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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Emergency Review About "Money"

by Anna Von Reitz

Facts to Remember

1. YOU is not you the living man or woman.  YOU --- this corporate persona created "for" you by people and organizations merely claiming to "represent" you, is an ESTATE trust based on the pretension that you are "civilly dead" and that you agreed to this "status", when in fact you were never told a word about any of this crappola.  So when you see YOUR NAME in all caps, including when you see YOUR NAME on any "personal bank account"---- know that the word "person" means "corporation" and has meant that since 1864 in Federalese. 

2. Money has to have value in and of itself in order to be money.  Paper has only the value of paper. For decades the "Federal United States" has been bilking you out of your actual assets in exchange for worthless I.O.U.'s printed on paper.  This paper is called "commercial paper" and their "Federal Reserve Notes" are "promissory notes" (I.O.U.s) based on bonds issued in YOUR name.  What are bonds?  More promissory notes!  

3.  When these charlatans seized upon and copyrighted and registered your given name under the guise of merely recording it, they seized control of your identity--- and committed identity theft.  They set up a "strawman trust" and named it after you and pretended that this "trust" contained your body, the value of your labor, your land, your businesses--- everything that you could ever own.  Without telling you a word about this, they pretended that you knew about this and agreed to it.   And then based on the value of all your property, they "bonded" it----used it all as collateral backing their own debts. 

4. Now they have defaulted on those debts and they have been denied bankruptcy protection because they are crooks and deserve none.  However, that leaves YOU --- your supposed ESTATE trust--- on the hook to pay for all their debts and all the bonds that they floated internationally in YOUR GOOD NAME. 

5. People who are going around crowing that your "birth certificate is worth millions" need to be asked --- millions of what and millions to whom?   For the victims of this identity theft and credit fraud---that means you, your friends, your neighbors--- those "millions" are millions of DEBT owed to mostly foreign creditors. 

6. If you willingly "monetize" your own BC and access all that juicy credit, all you do is admit and accept that you are part of the fraud and liable as a criminal for it and you also otherwise indebt yourself and your children and your grandchildren to pay off the debt thus created. 

7. So what is a Birth Certificate?  It is an insurance indemnity agreement entered into without your knowledge or consent with a now insolvent privately owned corporation, seemingly agreeing to let them use you, your given name, and your other assets as collateral backing their debts --- like co-signing for a car loan for Cousin Bubba, only not being told about this cozy arrangement by Cousin Bubba or the bank extending I.O.U.s in YOUR GOOD NAME to the rest of the world. 

8. This circumstance makes you the Priority Creditor of YOU, but since the perpetrators never recorded your actual birth on the land, there is no public record of your existence except the condemning evidence that a Birth Certificate Bond was entered in your given name. 

9. So here come the Secondary Creditors--- all those people to whom these schmucks sold bonds based on your name, your assets, your labor, etc., --- wanting to be paid back, and you wake up with a jolt and say --- "What? I owe you guys $8 million dollars?"

10.  It is at this moment that you need to remember that just as there is a "National Debt" which the foreign nation of the "United States" defined as "territories and District of Columbia" trumped up against YOUR GOOD NAME, there is also an equal "National Credit" owed to YOU ----as long as you don't take the bait. 

11.  What is the bait?  The lure of "easy money"--- the millions of useless fiat "dollars" they are preparing to download in all your bank accounts as "payment" of their debts to YOU, so that they can saddle the real you with having to pay off their debts with actual labor and actual assets, not just bunko made out of paper. 

12.  Spread the word far and wide and send the members of "Con-gress" a letter they won't forget telling them and the banks they work for that you are onto their schemes and attempts to "pay off" their "National Debt" with more reams of worthless paper.  Call them on it before they can even launch this attempt to hoodwink the people again. 

13. The banks and the bankers have cashiered the value of your labor and your assets-- your "National Credit" -- into gold they have hoarded up for themselves. They are following a plan that has been in place since 1913.  That plan is to (1) steal and confiscate all the gold and silver they can and (2) make the grandsons of the men they stole it from buy it back at hyperinflated prices.  Note: the price of gold in 1928 was around $30 per ounce.  It is now around $1300 per ounce.  The difference between $30 and $1300 is what they are hoping to capture as pure profit for themselves, but that only happens if they force everyone onto the "gold standard". 

14. That's why all these banks are offering "free gold"--- the casino operators are priming the pump by offering free casino chips. And just to make sure you have no other option, their partners in crime at the IMF are threatening to give you "millions of dollars"---- digits dumped into your bank accounts, ( just worthless keystrokes), for you to "spend" ---which will completely devalue the fiat money and give them an excuse to say that they paid YOU back for all the labor and the mortgages and the false debts they piled on you and your assets. 

15. Oh, no, no, no, no, children.  Be not like dumb, driven cattle.  Be wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove.  Tell them the truth about all this.  Make it clear that you know what they are doing and why. Make it clear before the IMF even starts its campaign that you know what they are doing.  Write letters to the UN Secretary General and the Security Council and the President of FRANCE and the Pope and the Queen and the Congress and as many of the other criminals you can think of and say, no, thank you.  We will have our property back and the debts erased.  Do the bookkeeping.  Cancel the National Debt against the National Credit and keep the change. We will not be enslaved by any act of fraud or any false claim you care to make. 
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  1. Once upon a time, in the 50s, and 60s, there were parks in America. Some had picnic tables, some had swimming pools and some actually had these big green things called trees. Now the American parks didn't hold a candle to the parks in Europe for they often lacked beauty and serenity. These Amrican parks in hind sight were just a meager attempt at our government fulfilling the obligation of what we know now as "the corporation" who promised to take care of us. They adorned our lives with the notion of America The Beautiful almost on the very day they started to rip us off,(...except that they had started that criminal enterprise of ripping us off when George Washing went to Ohio after his presidency with his lawyers and surveyors to take every single acre of land the frontiersmen had settled,...READ UP sheeple) Fast forward to 2016. The picnic tables are gone from the parks. No picnics,they took the trash cans next. The last group to use the parks were young people with music and love on their minds, and some enterprising in party drugs, and so the roads through the parks were then closed. Today,2016, they have these Socker FIELDS, absolutely devoid of aesthetics or meaning, in our American lives. For somewhere in the neighborhood of several hundred dollars per child, the pseudo-Elite can register their children to play in these parks as pseudo cheerleaders or pseudo athletes. Your greed invented this New America. Lowlifes in America perpetuated it in that they saw it was GOOD, it was profitable. The rest of us can entertain ourselves with a quick run to the store to BUY an ever so brief moment of the illusion of wealth, paying for a Chinese trinket, or lawn care equipment designed around propriety and planned obsolescence. That's right , I have a dim view of this Shiny NEW America, "but it is the truth" as described by Anna, in the "EMERGENCY REVIEW above.... You don't own a thing worth having, on average. You are enslaved.


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