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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Situation Update: 95 Theses

By Anna Von Reitz

Remember that our government of the people, by the people, and for the people is not always in Session. Realize that it has now been called into Session.  Now read the list:

1. A State is not a State of State. And neither is it a STATE OF STATE.
2.  A State of State is a business organization.
3. Our American States of States haven't been functioning since the Civil War.
4. The American States of States still need to be "reconstructed".
5.  Only the American States can reconstruct the American States of States.
6. The American States are now assembling to do so.
7. The American States govern via their State Assemblies.
8. The Territorial United States dba "the USA, Inc." is bankrupt.
9. The Municipal United States dba "the UNITED STATES, Inc." is bankrupt.
10. The only solvent government left is The United States of America.
11. The United States of America is our Federation of Sovereign States.
12. What needs to be fixed is our Confederation, dba the States of America.
13. Our actual States are populated by People, who are Lawful Persons.
14. Our People are State Citizens and Self-Govern via their Assembly.
15. Every State is populated by living people and Lawful Persons.
16. The State Citizens are the American Parties to the Constitutions.
17. There are three Federal Subcontractors and three Constitutions.
18. The State Citizens are the only ones who can enforce these contracts.
19. Because our States were not in Session, there was no enforcement.
20. Now that the State Assemblies are properly formed, there is.
21. If you want to enforce your constitutional guarantees, join your Assembly.
22. Most of what goes on in Washington, DC, has nothing to do with us.
23. All of that concerns our Federal Subcontractors.
24. They can go bankrupt or fight or do whatever and it is not our concern.
25. They are the concern of the other Principals, who employ them. 
26. The other Principals are the Pope, Queen, and Lord Mayor.
27. Our contract(s) are with the Principals, not their Hirelings.
28. Whatever the Hirelings do, is the responsibility of the Principals. 
29. We are the actual employers of both the Principals and their Hirelings.
30. The Principals work for us, and the US, INC. and USA, Inc. work for them.
31. As the overall employers, we are owed Good Faith Service.
32. The Fraudsters have tried to misidentify us as Employees, instead.
33. They have used doctors to falsify public records to do this.
34. This is a blatant evasion of their obligations under the Constitutions.
35. This has resulted in Gross Breach of Trust and Contract.
36. Both parent corporations have been bankrupted as a result.
37. 185,000 unauthorized Municipal Corporations have to be liquidated.
38. The Bankruptcy Trustees in control are trying to fudge the situation.
39. The unauthorized trusts they formed have collapsed by Operation of Law.
40. They are attempting a pretense of continuance.
41. Their Judges are now trying to operate two jurisdictions as one.
42. This is a physical and intellectual impossibility.
43. They are claiming-- falsely-- that we are Absentee Landlords.
44. They are claiming-- falsely-- that our assets are "abandoned".
45. We all need to realize that the Federal Government is foreign.
46. Ditto the "States of States" we are familiar with.
47. All Federal Government Employees are Foreign Agents.
48. All the current State of State Employees are Foreign Agents.
49. Most County and County of Employees are Foreign Agents.
50. These Foreign Agents owe us peace and Good Faith Service.
51. The other Principals involved have let their Agents run wild.
52. The other Principals have misdirected and misinformed these Agents.
53. The other Principals are morally, legally, and lawfully responsible.
54. All must be resolved in our favor, or there is no law but tooth and claw. 
55. Mr. Trump can fix his problems by supporting the actual government.
56. That is, he can accept his Public Duty, as we have.
57. Instead, there is mass confusion.
58. Our Assemblies are the only properly defined American State Assemblies.
59. Territorial U.S. Citizens are trying to form their own "assemblies".
60. Municipal citizens of the United States are also trying to "assemble".
61. Neither of these groups have any standing to do any such thing.
62. They are acting in the wrong jurisdiction.
63. Their "assemblies" are in fact "societies" -- not assemblies.
64. Assemblies are lawful; societies are legal.
65. Lawful Assemblies are populated by Lawful People.
66. Legal Societies are inhabited by Legal Persons known as "Residents".  
67. Only Lawful Persons can inherit Lawful (actual) Assets.
68. Only Americans standing in their lawful capacity can inherit the land.
69. Only such Americans can inherit our gold, silver, and other resources.
70. The other Principal Parties to the Constitutions have failed their duty.
71. The other Principals have not fully informed their Subcontractors.
72. Their Subcontractors have in turn not fully informed their Agencies.
73. As a result we are being dis-served and attacked by our own employees.
74. A phony mercenary conflict has been ongoing here since the Civil War.
75. Both sides of this phony conflict are ultimately controlled by the Pope.
76. Read that: there is no real conflict.
77. These are just two hands of the same "Person" grabbing our wealth.
78. That Person is the Pope, aka, Roman Pontiff.
79.  All political ideologies are designed to promote fraud favoring the Pontiff.
80.  All political parties are nothing but lobbyist groups.
81. The Roman Pontiff controls all governmental services corporations.
82. Pope Francis evidently thinks that he can escape responsibility.
83. Pope Francis seeks to pawn his culpability off on the United Nations.
84. He proposes to operate the United Nations as a storefront.
85. He and his Agents are responsible for all this fraud and disruption.
86. He and his Agents staged all the False Flags.
87. He and his Agents manipulated all the commodity markets.
88. He and his Agents are responsible for the paper genocide worldwide.
89. He and his Agents promote the chem trails and depletion of oxygen.
90. He and his Agents foisted off the Big Lie about Climate Change.
91. He and his Agents issued all the Certificates: Birth, Death, and Baptismal.
92. He and his Agents conduct both sides of all wars.
93. He and his Agents promote the idolatry of money and practice of usury.
94. He and his Agents are directing the Covid-19 False Flag.
95. He and his Agents are in breach of trust and contract and are responsible for this entire continuing Mess; so, if you are wondering what is going on, now you know.

It should be evident that Donald Trump is NOT responsible for what is going on now, and should not be blamed for it--- except that he could choose to do his Public Duty and join with us to properly claim and administer the American Assets, cut to the chase, and put an end to this nonsense.


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  1. .
    How does a decedent [legal entity], debtor, enemy of the state correct any of the above with out any authority and enforcement that He/ they can muster / find either singularly or in a group?

  2. Rumor has it that the Pope has recognized Joseph Gregory Hallett as King John III. King John III claims he is also the Messiah, and made it possible to get rid of the Pope and the Black Pope and Trump now has control of all gold and assets... If this is the case, how does your list apply? To me... It looks like a new version of "The Game of Thrones"...

  3. And those foreign agents all need to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1937, or they can be citizen-arrested as undeclared foreign agents and privateers and prosecuted thusly. Also, please advise when we can begin sending the Federal subcontractors and municipal employees eviction notices? Ready to roll on that...

  4. All of this chaos..and world turmoil is taking place in front of our faces and when the dust settles it will be to late to do anything about it.. the Jews aka Zionists are behind it all every bit of it..and it's not the Jews of Our Brothers Judah..but those who call themselves Jews and are not.. The Noahide Laws are their laws..if you don't understand and know from the bible who killed Jesus then you certainly don't know who our enemies are..their courts are being set up and laws are being implemented right here in the US and worldwide..through the U.N. European Union etc etc: from Trump to the Pope and everyone in between..Steve Manuchin good friends with George Soros..Trumps allegiance is to Israel and Bibi Netanyahu..let's not forget his #1 sidekick Jared Kushner..Anna baffles many of us with her unwavering mind set on Trumps loyalty and who he has always been loyal to.. These are all the old players of the Jew World order that almost everyone overlooks Sheldon Adeldson..Henry Kissinger who has called for a Global world order under Trump ..ZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKI's plan he wrote about how the NWO should be played out in his book the Grand Chessboard..who Trump follows to a tee..Jews says: 2020 Black Social Justice movement is about setting up Noahide courts of Justice.
    Jews says: respond to violent George Floyd protest with Noahide Laws..
    all of Anna's hard work will go down the drain or lay stagnant as they double cross everyone. The NWO is a plan that's been well in the making for many yrs..two factions of the same.. playing against each other..yes we have a loving Father iHeaven..but his letter to us..the bible..warns us of a political NWO system in these end times..that will turn into a one world Religious system..under the luciferians and their antichrist figure who the #1 Religious figure on this earth has a hand in helping bring it to doesn't matter if you believe it or not..these fake Jews that Jesus warned us about do believe it..they believe in their false messiah coming..and they believe in their 7 Noahide laws..which when you look at them on the surface seem harmless..try reading all 600+ sublaws..
    Our little bunch of women that follows Anna and loves her work..we can't figure out how she is missing this whole Fake Jews NWO plans in the making..this stuff is bible one can override it..
    Unfortunately our world can't be looked at through rose colored is what it is..reading everything from the bible to all news coming out of Israel and what the Christian Zionist news is talking all lines up to what is going on in this country and around the world..with bible prophecy..specifically what these planners are doing and have been doing..
    Stop noahide laws website has up to date info on how fast these Noahide Laws are moving into siciety..if you are paying attention you see them being implemented..Anna's writing above..has several numbered category's that can be filled in using Noahide Laws and Courts etc:
    How is it even possible for anyone at this late in time not to see the whole picture..these Zionist fake Jews were the same bunch from the same bloodline of Cain that killed JESUS..cain your father the devil..cain..he was a murder from the beginning..Our Father God is a loving God..he is not the one causing all this earthly chaos..Satan is..Jesus told us satan comes to steal..kill destroy..Anna may have already found herself up against these fake Jews..and Noahides..b/c it is bible prophecy..who knows maybe Anna and the set up of the Government and it's Assemblies is the deadly the one World political system..that it suffers..after all her work is phenomenal..God Bless

    1. >> the US and worldwide..through the U.N. European Union etc etc: from Trump to the Pope and everyone in between..Steve Manuchin good friends with George Soros..Trumps allegiance is to Israel

      Agreed, as they did last time in WW2. There is nothing new!! They play the same confusing games. The U.S.(Inc) of the British don't remember how many missing, massive unidentifiable American military death in the Philippines Island, for the Rothschild Bankers.

    2. .yes we have a loving Father iHeaven..but his letter to us..the bible..warns us of a political NWO system in these end times..that will turn into a one world Religious system..under the luciferians and their antichrist figure
      father in heaven is the deception. he is the "one world religious system under the luciferians and their antichrist figure"

      short timeline:

      1) worship of brazen serpent statue
      2) snake on a stick, the serpent statue is harmless, "the lord" will lead you away from that false idol
      3) christ replaces "the lord" and says he has a different father, "the lord" is a false god
      4) "the lord" sends his son out to overthrow christ; root and stock of david; "our [their] lord and his christ"; the christ for everyone who denies christ, aka 2nd coming
      2 and 4 are this "father in heaven" guy.

      3 was christ overthrowing this guy, saying he had a different father, that "the lord" was a false god.

      "father in heaven" is the deception and the one world luciferian NWO religion. he has his own son antichrist, yes. such is mystery babylon.

      such is who the vatican II waits for "the one who is coming"; such is who the jews wait for: their messiah, because they deny christ, 3)

      such is who mormons, lutherans, and pretty much all of america waits for, and has always done "2nd coming"

      the new atlantis. the new world. they needed a new god for a new world. they turned their back on christ and decided to wait for the next guy. christ was all catholic superstition.

      nowadays christ is obsolete, we instead have "the living god" "our father in heaven" etc. -- 4.

      yes, the old test. bible was written by jewish scribes claiming to be "father in heaven".

      as for the new test. -- different fathers.

      the idea they are the same "fathers" is the deception.

      there are those who waited for a messiah, christ came, and "converted"

      there are those who waited for a messiah, christ came, and they denied and deny him -- they are waiting for their "father in heaven" to send the next guy

      to the mason, god is our father in heaven, he is our father, and we are all brethren [brothers] -- moral and dogma

      this would be 2 and they promote 4 for the goyim, in order to destroy 3 (christ)

      of course, torah forbids trying to "trigger the apocalypse" -- so they are the synagogue of satan, those who say they are jews ("the lord" is god) but are not.

      johns apocalypse says these masons and others promoting this false "father in heaven" guy will be destroyed when they are no longer needed -- they dont actually get to rule in the coming "heaven on earth". they are just pawns/tools.

    3. i dont like keep posting the same thing, but america was always "2nd coming" 99% -- because they werent "catholic"

      the masonic god never openly identifies himself. that is who "the creator" of decl. of independence is.

      they replaced a "mysterious divinity" (our lady, it is dogma the trinity is a "mystery") with a "divine mystery" (occult theocracy, masonry, wickedness in high places)

      masons are pretty open about who they are. the bible says be careful what foundations you build on. they openly go against this. the bible says to not partake of hidden "combinations" (secret societies) -- they openly flaunt this. they purposely choose all the non-christian bible characters as their heroes and role models.

      christs baptism is useless to the masons. johns baptism, "the one who is coming" -- thats their patron saint.

      none of this is secret. just "americans" seem so ignorant that "new world" means "new god" and that 99% of america seemigly ALWAYS REJECTED CHRIST and decided to wait for the next guy instead.

      how could it be otherwise? the holy ghost baptism was all superstitious nonsense to the founders.

      where this leaves us today, is american churches are always pushing this "new world" angle, but people seem oblivious to it, because they dont bother to research anything before 1777 -- when the "catholic" church switched to "the one who is coming" -- novus ordo seclorum.

      america (at least since the us seal got put in place) was always going down this path. that was the goal. it was on purpose. "new world" -- leave the old world behind. a new "god" is necessary to make a new world.

      hence, "father in heaven" is now god, christ is obsolete.

      this father has own son he will send out into the world. christ/holy ghost/first coming (3 above) is obsolete.

      this was, is, and seemingly always will be the american state religion. rosicrucian books admit this -- they know 'freedom of religion' is a joke, just for the little people, just a means to an end.

      the whole point is destroy 3). it is almost irrelevant what "new" "religion" they put in its place, whether they themselves actually believe it or not or have to live under it, etc.

      to them, it is just a means to an end. the whole point is to destroy christ. thats it. thats their #1 goal. everything else is but a means to an end.

    4. something people seem clueless about: google for "list of baptisms"

      7 Baptisms of the Bible - What is the One Baptism
      The “one baptism” all believers must obey and teach is baptism in the name of Jesus Christ.
      he almost gets it right -- of course, protestant bibles are so watered-down, this should be "holy ghost" -- 1st coming.

      "the bible" is also a dead giveaway of clueless people. how many "the bibles" are there? hundreds. thousands perhaps. all with different translations of different sources -- and different margin notes/commentary/explanations.

    5. if people would bother to learn about "baptisms" then they wouldnt do this "father in heaven" nonsense either.

      does "father in heaven" even have a baptism?

      circumcision served this purpose. after christ, it is obsolete. as is moses law.

      that was the whole point of "i have a new commandment" -- to escape from this "father in heaven" guy.

    6. the bible..warns us of a political NWO system in these end times..that will turn into a one world Religious system..under the luciferians and their antichrist figure
      yes, this is known as "america" from day one to the present. the new atlantis. they went to the new world. novus ordo seclorum. a new god was needed to create this new world known as "america". they chose to abandon christ and wait for the next messiah instead.

    7. the bible..warns us of a political NWO system in these end times..that will turn into a one world Religious system..under the luciferians and their antichrist figure
      yes, these people declared independence in 1776. perhaps youve heard of this political NWO system, known as "america" ?

      they have this weird obsession with obelisks and pyramids and all-seeing eyes and such.

      they so desperately wanted a NWO they put this on their united states seal in latin.


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