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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Apples or Oranges?

Anna asks you.

Everyone continues to mistake apples for oranges.  Just like we, the people, are not THEM, the persons; our system of law is not THEIR system of law. 

In the Common Law, which we are owed, the people have the right of "jury nullification".  Any jury of 12 honest Americans can overturn, edit, or abolish any law passed by any legislature.  Period.  That is how the people rule. 

But these crooks have instituted their admiralty law system and we haven't provided ourselves with the system we are owed, so here we sit. 

Our friend in Georgia is still confused by this, still banging his head pushing against a "pull" door.  He can't get justice out of THEIR system and should not expect to.  It is not a justice system and it is not controlled by the people. It is a debt collection agency set up to create and launder penal bonds for the corporations that own the court system. 

Literally, they own the courts.   If IBM owns the court, are they going to find in your favor when you bring suit against IBM?   

Current statistics say that that happens less than 2% of the time. 

So--- what to do?   Milligan Ex Parte says that wherever our American Common Law Courts are functioning, there is no excuse for them using military-corporate tribunals. 

Organize your jural assemblies for the land jurisdiction of the United States, elect your judges, your Sheriffs on the Land, your clerks, etc., and get going.  

Nobody can do it for you. 
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  1. Gloria Pressley writes

    Hi Anna,

    Thanks so much for all your recent articles and explanations.

    With regard to the existing court system, which is "owned", it is operating in fraud since it's true nature is not disclosed. If the courts were required, as are other "businesses" to display their business licenses, or otherwise disclose the nature of their business, the people would have an opportunity to recognize the fraud by concealment, and become motivated to organize something different.

    Even though the existing courts may be "allowed" to operate the way they do, they are operating fraudulently with regard to transparency and their true nature. I believe that this is the part with which folks are having difficulty. No one is "allowed" by any agreement to operate in FRAUD.

    The same is true with all the "agencies". Fraudulent concealment is fraud, and vitiates any opportunity to operate here, except by full disclosure as to their nature. Their operation is criminal. Period.

    All the courthouses need to be chained and shut down until new signage and full disclosure as to their true nature is properly revealed. Change would happen overnight.

    The idea of upholding the existing court system as lawful and "allowed" under any agreement, while operating in fraud, is ludicrous.

    1. Doesn't that mean that every statute, act, decision, war, or position of any kind has been fraudulent and therefore VOID of its nature? The void-ness should go back to the first corporate takeover and extend to this very moment and as long as the fraud continues. Wouldn't it be easier to simply void the fraud back to the beginning rather than try to undo it on an individual basis by filing documents? The Fed is fraud, the courts are fraud, the government is fraud, there is little that's not fraud or has fraud built in like the rigging of stock markets, metals prices and everything else that's not nailed down. Can't we strike off the head at the first fraudulent act and the rest of it falls like dominoes? Prove fraud up front and get rid of the need to what amounts to having to "individually opt out of it"?

  2. The problem is that that returns us to the Wild West--- at least in theory. We need to realize that we are inheritors of the Law and that we have the ability to stand above it in terms of being its creators, too. So, for example, the age of majority is 21 in the Republic. If we want to, we can change the age of majority to 18 if we want to. There are things that are beneficial that have happened since 1860 that should not be thrown out with the bathwater.


  3. PART 1
    Certainly people are entitled to their own perceptions and thus belief systems.
    But here are a couple of spiritual and scientific facts.

    There has been enough empirical evidence that goes back over 100 years since the first major plank of quantum mechanics demonstrated that our mind, and thus our consciousness, is not organic to our brain tissue, but is connected with the universal consciousness, or mind of God, that is a woven fabric of consciousness that exists as the alpha and the omega throughout the infinite inter-dimensions of our multi-verse, outside the human-body.
    What we perceive in life that gives rise to our belief systems that form the foundation for our behavioral cause and effect, are thus largely built on what we believe, that in this day in age are largely based on fraud and lies.
    The reality we live in, is a reflection of what we believe.
    This is why thought forms that are not based on what we know that comes from the natural laws of the universe, as sacred geometry, are how our minds are hijacked to support the system here on earth we give energy and consciousness support to and why we are stuck in this broken record of wars, conflict and poverty, of self-destructive collective behaviors.
    It is simply something we create out of the fiction of our mind, but nevertheless has meaning and relevance to how we behave with others.
    The more we behave with love and service to others, the more that, that love is reflected back to us, as the effect to which we are the causation.
    The only reason hierarchies, money and institutional control systems exist, is to serve a ruling class group of people, who use it to control us and keep us in a mindset that tries to prevent us from having a higher spiritual relationship with our consciousness and mind of God(universal consciousness) by having us abandon what it means to have d deep ecological and spiritual connection with nature and the living world, and why they wiped out most of the indigenous peoples of the world who very much were in resonant wave frequency harmony with Mother Earth, they had love and respect for, and assimilate them into the material world of hierarchies, control systems of civilizations of empires the materialists build, that is disconnected with the Spiritual world of natural law, and why they have wrought so much destruction, I the name of artificial money systems and materiality they create with corporations who are fictions and not living.
    Ruling class parasites have attached themselves to the material world they create things with, in order to hijack us to serve "SELF" at the expense of death and destruction, to the rest of life on this living planet, because of their utter failure to make the consciousness spiritual connection with the natural laws of the multi-verse and the mind of God that our spirit and consciousness are woven into.

    I have never considered myself a part of this planets group think systems thinking, for I long ago realized from the time of childhood, that the way in which mankind has chosen to live here, is nothing more than a devolution of what it means to live in peace, love, harmony and balance, and until there is truly a shift in the collective consciousness of the perceptions and thus the reality that is the effect of that causation, to which our collective consciousness no longer wishes to acknowledge the authority or the legitimacy in which people organize their lives here, in such primitive and barbaric systems thinking, that hasn't changed for 10,000 years.

  4. PART 2
    Every generation from century after century, keeps recycling the same repetitive time that people spend the net worth of the time they have here to survive, is creating things that are not only redundant, obsolete and are deliberately designed by the ruling class to keep us in a 3d environment, and that is self-evident why that is.
    When you have risen above what it means to serve and give consciousness energy to the way they set this global systems architecture up that people still follow, then you will keep this system intact indefinitely for self-evident reasons.
    They cannot move forward into a multi-dimensional higher spiritual energy-being, because to do so it means you have to know how the laws of nature work in sacred geometry and the love-energy of Aether-Spirit that flows through all of it and us, where, the mind of God as the alpha and Omega that is woven throughout the energy vibration of the universe, that gives light through love in Sprit to experience, all of that which it creates, I an infinite level of dimensions, through which we are but singular parts that are bound to the same God-consciousness of the multi-verse, and why we are immortal energy-beings of consciousness, as Spirit that animates the human-vehicle we are having an experience in, to express ourselves and reflect back to us the reality we are responsible for creating, because without the mind of God that our consciousness is bound to, we would not have a reality we create to experience it.
    The only reason we are stuck in this dimension of recycling the same human experiences of war, violence, conflict, and poverty of Spirit and consciousness truth and understanding, is because those who are not Spiritual and prefer to run ruling class systems that are material, that we give energy, consciousness support and our time, is what keeps us here, until humanity in a collective way, realizes just how much collective power we can unite with, to change the reality we are experiencing, and why the small group of ruling class materialists are able to keep us here is by programmed Skinners Box social engineering tools, that saturate the minds of the masses all across the earth, to prevent us from not only from knowing the truth to higher spiritual knowledge and how much power through consciousness we truly have, but never allowing our science and technologies to go forward to augment that change, because they realize if they do, they are history, because they know how the collective consciousness works to change the reality we create through that consciousness, and they are largely responsible for creating the one we are experiencing now, by the institutional social programming they reign into our lives from birth, to keep us in a mind-prison of MUNDI that is a fraud of our own doing to ourselves..

    Its why thought forms that give negative energy they try and connect our consciousness with, and why you see all of the mass media and entertainment streams of consciousness bearing attributions, are wrought with commercial, sit coms, and movies, that all support ruling class hierarchies, the walking dead weekly series, and Satanic ritualistic symbolisms, where even this morning on Sunday morning show it had a skit with a news host where a man was wearing a dress with a wig, and a man with wearing two red horns to depict Donald Trump.

  5. PART 3
    I absolutely refuse to give those thought forms of images, symbolisms or what they represent as legitimate, for they represent what we are not, so they get no conscious-energy from me, upon which it can exist in my reality.
    If the 51% of this planets consciousness bearing energy-beings, chose to focus at midnight tonight that they are not it, and we give them no legitimate form to be here, they will disappear from this planets reality.
    The more we reject ruling class systems, secret societies, covens and destructive think tanks, or organized group think materialist mindsets, and money control systems, as being non-relevant to our reality, then they are not part of the world we live in.
    The less consciousness energy we give them, the less control and meaning they have on a conscious-level as being legitimate thought forms that create our perceptions.
    Its why I have suggested for many years, to throw out your TV set and all forms of digital communications, for it is saturated with wave frequency information, that is designed to by-pass your analytical brain and create thought forms, that serve lower vibration and negative polarity, instead of love that runs at 528 Hertz.
    It is 528 Hertz that fully self-actualizes all of the amino acid machinery of the human physiology, which means the creator life force of the universe is pure consciousness love and sprit, that gave us life through love and light to resonate what it means to be a God of love that is within all of us to self-actualize into being.
    God does not allow just anyone to move throughout the infinite dimensions of the universe, until we are able to unlock higher and more spiritual dimensions, by the love we have in our heart by how we give that love in service to others, for when you resonate with the wave frequency of love and higher spiritual resonance, your more plugged into the harmony and woven sacred geometry of how you can coalesce and those doors open automatically when you reach a higher level of intellectual, emotional and spiritual enlightenment, versus having a lower-resonant frequency by giving service to self and materiality like the ruling class do, and why they must keep us resonating with them by finding ways for us to move from spiritual life to a material life like them that keeps us here working for them, they become parasites off of.
    The greater you have a spiritual and loving connection with the natural world of sacred geometry, the deeper the knowledge and truth you begin to understand to move beyond this one, that only come through having a higher consciousness connection with the universal mind of God that is woven through all of them.

  6. PART 4
    To unlock the keys to move forward into being a consciousness part of the entire multi-verse, than reaching the full consciousness state of being that unlocks the doors to all of them requires, to abandon the current way i which we give service to self, instead of love and service to all life, because when you do so, the keys are given to you that unlock the higher realms of consciousness, that may allow you as an energy being to be one in consciousness knowing, not faith, but truly knowing, that allows you to walk through any walls, or move through any dimension, and a source to which I would suggest a further understanding are those free energy groups of IBEM and Ralph Ring.
    Ralph and Marsha Ring : Anti-gravity and conscious awareness in aether technology


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