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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Our Actual Credit Balance -- Unanswered Letters 9 -- For Emily Again

by Anna Von Reitz

The secret to all this is hidden in plain sight.  The Bible says that as long as we submit to God's Law and abide by His Covenants (which result in Divine Trusts) we are not subject to any legislation made by men. But if we fail our side of the obligation, specific "curses" will be ours instead of rewards.  That is the condition of the world at large--- it is cursed because it has abandoned the Law of God.  They don't follow the Law of Abraham.  They don't follow the Law of Moses. They don't follow the Law of Jesus. They follow after Satan, the Father of All Lies, instead.   Even their money is nothing but lies and idolatry. 

So-- zero plus zero equals zero.  No matter what you do with zero, it has no meaning of its own.  A single truth outweighs an ocean of lies.   

We authorized the Trustees to pay off all and any debts we owe including any debts owed by the "United States" defined as "the territories and District of Columbia" --and because our actual credit is infinite and all our debts are prepaid, they are obliged to do their jobs and settle the accounts back to zero.  

Another less esoteric way to say this is that we earned a National Credit for every "dollar" worth of debt created as a "National Debt" by the "United States". So in fact there is no debt and never was--- just a test of our knowledge to see if we would settle the accounts. 

Put another way---imagine that you had a hundred trillion trillion dollars in your savings account,  and owed $100 debt but,  because you didn't have sense enough to identify yourself as the account holder and transfer $100 into your checking account and tell your bookkeeper to write the check, you lost your whole kingdom over it.   

 "Fictio cedit veritati."  --- Fiction yields to truth.  

By settling and balancing the books we remove any excuse for anyone to be angry about anything or to blame us or accuse us of not paying our debts----even if those debts were racked up by conmen merely claiming to "represent" us. The IMF can no longer huff and puff and pretend that it has any rights or grievances against us.  Neither can China or anyone else. 

The World Bank and Karen Hudes can stop their frantic efforts to find a way to boot up the same old scam on a different day. 

The Governments of France and Britain can both be very, very ashamed of themselves.  Ditto the Government of Israel. 

They all owe us so much that they can never repay, yet they have attempted to start a war under false pretenses on our soil and committed fraud and press-ganging and so many other sins against us it boggles the mind. 

Same thing for the "United States" defined as "the territories and District of Columbia" which has pretended to "represent" us and has misrepresented us and mischaracterized us since 1868.  

These evil men who have betrayed their positions of trust in exchange for wampum beads and pretty pieces of paper and digits entered on cyber ledgers have their reward. 

They have all been given Notice of their sins and iniquities until the paper alone could carpet the National Mall an inch thick. 

It has been kindly explained to them that there is no way for them to lie about anything, yet they persist in their delusions of secrecy and deceit.  

This is not to frustrate us, Emily.  It is so that their nature and will is made plain for all to see, so that there is no question about the justice that is due them and no reason for us to regret them being taken away. 
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  1. Anna Von Reitz, brave, clever, intelligent...BRILLIANT Lady with BRILLIANT mind. In Her eyes you can see lioness determination . Thank You Anna.


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