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Friday, May 6, 2016

The Straight Skinny and What You Need to Do

by Anna Von Reitz

Dear Ron, 

I obviously haven't been doing a very good job of communicating or you guys haven't been doing a very good job of reading--- in either case, you should not be surprised by what Obummer is doing. 

The IMF has declared "war" on our "persons".  See the email letter sent to Pope Francis April 22.  See the Letter to Congress. 

What happened is that the "United States" defined as the "territories and District of Columbia" seized upon and mischaracterized us as their "Citizens" when in fact we have never been their "Citizens". 

They then created Cestui Que Vie Trusts named after us: JOHN MANLY DOE

They did this without our knowledge or consent. 

They rolled all of our assets into these trusts and bonded the assets---- used our assets as collateral backing their debts, without our knowledge or consent. 

They went on a decades-long spending spree via the abuse of our credit and finally reached the end of that very long rope all without us knowing a thing about it. 

Now the cows have come home.

They have exhausted their credit and our credit in the international community and the secondary creditors are after them. 

Mr. Obama is preparing his minions for war because otherwise the IMF has threatened to send UN troops in here to seize our assets in repayment of debts owed by the "United States" defined as "territories and District of Columbia". 

So, we have criminals proposing to start a war on our land and we have angry creditors of those criminals threatening to crash our gates and we have 390 million Americans, most of whom are asleep on their feet from working so hard to pay debts they never owed in the first place. 

This craziness has got to end and if we don't put a stop to it, who will?  

We are the priority creditors of Mr. Obummer and his corporations.  The Chinese and all the others will have to get in line behind us.  

And at the end of the day, you can't get blood out of a turnip.  Mr. Obama is a turnip. 

The United States defined as the "territories and District of Columbia" never had a pot in the first place.  Everyone knows that.  

Everyone knows exactly what services we contracted for from them, too, so it is no big leap to figure out that no, we are NOT responsible for paying for all the crap these vermin have engaged in.  Their corporation is on the hook for all the "extra" spending--- not us. 

We, the States of America, have accrued a National Credit equal to their "United States" National Debt as a result of how the debt-credit system works. 

As their Priority Creditors, we are entitled to collect from them first. 

We have ordered the international Trustees and the banks involved to do the bookkeeping involved and settle the imbalance without further ado. This is something that Obama doesn't have the authority to do.  Only we do.

So we did. 

And now it is up to the Pope and the UN Trustees to settle the accounts on paper and it is up to us to deal with our out of control employees. 

Part of dealing with them is correcting each and every American's political status, back to their birthright standing on the land of the organic states of the Union.  Use the "Act of Expatriation and Oath of Allegiance" I provided as an example template--- fill in your own names and information, get it notarized, send a copy to John Kerry and the State Secretary of State where you live and the head of their Immigration and Naturalization Service.  Send all mail via Registered Mail, Return Receipt Requested. 

Revoke your "election to pay" federal income taxes at the same time.  You are not a corporation. You are not a "federal" citizen. You owe them no taxes. 

And now you are home again, free and clear, at peace, without a debt to anyone in the world. 

If Mr. Obama and the "United States" defined as the "territories and District of Columbia" continues to cause trouble we have numerous means of dealing with him at our disposal and it is certain that we will deal with his corporations, too. 

It is all a matter of waking up and realizing who you are and taking care of your own business. In this case, we took care of doing it for the whole nation, because we were the only ones who knew what to do and who did it in a timely fashion.  

Next time this kind of fraud blows up, we won't be here, so it is imperative that you all learn from these mistakes and start handling your affairs and the affairs of your nation more responsibly.  

The Federal United States is not now and has never been the "same as" the Continental United States.  Their government is under contract to provide us with "governmental services" but it is a separate and foreign government with respect to us. 

Since the early 1900's, they have operated their "Federal States" and serviced their "Federal Citizens" on our land in an irresponsible manner and have conducted business in dishonest ways, such as calling themselves the United States of America (Minor) so as to promote the confusion between their identity and ours. 

Now that you all clearly understand that and understand that you have been mischaracterized as "Citizens" of this foreign entity, I trust that you are capable of correcting the public records and your political status back to your birthright status and claiming your identity as an Ohioan or Wisconsinite or whatever other state you come from. 

And get busy forming your local jural assemblies, setting up your own Common Law Courts, your Counties on the Land, your States on the Land, and thinking about the Continental Congress which must be convened to finally settle all this hash.  
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  1. We're can we find the template for the "oath of allegiance"? Really want to send one. Please help

    1. www paulstramer net /2016/04/finally-simple-fraud-killing-remedy.html

  2. I've done all of this and noticed these offices, yet they continue to act as if they never heard of any of this. The so-called 'Secretary of State' in Wisconsin is a worthless, do-nothing moron. The legislature finally took the notary public responsibility away from him because he does nothing but obstruct. I even went so far as to send him a letter challenging him as to whether he still functioned in the de jure manner or whether he was only a defacto puppet. He responded in a threatening manner and refused to answer my question.

    I continue to enlighten the people throughout the land and they are waking up. I'm afraid though, that those holding the public offices who should be taking notice will not until we come for them with torches and pitch forks.

    We've been noticing these actors for decades and have seen very little to indicate that they have a clue or care. It makes one wonder whether there is an honorable man within the government services corporation. Where's Diogenes when we need him? Oh, there you are, Anna. I almost forgot. Sorry for my rant. Thank you for your efforts.

    1. You see the problem in Anna's eyes is you're still not "getting it". You still refer to THEM as " holding public offices" when SHE clearly states that almost all public offices are vacated. The problem with all of this is that there is no proper organization in conveying all of this, and what I mean by organization is the way it's presented. Not an actual "organization" like a club or something. Another problem with Anna's theories, musings, and presentations is that she went from a simple, grassroots type of message that there are two governments, and constitutions running side by side, and that "we" as the American people are owed big time. Now it has dissolved, however, into a crazy,creepy biblical apocalyptic message with the "government" taking us over and China and Russia invading "us". It has become very cult like. This may be true this "message", and come to pass, and maybe it won't. Who knows? She should have been clear of her intentions from get go with the fear porn. Don't sucker people in, and then drop a bomb on them. In doing so...she is just as guilty as the " government" she claims is fake.

  3. Using this as 1 page flyer to share @ endorsing convention tomorrow; Noticing People who care to further awaken same. Header:Prepare for Good Surprises ilo all the prevalent negative news so commonly spewed :D InJoy
    Ending: Short & Sweet This 6.5 min video is quite informative with other associated links given, highly recommended: New Republic Update & History… w/ astounding Reno SURPRISE near end!!! - 15 min. well worth your attention. Blessings 2 ALL :D

  4. As forrest gump said stupid is as stupid dose
    even the Ants sew the light
    John Smith


  6. Judge Anna, I think that your communication is quite extraordinary to say the least. Just like all of us who do not know anything about this, may take a minute to try to understand what your saying, who is responsible, why did this happen, when did this occur, where is this most impacting the people of the land and How can we proceed on our end.
    You've made a compelling case. If you can get to draft up a petition for each document/template for all of us who care to sign this document, and have Congress to review it, we might have a chance to fight this in a group. If we set the goal to be a specific number, Congress must pay attention. It hurts to hear you talk about you may not be here anymore. We are awakening, most of us are scared, and most of us just don't know what to do once we have read your letters. This is so deep that it impacts our lives, our families and the people we care about. How many people have lost their lives trying to help you? You don't and won't know that number but this effort is a big one and if people can start a petition as your document as a template to follow by, we will join forces in great numbers with everyone involved. I respect and will support you too if you can do this through a petition. Love and light to you Judge Anna

  7. That is all THEM. This is the original Republic in terra firma. Don't be fooled by another counterfeit. The only Republic that is real is made of flesh and blood men and women and actual soil. Not phony "states" made of paper claiming to represent this and that. Remember basic math! Zero plus zero equals what??? ZERO! These paper currencies are using you and your assets as the basis of credit --- it is your credit, not THEIRS. Wake up and hear the birds sing, America.

  8. Okay Anna. I remember June 21, 1941, when the German Wehrmacht and crack Waffen SS armored and mechanized troops with 1000’sof horses and carts, on the western frontier of the former Soviet Union, where at 4:08 am, they launched what is still the largest Army Group assault in human military history with over 3 million men in arms using 3 Army Groups North, Central and South to move across Russia and they got their butt kicked by the time they lost the 6th Army in Stalingrad in January o 1943
    And short memories of Viet Nam, and 10 years of occupation and insurgent Viet Minh and North Viet Nam regulars that could not defeat them and we left.
    Anyone who has studied military history as I have since I started in a military academy in the 1st grade and I was born not long after WWII, will tell you, every kind of aggressive war criminal act against a people, has always resulted in failure for obvious reasons.
    The natural law of the universe is LOVE ENERGY.
    You violate natural law, you don’t move beyond 3D.
    And that’s why men of arms are stuck here, along with those who still believe in money systems and hierarchies, and have yet to indulge the spirit of love that gave life through light to the he universe as Spirit which we are, if you have not made that universal connection to move into 5D, you will be stuck here with those who believe in controller systems of hierarchies and war machines to protect them, that allows for a mass slave population that serve them.
    And that has been the truth in this 3D environment since day 1.
    The day that every person who owns a weapon and a badge with a uniform bundles it all up and puts it into an incinerator, and begins to really realize the truth of who they really are, than the consciousness of love that begins to flow through you as to what will open up the locks to other dimensions and cosmic densities in our multi-verse, will open up the unlimited possibilities of what all of us can enjoy, but won’t until we abandon everything we have learned in this domain that is predicated on pure *ull*hit.
    You have to unlearn what mass public schooling and religious and scientific dogma has taught us.

    1. Really? So explain the God of the Bible with the wraths, anger, floods, plagues, murders etc. Don't sound too loving to me!

  9. PART 2
    Tesla proved that and so did Otis Carr, Ralph Ring, John Searle, Faraday, Steinmetz, and those who have used anti-gravity, magnetic, and aether-sprit technologies, who have travelled through time and space into the multi-verse of 5 D reality, but you don’t move into higher spiritual domains, without having the keys of a higher spirit and love in your heart as energy that resonates at 528 Hertz to connect with the light spectrum and love in your heart and your spirit to do so.
    Include the armed people of Canada and those in the south who will come here to rescue and help their Latin brethren. There would by a Che Guerra from Chile and Paraguay making itself into America and with open range borders from Ca to the Gulf and the frontiers of Canada all but open for insurgency and that doesn't include mass protests and chaos and command and control take down by southern patriots who have been waiting for this day for over 150 years who have kept their powder dry with huge weapons caches for 60 years. Notwithstanding 6 nukes taken from Minot SD SAC base earlier this year.
    Oh and what about our benevolent ET's.
    4 billion people who pray in peace with love in their heart to stop the insanity of this planet and those who rule it, must be purged if we are to collectively move beyond 3d to 5d, and that is a plain truth.
    Its why these dark rulers have been saturating mass media with every TV add and film, sit coms and movies with violence, war and Satanic symbolisms, because they know how consciousness works with what thoughts and images we invoke into our consciousness to produce in the reality we all live, that are reflected by those images.
    If everyone on this planet all focused at one time at midnight to end the violence and all war, it would stop immediately.
    A mass placebo effect if you will.
    And then there is the emit that millions who follow US Navy stereo imagery gallery that shows our immortal spiritual positive vibration can be pulled up by the mast of polarity because we don't live on a round rock but a flat earth domed structure that is a mechanically driven electric powered earth dome unit.

    But none of this squares. I am too well versed in military history and covert insurgencies. First their gonna send us millions of dollars, then create a civil war with 200 million armed American’s which is equal to roughly 1000divisions of an insurgent force that would require most of the world’s military that would descend on America, notwithstanding most in the American military are from southern families to begin with, who have deep routes to the civil war already, and expect Canada, and Latin America not to move through open frontier borders to help us, and what about all the troops needed for NATO’s ratcheted up pressure in the eastern Europe and middle east reformulation of pre-WW I borders to support the Khazarian mob.
    And this doesn’t include the rumor mill of a recent May 2, 2016 update about yes the OPPT payout and surrender of the Dark Cabal who has been running the Khazarian Mob of Murder Inc., with Kissinger, Bush/Clinton as we see the DOJ increasing the heat on Clintons criminal indictment potential, after Keenen’s update said on April 29 during the White House Correspondents dinner, General Dunphy stormed through the old JFK underground tunnel system to the White House, and demanded resignations, and the dark cabal was said to have surrendered and thus security forces were returned to Wells Fargo banks and redemption centers.
    Neil Kennan in his May 2, 2016 update is quoted here: “The Iraqi Dinar is finally “Gold Backed”

    This historical transaction took place in Atlanta with Madam Wu signing off on behalf of China and has kicked off what is called ‘Tier 5’. Also the Zimbabwe note is going gold back which each has a value of $11.80 in Europe, in dollars. “So it is going to happen”.

  10. PART IV.
    PART 3

    Another update from Sunday, May 1st says, Mayday, You’re not going to believe what you’re going to hear. The AIIB, Wells Fargo, HSBC put a 10 pm EST deadline on Citibank to get Basal III compliant or default. At the same time Obama was scheduled to speak at the White House Correspondents Dinner (WHCD) in D.C.
    Then we have video tape today of 100’s of US military M1 Abrams tanks rolling through Houston TX, even though Fort Hood is the largest armored base in the USA.
    Then there is the fact there are in excess of over 200 million armed Americans, which would have been Ho Chi Minh’s greatest dream come true during Viet Nam, and that doesn’t include all the open frontier borders in the north and the south, where Canucks and their American brethren are not gonna sit there and allow for us to be laid to waste, and then there is the major link of Latin America and their brethren in the south all the way to the tip of Tierra Del Fuego, and billions of people around the world who are not gonna sit on their butt, I can assure you.
    The south has as they will tell you as they have told me with extended family I have in TX, AR, SC, and GA, they have been stockpiling weapons caches after the SECET WEAPONS FOR SILENT WARS came out, and William Cooper’s BEHOLD A PALE HORSE, that was a meticulous detailed report of all of the infrastructure and order of battle to carry out the FEMA Camp death camps.
    Oh, and then there is US Navy’s SECCHI STEREO viewer space cams, that if you have never seen the US DOD’s website that runs video and still shots 24/7, that says we have a ground ball by the NASA model, but by the USN model we live in a lemon looking structure with an electronic mast of polarity that measures both the planets negative and positive polarity, which means our spirit, that is the aether woven into the fabric of space time and how our consciousness is what is reflected by what we crate that we interact with I this 3D reality, we can have our Aether born energy of positive vibration signature pulled up through the mast of polarity, much like the way we already teleport, that you can hear with Ralph Ring who worked with Otis Carr a protégé of Nikolas Tesla, who with the 1947 crash at Roswell and the interview transcript from one EBE who survived, you will note, she said this was a prison planet from a much older dark empire of the past that has been cleared away throughout the Milky Way galaxy, and this is one of the last remnants, that is now being liberated. And there is evidence to support what came out of her interview transcript from 1947, from a book published by Ms. MacDonald, “An Alien Interview” when the US Army nurse who interviewed released the transcript to an author right before she died for self-evident reasons.

    1. Oh God...let's just get it all over with once and for all. I am so over all of this sh##! It is ALL so boring and monotonous.

  11. PART V.
    And the US Navy’s SECCHI Space cams of 2007-08 video imaging, clearly shows a cosmic war in space between the domed planet structures other than earth were under attack with 100’s and 100’s of space craft, where huge energy weapons that used the sun to draw from were used.
    So it was a matter of taking care of business down below, where we have been held in 3d, by these evil satanic rulers and proxies who received power and control over us by the old dark Empire rulers.
    Where we have been liberated from above by the cosmic war that was above us in 2008, that you could have viewed through USN SECCHI.
    My links that support all this are below.
    It is well rumored and believed by those who have followed the cosmic war above to our liberation, is to emit when all this goes down, where those who are going to try and pull off their last genocidal skit will get the pour into the pit.
    If you wish to see how source uses the PIT to calcify negative energy beings, then watch the Yellow Rose for TX video on the LIE NASA TOLD.
    And lastly, which is what really made me begin to wonder about my sources here, is when it was said about a week ago about LISA HAVEN as being a white hat, could not be further from the truth.
    I spend a lot of time discerning with my spiritual endowment and full 5d consciousness truth I live with, vetted her long ago.
    Because I have a deep science and military technology background, especially with cybernetics and the integrated circuit board having worked with Collin’s Radio, Motorola, TRW, RCA, Rockwell International Space Group and Information Systems from 1965-1985, that go back to the first networks, so I managed to trace the source and the location of who and where she posts her videos and she works for the DARK CABAL.
    She is pure FEAR mongering and disinformation, by those who understand how consciousness works with thought forms, images that promote fear, because anyone who has any knowledge on how aether spirit and negative and positive polarity works with the Schuman resonance wave frequencies and light, will tell you, loves on the opposite spectrum of love.
    And you cannot move into higher 5D dimensions when you are in 3D state of fear.

  12. PART VI
    Its why you see the mass communications of the digital domain, now saturated with images of fear producing thought forms that keep your positive polarity down and your vibration rate down from 528 Hertz wave frequency in your energy signature and spirit, for one that is in a state of FEAR which is far lower.
    These dark forces know exactly what they are doing to try and prevent and emit above to large inter-stellar space craft that are right above us and to the west of the sun waiting to pick us up.
    There is ground intelligence to support that.
    This is the dark forces last skit, before they get the pour into the PIT.
    If you wish to see the PIT on USN SECCHI in action when it poured cleared Mercury, and Neptune into the PIT, than watch THE LIE NASA TOLD by the Yellow Rose for TX many US SECCHI videos.
    They are trying to prevent as many as they can from moving above into a multiverse 5D reality
    Because 5D is in a state of higher positive polarity(LOVE+528 Hertz) which is achieved by the more love you have in your heart, by how much you express your spirit in love and service to others, that keeps your resonance higher.
    It’s one of the many features of a planet’s “mast of polarity” and “Teleportation aether and magnetic technologies”.
    Your energy-spirit can be pulled out of the human vehicle.
    When you die, you leave it anyway behind. The human vehicle is what our Spirit-consciousness energy, uses to have a human experience. “GOD-Consciousness or Christ consciousness if you will.
    So “LISA HAVEN” is pure unadulterated disinformation.
    I tried to post her name LISA HAVEN on my Facebook page as her being disinformation, and Facebook deleted that post.
    When I tried to post “LISA HAVEN” followed by she is disinformation. FACEBOOK deleted that entry. And when I kept on trying to post it, it kept deleting it, until a worm was sent into my WIFI connection to shutoff my internet connection.
    So in knowing she was tied into that kind of control, she is dirty and works for the evil cabal.
    Don’t take my word for it. Go to any Facebook page and try it.
    Not only that, but when the NSA, or dark cabal who is running Facebook knew that I was on to her, they sent a worm into my system and disabled my network connection.
    So take heed and when I saw that you supported her, it made me wonder about the obvious.
    Some of us who study ecology, public relations, propaganda, mind-control technologies using wave synthesis technology and aether science, and vast low field antennae arrays that are installed I every major tow and city beware.
    It is time to leave your urban environments, and connect with nature and your spirit.
    We are immortal energy beings of universal consciousness.

    Ralph and Marsha Ring : Anti-gravity and conscious awareness in aether technology

    Star Wars recorded on NASA cams - The 2007 War vs Reptilians, Greys, Borgs .

    Flat Earth Leads To The Next Biggest Lie Ever - Full Documentary

     Why hierarchy creates a destructive force within the human psyche (by dr. Robert Sapolsky)

    John Taylor Gatto: The Ultimate History Lesson: The Truth About Your Education

    Professor Eric Dollard - "Theory of Anti-Relativity"
    The End Game Begins, SDR Bonds Being Issued in China

    Available free online

    1. About that Keenan report. Why people praise a man that has no fruit but to the Dinarland folks etc. and he was so upset when a jubilee was discussed and was against it. It is a FACT that the global financial system ran by the federal reserve for over century now GLOBALLY is a ponzi scheme. All debt is ODIOUS and fraudulent PERIOD. You listened to Neil's video and your happy right? WHY? The status quo will be kept up with. LIES are unacceptable PERIOD! Anna is teaching us we have to pay attention and learn from her TRUTH! Truth is the ONLY thing that should count in commerce PERIOD! This report from group K shows that they are willing keep lying to the people and cheer about it PERIOD! Same goes for Dumford! So Dumford is acting like Jack Nicholson saying the people can't handle the truth. We all must reject Keenan as M1 and Dumford as our leader PERIOD!

  14. Hello Ms Anna, am ready to proceed as to this process "Act of Expatriation and Oath of Allegiance" example template you've provided. Here's my scoop...have been married more than one time + have had a legal name change back in 1998. Of course, I have in hand The DECREE GRANTING CHANGE OF NAME OF ADULT document and as you know the SS# stays the same and will lead back to my birth name. Plz correct me if i am wrong. My question is would i be assuming correct to simply use my current status in filling out the Act of Expatriation and Oath of Allegiance of should i use my birth name? I will like to close with BIG THANKS & hugs for the wealth of information you and company have brought forth. I will always be grateful for your friendship and love of our heavenly Father standing bold, strong & courageous doing that which is right & proper for yourself as well as for the whole! tu!!!! sidenote...I've not rec'd feedback on other replies but will give it another try; so plz i need your guidance and don't wish to risk losing this thread plz email

    1. Expatriate both NAMES. The Name change is 18 years old now and you can correct the political status of all Persons over 18 to the land mass recognized as a state of your nativity. Just remember, you are of the free, sovereign, independent people of these United States, so put these Persons back to their (it's) proper political status on the land, so that foreign entities that operate within the boundaries of the sea can't harm you or the Persons anymore

  15. If we do as Anna suggests and correct our nationality and status by the various means suggested, it really doesn't matter that "they" say, or don't say...we just go about our business knowing who we are. Yes, they have the forces to drag us into their private courts, and scare the crap out of us, but might does not make right, and even then, we must hold our ground, and never argue their subject matter or we are hooked. The bigger problem as I see it is setting up our own government. In the county I live in, I don't know even one man or woman whose eyes have been opened, and when I try to talk with them, they can't seem to get away fast enough. A common law based government of one isn't going to accomplish much, so it is to this end I pray daily, that the eyes of many Christians will be opened.


    1. I hear your frustration. When you try and explain something to someone it's like you're having a conversation with a rock. People don't want change. They don't want to "rock the boat". They want to be complacent, eat their McDonald's, drink their beer and watch TV.

    2. I hear your frustration. When you try and explain something to someone it's like you're having a conversation with a rock. People don't want change. They don't want to "rock the boat". They want to be complacent, eat their McDonald's, drink their beer and watch TV.


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