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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Old World Order, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part Two

By Anna Von Reitz

Our actual government is in tatters.  It is hanging on by a ragged thread.  It exists mostly at the township and county levels and even those bulwarks are being undermined and downplayed and "enclosed" legally by "Councils of County Governments". 

If we don't wake to hell up and tend to our own knitting---- there won't be any knitting to tend, no Republic left.  Our enemies will claim that there are no actual American state nationals left.  They will point at all the bogus paper records and say---- all these people are United States Citizens or citizens of the United States..... there's nobody left.  All the American state nationals are dead.....their governments, the actual sovereign states and their land jurisdiction governments like the Wisconsin state and the Wisconsin State are no longer populated, no longer funded, no longer staffed by anyone.   

And then they will claim that everything that belonged to our grandparents is "abandoned property without known heirs" and they will claim that they have established "exclusive legislative jurisdiction" over us, and they will take over and that will be that.  We will be serfs serving the New World Order----which is just a name for the Old World Order wearing new suits. 

Their "new" order is nothing but feudalism imposed via legal chicanery.  What's new about that?
Gangs of thugs pushing other gangs of thugs around, and sending out tax and bill collectors to rape and pillage the people is older than Roman and Nottingham.

Our government requires us to claim our political status as birthright American state nationals: Wisconsinites, Virginians, Californians, Montanans.....

Our government requires that we enforce the actual Constitution for the united States of America, not stupidly accept a bogus corporate charter "as if" it was the treaty and contract owed to us and our progeny. 

Our government requires us to organize and assemble as jural assemblies in every county of the land.

Our government requires us to operate those counties on the land to form the lawful government of our sovereign state---- for example, the Wisconsin State, not the State of Wisconsin, not the WISCONSIN STATE, which are nothing but  fictional entities.

Our government requires knowledge and participation and organization of the people, by the people, and for the people.

And, by the way, the word "people" is Hebrew for "militia".  Nothing else.

Our government requires us to "self-govern"----- not rent-a-government from France or from England. 

Our government is designed to be an outward reflection of our own innermost government of ourselves.

The judicial branch is supposed to reflect our conscience, and the legislature is supposed to reflect our reasoning mind, and the executive branch is supposed to reflect our will.  And just as we exercise all three to govern our selves, our government is meant to govern our nation.

Instead, we've got a federal rent-a-government operation on our shores pretending to be us and pretending to "represent us" as our agents.

They have stolen our identity and our credit and left us to pay their bills.

They are nothing but criminals. 

So, folks, we've had the International Monetary Fund doing business as the UNITED STATES, INC. charging us for all sorts of services we never ordered and spending our credit into oblivion and committing our sons and daughters to wars for profit ......and we have had the Federal Reserve doing business as THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC., printing our money and stealing us blind ---- and you still think that that THING in Washington, DC is our government? 

You think that if we get a different central bank to spawn another governmental services corporation under a new name and "call it" our government, it is going to be our government? 

Wake to  glory up!

That's their government (federal territorial) and THEIR government (federal municipal)----- not our government.  By definition. 

The "federal government" has been run by the Brits since Day One.  It is populated by "inhabitants" who "reside" on our shores---- loyal subjects to the Queen known as "United States Citizens" and also loyal subjects to the British Crown known as "citizens of the United States". 

Want to know how we got a Kenyan for "President"?   Why Obummer doesn't have to be "natural born" here?  It's because he isn't our President. 

We haven't elected a President since 1860 and its our own damned fault. 

The King of England changed hats and conveniently pretended that because he changed hats he was no longer obligated to act as our Trustee on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways. 

That ruse didn't work (War of 1812) so then he pretended that we knowingly and willingly agreed to subject ourselves to him and his dominion as Monarch and to live in our own country as mere "inhabitants" in exchange for "benefits" that we pay for ourselves as "donations" to the Public Charitable Trust established for the relief of poor Negro Plantation slaves displaced by the Civil War.

Wake up!  Wake up!  Wake up!

So now when all these groups appear out of nowhere claiming to "be" the rightful lawful government owed to us, I say---- to Hell you Beller! 

Have you taught the people the meaning and importance of their political status?  Have you helped them declare their proper status as American state nationals and change the public and international records to reflect it? 

No, none of them have done that.  Not a whisper from any of them. 

Have you organized jural assemblies in each of the 3100 counties and educated the county sheriffs about the difference between peacekeeping and law enforcement? 

No, none of them have done that, either. 

Have you further organized those county jural assemblies to operate as lawful land jurisdiction State governments? 

Nope, not a finger lifted. 

So what are these numerous groups all claiming to "be" our government? 


Because in order to be our government, people must be educated, must be given full disclosure, must freely choose their political status, must record that status, must form jural assemblies, must elect their county justices of the peace, their sheriffs on the land, their assemblymen, their fiduciary deputies----- all of it must be built and done, and not one of these supposed "national" organizations has done diddly to accomplish the job.

They may indeed represent "a" nation, but it isn't our nation--- and certainly not our fifty separate nation-states. 

Let me repeat--- our government flows from the bottom up, from each one of us to our township, our county, our state and then our state delegates a small portion of power to the federal government---engaging it as a subcontractor to provide nineteen enumerated services in international jurisdiction, period. 

Our government does not operate in the reverse order, from the federal government down to the little subjected, subservient slave-serf at the bottom of the great inverted federal pyramid. 

Again, it may be a government, but it is not our government.

So all these groups seeking to replace merely the "federal government" are in fact either (1) grossly ignorant or (2) more foreign interlopers trying to lay false claims against us and our assets.

And in either case, I have no cause or reason to stand mildly by and not object.

The government of FRANCE, that is, the French Central Bank, that is, Jacob Rothschild--- has fronted Le Neu Republique and for now, it is functioning and providing the services it needs to provide. 

That doesn't mean its our government.  That doesn't mean that any organization like it can be our government. 

As I said yesterday, exercising the rights of a sovereign is not the same as being a sovereign. 

The "federal government" has exercised nineteen of the powers owed to the sovereign states and people of this country under delegation.  It has exercised those rights naturally belonging to us, but it is not a sovereign government with respect to us--- and our relationship to it is not that of "citizens" or subjects.

The Central Bankers and the Pope and the British Monarch and the Lord Mayor of London and all the other Party Hearties responsible for this mess need to get their mitts off our names, estates, copyrights, trademarks, trust accounts, public utilities and everything else naturally belonging to us---and stop pretending that  any of their manufactured-out-of-thin-air governmental services corporations are our government.

Le Neu Republique is what it is, and for my money, at least it is competent and not --- after a few initial forays to test the water ---- trying to pretend to be anything it is not.

"The United States of America" is, so far as I can see, making a lot of half-baked claims.  It may be well-intentioned or it may not, but the facts are the facts.  Keith Livingway is not the Trustee of the land jurisdiction owed to the United States and the name "The United States of America" that everyone is trying to set such store by is just a defunct business name.

"The Republic for the united States of America" is trying to replace one gang composed of imposters posing as lawful public officials with another gang of unelected "representatives" which is probably even worse.

The Unity States of America appears to be a strange New Age paramilitary organization whose members believe that all our problems can be solved via the proper use of grammar--- but nobody can understand what they are saying, so it hardly matters.

The Union States is yet another organization that has made some impressive filings internationally and which seems to be serious about conducting its business in a responsible fashion, but I have yet to see or test their basis for claiming that the Southern States have been reconstituted and voluntarily rejoined the Union of sovereign states and reaffirmed the Articles of Confederation (1781). 

Last, but not least----not as a competitor, but as an advocate, I am standing for the Old Republic--- the only actual Republic there is or has ever been, vested entirely and completely in the people of these fifty sovereign nation states and
in the jural assemblies they use to organize their governmental business and form courts, counties, and state governments.

The people create the jural assemblies, the courts, the counties, the states---- and the states have created the federal government. 

Just as no creation is greater than its creator, the federal government is not greater than the state governments that created it. And no state government is greater than the county governments that gave it life.  And no county government transcends its townships and parishes.

Absolutely none of these organizations are greater than the jural assemblies and the actual people giving rise to them. 

We rely upon this principle of nature as law and as truth as self-evident as falling rain and I assert that the sovereignty of my nation and my nation state known as the Wisconsin state, is vested in me as one of the free, sovereign, and independent people of the United States, owed all friendship, honor, and service from every level of government operating in this country---including that of the foreign territorial and municipal governments that operate here under commercial contract and treaty. 

Under our law and our government every man and woman is the sovereign of themselves and possessor of their own castle however humble it may be. Those who forget these precious principles forget who they are, and who we are, to the endangerment of peace and against the honorable purposes of law. 
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  1. Could I request a source for the claim, ". . . the word "people" is Hebrew for "militia" please? My cursory research indicates that the word is from Latin origins rather than Hebrew. I for one have spent a good deal of effort attempting to find reputable sources for which to build upon the broad array of information provided. The biggest hurdle I am finding is, not only for myself but regarding "people" in general, the utter lack of knowledge, over-against the wide body of knowledge and understanding required to grasp even the weight of the question, "What is "truth?" particularly regarding facts that are not directly confirm-able. Historical facts routinely fall into this category, and it seems that even Big Data has decided to join in the misdirection charade. Further, epistemological questions are rarely addressed in any educational setting as a basic element of what it means to possess knowledge. If you are not studying a subject where this philosophical issue presses in, chances are you will never even hear of it. How then, when so many of us are awash in ignorance, are we to provide the proper means of reconnecting the people with their government, particularly when the search for answers requires a depth of discourse and reverence for truth that is out of reach for most? I am struggling to put the information together, and by point of reference, I have been on this trail perhaps from the day I could understand that the world was "people-d" by liars. How do digest the meat for them and make it taste like milk? Incidentally, that day I realized the world was full of liars was same day I realized I was as capable of lying as anyone else. I do not wish to spread lies willingly or willfully, so I request any others to please help those of us who are so very far behind in the requisite reading. It seems that much of this is getting harder and harder to even find, and it is difficult to even verify so much that although I believe I understand 90% of it, there is enough unknown that I hesitate to act, as I am a firm believer that it is much more likely that I will make a mistake if I just act for the sake of "doing something, anything."

    1. Check the definition of "people" in BOUVIER'S LAW DICTIONARY (1914). The word "people" seems to be associated only as an aspect of a governmental organization.

    2. Go argue with Brent Winter and the Hebrew Lexicon. In fact, instead of trying to gloss over the meaning of "people" and serve ignoble ends with "cursory" --- as in "curse"---go read "The Excellance of the Common Law" by Brent Winter. You will learn enough to stop arguing with me.

    3. Anna, was that remark intended for me? The "ignoble ends" remark particularly? I am not arguing, just asking for a source and commenting on how difficult it is to convince people if I don't have a source that can be validated by the common man or woman. That is my intention here, and nothing more or less. I want to communicate as plainly as possible what I have been learning through reading your blog, and others like it, so I ask questions. I hope this isn't a situation where asking questions gets one hit on the head.

    4. I hope not either Tim. I have no research team to work with and commend Anna for getting one going, as often times I have questions that never seem to be answered. A man very close to me has been trying, mostly on his own, to "do something" and has paid a dear price for it. He now is like you, and doesn't want to do anything foolish without knowing the rest of the story. In Wisconsin where I live and act as a national, I don't know more than 2 people who have a clue about of any of what Anna teaches and never want to know either. We'd like to do some jural society organizing here, but with who? Perhaps Anna could take her list of followers and organize those who would want to work with other like minded souls and put us together? Otherwise, she must know if I do, it's all hot air. I also know that it's not man's battle either, and when God is ready, in His time the evil will be addressed His way.


    5. Well Margy, I appreciate your remarks, so thank you. What I seem to witness as I investigate these matters is that there are very few truly knowledgeable people and lots of people like me who think they are learning some things, but are prone to errors in understanding simply due to the fact that we have very little with which to stitch all of the pieces together. Further, I find so many scam artists, and racists, in this realm as well as other areas I study that I sometimes wonder if I am really just another fool among a sea of them. Of course I have gotten drunk several times and made an ass of myself, and I regret those instances, but I am not prone to going around and being generally stupid. I have a knack for "knowing" things prior to even understanding that I know them, or how I came to know them. It serves me rather well, but when it comes to sharing my vision with others, that usually doesn't cut it. So, while I can read the Unam Sanctum and Romanus Pontifex and the others, and while I can study the accounts of history; even though I understand the current legal situation not only theoretically but in a practical way, the conclusions reached don't always logically NECESSARILY follow. In fact, many times I find a wide ranging debate that has at least the appearance of validity. I could be completely misled or mistaken about all of it. In fact, I could be just a brain in a jar, but I don't think so. What I think is there are elements of truth everywhere, but a bunch of wolves preying on innocent seekers seems to be the norm. I am becoming very disenchanted by the internet in general lately because of this. It appears to have devolved very quickly into a den of iniquity. Perhaps there was a symbol in that tree in Eden that I had not considered before. I am a man of very strong convictions regarding the Creator and His relationship with His creation, including His children. I have known all my life that there was something wrong with the world as well as the way most people saw it. I have had a very clear notion of the nature of my fellow man, and terrible confirmation of that notion as I learn to better understand my own nature. I believe the enemy are not the elite themselves, but is instead contained and motivated by the depraved mind of the Temptor, who has spun a web of lies that no one can see through clearly. Try as I may to wipe the cobwebs from my own eyes, my hands seem to be covered in them. It is one of the reasons I very much appreciated the prayerful way I believe Anna and Paul and others associated with them approach these discussions. The re-education of America is going to take a lot more that a few million blogs. It is going to require the Hand of The Almighty, which is why my organization "New Bobbio" has shifted focus from a political motivation to a spiritual one. We will, however, seek to address the lack of reasonably available validating research regarding the usurpation of our lawful system for the un-lawful one we have. The Law is, after all, the means by which all are convicted of their depravity and can thus understand their need for salvation.

  2. This PS is open source, unsigned, and open for capture.

    PS to all vatican/corporate monsters:

    I am a sovereign your birth state named here state national. I am not a "citizen" of any legal or political entity, particularly the minions of foreign vatican/corporate statute legal franchises posing/acting/impersonating city, county, state, or federal "governments". I am not a "domestic", colonial, a British subject, or a maritime "withholding agent" for any of the minions of vatican/corporate fraud criminal syndicates acting with impunity in America. I am not a veteran/slave of any of these corporate systems being "punished" into fighting wars for profit, being experimented upon, abused, poisoned, defrauded, and lied-to.

    My children and grandchildren belong to me, not some vatican corporation. They cannot be eaten, sacrificed, tortured, sexually abused, kidnapped, or enslaved at whim of corporate monster syndicate leaders.

    I am not subject to store-front controllers of any alphabet nomenclature. (IMF, UN, IRS, FBI, CIA, NBC, MSNBC) Any other undisclosed alphabet "government" agencies, be damned!

    My hard earned currency/money is not the apartheid fiat money of foreign owned vatican/corporate syndicates operating illegally within our boarders and destroying the economy.

    As a sovereign state national, I cannot be experimented upon by adding fluoride to my water, chemicals to the air, mercury to vaccines, oil to the rivers, wi-fi to electric meters, GMOs to food, food additives, food pesticides and hormones, unknown and un-understandable chemicals added to personal shampoos, soaps, detergents, and cleaners. I am not subject to poisonous experimental pharmaceuticals prescribed by "practicing" corporate syndicate doctors that weaken, sicken, or even kill. I am not subject to corporate syndicate doctors, without a cure, making false diagnosis and treatments, impervious to prosecution, hiding behind fraudulent vatican/corporate legal-syndicate systems.

    I cannot be jailed for victimless crimes (Bundy family) or vatican/corporate royal-delusional-imagined statute offenses. I am not subject to vatican/corporate control officers of any size, shape, or variety. I am not moved, no matter how shiny the badge, convincing the storefront, or impressive the financing.

    Myself, my family, my home, and private possessions are protected by Natural laws of Creation. Laws of Creation exist exclusively under human free will to align or not to align.

    I am not Abraham Lincoln, John or Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, or, more recently, La Voy Finicum, expendable, subject to assassination, for exercising human right to speak or assemble.

    Take back to England all legislation since the vatican/corporate coup/takeover and assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Leave America alone with its original Constitution for the united States of America, circuit 1791.

    Take back to England all your loyal royal British BAR lawyers, all your fraudulent vatican/corporate "federal", "state", "county", "city", and other local "government" institutions.

    Take all your British subject vatican/corporate crime syndicates back to England where they were conceived. Retreat from America in favor of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Leave the birthright of all Americans to all Americans.

  3. Here we go once and for all!!! The Constitution for the united states of America was for all, not just so called white men. There are no african Americans and the term black or white was put on government forms to mislead all of us. The white race all came to America to escape this monstrosity feudalism and the so-called government easily turned whites against blacks. There were never any indians, they were the so-called blacks, negros, and african Americans named by these state and federal government's. The white race has no where near the claim of the original copper races of all the North America's including the united states and Canada. Without unity and restitution to the original people of the world there can be no future and the so-called white race will have no peace, justice or property. Injustice to anyone is Injustice to all no matter colored or not colored. Peace to my Caucasian brothers and sister but I doubt most will accept the facts. The government will just continue to divide and conquer until we start seeing all people and not just so-called white people who do not exist, it's a fiction just like the corporations.

  4. Here is our real crux...What difference does it make if we do know and actually can produced evidence of the "TRUTH" beyond reasonable doubt(the highest standard of evidence and justice in any courtroom) when NO ONE CARES ABOUT THE TRUTH. Its like someone trying to prove an orange is actually an orange, when we all know it is, but as some comidian said: "Dont confuse me with the facts" The semantic deceite is getting to a point that im afraid to use capital or lower case letters for always seems to mean something different to someone in authority. We cant possibly keep up with all of it. If this is the way courts are going to continue to work, than every single school in America should get rid of websters dictionary, and replace it with "Blacks law dictionary" so everyone is on the same page when it comes to definitions. It will never be a fair playing field until we do. And something else ive been thinking about lately....werent all books destroyed in the "DARK AGES" including bibles. So how did we supposedly get all this history back correct.????? I dont think we ever did...Thats where the CHURCH stepped in(especially the catholic/vatican fill in the so called "gaps" with their version of the "Truth" which no one ever questioned because of the peoples trust in "Gods word" through his agents on earth..."the preist". The CHURCH and religion had an undeniable hand in the intentional destruction of all historical truth over the centuries, which was gradually released to the public but with intentional twist in it, to hide the fact that they were involved in most of the fraud from the start. Thus again cementing the peoples "Trust" in "THEIR" word, as agents of the "Highest Truth". And now that we know the history of the vatican through judge Anna, all we can realky believe is that this temperal world is built on "LIES" not the "TRUTH". Or at least not ALL of it. But the truth can easily be corrupted even if it consist of only a few lies until eventually nothing is really true unless we believe it....


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