer for them and they will flourish.

    The thing is about choice.

    1. >exactly right

      Funny you argued with me in countless posts the other day denying these things when I explained them to you claiming I was "speaking for other people" or something along these nonsensical lines when I told you, you did sign this contract and that under the color of law they will and can prosecute you under the presumption you consent to it via this contract if you do not challenge it. Also funnily in the midst of you "talking for other people" out of the other side of your face while doing it.

    2. They won't play your games, their games only, that sounds alike. Railroading... What are you going to do about it?

    3. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 11, 2019 at 7:25 PM

      The number for the DOJ to leave a message about verified potential "arson"/ publicly-made arson threats; public "incitement" of others to violence/ violence toward political groups, ethnic groups, racial, religious groups; "cyber crimes"; other "crimes":
      is 1-202-353-1555.

      This alerts the Corporation that I have heard or seen something about potential violence against political, religious, ethnic or other groups of innocent people and am passing the Information on to the Corporation in order to maintain and support the peace and safety of all people.

      I gave verifiable, substantive proofs (images, records, prints), and where to find them and so on.

      Being a Recorded American state national, I gave ONLY NOTICE of INFORMATION. Meaning, I, myself, did not enter a "complaint" or "report" in their "jurisdiction" but, as I presently understand it, I didn't have lawful NOTICE of INFORMATION lawfully alerts them of potential harm/damage/crimes that I know about, with proofs.

      So basically, I just *NOTIFIED* and gave all the Information with all of the details that I have including that I am "Records-Corrected American state national."

      With this actual or other "coup" going on and these worthless jobless neo-Nattzi?type Antiphss freeloaders running around loose, like the ones at the trump rally in Minneapolis last night that the news is calling feeble-minded adultchildren!: saying they were going to "shut down America" last night at 6 p.m. or whatever...that phone number is likely perhaps to come in handy.
      I'm not telling anyone what to do, because I dont know what anyone else should do!... just trying to point out potential dangers and trying to keep us alert and safe.

    4. The foreign bankers and naughty judges can NOT just shut down America. it will affect them, they should be judged by people. It's NOT about us, but about their long Theft history (100+ years).

      Yes our Ancestors living through us coming up against them.

      I search all this site, I see NO Z-tag info. Forget about discharging. I don' think you can, bc the US(Inc) was bankrupted by the crooks for their enrichment. Discharge credits Trust had been stolen by Bankers, they won't return anything. Unless you know how to aggregate them, then they will. The Crooks won't accept our discharge. Team up and sue them through commercial lien can be risky. Maybe make your front door well secured so the thieves-Cops won't be able to drill. Use 1/4" think SS metal can help. Never open the door for them. Make it so you can exit, it's simple. You can still return to your house if you make it codeless re-entry.

    5. First and foremost, the Queen was kicked out of US business by Trump, so scratch the Queen. Secondly, as of October 1, we are under the restored Republic, and as of October 19, the USA Inc will be totally dead. We are under a six month transition back to common law, wherein a lot of changes are going to be made. Under the Republic, we are all American Nationals. Yes, you can still discharge fiat debt, because there never was any money involved. It is all credit which can still be discharged. Maybe the arbitration process will help in that area. 12 USC 95a(2)is a contract, and I heard you can sue for breach of contract in the Court of Claims, although doing an arbitration first would be ideal, and get it confirmed by a court, perhaps the Court of Claims. And Alaska is the only state that has Z tags, and Anna should know that, if she was any kind of a "judge."

    6. Essentialer, where is your proof of what you say here? We need proof. All you have here is something like here say, and that will simply not do. So if you can give us some real proof, that would be good, but I dont believe any of your comment so far.

    7. Essentialer, Thank you for the public update!
      I am familiar with most of what you have mentioned.

      Abby, The proof for all the blind to see is on the horizon.

      Documented Americans Assemble, open your courts, elect your officials, lets get this party started!

  2. Can we please talk about Z-tag statutes and debt discharge? Why must we "swear allegiance" to a fiction to qualify?

    1. Yes I think we all might be curious about the "Z-tag" posting... we need to know exacting the procedure... cant find anything online..

  3. Obviously it is fraudulent contract made under the color of law that is not enforceable if you bring this up in any court case you may encounter. It can only be enforced under the color of law if you consent to it EVERY TIME IT OCCURS. I have been saying this since I first got here and why I have also said countless times the paperwork you encourage people to file is pointless and does nothing because if the people who file it don't bring it up in court in the proper fashion then they will still be subject to the statues and codes under a presumption under the law. If you know how to dispel those presumptions with the proper arguments then there is no point to filing that paperwork to begin with, it has zero effect and purpose.

    1. Bodhi, I said too that if a person is not skilled at court procedure and how to handle themselves in court, to know how to use their paperwork, then who will even know they have any paperwork, and what good will it do.
      I think most ''paper filers' in here that did paperwork are wrongly assuming that that is the end of their responsibility and they are then covered. But I dont think so.
      I also tend to think being your own lawyer in court will just get a person in bigger trouble, and a bigger defeat, and if they hire a lawyer or get a public defender, they wont use your paper work in your defense.
      So.......back to square #1 they are, IMO.

    2. ^^^^^^ verbatim this this this

    3. Are you referring to the not excepting there contract in the first place? Please reply I'm wanting to understand .

    4. Well it is too late your parents did for you when they signed for your birth certificate but you resigned up with your SS card, tax papers and drivers license. However you they did not fully disclose what they are having you sign away so it was done in fraud. This fraud is what you attack in court if they try to enforce it against your consent.

  4. Анна! Пол! Я, русский. А, может и нет. Поверьте, нет тысячелетий в нашей истории. Обратите внимание на правильное написание дат:i965.... Понимаете? В результате манипуляций, вместо i,получилась 1.доказательств море!!!. Я благодарен Вам! У нас нет такого инфосайта.

  5. Translation to prior post:
    Anna! Floor! I am Russian. Or maybe not. Believe me, there are no millennia in our history. Pay attention to the correct spelling of dates: i965 .... Do you understand? As a result of manipulations, instead of i, 1. proof of the sea turned out !!!. I am grateful to you! We do not have such an information site.

    1. They made the i's into 1's changing the timelines?

      Somewhere in this line of information it 'spells' out how they added years to the timeline

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Curious about the "Z-tag" posting, we need to know the exact step by step procedure please, cant find anything online... Can someone help with this???

  8. ''so it is lack of disclosure that I hold against you, your cohorts and the queen''..........
    Oh Anna that is so hypocritical of you to say, lol. YOU yourself have been asked for disclosure in the way of Updates and Progress Reports of the work you claim to be doing as you consistently ask your followers to Donate their funds to you for such alleged work.......yet YOU have refused to present ANY such disclosure yourself.

    1. Abby.... look harder do your own research.

      Documented Americans Assemble!

  9. I suggest everyone watch the following - if anyone thinks there will be any cooperation to resolve anything coming from the church or london, think again

    Remember what is taking place at our border today folks and so called reeducation camps (?)

    Just sharing

  10. ThomasOctober 12, 2019 at 3:04 PM

    1. On the cover sheet Anna has people entering into a foreign known-criminal commercial jurisdiction and, without authority and on the record, taking control over property that belongs to someone/thing else: the constructed CQV trust that has our name on it.
    We are the beneficiary, not the owner of the CQV trust so we cannot just claim to be the GRANTOR granting the trust to a different Grantee...

    2. then without proper authority, the people are issuing a Deed, which only an Officer of their private corporation can do; because it is in their jurisdiction and we aren't in it.
    We, Americans, don't have deeds in American traditional common law, we have land patents or other means of making land claims.

    3. Then AFTER aaaaaall that, *THEN* we're Cancelling Powers of Attorney?!?!

    "What the *hell*?", I'm asking myself...

    This woman has us COMMITTING TRESPASS upon another jurisdiction and THEN removing their claim of authority?
    Didn't make any sense.

    Then she goes a step further and actually, AFTER committing trespass, actually
    becoming officers of the private, criminal, commer ial, corporation by becoming attorneys!!! which makes us a navy officer, if her info is correct! Now she has us in the Queen's Navy! Unless I'm mistaken, we just got trafficked into:
    A. Commerce
    B. Being an Officer of their criminal corporation
    C. Becoming a Subject of their Queen
    D. Becoming a Citizen of their Corporation
    E. Becoming a Navy Officer.

    To me. It looks like we potentially have now just recorded, on and for the Public Record, that we are, perhaps, *EXACTLY* what they have always claimed we were:
    1. In commerce
    2. Voluntarily, a part of their Corportion (well, "you recorded it", didn't you,?)
    3. A subject of their Queen.
    4. A citizen of their Corporation
    5. An Officer/ member in their "military".


    Im going to have to stop for now, but Just real quickly:

    The info I have indicates we don't need to have an assumed name certificate because what your mother and father selected for your calling is protected in public through American traditional common law authority.
    When your parents told family, friends, and neighbors of your "*being*" part of their family, that was their "declaration" that you *belonged* to/with them..they announced your "calling":("name") publicly and everybody knew that referred to *you*. There was no confusion on the land and soil. The lying, designed confusion happens in commerce.
    Will finish later. Too much for one comment.
    Enough here to get started.

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