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Saturday, September 2, 2023

We Don't Use PARSE SYNTAX for Any Reason

 By Anna Von Reitz

Although I have spoken to this point on numerous occasions and have explained that PARSE is just a reworking of a fraud scheme introduced 1500 years ago during the reign of the Roman Emperor Justinian ---people are still falling into this updated trap.  

So let's make this very simple and plain: we don't use PARSE for any reason.  

The tawdry history of PARSE has been fully established by Romley Stewart, Rohan Lorian, and other Australian researchers and published as the "Justinian Deception" on YouTube and elsewhere. 

There has been some consternation as I recorded some documents that appear to be in PARSE, but are in fact not in PARSE, but in a made-up language mirroring PARSE. 

This amounts to -- we did unto them what they were trying to do to us, so as to create an obstacle to their objective, which was to create an even more virulent version of Legalese based on a privately copyrighted language. 

We created an Open Source language that mirrors PARSE and which renders its use untenable. 

Average people would have been forced to rely on and pay professional PARSE scribes every time they wanted to do anything, and those PARSE scribes would be able to twist and turn contracts any way they pleased. 

This would have opened up the opportunity for even more obscene levels of "judicial discretion" and promoted even more gobbledygook and secret handshake nonsense.

Needless to say, we moved to nip this in the bud, explained why this was not a good idea, and have advised everyone to avoid PARSE. 

Quite above and beyond this very practical and sensible prohibition, English is our Official Language and always has been, so please, honor our Law. 

Use plain old proper English on all recorded documents and use your Proper Name just as you were taught to write it as a child. 

People are attracted to complexity like moths to flame, but remember -- the truth is always simple. It's the lies that are complex.  

Anything like PARSE, which is picky and pedantic and arcane, anything obscure, anything that requires a special education simply to use it, anything with the whiff of sorcery and secret languages to it -- avoid. 

Those are all warning signs, like red flags we need to recognize. 

The Enemies of all mankind are liars. They revel in secrecy -- secret handshakes, secret signs, secret languages, secret meaning hidden in what appears to be common language.  Everything they do is cloak and dagger, even the words they say. 

So even though you may be intrigued or curious about such coded communications, do not be deceived by them. 

Honest men use honest language. Their intentions are plainly stated in ways that anyone can understand.  There is no doubt about their meaning, because the truth is in them.

Russell Gould made a lot of unjustifiable claims for PARSE SYNTAX including the claim that it was a better, more precise language to use in creating contracts.  

The best way to create valid contracts is to say what you mean and mean what you say.  Do what you agree to do.  Be honest about your intentions.  Conduct yourselves with clarity.  Use simple language without double-meanings.

Always express the conditions upon which your contract may be voided or withdrawn, so that everyone knows up front exactly how the contract can be ended without controversy. 

Walk in ways of simplicity and let your words and acts be simple to understand, or as the Bible puts it, "Let your yes be yes, and your no be no."  

This is good advice for everyone at all times. Following it will give you peace of mind, and trust and respect among men.  


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