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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The True History of the Income Tax and IRS ---- Again

By Anna Von Reitz

The first income tax was called "Peter's Pence" and it was collected along with a Confession of Sins on April 15 every year in both England and France beginning in the early 1100's as an extra mandatory "offering" to pay for the cost of the Crusades.

Sound familiar?  A tax on income..... a confession (filing)....due on April support the cost of a war? 

Fast forward to the "American Civil War" --- a tax on income fails the constitutional test, but is imposed on all "territorial citizens", that is, federal civilian and military employees and those born in the "territories and possessions" of the United States.

American state nationals are protected under the provisions of the Constitution(s) but federal citizens are not. Federal citizens can be taxed to the moon and back, and imposed upon and even killed by the whim of Congress acting as a plenary oligarchy operating a foreign municipal city state government.

Look at Article I, Section 8, Clause 17 and read Justice Harlan's dissenting opinion in Downes v. Bidwell and the rest of the Insular Tariff cases.  You will see what has gone on here, how and why.  You won't like it a bit, but you will catch on.

The first modern "Internal Revenue Service"---then as now-- was operated entirely in international jurisdiction by privateers running first out of Barbados and later removed to Puerto Rico.  The personnel responsible for collecting the tax are Merchant Marine Warrant Officers called "Withholding Agents". The personnel responsible for oversight of all these Merchant Mariners and federal corporation operators are Internal Revenue Agents.

Abraham Lincoln fundraised for the war effort by selling "1040 Bonds"---- so called because these bonds mature in either 10 or 40 years.  The revenue realized by the sale is used to pay off war debt.

Today, the funds from the yearly collection of "1040 Forms" results in the issuance of more bonds based on the labor and assets of the people, but with the federal government and its "federated state" franchises being the beneficiaries.

Up to World War II, most Americans were not subject to the "federal income tax" at all---- only federal civilian employees, military personnel, African Americans, people born in Puerto Rico, Guam, etc., federal welfare recipients and federal dependents (wards of state such as political asylum seekers), and actual corporations that held their charters under United States auspices were required to file as a condition of their employment or else their receipt of "benefits" from the Public Charitable Trust set up for the relief of poor black plantation slaves who were displaced by the Civil War or the "privilege" of a public charter to do "indemnified" business.

Then, as we entered WWII, Congress passed The Victory Tax---- allowing non-citizens, that is, people who were not federal employees, not political asylum seekers, not African American, etc., to "voluntarily" pay the federal income tax as a patriotic gesture in support of the war effort.

Millions of patriotic American state nationals signed up and gave an average of two bucks extra a month to the government via direct contribution at their workplace, collected by their employers.

There was no specific end date attached to The Victory Tax, because there was no specific known date for the end of the war, so the tax was supposed to end with the "end of hostilities"------meaning in real life, it should have no longer been collected from American state nationals as of August, 1945. 

Instead, the Federales kept right on collecting----and enforcing the collection--- of federal income taxes from people who were never federal citizens and who never knowingly or voluntarily received any charter to operate as federal corporations, and who should have been released from any obligation upon the Japanese surrender.

This is why generations of Internal Revenue Commissioners and other IRS higher-up employees have stood in front of the TV cameras and described this as a "voluntary tax".  

You were misinformed about the nature of the tax and you were misinformed and told that it applied to you, when in fact it never did. 

The word "income" itself by definition is a corporate accrual.  Your wages, salaries, tips, and other earnings are private property.

So what's going on here? 

A gigantic, vicious, self-interested  fraud.

The fact is that by far the vast majority of Americans are naturally exempt from the federal income tax, and if you are, you can "revoke your election to pay".

If you are an average American state national who is self-employed or employed in the private sector, you never really owed the federal income tax in the first place--- that is, if you were born on the land of one of the sovereign states and are not voluntarily choosing to operate as a federal corporation named after YOUR NAME, not a federal employee (United States Citizen), not a federal dependent (citizen of the United States), not African American, not born in Puerto Rico, etc. --- you are paying a tax you don't owe, one that never applied to you, and one that can't be forced upon you if you correctly object. 

As you can see, there are people and there are organizations (actual corporations) that do owe the federal income tax, but there are also millions upon millions of people and organizations who do not and who never did owe any federal income tax who are being coerced and extorted out of large portions of the value of their labor under false pretenses and criminally self-interested legal presumptions.

The last time I looked, the "revocation" clause was located at Section 6013 of the Internal Revenue Code, Title 26.   It gets moved around a bit, thanks to shuffling of pages and sections, but it remains as it has to remain as remedy for the crime being perpetuated against the people of this country.

You are free to send Notice to the Commissioner(s) of Revenue declaring your decision to "revoke my election to pay federal income taxes" at any time, and once you do this, you can NEVER pay federal income taxes again---by law.

This will, I know, be a great disappointment to many.....

However, there are a couple of caveats yet to be observed.

Your letter of revocation must be proven to be received, so you have to  keep your mailing receipt and a copy of your letter and a return receipt, if at all possible, to prove that you sent your correspondence and that it was received by the (now three) IRS, Internal Revenue Service, and INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE Commissioners.

You have to remember that the federal fiscal year ends June 30 and begins July 1 of each year and that "tax years" lag behind normal calendar years.  Thus, if you wish to stop paying taxes effective with the federal tax year of 2012, you would make your revocation of election effective July 1, 2011----the prior year.

And you should be at some pains to explain that you "made a mistake" and that you were never actually a volunteer Warrant Officer in the Merchant Marine Service and were confused about what a "Withholding Agent" was when you signed your prior 1040 forms. 

Now that you know, you won't be confused again....

The submission of a 1040, 1065, or any other "federal" tax form creates the presumption that you are either a "United States Citizen" (employee) or "citizen of the United States" (slave) or operator of a federal corporation (YOUR NAME) or an actual business corporation with a federal charter.  This presumption can be rebutted with a "revocation of election to pay" or simply never filing any federal tax forms to begin with and standing your ground as a private American state national---so long as you are not naturally a member of one of those groups who are actually required to pay federal income taxes.

If you have already made the mistake of filing paperwork as a "Withholding Agent", the act of doing so creates a "novation contract" which is a repetition of performance contract-----another legal presumption that you are in fact a volunteer Warrant Officer in the Merchant Marines and that you will be filing tax forms again the next year.

This is what gives rise to "Failure to File" charges. 

However, now that you have admitted your mistake and that you know what a Withholding Agent is ---and know that you are not a Withholding Agent---it would be illegal inducement to perjure yourself to require you to file anything saying that you were voluntarily acting in that capacity, wouldn't it?

Yes, indeed.  It would.

One of the most curious facts is that if you file a 1040 or other form and you make any mistakes at all---- on purpose or not --- you can be held accountable for a felony and up to five years in prison and all sorts of fines.  But if you never file anything at all, the most you can be charged with is a misdemeanor and up to a year in jail.

This is because when you claim under penalty of perjury to be a federal officer ---- a Withholding Agent--- and fail to perform your duty, it is a serious crime under martial law.  But when you claim no such official capacity and are merely presumed to be a "federal citizen" in the first place, the court has nothing but a legal presumption backing its actions against you and no actual evidence provided by your wet-ink signature on a 1040 or other filing.

So bust their presumptions. If you aren't naturally subject to federal territorial or municipal jurisdiction, nor overjoyed with the "service" you are receiving from the "federal government" corporation and its federated "states of states"----- claim your exemption. Revoke your election to pay federal income taxes.  Stop paying the Beast that is offering to eat you.

It is your right and at some point, your responsibility, to see to it that your money is funding the actual government that is owed to you and not a fly-by-night foreign subcontractor making false claims against you and fleecing you blind.
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  1. It would seem we should, could and aught to revoke just about everything, eh? I think some of us have a ton of paperwork to prepare. Revoke, rebut, repudiate. Get it on file...I'm thinking I'll be sending my toxic water utilities my to nonconsentual poison being added to my water supply...i can see all of us revoking all the signaturesame we've ever made that seem never ending consensual agreemeets with vast and constant 'updates, changes and ammendmentsee in their favor. I smell bacon!!

  2. Damn auto correct....revoking my agreement which was nonconsentual and certainly undisclosed of adding poisonous fluoride to public water. Bastards

  3. And ya'll thought weather, weeds, cockroaches, rats and mice were an ongoing problem.
    The ongoing schemes of the "Unseen Hand" all must be reversed.
    Only with the unending regulations and legislations it'll be a long row to hoe to get there.

    Awakening the "Sleeping Giant" is the order of the decade ahead.
    Needing a public understanding enough to arouse ire for-

    "My people perish for a lack of understanding"

  4. About 10 or so years ago, I had a rebate due me for 3 years when my Social Security Disability was cut off and I had to go to court to prove the money was indeed due me. I won my case and they were supposed to send me 3 back years of pay to the tune of approx $72,000 and when the check never showed, I received a letter from IRS saying they took my money for penalties and interest, all of which I never owed! I'm going to sue the bastards and never pay again!

    1. The mafia never had it so good as the unelected fed agencies under the color and pretext of law...

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Be warned... if you do try and stop paying taxes to our lawless bloated government of tyrants... the lawless IRS will come after you and run you into the ground until you die or pay taxes until you die.

  6. John Benson and Glenn Ambort here is their website

    Best information of IRS,they broke the code, both went to jail for exposing the fraud both great heroes, John is gone now Glenn lost all he had and now resides on marginal social security. So is the trek of the few heroes walking alone in the midst of a confused world. At the end Ceasar gets what he wants, what belongs to him with his face on it.

    You are contending not with man but against spiritual forces in high places and filing revocation or what might you without the true Creator to support you ain't going to work. You are going to have to go completely off the grit and if you have a family with children to tend to it now becomes a matter of survival.

    I know of those who advocate filing these paperworks but have left America and reside in Costa Rica, Argentina etc, they vacated their premises and took off, uumm wonder why? Or there are others who charge in the thousand to help you get the IRS off your back and lord forbid you make one iota of mistake in those filing! If they wanted America free you think maybe the infor should be free? Money money money!

    If your house is not in order, that is your Temple, meaning you your body; if you are not free from "RELIGION" and spiritually connected instead then you will have missed the boat. This is a battle for your mind, not your soul God owns that, but it is for your mind. Frank O'Collin is a master mind with tremendous insight and knowledge of the world system beyond anything i have read, but he falters at believing the SUN is an actual entity which amounts to nothing more than a sun worshiper and yes his thought is to make friends with the devil!

    Turn off you TV, get away from your pastors, Pope or spiritual gura, go into your room quietly and honestly importune your Creator everyday until you get an answer and see what happens



  7. This article refers to American state nationals with state spelled with a small "s" whereas prior articles used a capital "S" in State. Which is correct?

  8. Get the answer by looking at Title 8, US citizen vs national.

  9. You forgot a very important point judge Anna. Our "Master Files" all have us listed as doing business that require a "stamp" tax which is regulated by the ATF. Those are the regulations that back title 26, the corp. income tax. We have way to many "adheason" contracts with the corp State to use that as a remeady anymore. Furthermore, most of us have tried things like that years ago and now coded as "tax protesters" right on the form they send us. And if you have never tried, and finally try this as a remedy, you'll be labeled a tax protestor too. Once thats on your form, they wont listen to a thing you say. Besides, if you listen to gene keating, he says thats the wrong form for income. We should be filing under gift and estate tax forms. The real problem is no matter what we say, we are still using and endorseing "private credit" by using FRN's and all their commercial instraments to boot(checks,drafts, money orders,credit cards,etc. The IRS is in place for one "balance" the account. And if you dont do it ,they will. But thats where the demand for "lawful money" at 12USC411 comes in. And you only need to do it once, by sending a letter to your bank, then after giving them 30 days to refute that you conduct all your financial obligations using only lawful money(which in essence turns their FRN's into real money just by making the demand. It doesnt mean you are demanding gold or silver from the bank, because they dont have it. All you need to explain to them that this demand is only for putting everyone on "NOTICE" that all "transactions" are based on the "presumption" that you are using "lawful money" to "PAY" your debts, not "discharge" them. Then make it official by going to the "county recorders office" and filing a declaration or "letter of understanding"(a stipulation bond) declaring that this letter now stands as a lawful Notice to everyone that it was always your intent to only use lawful money, and not private credit. So it will stand as evidence now, from this point foreward that all your financial obligations are "Transaction Based" using only lawful money demanded at 12USC411, wheather you demand it or not....because you cant always make that demand if you are using the internet or whatever. Thats why its "transaction based". Before you file at the county recorders office, make sure you get 3 or 4 deposit or withdrawal slips from the bank so you can attach them as "evidence" to your filing, conforming to the rules of evidence(rule 602) and therefore overcoming the heresay rule. Just remember, we are receiving a benifit from their monitary system in the form of "equity" on our homes, which is only possible on their system. No house should ever increase in value unless you have made significant improvements to that house to justify an increase. Otherwise, all "things" natureally depreciate because of age. Ots common sence.

  10. Oh. I forgot yo tell you that demand needs to be on the front of all your checks, right under your name and address in the left hand corner on the "front" side of all your checks. The front is "public" the back is "private". Thats why you dont want to endorse it anymore with your signiture. Its not necessary since you are using lawful money when you make that demand. Lawful money doesnt require a signiture(or autograph).Dont make the mistake of argueing with the teller about "getting" lawful money in the form of gold or silver....they will just close your account and tell you good luck with your next bank. That "demand" is only for legal reasons only. You can accept anything they have because by implecation of your "demand" you just converted their FRN's into real money. So dont worry about it. This is as close as it gets to a "remedy" with these people. There are hardly any remedies that work anymore. This addresses the underlying problem we have been up against up till now. We had united states notes up until 1971 supposedly. But because no one was using them, the court ruled that there is no reason to print two types of notes when FRN's can serve both purposes, but only when using the demand at 12USC411. Does this mean you will never be bothered again. No. Because there really is no "rule of law" here. Its just another illusion. They want a dictatorship. Then they wont need all there other agencies. Its that simple.

    1. I tried the "demand for lawful money per 12 usc,section 411
      with my payroll checks and got all my taxes back only 2 years later the IRS said i sent in frivolous tax returns and fined me 10,000. I sent back a copy of the law and federal reserve act section 16 which says the same thing ,but to no avail. They said if i didnt send them the 10 grand, they would levy my SS. I became a secured party creditor in 2016 and decided to pay them with a "statement of assignment of account" waiting to see how that turns out because if they refuse payment, then according to the UCC, the debt has to be discharged. any suggestions on how to proceeded would be welcomed

  11. You nailed it james, using the private script and endorsing it waives the right to demand lawful money, and because the bank accounts accrue interest as well as using legal tender only passes the debt on to be paid later, the tax may be applied for using their debt system of currency. Using lawful money pays for all goods and services then and there, executing the contract. Making a demand for lawful money and setting up the account so that it does not accrue interest is crucial to ending the presumption of voluntary use of the private legal tender currency.
    Also understanding that IRS is not the same thing as Internal Revenue. The Internal Revenue Commissioner might be held to the standards set forth in Title 26 of the USC, but IRS in its various forms are bound by Title 15 as they are private debt collection corporations. The first was(is?) owned and operated by The Northern Trust Company. You still can demand a Verified Assessment and if they want to take it to a Court, you are still guaranteed the action to take place in a Judicial Court closest to where you live. How many Judicial Courts (not executive or administrative) are there?
    I also registered the FIRST MIDDLE LAST Name found on the Certificate of Live Birth as a Sole Proprietor (Individual) non-corporation Business Entity. That NAME is active and in good standing according to the Secretary of State and thus has standing in all actions (court) and is further evidence that I am not IT. Because IT is a Person, under their "definition" IT has private property rights. IT also has a Nameholder(me) so I don't think Nihil Dicit Judgements can be entered without consent. An unregistered NAME has no standing, so Nihil Dicit Judgements can be made against it all day long without consent. I view the Certificate of Assumed Name as a temporary stop gap until all FRNs and any other legal tender is out of circulation, and lawful money is used again. Hopefully once lawful money makes its way back people will realize that any form of money is a slave tool and we can all start doing what makes us happy, and contribute to our communities voluntarily because it is what we are most passionate about.

    1. Exactly local people looking out for community, county and State interests as actual residents of that State.
      These incorporated federal scheming parasites use us all now as pawns. Even OUR money,homes and children belong to them. WE truly are a "sleeping giant" as a peopie.
      Time to pull the curtain back.
      Just where is Toto anyway?

    2. Exactly local people looking out for community, county and State interests as actual residents of that State.
      These incorporated federal scheming parasites use us all now as pawns. Even OUR money,homes and children belong to them. WE truly are a "sleeping giant" as a peopie.
      Time to pull the curtain back.
      Just where is Toto anyway?

  12. Anna, thanks for providing this info again

    I notice in this and past articles related to this issue you state the federal fiscal year starts July 01 and ends on June 30. This changed around 1976 to start on October 01 and end on September 30

    just thotcha might otter wanna know

  13. Posted for Anna by Paul Stramer:

    Very interesting!!! Can you corroborate and provide any details???

    1. Hi Paul

      …presuming you’re asking me about the federal fiscal year post

      1. I was there (working for the fed) when it changed in 1976

      2. The best history of the fiscal years I’ve found so far is at the US Citizenship and Immigration Services -
      “Currently, the twelve-month period beginning October 1 and ending September 30. Historically, until 1831 and from 1843-49, the twelve-month period ending September 30 of the respective year; from 1832-42 and 1850-67, ending December 31 of the respective year; from 1868-1976, ending June 30 of the respective year. The transition quarter (TQ) for 1976 covers the three-month period, July-September 1976.”

      3. A WikipediA article on “Fiscal Year” points to the Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act of 1974 where you can find the the public law, USC ++ pertaining to the most recent iteration

      hope this helps

      p.s. wondering if you have a more current reference to the section of the “Internal Revenue Code, Title 26” pertaining to revocation of election. It seems Section 6013 currently pertains to Joint Returns and my previous searches in Title 26 were fruitless… thought I recollect hearing the revocation was buried in the IRM (Internal Revenue Manual) but I haven’t found it there yet either

    2. For Anna:
      I do, but it is at home and I won't be there for a few more days. Remind me and I will fish it out.

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