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Thursday, December 15, 2016

About "Targeted" People and Weather Warfare, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 3

By Anna Von Reitz

Our military, like all major militaries of the world, has a long and despicable history of using our soldiers and the "domestic population"---- anyone unlucky enough to be considered either a "United States Citizen" or a "citizen of the United States" as guinea pigs for weapons tests and for drugs and all sorts of other heinous invasive procedures. 

The reason this is allowed to go on is that when you sign up and enter the US military you become a MUNICIPAL CITIZEN---- a slave, literally, subject to the whims of Congress and the DOD.  So you have unknowingly given monsters control of your body unto death, and they are free to cause your death in any way they please---- send you into battle, let your freeze to death in quarters, abandon you at Benghazi, inject you with horrible drug concoctions, expose you to "spent uranium" artillery shells, Agent Orange----- whatever.

If more people know that, they would never sign up and join the United States Armed Forces at all. 

Also, most people who receive their DD214 and who are officially  "Discharged" from such service assume that they are out of the woods and no longer classified as MUNICIPAL CITIZENS once they leave the Army, Air Force, Navy, etc. 

Wrong.  That's the way it used to be. 

Nowadays you have to write a letter to the heads of these service branches and to the Secretary of Defense and the State Secretary of State where you live, plainly stating that you have been honorably discharged and have "retired" from any political status or association with the United States and are now returned to your birthright status as an American state national.  And you have to keep a copy of this and proof of mailing, so that if anyone claims you are still under contract and agreement to act as a "United States Citizen" and be subject to the whims of Congress and have given up your constitutional protections---- you can tell them, "Go blow and do it sideways.".

The same claims have been advanced against the "domestic population" of "citizens of the United States", so that anyone on welfare, anyone who is claiming political asylum, anyone of African American descent, anyone who is a dependent of a military or civilian employee of the "federal corporation(s)", anyone who is cluelessly claiming and tolerating the presumption of "MUNICIPAL CITIZENSHIP" and accepting the labels associated with it---- can similarly be imposed upon and killed and experimented upon like animals in a test laboratory. 

If you want a good example and proof that what I am saying is true---- and also proof that weather modification exists, all in one swoop, go look up the United Nations ENMOD Treaty from 1974.  That Treaty not only addresses the use and misuse of geo-engineering, it stipulates that any country conducting research into such weaponry and systems can only use their own domestic population and country to experiment on. 

Let's see....1974, 1984, 1994, 2004, 2014.....I count that as 42 years that it has been fully and officially admitted that weather modification exists and that "weather warfare" was seen as a problem requiring international treaties, so please, someone tell me why there is any controversy about this being "real"?

But even more interesting from my standpoint--- is the provision that "domestic populations" could be used as guinea pigs. 

So what is a "domestic" population?  In this case, it means "domestic" or "internal" population with respect to the "United States".  All the rest of us, American state nationals, exist "without" the United States and its territorial and municipal jurisdictions.  We don't "reside" here.  We live here.

And the big problem for these con men and liars is that as soon as the people wake up and stop putting up with this mis-representation, the bastards among us don't have a leg left to stand on or a word left to say.

All those chem trails in the sky?   You are being poisoned as a "domestic
population".  The poison, Fluoride, being added to your water?  You are being controlled as a "domestic population". The mercury in your vaccines?  The hundreds of untested drugs flooding the market and resulting in millions of law suits?  That's all okay, because, guess what?   You are all being considered "domestic" with respect to the "United States"----and subject to every whim of the Congress and the three Commissioners running the District of Columbia.

Oh, and all their good buddies---- Monsanto, Proctor, Pfizer, etc., etc., etc.,

Recently, I've been receiving all sorts of piteous, terrible stories about people being "targeted" by electromagnetic radiation devices.  These stories come primarily from immigrants to this country, who have unknowingly agreed to serve as "citizens of the United States"----- slaves, guinea pigs---- so it is not unlikely that yes, they are being used as targets and experimented upon by the DOD or its subcontractors. 

Why not?  They are foreigners, yet they are also considered "domestic". 

The guys twisting the dials are probably being fed Shinola, too, being told that these people are dangerous "domestic" terrorists----- note the word "domestic" again? 

That sounds like a better excuse to torture innocent people than being told that Dr. Mengele's nephew is curious about the effect of long term exposure to concentrated ULF radiation.

What to do about it?  Move to a different country until we get things sorted out, would be my best advice. 

America is no longer the sanctuary of sanity that it once was, because we have criminals and madmen in control of the "governmental services corporations" and their subcontractors, the "agencies" are even worse.

Look at LaVoy Finicum?  Purposefully ambushed and murdered in cold blood by "agency personnel"---- private subcontractors operating under the old "FBI" brand name, working for the same holding company calling itself the "GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES" that also employs the "BLM"---- the "agency" subcontractors that have been trying to seize and sell land and other moveable assets that actually belong to us, the American state nationals.

I haven't looked, but most likely, LaVoy was an honorably discharged former American serviceman---- so the rats just "presumed" that he was still in the political status of a MUNICIPAL CITIZEN, and fair game to murder without responsibility or result. 

Yeah, "make an example of him" and scare all the rest of the sheep.  Keep them from reclaiming their land and other assets, so we can steal at will, with no danger to our bosses or our precious little selves.

Don't believe me?  Have the men responsible for the purposeful black-hearted cowardly murder of LaVoy Finicum been arrested and charged?

Have the Bundys been released, despite being found "not guilty"?  No, yet another totally bogus, foreign "State of State" corporate franchise operation is holding them under the false presumption that they are "United States Citizens" or "citizens of the United States", that is, good little subjects of the Queen and the British Crown, merely "residing" here for the purpose of providing government services, and as "domestics" subject to any outrage against their persons or property. 

Ever heard servants called "domestics" in British Regency dramas on BBC? 

Wake up!

Please, America.  Please, wake up.  You all need to put your political status flat on the record and reclaim your status as American state nationals.  You need to rebut the piles of paper that these monsters have created as a means to make false claims about you-----and to "redefine" you as a territorial or municipal "citizen" subject to them and their control.

Self-declare your political status as an American state national and make it stick.
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  1. Anna - Check out the website ByeByeBlueSky. The photos on the page in the link below show how the chemtrails are poisoning our food. When you look at the photos know that the fruit that is photographed under microscope is covered in nanotechnology devices. The fruit juice with the white foam in it, is nanotechnology gel. You cannot see these substances with a naked eye, but with electrical frequencies the nanotechnology explodes, like a tampon. And then you can see it. This nanotechnology is going to be the downfall of our civilization. It is implant devices and every single being on this planet has this in their bodies. The forces of darkness have already setup a giant supercomputer to control people's minds, read their thoughts and send thoughts, influence their bodies etc. Watch the tv series Westworld. I think this is similar to what we are dealing with. If people want to know if they have this in their bodies, in blood tests for toxins, it will show up as teflon, Sylaxane, polyurethane, silicones, heavy metals, plastics etc. Here is the link

  2. Is this the appropriate document? I may have missed it, but I did not see the portion of this document declaring it permissible under this Treaty to "use their own domestic population and country to experiment on." It does indicate that there can be "peaceful" purposes for weather manipulation. Not sure what that could mean, but I would find it difficult to use this as support for that portion of the claim. Granted, Judge Anna referenced the Treaty date as 1974, whereas this Treaty text indicates a date of 1976, so that could be the issue as well. It would be a rather simple thing if the 1974 version is no longer available...wink wink, shuffle of the feet. (see Proverbs 6:13)
    Here is a "movement" level question. Is anyone keeping track of the townships that are "organized"? The counties? Are there websites in place,(or other) that back up the formation of jural assemblies and the re-establishment of land jurisdiction? Being able to point to examples of the ideas we are speaking of is crucial in fostering the local goodwill required to mobilize the masses. Unfortunately, what we find when we investigate this are example after example of people being run over by the system. A very select and special few have escaped their clutches. Many are dead, and disproportionately in odd circumstances. Jail and death by shooting myself in the back of the head are very difficult selling points. In fact, only people who fancy themselves prophets or some such nonsense run headlong into that fray. Most of us simply find that at some point we are backed against the wall and it is either us or the bully and the bully ends up bloodying our nose. Unfortunately, unlike the schoolyard bully, they don't give us respect for standing up to them, as a rule.

    1. When you have thoroughly, accurately and properly filed the necessary 30+ documents, have learned to navigate their 'legal trickery', have learned to be your own private banker, have ceased to 'perform' 'your' voting 'privileges', and all in the order that they require, and the list goes on and on, then and only then will you have begun to unravel the wizard of OZ tactics they have been using on you to claim you as a United Stated Citizen. There are dozens, if not more ways, form them to prove you are one of their 'steaks on the table to slice up any way they wish.

      You can do all those things you say are necessary and most likely will get nothing but trouble and resistance from the military mob in charge of the commercial system of law (which is no law) operating in every privately owned for profit courthouse across the country.

      There are more adhesion contracts 'legally' identifying you as the 'accommodation party' than you can count. You consent in ways you do not at the present even conceive of. When you learn to navigate the matrix in an honorable fashion then you have started on the right path.

    2. Keith, how are we to educate common people on how to accomplish such a task when a good number of very well-trained people have wound up in jail? Most of us are just common folk, and although I read a great deal, I find it difficult to prove these points even to open-minded audiences simply because the information most readily available to the masses, via Google and the internet, is slanted so hard against the ideas presented in these sorts of discussions. I am not an intellectual moron, but I would suggest that the law of averages dictates that half of everyone is in fact a borderline moron. So that means we have half of the people who simply are unable to think all the way through the issues and then whatever minority on the other side who are intentionally trying to distort or confuse the truth, and it seems as if it is nothing as simple as "do the research and get it done," for most people. That is simply being dismissive to a class of people who just don't have the mental constitution for such gymnastics.

    3. Ok, Keith, cough it up. Provide the necessary info.

  3. Do not consent and you will not be the one backed against the wall.

  4. There are many states and counties that have been in continuous operation despite the well-funded efforts of European criminals to take over our country and the treasonous help given to these corporate invaders by people who are supposed to be serving us in "good faith". The Michigan General Jural Society has provided the Handbook and blue print and all it takes is some elbow grease and public meetings and notices and elections and generally speaking -- education of the people in each state of how their government is supposed to operate--/ that is, as an unincorporated Body Politic. Go online. Start using your own brains. How can you "self govern" if all you do is sit on the couch and choose between two ringers chosen by a foreign government to "represent" you??? Do you even know what a "proxy" is? By participating in the current corporate System and voting in these elections sponsored by foreign governmental services corporations you are giving away your rights and your country--- handing your proxy to a foreigner and trusting them to take care of your interests. Wake to Hell up! Can't you tell the difference between a corporation like Burger King and a meeting of local townspeople creating a jural assembly? You can vote for Donald Trump all day long and all you have done is to hand him your proxy and permission the run the federal corporation. And that corporation is not your government.

    1. So, are we saying Michigan, with Flint and Detroit, is a state that is operating properly? Again, another very difficult sale to make if that is indeed what I am to understand. Please try to understand that many of us were misled by just about everyone we ever knew, from parents to teachers and professors and local "authorities," so it becomes very difficult for many of us to trust words on a page, no matter how cleverly written or how powerful the message. We are all gun-shy. We are told to believe this story, and then we grow up and learn a different story, and then we grow old, and learn yet another story. No one wants to be a fool, it just seems to come naturally for most of us.

    2. I'm with THE TIM. I don't think I'm a super intellectual, but then I don't think I'm stupid either, but a fool???? Yes, lots of times but inadvertently so, as it's so hard to determine who to believe. I'm not young anymore, but still want to contribute, so the only research I can do is on-line, and I really don't trust that as so much is sanitized, so what are us unintentional "fools" supposed to do? We area chided to WAKE UP. I've awakened but don't know what to do about it being only one. Almost no one I start a conversation with about the things I've learned want to even hear it, and even avoid me like a plague. I don't care if I had a doctorate degree in all of this, I'm just one. Anna, and groups like Anna's should find a way to get us all together via the internet and perhaps then we could be effective. Until we can come together as a body, we have no leverage. This doesn't deter me though, and in the end, come judgement day, I will go before the White Throne knowing I did the best I could with what I had to work with, or didn't have to work with is maybe a better way to say it.


    3. My experiences are very similar, Margy. I have read the documents I can find, but trying to engage people in discussion on these matters seems very. . .unpleasant. People call you foolish or crazy or out of touch, or alternatively, they give vague answers or are condescending simply because I don't know everything they know. I have read more on this topic, but there are too many foolish people muddying the waters with half-truths. Which is why I am becoming more and more hesitant myself to discuss matters that I don't understand as thoroughly as is necessary. In order for people to put their lives and relative well-being on the line, they must believe in the cause. If the cause remains so very ethereal that most of us can't join it simply because we are ill-equipped, it is just another lost cause.

  5. This PS is open source, unsigned, and open for capture.

    PS to all vatican/corporate monsters:

    I am a sovereign your-birth-state-named-here state national. I am not a "citizen" of any legal or political entity, particularly the minions of foreign vatican/corporate statute legal franchises posing/acting/impersonating city, county, state, or federal "governments". I am not a "domestic", colonial, a British subject, or a maritime "withholding agent" for any of the minions of vatican/corporate fraud criminal syndicates acting with impunity in America. I am not a veteran/slave of any of these corporate systems being "punished" into fighting wars for profit, being experimented upon, abused, poisoned, defrauded, and lied-to.

    My children and grandchildren belong to me, not some vatican corporation. They cannot be eaten, sacrificed, tortured, sexually abused, kidnapped, or enslaved at whim of corporate monster syndicate leaders.

    I am not subject to store-front controllers of any alphabet nomenclature. (IMF, UN, IRS, FBI, CIA, NBC, MSNBC) Any other undisclosed alphabet "government" agencies, be damned!

    My hard earned currency/money is not the apartheid fiat money of foreign owned vatican/corporate syndicates operating illegally within our boarders and destroying the economy.

    As a sovereign state national, I cannot be experimented upon by adding fluoride to my water, chemicals to the air, mercury to vaccines, oil to the rivers, wi-fi to electric meters, GMOs to food, food additives, food pesticides and hormones, unknown and un-understandable chemicals added to personal shampoos, soaps, detergents, and cleaners. I am not subject to poisonous experimental pharmaceuticals prescribed by "practicing" corporate syndicate doctors that weaken, sicken, or even kill. I am not subject to corporate syndicate doctors, without a cure, making false diagnosis and treatments, impervious to prosecution, hiding behind fraudulent vatican/corporate legal-syndicate systems.

    I cannot be jailed for victimless crimes (Bundy family) or vatican/corporate royal-delusional-imagined statute offenses. I am not subject to vatican/corporate control officers of any size, shape, or variety. I am not moved, no matter how shiny the badge, convincing the storefront, or impressive the financing.

    Myself, my family, my home, and private possessions are protected by Natural laws of Creation. Laws of Creation exist exclusively under human free will to align or not to align.

    I am not Abraham Lincoln, John or Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, or, more recently, La Voy Finicum, expendable, subject to assassination, for exercising human right to speak or assemble.

    Take back to England all legislation since the vatican/corporate coup/takeover and assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Leave America alone with its original Constitution for the united States of America, circuit 1791.

    Take back to England all your loyal royal British BAR lawyers, all your fraudulent vatican/corporate "federal", "state", "county", "city", and other local "government" institutions.

    Take all your British subject vatican/corporate crime syndicates back to England where they were conceived. Retreat from America in favor of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Leave the birthright of all Americans to all Americans.

  6. "We the People" are the ones who let our guard down. Ya it was not this generation that dropped the ball but it is up to "We the People" of today to PLAY BALL !!. If you get my drift.

  7. The best "remedy" i have ever found is actually the easiest of all, and usually ends all controvercies without endless letter writting. But I didnt believe it until i was involvrd in a "foreclosure" case myself, which of course, i tried to fight because i was served an "unlawful detainer"(UD) by the court, obtained by the bank. So i decided that if they were going to get it, i wasnt going to make it easy to get it by just rolling over and conceding, because this was in 2013, and between 2008 when these massive foreclosures first started happening, and why and how they were getting away with it, until 2013 when postings of all the legal arguements against the banks starting surfacing, exposing all the fraud involved in all foreclosures, that i decided to fight them using my administrative remedies by law. Simply meaning that instead of fighting in court, you are actually required by law to deal with each other "privately" first, to see if they or anyone else has a lawful claim to even submit a "forecloseure"to the courts. It only takes 3 letters to accomplish this....1) A qualified written report, 2) An opportunity to cure (when you dont receive the proper evidence you requested in the QWR) and 3) Letter of Default which is filed at the county recorders office putting them in default,just like they do to us). You can look all this up yourselves online because i dont have the time here to explain. Long story short, i had them by the perverbial balls, so I sent a motion to the court addressed to the judge instructing her that this matter has been resolved "administratively" and respondant "failed to state a claim upon which releif can be granted(FRCP 12(b)6. Furether, there is no judicial decision to be determined, only a ministerial one for defaulting on my administrative "claim". I sent it to her with 3 copies and even typed up the remedy, so all she had to do was "sign it". I sent it registered mail, so the chain of title could be tracked online and absoluty critical in this last phase. Thats when i learned how powerful the easiest "remedy" of all was, was also the simplest....she didnt even open it. She sent the whole document back to me with just a simple word on the front of the letter...."REFUSED". I lost the case, because i didnt want to engage any further in time and expense trying to fight it. But she did teach me the one thing ive been looking for that would put a stop to all actions against me without knowing all this law and challenging anyone trying to collect or invole me into a controversy with no end....Simply "REFUSE" service of the letter and put it on the front of the letter(unopened) and send it back by dropping it back off to the post office. End of story and of the collection. Ill post the reason why next.

  8. When the judge sent back my letter, she only put "Refused" on the front. Usually it has to be "refused for cause". What we dont realize is that no matter how you get a letter that you know is legally asking you for money or even appear in court, and you open it, you have officially been "served". If you dont do anything about it, i guarantee you, you have defaulted by law, and there is no more remedy, because we all claim to have an address, meaning we reside, and admit by receiving mail there, that it was addressed to a US citizen within the "forum state", meaning withing the Corp. United States. There is only one simple solution once we get letters claiming money or that we committed some crime....Refuse it!!! But I always go a little further now. On the front of the letter, in red ink, i write the following, just to alert everyone coming in contact with that letter why it was refused using wordage i learned from judge Anna....Refused for Cause..Sender is intentionally using "semantic deceite" through 2 specific crimes..1) personage(identy theft..the all caps name) and 2) barratry, using the law of the sea instead of the law of the "land" guaranteed under the constitution FOR the united states of America. It represents a fraudulent inducement to contract with the sender using the post office unlawfully in the process.. If you put this on the front(or back if you need to complete it) i guarantee you an easy remedy because you just warned everyone coming in contact with that letter that the sender just tried to commit a crime against you. And when it gets back to the attorney whoes corp. he represents, he will be on "notice" that you are someone not to be taken lightly without losing his license. Ive already done this with a parking ticket i received some time ago. I fully expected to find the ticket come up on renewal of my registration which just showed up. Nothing. That ticket would have showed up on my registration if i didnt pay it, which would have added another $150 to my registration. But it didnt happen. Thats the "Power" of a refusal, if done properly. Other than that, there is only one thing left....A lawful demand for money at 12USC411. BUT why even let it get that far.....Lets keep it easy guys!!!!! The mail is a weapon. Diffuse the weapon immediately by Refusing it. Got it....


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