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Saturday, September 2, 2023


 By Anna Von Reitz

For those who don't know, Hawaii was a Kingdom before it was a State of the Union.  

Like all western states that entered the Union after the Civil War, Hawaii has lived under military occupation and in Territorial Statehood established under the Northwest Ordinance from August 21st 1959 to October 1st 2020, when it was finally enrolled as a full-fledged State of the Union. 

As a result, Hawaii's time spent under the influence of what appears to be our government has actually been experienced at the hands of the British Territorial United States, and it was not under the auspices of our actual civilian government at all.  

Owing to the difficult transition to civilian government and ongoing diplomatic and practical debate of issues related to the so-called "return" of the American Government, Hawaii has yet to experience life as a State of the Union.  

Imagine that you have been living in an occupied military zone for 160 years, so long that everyone has basically forgotten the conditions under which they live.  

Everyone in Hawaii thinks that what they have experienced is "American", but instead, it's British Territorial --- like everyone else, they've been at the mercy of the British Raj, and haven't even known it. 

As Vandana Shiva explained the experience in India, the British just came and took the land and started charging everyone property taxes.  The property taxes impoverished the farmers who were already poor enough.  

Then the British began pushing the use of chemical fertilizers that cost money --- which further impoverished the farmers and ruined the natural soil, ultimately reducing the amount of food the farmers could produce.  

The British also gave themselves first dibs on agricultural products and exported rice from Bengal during the great Bengal Famine -- depriving starving Indians of their own produce, which they needed for themselves to survive. 

This same ruthless, ignorant, uncaring behavior has always been the hallmark of the British Empire and those promoting it--- whether they have been honest about their activities and called it "colonialism" or have been dishonest and cloaked it via the use of "military protectorates" and incorporation of what appear to be lawful governments, but aren't. 

The British "caretakers" have endeavored to gloss over their predation and have striven to take by guile what they could never take by force.  

They have used courts as theater production companies to promote injustice by deceit and used "privatized" police forces to promote racketeering throughout the western world. 

Similar to the situation described in India, they snuck in the back door, took the land, and started charging the actual land owners "property taxes" they didn't owe under color of law.  They brought in foreign mercenaries, aka, the Raj, to enforce this.  They used the property taxes collected and the land they stole as collateral to pay for the mercenaries. 

And they have hypocritically pretended that they were protecting the victims of all this sanctimonious corporate bunk, while at the same time, promoting this vicious fraud scheme at the expense of the victims. 

Almost everyone on Earth has cause to hate the Government of Great Britain, and especially hate the British Crown and the entire hegemony of the Inner City of London. We, Americans, are no exception; yet, upon further investigation, it readily appears that the people of Great Britain have been as downtrodden, over-taxed, enslaved, and abused as everyone else.  

So the Brits have even "done it" to themselves. 

That indicates that they have been used as cheap guns, pawns, and a storefront in the hands of other players. 

The thread is not hard to follow.  It goes to Rome, the Roman Curia, the now-defunct office of the Roman Pontiff, the House of Wettin, a resurgence of the Hanseatic League, Switzerland, Vichy France, Belgium, and Greece.  

The pawprints of the underlying crime syndicate are all over the UN CORP, the WORLD BANK, WHO, and all the multitudinous municipal alphabet soup agencies from FEMA to UNESCO and back again.   
The blood-sucking fictions known as MICROSOFT and PFIZER, BAYER, MONSANTO, etc., are over their heads and trying to kill their creditors. 

They were just more overt about it this past week, with regard to the people living in Lahaina, Hawaii. 

Given that this is a transnational crime syndicate we are dealing with, we have to trace back the money funding it, and when we do that, we find that Switzerland has created numerous foreign enclaves that have been carved out of its national jurisdiction and set apart (for a price) to function as independent international city-states, howbeit, existing inside the borders of Switzerland. 

These so-called enclaves have then operated under their own private law and done anything they pleased.  The banks have been especially keen to create enclaves for themselves and use the complicit national governments as top-dressing and protection for themselves.  

The same thing has been done in The United States, most famously with the District of Columbia and secondarily with the Municipality of Washington, DC, which styles itself as an independent international city-state.  

The proliferation of these private independent international city-states has for the most part occurred without the knowledge or consent of the actual landowners and is unsupported by any granted authority possessed by the institutions creating these "enclaves". 

So what is going on here? 

The Raj is setting up pirate bases for its activities and the CIA and mercenary elements of the US Military have been helping them at the behest of the central banks and WEF, headed by Klaus Schwab, another Nazi pervert in residence.   

Hastily, the monsters are attempting to throw up smokescreens and are "sacrificing" one of their own most heinous and profitable Black Ops to provide the smoke: the trafficking of children to produce the Uber Drug, adrenochrome. 

They think that the revelation of this hideous "trade" and their own gallant role in stopping it, will be sufficient to distract our attention and predispose us to protect and honor them --- and keep us from asking such obvious questions as: 

1. How has anything of this size and scope taken place right under your noses, while you are being paid to prevent crime? 

2. How have so many children, as many as eight million in a single year in America alone, gone missing without a trace and without a record? And without any action from you? 

There are 2400 children missing from Lahaina, Hawaii.  They disappeared prior to the fire storm. 
We believe we will find them being trafficked through Hong Kong by British Operatives. 

Getting back to Hawaii in a more general sense, Hawaii was taken over by British Territorial Corporation Goons.  Hawaii's Queen was forced to abdicate.  They made it appear that she received a huge amount of money and that she sold out, but in fact, no such bribe was ever received by the Queen or her Court. 

Instead, the money was set aside in a trust for Hawaii to pay for promised improvements and infrastructure and used to create plantations and resorts benefiting people like former Senator Robert Dole of the Dole Pineapple fortune.  

It was all nothing but corporate cronyism at its very worst. 

When it came time for Hawaii to vote on the issue of (Territorial) statehood, the Perps allowed US Servicemen to vote in the local elections and stuffed the ballot boxes to the brim.  Even those who voted for it thought they were voting for actual Statehood, not Territorial "Statehood".  

There's a lot more dirt and skullduggery that went on in the British Raj's illegal coup over the lawful Hawaiian Monarchy, their theft of land, their schtick of charging the actual landowners property taxes, the brutal and pre-planned attack on Pearl Harbor. The attack on Lahaina is just more of the same. 

We want it known who is doing this and who is responsible.  We want everyone to know that this took place without any consent or approval from the actual American Government.  

It is my hope that the people of Hawaii will know this and will by long association with actual Americans -- the good people of our country-- know in their hearts that what they have endured has not been at our hands.  

It is also my hope that when the dust settles from all this transnational criminality, Hawaii will freely choose to enter into true Statehood and experience the American Dream as it always should have been -- not the American Nightmare we have all suffered through at the hands of the unseen British Territorial Raj and their Corporate Crony Shills. 


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