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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

The Genocide Mural

By Anna Von Reitz

I have been getting a lot of misguided flak about The Genocide Mural and claims that it did not hang in the Denver Airport and so on.

The Genocide Mural was purportedly created by Pablo Picasso. I have no proof of that. If so, he did not sign it and what began as a rejected piece of art took on a life of its own.
The Genocide Mural has become a piece of "community art" unique, so far as I know, in the history of our species.

As each new genocide event comes into view, other artists have added to The Genocide Mural, reinterpreting it, and signing their names to their rendition --- but it is the same mural underneath.

It first appeared in public after Picasso's death in 1973, and has been popping up everywhere since, including at the Denver Airport, the University of Wisconsin, Mexico City, and other places around the world. I first saw it at the University of Wisconsin in the 1970's when it was festooned with emblems from Cambodia and the Cambodian Genocide.

It has become a very weird "participatory art project" with a worldwide reach.

The rendition recently published on my website is only the latest version I have seen, but its implications cannot be overstated.

Someone knows that a genocide of nations is taking place, and they communicated that via their rendition of The Genocide Mural.

Take note. This is not a comment on any actual genocide from a disease. This is a comment about the death of nations promoted via the symbol of nations --- their flags --- turned into masks.

Surely, with all that I have taught everyone about impersonation and "persons" being used to substitute for living people, and the different kinds of "persons" there are, you can all grasp what these images are about.

Instead of individual people, entire nations are being impersonated.

The flag "mask" is the symbol of this impersonation, because "persons" are defined as masks. And the flag is being used to mask--- impersonate--- the nation.

Maybe all this is a bit too abstract for some people to grasp and they get all excited because they come from Denver and can't remember The Genocide Mural being there in 1992, but that isn't the point.

The point is that our actual nations, our people, are being masked, that is, impersonated by commercial corporations, and genocided.

Anyone who didn't get that message the first time around, get it now.


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  1. The Genocide Murals are all hideous & ugly & mean & vulgar... just from sick thuggish minds aka jew paid f'art.


    The mural in question, might be:
    Fact check: Artwork depicting global citizens in masks not from Denver airport in 1994, made by Filipino artist in 2020
    Images circulated by social media users show a mural depicting masked global citizens purportedly painted in 1994 and displayed in Denver International Airport. A portion of overlaid text in the posts implies that this is evidence of a planned pandemic. This claim is false. The artwork is misattributed and was created this year by the artist Christian Joy Trinidad.

    The full text of the meme reads, “The Denver airport mural painted in 1994. Tell me this is not weird, how far do they plan this stuff in advance?” A few examples of the claim are visible here , here and here .

    The original painting was created by Christian Joy Trinidad, a Filipino artist who posted a photograph of the artwork in these claims on March 18, 2020, ( here ) as well as a picture of the painting while in progress ( here ). He named the piece Maskcommunication.

  2. Wink Wink, I followed the article you posted:

    It has links to the painting that point to facebook. The first link is the original post by CNN Philipines and the rest are the posts using the picture talking about Denver Airport Mural.

    Even though, the artwork can be well have been commissioned in support for this "plandemic", the fact that the location has been misappropriated, the whole "plandemic" nature of the post has gone down the drain with it too.

    It appears that Facebook is now using "Fact checking" on such posts aggresively.

    If I was at Facebook, and I needed to get credibility for my fact checking algorithm to maintain control (as TRUMP appears to be after Facebook and Twiiter); I would create posts exactly the situation we are witnessing here.

    Take away credibility of the "conspiracy theorist groups" even though they were one of the first to point out the discrepancies.

    After taking away their credibility, people naturally put their credibility into something else to fill that void.

    If Source B disapproves Source A. Trust Source A henceforth until something disapproves Source A in the future.

    That is how human psychology works for most humans who do not have the strength to spend time and intellect to research the issues they have doubts on and need clarification.

    Now, with Facebook's Fact Check in place. The People will cry out to TRUMP and warn him. DON'T YOU DARE BAN this amazing tool!

    Even age old conspiracy theorists will find value in this tool... until it stops being used as what they are showing us, and continue their nefarious agenda. By then, laws and bills would have passed and Facebook and its sisters would now have a stronghold on our information once again.

  3. The apocolyptic/armageddon huge mural on the ground floor at that airport has been there many years!

  4. I can dig the symbolism. And I note the flags of North Korea and Syria are absent.

    I would still like a hot trail on the mural's history, though, to satisfy my need for verifiable fact. Not saying anyone here has to provide that. I'm capable of my own research. But I came up dry. And that makes this one a minefield. I won't be using it pad my public debates. :)

    1. We have proof covid was planned over the last 50 years. World Economic Forum put up a short boast video that says precisely that.

      Click the "Watch the overview" button to see:

  5. Strange wierd murals in Denver also of other like one of children running from big knife sword weilding soldiers, blood droplets and wearing gas masks presented like art similar to the popular devil theme like Rob Zombie who stands and sings from a 20 foot tall stage prop devil with the devil theme presented as art, performing popular art.


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