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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Life and Money and the Fourth of July

By Anna Von Reitz

Life and money are antithetical to each other, yet as my Mother often observed, they have made it hard to have one without the other.

The "they" involved are the purveyors of money as a commodity, because at the end of the day, that is what "money" is ---- a product like widgets, a symbol of value, condensed as a coin or a piece of paper or even as digits in a ledger--- a symbol of something unseen and indefinite, called "value".

That's why the use of money is an act of passive idolatry, seeming to agree that this "symbol" has the value of whatever the symbol may be translated to stand for. 

As handy as this is for purposes of trade, it is fundamentally whack-job and untrue, a circumstance that seeps into the fabric of our world in ways that undermine sanity and decency and logic, too. 

It occurred to someone some time ago, that if coins and pieces of paper could "stand for" value, then so could cards made of plastic, and digits in bank ledgers,  even though it costs nothing but the trivial labor of entering those digits in a bank ledger to create this supposed value. 

Watch this:  $989, 018, 766, 455, 869, 224, 659, 359, 779, 098, 555, 995. 09.

Wow.  And now, I own all that. It's mine.  I made it.  I created it.

And there are people crazy enough to believe that this has value, too.

Help us bring an end to all this madness.  Support your actual government.

If you think about it for five seconds you will know that what we are telling you is true.  You are responsible for self-governing, and when is the last time you did any such thing?  

Your Employees, like Mr. Trump, can't do your whole job for you.  There are some things you have to do for yourself. 

So, come on.  Get going.  Go to:

And do your part, if you can, to help financially support those of us who are already engaged in the process of Self-Governance.  Until everything gets sorted out, your Assemblies need money to provide services and make progress.

I am still the Chief Cook, Bottle-washer, and Paymaster for this Operation.
If you want peacekeeping forces in place, if you want sanity and justice restored, if you want your constitutional guarantees enforced--- make this Fourth of July count:

Donations by check or money order:  Anna Maria Riezinger
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  1. .
    Unfortunately the [sheeple] people believe that the USD is money and can buy things.

    A united states citizen [person] can not OWN anything; just as no one has ever been "Paid" since 1913.

    Its all smoke and mirrors and people have been educated in the FOOL system!

    Try and get 12 people to agree on the same subject and matter in a world of illusion; how far will they get?

    Gratitude - keep moving forward

  2. No thank you Anna. Again, you say the stupidest, meanest, unkind, untrue, undeserved things against Christians, Catholics, Whites, Europeans. You just back-handed Christians calling them cowards. Your name for Christ is the right one. You're a Protestant Lutheran Habsburg jew. Previously announced you were not Christian. Feel compelled to repeatedly speak down to Christians, Catholics, Whites, Europeans, like you're on some holier than thou sh*t hill.
    HELL NO. Ain't sending you a dime. Have given to State Nationals, Assemblies & will continue to do so.

    CALL UP YOUR JEWS. Ya know the ones who wore the Yellow Star & got Holohoaxed for pity & shekels. But decide beforehand how much of your soul you're willing to give them. You might find that answer at the bottom of an empty wine bottle too.

    You keep pizzing in your own tip jar.

  3. Wink Wink, your comments are so degrading towards Anna. Like if you don't like what she she says go somewhere else. Your comments appear troll like. Everyone knows you hate a lot of people so why pounce on this site, its not about hate it's about education and discussion and your comments don't belong here. It's a distraction

    1. Sally - Everyone knows I CALL OUT JEWS & their LIES, AGENDA, SCAPEGOATING & those who placate, coddle jews & their agenda.
      "Hate" is jew. Your use of their programmed verbiage indicates your own submission to the jew.

      You want to talk education? Here, you get back to me on "Education Day"
      The U.S. Congress officially recognized the Noahide Laws in legislation that was passed by both houses. Congress and the President of the U. S., George Bush, indicated in Public Law 102-14, 102nd Congress, that the United States of America was founded upon the Seven Universal Laws of Noah, and that these Laws have been the bedrock of society from the dawn of civilization. They also acknowledged that the Seven Laws of Noah are the foundation upon which civilization stands and that recent weakening of these principles threaten the fabric of civilized society, and that justified preoccupation in educating the Citizens of the U.S. of America and future generations is needed. For this purpose, this Public Law designated March 26, 1991 as Education Day.”

      Noahide Law: satanic Talmudist Lubavitcher Rebbe Schneerson & “Education Day”. So every year WE ARE FORCED TO CELEBRATE THE DEMONIC TALMUDIC CHABAD LUBAVITCH JEWS
      * NOW THE GOVERNMENT CAN LEGALLY KILL CHRISTIANS by Rep Bill Dannemeyer (husband of Dr. Lorraine Day) U.S. Congressman, 1979 – 1992 - Your U.S. government can now legally kill Christians for the “crime” of worshipping Jesus Christ! A diabolic deception has been perpetrated on the American people by their OWN leaders, Senators and Congressmen, who have sold their soul to the devil. On March 5, 1991, in the House of Representatives, and March 7, 1991, in the U.S. Senate, without any knowledge of, or input by, the people of the United States, U.S. Senators and Congressmen passed a law that is so outrageous – and frankly unconstitutional – that it forces the American people to be bound by a set of monstrous rules, called the Noahide Laws, rules that make the belief in Jesus Christ a crime punishable by decapitation by guillotine!...
      the treacherous Noahide Laws were a silent attachment. I was not one of the co-sponsors. The committee referred this Resolution to the House for a vote on March 5, 1991. But here is where the real treachery begins! The record states that the House of Representatives passed this Resolution by “Unanimous Consent.” But what the average American does not know is that “Unanimous Consent” is a euphemism for getting a bill passed “under the radar” with almost NO ONE present to vote AND with NO RECORD of who voted or HOW they voted.
      A Congressman’s ears prick up when he hears the words “Unanimous Consent” because he is aware that this may be a signal for skullduggery. And in this case, it most certainly was! On the day this Resolution was “passed,” the entire membership of the House of Representatives had already been dismissed after having been told that the day’s work, including all the voting, was over. We could all go home. It was THEN, after virtually ALL members had left, that the traitorous authors of this Resolution brought it up for a vote on the House floor – with only four hand-picked members present. It was then deceitfully “passed” by “Unanimous Consent” on March 5, 1991, by voice vote with almost NO ONE there and NO RECORD made of their names or how they voted. Two days later, on March 7 1991, the U.S. Senate passed the Resolution by voice vote, also with no recorded vote. On March 20, 1991, it was signed by President George H. W. Bush and became Public Law 102-14.

      It is far, far, far worse today. It pains me that you have no clue. thanks & stay sane

    2. For anyone who thinks that this is not so you best be reading their interpretations of what constitutes you being able to stay on earth (heaven) and not

      I suggest you read them all

      You may want to visit this site as well

    3. The Sanhedrin and Jewish World Congress out of SWISSY LAND

      The queen is a jew

      Make no mistake they have been running this con game on earth since it's inception

  4. Wink,wink do you have any comment sense? You are saying that you contributed to American National assemblies so sit down and think. After you do some more thinking ask your self only one question. Who is doing all the teaching, research, planning for the assemblies????
    When you finally get the answer then you eat humble pie and apologies to Anna and everybody that support her.

    1. Unknown - I can support whomever I wish. Ya got a problem with supporting State Nationals, Citizens? Anna is best to stick with what she knows & quit disrespecting the very people who are implementing self-governance.
      Anna is incorrect on much of her 'history'. Seems she's forced to face that its not the Catholic Church, which she has vilified for years.
      When the timeline was posted showing clearly the recent events of Vatican takeover in early 1900's by jews, this shocked folks.
      Folks were 'believing' Anna's incorrect history, that its always been the Catholic Church & Anna said very ugly things about these very good Catholic people.
      Readers had questions about this revealing recent timeline of events, as it indicated its not the Catholic Church, its the jews who did to the Church exactly what jews have done to America & still are doing.
      An apology is due to all she's misdirected due to her own deeply set inner demons & false history. She still pipes off the most ridiculous things.
      She is no goddess beyond reproach, people. Anna is incorrect about a lot of things. But its the larger message thats important, until she makes more frequent articles that are just... incorrect, even a laughable joke. Thats her doing, discrediting this entire movement. You do not do that, especially as ‘Fiduciary’ & expect respect, especially from military brass, Trump, gov thugs who read her articles to gain insight on these very relevant & important matters about America. YA DON’T FRIGGIN DO THAT.

      She writes letters to those in power positions, then writes cockamamie cr*p. Its like she’s fishing for their attention, then puts out the most ridiculous articles. Does anyone see a pattern here? Bait & switch?? People, this is destructive to the cause, by Anna herself.
      See how she wields the false insults against Christians, Whites, Europeans, Catholics… then damns those people for not paying her? People, this is NOT GOOD.

      Think about when someone insults you, calls you a coward, promotes your enemy’s vicious lies as Holohoax & Yellow Stars, diverting away from them, blames you for their crimes, then turns around & asks you for support money?? THIS IS WITHIN A FEW DAYS.
      Uhhh, that is a tip as to narcissistic tendencies. Sociopaths do that to their victims, beat them, lie, do great harm, conjure up excuses, then says pay me or you’re a coward, you’re not American, you don’t care, you’re stupid if you don’t support me.
      No. You do not play sociopathic games with me. You do not lie, promote lies by the very enemy against me, & ask me for money. YOU may fall for that. YOU may need to get slapped around, degraded to feel ‘worthy’, that’s your problem.

      PS: like like pie. Lets sit down & have some humble pie together.

  5. Wink Wink, maybe you should stop winking so much and maybe you will get it, just giving constructive criticism!

    1. Make it happen - thats all ya got? thats the extent of your mental capacity, 'stop winking'?? Ok.

    2. Wink Wink- You proved my point! Thanks! You never know when and where you will learn something new that changes your reality and most of the time unexpectedly. Self discovery learning is the most amazing thing in life. I wish you nothing but the best in your self discovery!

  6. When you judge me you don't get to know me, when you get to know me you won't judge me.

  7. They change their names to hide their crimes

    Read the article and review the area of an Anna Maria and her real last name

    1. And every where the Vermin kept making mistakes, here they misspelt "Endorsement" their altered UCC code. 8-102(11), by the G.H.Bush, after colluding with the Pope, on their fraudulent Affordable Housing Scams:

      (11) "Indorsement" means a signature that alone or ac... { to borrow people signature to put on their 1-party agreement, to defraud the whole world, by transferring people HJR192 credits to Corp.(themselves, IRS, Fed, etc)... and to fraudclose on people property blatantly }

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. If you look close REAL CLOSE(excuse the Glossa} at "Anne Frank" you will see a young BOY dressed as a young girl BUT its a male through and through and I am so sick and tired of all the transgendered being passed off as women. Its DISGUSTING....

    4. and Folks should know by now the entire Anne Franks' Diary is a lie, fiction, exposed when her jew dad's fiction writer charged him for nonpayment. That jew dad Otto used his daughter's death to LIE for SHEKELS. Entire generations were forced to read that jew cr*p in school & feel sorry for jews.

      Then low & behold the entire Sandy Crook is fake, no one died. jew Parents used photos of their own kids for shekels to fool the stupid goy. Those 'dead jew kids' appeared at New Orleans Super Bowl just 2 months after their deaths.

      All the millions upon millions of donations sent to those jew actors was kept by those jews, like a bonus for fooling the goy.

      Those jews even used their own kids photos in other false flag bombings around the world. Noah Posner was busted 3,4 times for re-dying. All for shekels. Some same actors appear in other false flags like Boston, jew Gabbi Giffords, one appeared at Paradise. Same jews shilling for shekels.

      Those poor jew kids are in college now, probably getting tapped for the next fool-the-stupid-goy false flag, get their college paid off.

    5. Carpenter - good eye.

      Indorsement vs. Endorsement – What’s the Difference ...
      Endorsement and indorsement are both nouns. Indorsement is only used in financial contexts, and then only rarely. Even most checks say “endorse here,” rather than “indorse here.” For any public show of support, endorsement is the only spelling. Choose endorsement for financial contexts in British English, as well.

  8. Jewish Freemasons are your mayors and govenors and they are in on the massive violence coming to a town near you this weekend and the preplanning for those events is already under way

    Update from the bloggers website I cannot post here as Paul will block my comments

    A critical care facility with surgical capability for overflow COVID-19 patients, eh? Will they be cutting the COVID out of them one virus at a time?…

    …from The Texas Tribune

    In this past week’s leadup to July 4th weekend, we’ve seen a massive ramp-up in COVID-19 propaganda that seems to be leading to an imminent “Second Lockdown.” And just like we saw during the approach to the aborted May Day “Communist Attack on America,” we’re seeing elective surgeries being canceled to free up surgeons and hospital beds as well as overflow hospitals being staffed-up to provide even more. This is being done to prepare for casualties from the planned violence that might start this weekend (and run until Tisha B’Av).

    Last week in Texas, our traitorous governor, Greg Abbott, ordered elective surgeries to be canceled in four Texas counties: Harris (which contains Houston), Travis (Austin), Bexar (San Antonio), and Dallas (Dallas). Clearly, these will be the Texas cities hit hardest by the planned suburban invasions. Both Houston and Dallas are run by black Democratic mayors [Sylvester Turner (Houston), and former investment banker Eric Johnson (Dallas)]. And both Austin and San Antonio are run by mayors of Jewish descent [Democrat Steve Adler (Austin) and “Progressive Independent” / closet Democrat Ron Nirenberg (San Antonio)]. As a reminder, the city in which the George Floyd PSYOP took place, Minneapolis, is also run by a Jewish mayor (Jacob Frey).
    Greg Abbott is a jew

    So check the news in your area to see where elective surgeries are being canceled and overflow hospitals are being activated. If it’s happening in your city, be ready for action by tomorrow night (and stay on alert for the rest of the month in case they delay the show till mid-month).

    Oh, and there’s this…

    On the night of July 4, the full moon will pass through part of Earth’s shadow, creating a lunar eclipse that will be visible across North America and South America…

    The eclipse will be the perfect celestial event for those across the United States staying up late after Independence Day fireworks, as long as clouds don’t interfere.

    The eclipse will get underway on July 4 at 11:07 p.m. EDT and continue until July 5 at 1:52 a.m. EDT, but the best time to look will be during the middle of the event. – from Accuweather

    So on the night of July 4th, “the Moon will be covered in shadow and darkness will fall over the land” starting at 11:07 PM Eastern Time. Watch, then, for the “other fireworks show” to begin at 11:11 Eastern Time.

    1. You may want to check the geneology of the so called 'doctors' who have been scripted to take out their patients
      9 times out of 10 your doctor is a jew

    2. Shelby- Thanks for the heads up warning, better to be safe than sorry. I read the same thing (when you are so hungary for the truth it finally comes to you). We are worldwide literally in the beginning of total chaos with most people thinking it is going to get better soon but I rather assume it is going to get worse from my decades of research, especially history of robber barons and mass murderers (history does not repeat it self, it just continues unabated), to not let my guard down. I also read that Antifa leaders are sons and daughters of criminal judges and political families and that is why they are bonded out with just a Class C Misdemeanor (if any charges at all for that matter) for committing felonies. Now you all know what we're facing, these criminals are going to have to be stopped by force just like any other criminals (these criminals are no more special than any other criminals), criminals don't stop unless non-criminals stop them by force and arrest them, that is the only time criminals have a chance to self-reflect, realize and become self-aware that they are criminals without any justification of being a criminal. Make it happen because it does not happen by itself. My goal for this organization is to eventually have police arresting power to arrest them all. I believe that everyone is forgetting that we can all become exempt but if we do not put these people and organizations out of commission than it will all come back 10 times worse than now (my prediction, when you have a bacterial infection you take antibiotics, you have to take all doses to kill 100% of the infection or the infection will come back, all the Nazi criminals were not arrested, US brought them here under Operation Paperclip, so a remnant of the Nazi party survived and has infected the world again ever since which is why we are all currently fighting for our lives this very moment). Either we all do it right together or we are all going to live with ineffective results. Two ideology can not exist in the same realm, one or the other. So either we forcefully remove them by design or either they will forcefully remove us by design which they have been and now are implementing, anything in between is false hope and wishful thinking. May we all take the true law and rise above the victimizers. This is WWIII (soft kill, slowly but surely) and either it is going to be us or them that will survive at the end of this war. Let's all make it happen on our own terms, not the criminals.

    3. One more thing, Anna is not hiding nothing from us, nothing. I know because of my extensive research on politics and law and reading a lot of her articles, the more you read her articles you realize she is the real deal.

    4. Business' now moving from seattle to texas and it is not a coincidence either.
      Same thing a few years back they moved major business' out of California to Texas

      Read the blog may she some light for you

      If you read this guys papers you will see that they are all related and they have been manufacturing these psychological opertions of generations

      AOC is a family member and a very rich jewish brat who isn't in office of her own merit she is a rich puerto rican rich ass jew

  9. Make it happen I've read most of Anna's articles and followed her for years but I'm here to tell you that I believe she is not on the up

    Read the last page of this paper and compare the names

    Yes folks the diary of Anne Frank was faked like all the rest of the shit these people fake

    1. Shelby said "(Anna) she is not on the up"

      Well you seem to hold your deep-conspiracy theory too tight also. I read your sites, some of the things you believed, confuse the hell out of people. You believe the BRIC nations are part of the vermin, now we see they are not, as they go to se asia war pacific rim against each other. You also believed and convinced this board that COVID-19 originated by the Chinese, Anna was right, it's not as I detected. You asserted that Anna has a special sit in the UN, then you went quiet. You're also unreliable with excessive links.

    2. Not sure where you are getting your information but I have said no such things

      The BRICS nations are all in on it they are the new G5 nations, look it up - and I never said they were not part of it
      THEY ARE PART OF IT PERIOD go look up the Rockefeller report on the BRICS nations and read they are part of it and always have been

      I said nothing about COVID19 not convinced any board of anything
      COVID19 is a psychological operation being perpetrated across the board


    3. Shelby- You are making an extremely offensive screaming statement of "ANNA IS A HABSBERG JEW YOU MORONS SHE WORKS FOR THE POPE CATHOLIC CHURCH WHICH IS ALSO A JEWISH FRONT" about Anna without any posted factual evidence after your statement. Show all of us right here right now the factual evidence under penalty of perjury under Public Notary that Anna is working as an "employee" of the Pope. We are waiting! I could care less that Anna is this or that just like no one cares if I am this or that, the only thing that matters and relevant now is are we all on this Constitutional Law forum going to put our lives on the line to survive attempting murder of all of us or not?. Let's all stay laser focus on the objective which is to survive ethically and logically the end game war declared on us all worldwide.

    4. Make it happen - Anna has well said she's Habsburg lineage. Anna worked with the Pope Benedict when he received her letters saying to correct the Vatican's bad works & HE DID begin to do just that, with Anna helping Benedict to correct these wrongs done in Catholic Church's name (just like jews are doing to us). Anna worked with Benedict to correct the wrongs, then... low & behold, shortly after he was put on back burner 'replaced' by jesuit Bergoglio aka Pope Francis, but a jesuit cannot be pope, nor are jesuits Catholic, so Francis is a fraud.

      All this Anna explained.

      It is best for Anna to act respectfully as Fiduciary & quit acting the fool. Most of her history is false, but for what we're here to learn of, being American State Nationals & volunteering to serve as Citizens, to repopulate our true land & soil jurisdiction government. This is what she does know.

      Now we're very concerned about one of her latest: New Earth Union, as its seemingly possibly a result of engaging with CIA rat-fink RD Steele whose partner in ITNJ creep Sacha Stone, whose venues are 'New Earth..' blah blah. (we think snagged from Sylvie Ivanowa's New Earth series, as jews steal from others as they cannot create, they're non-creative beings as opposed to Whites who are the premiere creative beings on Earth & most generous to boot).

      New Earth Union came from where? Who is involved in that one? So we call for an audit to be conducted to find out what is going on & with whom. Becuz it seems Anna cannot discern well enough as Fiduciary & just whom has access to our everything becuz Anna fails to recognize who the enemy is.

      We cannot risk just anyone Anna seems to 'like' to be privy to OUR BUSINESS as Americans, much less associations with the likes of RD Steele nor his ITNJ bogus ops w Sacha Stone creepoid.

      There are other concerns as well. Its best for Anna to do what she knows & stick with that, answer legitimate concerns & questions on how to proceed on matters to advance the very cause she has sought to empower all these decades. Its here, so deal with it responsibly.
      Quit blaming innocents for JEW CRIMES. The jew is reason we lost our America NOT CATHOLICS, not Christians, not Whites, not Europeans, not Brits.

      hope this helps.

  10. So what are you going to do about their corruptions folks? Do you have your set plan? Complaining to this board is not going to solve anything. How about busting their Vermin camp's while they're after China and/or Russia?

  11. This is why they killed everyone is Syria and Lebanon and Gaza

    To steal all the resources and deprive the people of the lands of their natural resources

  12. No one on this site that has filed their paperwork has seen one red cent, have you?

    Where are your credit accounts?
    Who is going to issue that credit card and mantain and mange the processes behind that card along with your credit

    Money is idolatry remember so why in the hell would you go gun ho for collecting this money if it is idolatry
    They are tearing down those statues all over the place because they say it is idoatry


  14. At least many are now seeing the 'Contradictions.'
    The whole Jew thing is sure misunderstood.
    Hate them all? is that the answer? Is that all ya got?
    Hate and love based on Genealogy? You too have been greatly misled....

    1. ... and why is exposing the truth about jews, their crimes, considered 'hate'?

      Truth is not hate, but to those who hate truth. jews hate the truth becuz it exposes who & what they are.

      "Show me research by Jews condemning the Fed, condemn­ing Jewish mass murders in the USSR and Ukraine, condemning the Holohoax fraud, condemn­ing Kis­singer's mass murders, condemn­ing Jews in Palestine, condemn­ing Jews and the slave trade, condemn­ing Jewish media lies on violence, condemn­ing the Jewish 'holy books' etc. If there are so many decent Jews you'll have no diff­iculty finding plenty. "

      thanks & stay sane

    2. Pointing at an entire Race(Tribe) and only one race is hate. Pure hate and lies.
      And that is what many seem to be doing.
      just as pointing at any one group is wrong.

    3. Pure uncontaminated truth (undisputable) never needs to apologize for being the pure uncontaminated truth.

    4. a follower - jews point to Whites all the time, every day, calling for White geocide, blame Whites for jew crimes, entire fake histories including fake jew history. Every day jews do this.

      Soooo let's back up for some perspective. 1st jews say they're a race, the supreme race owed rule over non-jews as their slaves. ITS IN THEIR TORAH & TALMUD & the rest of filthy books.

      Lets take a look, in their OWN WORDS: jews & rabbi's convene in a posh hotel demanding RE-instatement of jew laws allowing any jew to KILL gentile Children even if the jew imagines the child will grow up to hate them, & families.
      Got that? RE-instate jew laws. Demanding RE-instatement of jew laws. Meaning, its always been their law. Now listen to this short & valuable video, see for yourself. Get back to me on it, ok.

      I have never heard back from jews on this video. NEVER has a jew said they disagree, much less damn the freak jew psychopaths, which by the way, is a jew characteristic & jews honor their psychopaths. Never has a jew said one damn thing. They disappear, slither under a rock.

      Jews on Killing Goyim Children & Families 3:26

      give it a try.

  15. The script as it unfolds for this evening

    Less than two weeks ago, North Korea threatened a new round of the Korean War to end the US, specifically threatening to use their nuclear weapons against the United States in “a particularly sensational event.” Well guess what… North Korean satellite KMS-4, which globalist propagandists have suggested might be a nuclear EMP satellite, will pass over the geographical center of the contiguous United States at about 11:27 PM Central Time on July 3rd, the night of Trump’s fireworks display at Mount Rushmore…

    …from N2YO and Wikipedia

    Trump’s fireworks are scheduled to begin at 10:30-10:45 Central Time, so KMS-4 will be over the heart of America 42-57 minutes after the sensational display begins. That would be a nice time for Kim Jong Un to supposedly set off his own firework, would it not?

    Keep in mind that the EMP threat is deliberately and cartoonishly overstated by the globalist think tanks, the press, and Hollywood (much like the Coronavirus threat is). The orbital explosion would be little more than a firework, with most of the supposed “EMP effects” being faked using globalist backdoor controls into the microprocessors that run the power grid and most everything else. You can read more about the Fake EMP Attack in the 3 May 2020 update further down this page (just copy and paste the bolded date in your browser’s FIND feature).

    Now here’s an interesting (and timely) development…

    …from today’s Drudge Report. Take note of the part highlighted in red.

    There are two directions the globalist scriptwriters can go with this:

    1) Into “the Storm”: Maxwell’s arrest could mark the point in the script when the “bad guys” get so frightened that they unleash everything they’ve got to take down the “good guys” and save their evil unilateral NWO. If they move in this direction, it’ll be a helluva weekend.

    2) Into “the Eye”: Maxwell’s arrest could be an attempt to change the music and delay the “communist attack” act of the play. If they move in this direction, the Q-anon disinfo narrative will say that her arrest was a successful White Hat move to block the July 4th attacks by pressuring the “bad guys” on the pedophilia front. They might also say that they arrested her on the 2nd because the US financial markets are closed on the 3rd, thus preventing any market-crashing retaliation until after the weekend.

    The mass arrests (of the “bad guys”) scenario is possible this weekend, but I’m not expecting it till the month’s end.

    If you remember the bloggers address get his updates daily cannot post link here as Paul will CENSOR my commenting

  16. To jew or not to jew, that's a question each of us might ask, seriously.

    Suppose, just suppose for a moment, that the word "jew" is new relative to when "the Jew" came into existence. Then, suppose -- only for a little while, so as not to endanger (y)our precious framework of thought -- that THERE ARE NO JEWS per se! What difference would that change in assumption make for you? What difference for your thinking about how the world of hue-manity (all peoples, all colors) evolved, the course of history we have taken? Presume, also for now, stories of the past freed of falsehood, fraud, and misdirection. Would THAT make a difference for you, if you knew for a certainty the truth of such matters.

    In his own way, Miles Mathis provides such service. Yes, he identifies people of note that, surprisingly, come from stocks with "Jewish ancestry". It would seem that others' "300 families" all do, too! Suppose Power$ That Be have donned the mask of "Jewish identity" -- effectively, profitably, and continuously -- for as long as we can recall. Does THAT alter how you view today's Reality?

    We can proceed onto the subject of "whiteness" [as color of skin], the fiction that "white people" have a "racial identity", a culture "all their own" to preserve against all odds and adversaries. We can call into question, as exhorted Alisa Zinovyevna Rosenbaum [1905 - 1982], our PREMISES! You know, we might have made indefensible ASSUMPTIONS along the way. Parents, dumbed-down education, unrelenting numbing of sensibilities by MSM, and so forth and so on.

    The "Jewish Question" and the issue of "Jewish Power" are pits into which even the most perspicacious can fall. Anna has not.

    May the Sun continue to shine on all hue-mans, illumine those souls transparent to Light, and show us The Way forward from these dark, mean times.


  17. The jewish question & jewish power are pits we fall into because we REFUSE TO RECOGNIZE THE JEW for what it is & is not.
    Anna recently said RD Steele said it was jews. Then switcheroo, blaming Christians, call them cowards (then asks for donations), blame Whites, Europeans, Catholics, Catholic Church. Turns out, its not looking very good for blaming Catholic Church at all, its the jews running the same scam on the Church they're running here.

    jewish power is reality, denying it is jewality. The jewish question has been around for a long time, isn't a recent meme. As for numbing of sensibilities, take Disney infected by jews, produced subliminal sex pornography in childrens movies. jews own & operate porn. jews run global child trafficking, organ harvesting, w Israhell the world global organ harvesting capital (we get to pay for that too).

    Tel Aviv global White sex slave capital where one jew brothel owner said They're prettier than us, & besides they're so desperate for money they'll do anything. Thursday nights busloads of orthodox jews arrive for their sex night w White slaves, this is JEW SEX NIGHT world over, including sodomy, here in the USA too & their wives KNOW IT.

    Israeli Historian Discovers '6 Million' Holocaust Figure Was Invented at Zionist Conference In 1944

    Gilad Atzmon - Collective sociopathic narcissism? Organized Jewry demands to be simultaneously singled out as special but overlooked on its atrocities

    Wandering Who? Gilad Atzmon - In case you follow Sand’s line of thinking and happen to ask yourself, “when was the Jewish People invented?” Sand’s answer is rather simple. “At a certain stage in the 19th century, intellectuals of Jewish origin in Germany, influenced by the folk character of German nationalism, took upon themselves the task of inventing a people ‘retrospectively,’ out of a thirst to create a modern Jewish people.”

      Catholic Church: La Civilta Cattolica, 1890 The Jewish Question in Europe: The Causes, The Effects, The Remedies

      Early 1920's PDF THE INTERNATIONAL JEW - THE INTERNATIONAL JEW THE WORLD'S FOREMOST PROBLEM Abridged from the original as published by the world renowned industrial leader HENRY FORD, SR. Appearing originally in the periodical published by the Ford Motor Co. "The Dearborn Independent."

      “We entered the synagogue, which was packed with the greatest stinking bunch of humanity I have ever seen. When we got about halfway up, the head rabbi, who was dressed in a fur hat similar to that worn by Henry VIII of England and in a surplice heavily embroidered and very filthy, came down and met the General (Eisenhower)...The smell was so terrible that I almost fainted and actually about three hours later lost my lunch as the result remembering it." ~ General Patton in Germany, diary entry Sept 17, 1945

      “Having a television in your home is like having a jew in your living room” Father Leonard E. Finney MICM the Point Magazine 1957

      WASHINGTON, GEORGE, in Maxims of George Washington by A. A. Appleton & Co.: “They (the Jews) work more effectively against us, than the enemy’s armies. They are a hundred times more dangerous to our liberties and the great cause we are engaged in… It is much to be lamented that each state, long ago, has not hunted them down as pest to society and the greatest enemies we have to the happiness of America.”

      When Anna writes an article on the Yellow Star, pretending its true, alludes to the Holohoax as relevant, then there is nothing more to discuss with someone who at this point in time KNOWS BETTER. Why promote the jew & damn the innocent? Why? Whats the point here?

      JEW CODDLING for no good reason. There is NO good reason to protect jew atrocities. Besides she really makes a fool of herself, a Fiduciary, meaning RESPONSIBILITY. Christian Law is first in America. The jew has no place here, nor its Talmudic cousin Islam Muslim.

      Oh there are jews, 112 genetic diseases, 30-40% severe mental diseases, rampant narcissism, schizophrenia contagion carriers, adulation for their own jew psychopaths, etc. 98% jews have brachycephalic skulls.
      REAL WHITES HAVE ZERO GENETIC DISEASES, best genetic pool on Earth.

      It is also a well-known fact that the Jews have the highest rates of mental retardation, schizophrenia and paranoia.
      Mental disease. Among the Jews the proportion of insane has been observed to be very large. From statistics collected by Buschan he concludes that they are four to six times more liable to mental disease than are non-Jews. Lombroso quotes Servi (“Gli Israeliti di Europa,” 1872) to the effect that in Italy there is one insane among 391 Jews, nearly four times as many as among the Catholic population of that country. Verga (“Archivio di Statistico,” 1880) shows that in 1870 there was one insane among 1,775 Catholics in Italy, while with the Jews it reached the alarming proportion of one insane in 384 of population.
      ... The chances of thus perpetuating the nervous strain in families by consanguineous marriages are therefore greater among Jews than among peoples in whom nervous diseases are less frequent.
      Source: The Jewish Encyclopedia…#ixzz1Jng16E57

      thanks & stay sane


    1. Pauly Wally- You are logical in many ways but what I am seeing on this Constitutional Law forum blog is an ineffective pattern of people's posted beliefs and such (all opinions but no logical and intellectual solutions to STOP the victimizers BY LAWFUL POLICE POWER by blog posters, the whole point of our existence in The American States Assembly is to eliminate all threats to the members of the Assembly at all cost ethically, just follow the ethical laws that Anna has researched, no more no less). What everyone here on the blog is absolutely missing is "ARE YOU GOING TO PUT YOUR LIFE ON THE LINE TO CONFRONT AND ARREST THE VICTIMIZERS?" that we are all talking about here and beyond which is really nothing but redundancy until effective action is taking (criminals prevail when non-criminals coward, our victimizers know everyone on this planet bickers and incessantly argues instead of ethically, logically, intellectually and lawfully mobilizing against them). I truly believe from studying psychology that everyone's posted opinions on this Constitutional Law forum is really just a coping mechanism of their own fear of death that they know will eventually come to their front door unless they take the appropriate lawful actions (soliciters, AKA eugenicsist, a person who practices culling of humans). There is nothing better feeling and motivator than to know the truth and live and act in the truth, it's liberating and fear of death actually goes away! I don't mind dying if it's for the right reasons and so should everyone! Hopefully everyone on this Constitutional Law forum feels the same way as I personally do!
      Arrest local and globalist victimizers or be victimized! Pick one!

      One more thing, what we all do from this moment on will determine if we are all going to be around for the 245th birthday of this nation next year. Make it happen because it does not happen by itself, never has never will!



  19. It is no longer one minute to midnight, it is now one second to midnight for humanity, we the people. Time is the essence, now or never! Mobilize self-defense now before it becomes midnight for everyone of us worldwide. STOP WORLDWIDE HUMANCIDE!!!

  20. I was born into slavery as a commodity but I will die as a free living human being.

  21. Another personal finding reading Masanobu Fokuouka, called Planting Seeds in the Desert. Tuning out from his science job in plants found total all the way it is mainly imagined by people, the names, what is that how is it called but every one a new name yet the plant long here all of nature long before people and our only hope for food, medicine had no name until we showed up. As though not even existing and accepted is as teacher.

    After learning from it in total natural way how it makes soil a rain cycle and finally sought by many on the farm where it existed after finally knowing how taught many the same way. In Somalia he was told on entry that people like him were not welcome and to teach the people to grow their own food was treason. Ignored later in a refuge camp taught them where an Elder spoke of the Nomads, like birds whose unspoken law created using meadow like pastures where their goats and camels grazed but leaving then while the pastures had time to return. Lush green ready ones when encountered by another family lived their for a while and same on and on. Beautiful tall trees and lush life very similar to modern Amazon Basin, were modified by colonists. Broke up the Nomads, enslaved them and plowed the meadows growing several single plant crops for sale tobacco, corn, cane. One single alone plant kind and the land desertification leaving the present day poverty, blamed on the harmed one, taking all the flak of the hatred even today not even allowed to grow their own food at home. Forced down to no money even or local stores. Same ol thing right in our face now crying out from every place around us in nature and that is here with progess all over it mixed in like scars. It is waiting patiently not dead. Up to us.

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