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Monday, April 17, 2023

The Dead Baby Scam, False Wards, and Child Labor

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court in regard to our Claims, March 5th 2005January 19th 2023, in seq:

The Dead Baby Scam began as a result of a misunderstanding.  People at the time of St. Thomas Aquinas didn't realize what the afterbirth and placenta materials were that accompanied each baby into the world, but they observed that these things appeared to have a heartbeat of their own and to in some sense, be alive. They also observed that this "monstrous brother" predictably died soon after the baby was delivered. 

So, they gave the afterbirth materials a name -- your Given Name -- and a Christian burial as an unknown Pauper.  You would have to wait for your official Christening and baptism to have a Christian Name and be enrolled as a member of the Church. 

This resulted in a situation where your "dead brother's estate" was in probate and intestate under your Given Name at the same time that you 
were nameless and wandering around without a Christian Name as the presumed Inheritor of whatever your dead brother's earthly estate might yield. 

Thus, wittingly or unwittingly, the Church put itself in the position of administering the estates of all these presumed-to-be dead babies and all these intestate dead baby estates were operated under the Given Names of living people and they were all operated by Magistrates appointed by the Church as trustees. 

It's another Substitution Scheme, but instead of a phony Public Interest  in an abandoned estate being asserted by a government entity or foreign nation under the rationale of the 1666 Cestui Que Vie Act in England, this one creates an equally phony Private Interest in what appears to be your private estate for the Church, which stands in as the receiver of the dead body and name of the deceased, and then also acts as the presumed Trustee of the estate they created for your "dead brother".  As Trustee, the Church appoints a court Magistrate as the Administrator responsible for the probate of his estate. 

Remember that this estate, which you are totally unaware of,  is functioning under your Given Name at the same time that you are wandering around gaining skills and education and getting married and buying a house--- so that absolutely everything you are and that you acquire is accruing not to you, but to your dead brother's estate.  

That so-called infant decedent estate is under the control of Church appointed Magistrates and being managed for the benefit of the Church's Commonwealth. And there it is again --- the connection to the Commonwealth, that is, Territorial Government, and the Municipal Corporations.  

This fraud is much older, by about 500 years, but it's basically the same pattern of fraud we already examined with Public Interest in private property being asserted by government entities. The only substantial differences are that the Church's gambit results in a Private Interest in the estate, and the estate is administered under a different form of law. 

In both cases, the living man is impersonated and a thing bearing his Given Name is substituted for him. In both cases, the living man loses his identity and standing and control of his property rights by means of personage crimes,  undisclosed fraud, and false claims in commerce. 

It's nothing but self-interested fraud that benefits the Perpetrators by creating undisclosed and unauthorized trusts, both public and private, and leaving the Perpetrators or their appointed Executors de Son Tort in control of the assets belonging to living people.

The purported Public Interest in our assets asserted by the British Crown -operated Municipal Subcontractor has a private side, too, in that the British Monarch gets a cut of the action via the establishment of a subset trust.  

The purportedly lost British Territorial Seaman who just happens to be operating under the Given Name of an American, is a Warrant Officer in the British Merchant Marine Service working as a "Taxpayer" for the Queen (or King) collecting excise taxes -- and this fictitious Warrant Officer is deemed to be a Ward of the British Monarch.  As a Ward, he has no legal standing to bring suit, no control of his own assets, and is subject to Admiralty Law.  

All of these schemes use Substitution, Impersonation, Unlawful Conversion, and constructive Identity Theft as a means to rob their American victims silly.  The trust schemes set up the framework, and then, the phony unauthorized military district courts do the dirty work for the British Crown Municipal Subcontractors and the Municipal Subcontractors run their own probate courts and corporate tribunals, which are all unauthorized, too, to do the same thing: illegally and unlawfully tax Americans and confiscate American assets under color of law. 

They have done the same thing in Britain, The United States, all the former Commonwealth countries, seventeen still-occupied countries in Western Europe, Japan, and everywhere else they can get their Municipal Corporation franchise system going.  

Their excuse?  That this is the only way they can fund the government and the good works of the Church.  

They conveniently forget the non-budgeted side of their crooked Double Accrual Accounting System designed by Al Capone's bookkeeper, Easy Eddie O'Hara---- the proverbial second set of books where all the undisclosed "non-budgeted" profits and our "encumbered trust assets" and all the slush fund accounts are cashiered away and never talked about.  

They also forget to mention the mammoth influx of gold they received from the private Avila Family Trust that was meant to build infrastructure, provide direct relief, and pay all the costs of government -- but was then side-tracked and converted into assets backing low interest loans enabling the world to rebuild all the damage these same Municipal Corporations caused in World War II.  

Conveniently, when this loan fund agreement came due in 2005, the Perpetrators defaulted and put forward False Claims on Abandonment on the deposited gold assets, in order to avoid payment back to the Avila Family Trust.  

These Municipal Corporation Subcontractors, themselves acting under conditions of deceit and  misrepresenting themselves as our representatives concerning matters we never delegated to them --- have  proved corrupt and dishonorable, and there can be no doubt that they have operated unlawfully and illegally, both, for many years.  

We have noted throughout the skillful use of "enclaves" and the choice of where these Municipal Corporation Subcontractors are incorporated, as a means to take advantage of foreign systems of law to evade their constitutional obligations and access forms of law that are not authorized in this country.  

The British Crown Municipal Corporation Subcontractors arbitrarily and non-contractually set up military "districts" in The United States in order to front their phony military district court system, and they have not only done this here, but in many other countries, too.  

The Municipal Corporation Subcontractors have operated unauthorized and undisclosed probate courts within the military districts provided by their colluding British cohorts, resulting in Municipal Districts and more phony courts on our shores, practicing so-called Administrative Law, and misapplying it to the General Public and utilizing probate courts that have never been authorized here to confiscate American property under color of law. 

These white-collar criminals set up shop in Puerto Rico, a convenient and safe United States (meaning Federal Republic) Possession, because it is still a Commonwealth nation and because it gave them access to The Spanish Law of the Inquisition, which they have used to prosecute tax cases.  

Similarly, while child labor is largely outlawed in most of the world and certainly in The United States, they have set up their latest version of "the United States of America, Incorporated"  in India, in order to continue running a particularly obnoxious child labor contracting service and money laundering scam. India allows child labor and child labor contracting.  

So they pick and choose where they set up shop and take advantage of different national laws that allow them to do things that are utterly outlawed in this country -- the problem being that they do these things while operating their secret franchises under our Given Names.  

This results in a situation where we have an American named John Andrew Wilkes, and a British Territorial U.S. Citizen also named John Andrew Wilkes and a Municipal infant decedent Estate doing business under the name of John Andrew Wilkes and a British Subject operating as a Merchant Seaman called John Andrew Wilkes, and a British Territorial Cestui Que Vie trust operated as JOHN ANDREW WILKES, and so on. 

Most of these phony persons set up as public and private trusts, public transmitting utilities, etc., have been further exploited and encumbered in derivative schemes ---  where their purported assets have been bundled together and unassigned fungible shares of undesignated interest have been sold to investors. 

Some of those guilty parties responsible for this are so deluded by the illusions of power and pelf that they congratulate themselves for building a world-spanning crime syndicate --- using nothing more than deceit and fraud exercised under color of law against their Employers---  and some of them think that they can go on and keep skating by promoting just one more scam: digital currency.  

We wish for all these schemes and abuses to end, and for the Municipal Corporations promoting these schemes and abuses against living people to be shut down, permanently.  This includes but is not limited to the Municipal Corporation Subcontractors that have been housed in the District of Columbia and their Successors --- both those operated by the British Territorial Government and those operated by the City Government -- and all their fraudulently constructed state-of-state franchises and agencies, too. 

We wish for all their assets worldwide to be forfeit and made available for the use of the national government and the people they have harmed. 

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                 The United States of America
                 In care of: Box 520994
                 Big Lake, Alaska 99652

April 16th 2023


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  1. As Paul Harvey would say, “and now you know the REST of the story.” Unbelievable!

    1. 👍 i use to love listening to him!! This article is the most indepth on yet. Unbelievable!!

  2. If wishes were horses, then beggars could ride, as my late grandmother used to say.
    Knowing the story of the fraud is not sufficient to correct it. WE THE PEOPLE must STAND and TAKE DECISIVE ACTION to bring these Babylonian bastards down to the root of their evil, and then wipe them all off the face of the earth,together with all of their dungy idols and symbols.

    This isn't going to happen with more agreements and treaties and promises to pay us back what has been stolen. And what of those past agreements and treaties? -- they've all been ignored, violated and broken; so we cannot trust agreements and treaties. In the case of lives that have been destroyed, there is no price that can be paid -- the irreversible damage has been done.

    We must find a way to form a plan that everyone participates in to demolish this Beast system that threatens all life on earth, and the earth itself. Otherwise, plant your palms on your backside and give it a final good-bye, because we are all doomed to destruction. No amount of pre-paid credit is going to save us, unless we destroy the insane criminal syndicate that doesn't understand agreements, and has never kept them.

    1. Did you join with your lawful assembly?

    2. What is your assembly's latest big success?

  3. Those who operate with wisdom, make clear there' affinity, connection, good participation in your' nation state assembly, Land & Soil jurisdiction, on our america:

    It will be good know, without reveling identity, that you (commentators) are in fact "peopling" your native state assemblies.

    To populate each of 50 native state assemblies is our purpose, right?

    If you are not gathering you are scattering. Which means you are agitprop, infiltrates, or coelenterates (worms - but worms can be useful too!)

    1. Yes I do. I love my assembly, my native state assembly, I love the opportunity, to reclaim by enduring, righteous patience and in respect to our Creator of all. I love the people who populate it.
      I love those, who with or without capacity and standing, claim sui juris, jus soli, sui generis. As I too so stand and so claim.

      Are you seeking to portray, that because I advocate that "you should," that I would not? There is a thing described as reverse psychology, but what you exhibit is "inverted psychology" . . . and if you were to put your ear a little closer to the tinnitus in your mind, one day I may share with you, the story of an "inverted psychology."

    2. You're the only one who listens to you. Nobody else will.

    3. clearly - you "listen" (read)

    4. There is no comment on the content so, no way it is clear.
      You are not clear either.

    5. Few that read, listens, hear, understands, duplicate, and gets it responds to any comment.

  4. What’s not being said is what is the central control of the global estate scheme.
    The co mingelin of Roman law and Roman church .
    Collusion with Roman civil law by the evil Jewish trained Justinian,setting up the Justinian code (dog Latin) with harsh civil law .the further collusion judge/priest
    Peddeling the civil law.
    England kicked the buggers in robes out but it like fast McDonald’s food lawyers and politicians love it.
    The CQV trust was set up for soldiers deployed in crusades only to have the rabbi and clergy forge falce claims to steal property.
    Anna sees Catholic or British I see Justinian and Jewish influence with of course corrupt elites.

    1. youre right bubba because its looking more and more like it is actually true that the Justinians and "Jews" [ref.: rev. 2:9 and 3:9 Synagogue of Satan] or Babylonians, Canaanites, Edomites, on and on with all this Name-sWITCHING, took over both the actual Catholic Church and the English Throne. i now suspect the same about German Royalty too. As a matter of fact, it wont surprise me one bit if we are about to find out that all/most European Royal Thrones and Religious Chairs (Fictions,... but Fictions can be used for good to man) are now OCCUPIED BY THESE FAKERS, LIARS, IMPOSTERS, MASK-U-RAIDERS. i mean, it was done to julius caesar... 60 jealous flacid men participated in stab'ing'm 23 times.
      so if youve got a band of liars and thieves whose "Family" business is "Identity Theft", then its really not such a hard question to consider....

  5. Greetings,

    I am currently in the process of setting up a membership organization that deals exactly with these issues. My organization will mainly focus on non-violent crime charges (traffic tickets- no victim, no crime) and also Quo Warranto demand and Mandamus filings against all public elected and non-elected officials nationwide just to do an audit to see if their oath of office is in correct order (just saw a video that the author did an FOIA for "Biden's" notarized Oath of Office [and "Harris's" too] and the shocker is that the Oath of Office was not stamped with Notary Seal and no date of occupying the office. Folks, I strongly feel that this is how we remove these demons from office once and for all. I also work with another constitutional law group that will reseat the original lawful office holders eventually; phase out, phase in! I am in the process of fund raising to run my program nationwide which hopefully will raise millions as non profit to finally get done what should have been done long time ago, but I guess it's better late than never. This journey to see freedom at the end of the tunnel has been at best a mental triathlon times ten (starting to get headaches for overheating my brain 🧠 Lol 😂). Justice denied is a death ☠️ sentence because being denied justice!