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Friday, May 6, 2016

More Evidence of IMF Sponsored Crime and Crisis --- May 5 Letter to Pope Francis

by Anna Von Reitz

Most Beloved Francis, 

Today it has been widely circulated that the so-called "Global Currency Reset" will involve dumping "millions of dollars" --- that is, worthless digits entered by keystrokes--- into bank accounts owned by fraudulently created ESTATE Trusts merely named after living Americans as payment of the debts the IMF owes the American People and which the "United States" (defined as the "territories and District of Columbia") owes us.

The impact of such another criminal fraud scheme is already known and has been seen during the Weimar Republic.  We do not need another experience of that to jog our memories.  It is a self-evident fraud scheme on the part of the perpetrators to further defraud the American People.  

We object before the fraud even starts.  The united States of America do not recognize any such "payment" as the IMF proposes. We have already exposed and protested moves by the "TENNESSEE" franchise to "decriminalize crimes" against "persons"---- that is clearly a move against all the ESTATE trusts that these criminals have created and operated "in our names" without our knowledge or consent. 

Francis--- we want our property back, free and clear of debt, taxes, fees, or encumbrances of any kind.  For us, this must truly be a Year of Jubilee. 

 All those crooks who have engineered this secretive Ponzi scheme via identity theft and credit fraud and used it to defraud the whole world ---including us--- need to go to jail.  There can be no scapegoats, no proxies.  The Lamb of God already paid the price for us; Satan will have to look elsewhere for the return of the "value" of his worthless lies. 

Likewise, there can be no trade of a "bowl of porridge" --rendered as meaningless keystrokes on a digital ledger--- in exchange for our land and our birthright. 

We have not all forgotten.  In fact, far more of us remember than you might expect, and more are remembering--- not only who we are, but also the simple truth, that the only valid contracts are the covenants of God, and that we are not bound by the legislations of men so long as we are bound by the Law of God, and no, we are not responsible for the sins of others. 

If this were merely a matter of bearing a share of our brother's debts, a matter of reaching out in compassion to relieve misery and poverty, the American People have always been generous beyond measure.  But this is no such matter.  This was fraud and theft by evil men occupying and abusing positions of public and private trust.

It cannot be swept under any rugs and no such claims and campaigns as the IMF promotes can be allowed.  No download of meaningless digits into fraudulently construed and constructed bank accounts can ever repay the gold and silver stolen from us under conditions of deceit, nor the labor taken by deceit, nor anything else that has been taken from us by fraud.  

The record and the accusation stands.  They can repent and confess and be forgiven or they will be recognized as criminals and condemned.  In this they are no different than anyone else. 

Anna Maria
c/o Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska
Postal Extension Code 99652

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  1. Seems to me Jubilee and death of all Corporations announcement is in deed in Order to Pope Francis NOW. MOTU PROPRIO was a great start and OPPT has already established on the public record unrebutted (& unrebuttable!). Agreed upon Foreclosure upon banks and corporations, including incorporated "governments", with return of all earth's treasures/ assets to Source & the people (Mbodied eternal essences). Make it SO, by Grace & Love for good of ALL!

    1. I do agree, however i thought the OPPT was found to be fraudulent in and of itself? Wasn't it found that several of the principals were guilty of other frauds and when called out they scattered to other regions? I am not sure of this, but that was what i had been told. Any further insight on that matter is appreciated. Thanks!

    2. I do agree, however i thought the OPPT was found to be fraudulent in and of itself? Wasn't it found that several of the principals were guilty of other frauds and when called out they scattered to other regions? I am not sure of this, but that was what i had been told. Any further insight on that matter is appreciated. Thanks!


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