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Monday, July 11, 2016

Progress Report from the Desk of Paul Stramer

I was looking at a few website statistics this morning from both the website and also
We are now up to 312 articles listed in the index of Anna's website. These are all linked to each individual document in PDF format so they can be used cross platform between IBM and Apple computers.  The main page is more or less a chronological listing in the order written, or at least in the order I could find them soon after they were written. For the first 4 months I was just searching on various blogs and other websites because Anna didn't have her own website.
Since I make my living largely on the Internet and have my own server it wasn't much of a stretch to realize that she needed a website, so I bought the domain name and put it on my server, and the rest is history.
Here are the latest stats from my statcounter system for Anna's website and my blog. 
Between the two websites we are consistently getting over 13,000 page loads per week, and over 5500 brand new first time visitors each week.
THESE FIGURES NEED TO BE MUCH LARGER TO REALLY GET THE WORD OUT!  You can help us make the progress we need by telling people about the two websites and giving them the links to both.    


Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun Total Avg
Pageloads 1,135 1,096 998 956 781 888 886 6,740 963
Unique Visits 951 936 890 803 676 716 733 5,705 815
First Time Visits 552 519 485 475 390 395 416 3,232 462
Returning Visits 399 417 405 328 286 321 317 2,473 353

Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun Total Avg
Pageloads 1,524 1,543 740 628 543 700 844 6,522 932
Unique Visits 915 975 512 449 420 470 586 4,327 618
First Time Visits 475 549 312 210 227 236 317 2,326 332
Returning Visits 440 426 200 239 193 234 269 2,001 286

These two websites have become a huge database of information about what is wrong with our country, how we got where we are, and the solutions to those problems.
I can not stress enough that both website systems have a search feature on them that gives anyone access to almost any subject contained in the documents.
The search feature on the website is powered by IXQUICK which is a search engine that does NOT record your IP address or associate your IP with any search for any particular subject. You do NOT have to fear using that search like you would Google or yahoo for government intrusion.
The search feature on the blog is powered by Google, but gives access to much  more information since the blog was on line years before Anna's website. As of this morning 7/11/2016  there are 2294 articles on the blog going back to September 2nd of 2009.  The blog is a compendium of events in the patriot effort from years before Anna came on the national stage, and it's also a kind of record of my own educational progress from then until now. is a redirect page to .  Either address will take you to the same blog system.  There is also a mirror image blog on the wordpress blog system at .
Our automated email system came on line on October 29th of 2015.  I set up forms (with the coffee cup picture) on both websites and set the system so people could just put in their first name and email address, and get notifications automatically every time Anna publishes a new article, or every time I publish one of my own from Lincoln County Watch.  I don't always send notices for my own articles, so keep checking
The automated email system as of today has 1003 subscribers who have opted in and confirmed their subscription, and are receiving the notices.
Again, that set of numbers needs to be much higher, and you can help by telling people to use the forms on the websites.
You can also help by telling people to look us up on Facebook.   My Facebook address is   and Anna's is
I am also using Twitter to promote Anna's work.  Every time I publish an article on my blog a short update is automatically sent to my Twitter account. My Twitter account is  
The interesting thing about Anna on Twitter is the discussion by everyone that runs across her work.  Just go to Twitter and type her name in the search box.  Wow. It looks like many of you are already posting her work or notices of some of her articles there.  Great work. Keep it up.
We can do the same thing on Facebook and other social media systems you might belong to.  If you have an article you like from Anna's website, post it to social media and send it to all your friends.
The most exciting thing lately for me is the foundation of the new Living Law Firm. I am looking forward to publishing the roadmap to freedom they perfect and lay out for us. It's one thing to win a few cases to prove the methods work. But it will be much more beneficial to create a database of documents and a roadmap that can be followed by everyone to implement those documents.  What to use. Where to file it. When to file it. etc.  This is what most of the questions coming in deal with. How can I .......?
OK that's enough for now.  If you have any questions don't hesitate to email at
Catch you all later.
Paul Stramer  KC7MEZ
SLC Distributing
PO Box 116
Eureka MT 59917
800 889 2839


  1. You've done an awesome and vital job as well!

  2. Keep it coming Anna and Paul. All post are loaded with vital intel, thanks so very much and God

  3. Paul, Can't thank you enough...perhaps doing some business will help.

  4. I too am very grateful for all your time spent and the thought put into your work. Thank you for giving us Anna in one place, and for the other articles as well. You are much appreciated.

  5. Not just marvel at the intell, we got a template to come out of the matrix and claim controld of our private side.

  6. I am well aware of the investment in time and resources that are in an ever increasing demand and in short supply these days, for self evident reasons why we are all at this, so kudos to you Paul and all those who are making the intellectual, spiritual, moral and ethical effort to right this Republic and restore the rule of law and semblance of sanity to this world, if no other reason than all of the children on this planet can grow up with a future we give them, that is worthy of our name on it, and not the one that has hijacked mother earth and wrecked what it means to live in honor, dignity and truth with love in unity with God forever.

    Take care and may God bless you and everyone here on this effort.

  7. Thank you everyone for your kind words and prayers. You should know that all our benefactors and fellow patriots are in our prayers daily.


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