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Saturday, January 14, 2023

Public Trust Proclamation - No "Second" Constitution for Americans --- No Debt, Either

 By Anna Von Reitz

We have recently been highly entertained and somewhat alarmed by people wandering around in a daze, referring to this interview with the late Karen Hudes (see link below), and thinking that America has a secret "second Constitution" dating from 1871 and the ill-fated Act of 1871, etc. 

Remember that the original United States of America Trading Company split in two during the Revolutionary War.  

The American side is unincorporated and known as The United States of America to this day. All debts of the American United States of America left over from the Revolutionary War were paid off by Andrew Jackson's Administration. We are free and clear. 

The British side was bought out by the Bank of England and has been incorporated as a British Crown Corporation since the 1850's and doing business as "the" United States of America (Inc.) and various other names ever since.  This incorporated British Crown version of "United States of America"  was managed as a loss leader and its Revolutionary War debts and other debts accrued as a British Crown affiliate were never paid off.  It is deeply in debt even now.

In 1871, the British Crown Officers operating the District of Columbia (Territorial) Government sought to set up a Municipal Corporation dba UNITED STATES OF AMERICA as the Debt Receiver to collect war reparation debts owed by the Pope's Municipal United States Government and its Federal Civil Service citizenry.  These war reparations were owed because the Holy See sided with the Southern Confederacy in the so-called Civil War -- and lost this Mercenary Conflict.  

The Act of 1871 was repealed in 1874, so, contrary to popular belief, there was no lasting result from The Act of 1871 and no secret "second" Constitution, either --- at least none that affected average non-Federal Americans. 

Later (1877-78) the British affiliated Federal Subcontractor dba "the" United States of America (Inc.) acquired a Municipal Corporation dba UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and used it to collect debts and issue debt notes (that's why Federal Reserve Notes are always issued by the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA) which is a Municipal Corporation owned and operated by the British Territorial Government of the District of Columbia. 

None of these entities have a thing to do with us, though they have stolen our identities and violated our trademarks and hypothecated debts against our assets in violation of international law and custom.  Any "Second Constitution" would have been a debt agreement between the Municipal United States Government contractor and the British Territorial United States Government contractor to settle their own debts related to prior wars and mercenary conflicts. 

None of this debt and repayment and war reparations scheme has anything to do with the American Federation of States doing business as The United States of America---- and that, above all, is what needs to be straightened out. 

Both of the incorporated Federal Subcontractors are deeply in debt by design, but they are first and foremost in debt to us, because their non-contractual services and non-consensual charges have been based on non-existent implied contracts and promoted in the face of our actual Express Trust, the Preamble of the Federal Constitution (1787).  

The Cestui Que Vie Trusts that were established and named after us as constructive trusts after the First World War to create a public interest in our private and public property holdings were never justified nor consensual, and were used as part of a generation skipping trust scheme to allow money laundering and tax evasion by the Debtor/DEBTOR corporations. 

Just as the Brits owed us war reparations from the Revolutionary War, the Papists owed us war reparations from the Civil War, and both contrived together to benefit themselves at our expense and not only evaded paying their debt to us, but turned a lively profit from managing our ESTATES "for" us and charging us to pay the taxes that their CORPORATIONS owed, while hypothecating debts against our assets under Admiralty Law for unnecessary and unasked-for "salvage operations" predicated on the idea that our own government was "in interregnum". 

Ms. Hudes was also the source of that chestnut -- the idea that our government was "missing, in interregnum" because it was not in Session for so long. 

The Bank of England might hope that we were in permanent interregnum, and the "National Security" that the dirty "National Security Council" was trying to protect by committing genocide against Americans and others worldwide was no doubt the "National Security" of the British Territorial and Municipal corporations that make up the citizenry of both the British Crown and the Municipal CORPORATIONS --- but, nonetheless, here we are. 

"I'm still standing after all these years, looking like a true survivor, feeling like a little kid...."  to quote Sir Elton John. 

And all that has actually been accomplished is the premeditated genocide-for-profit of two billion people who are the Priority Creditors of these feckless, criminal, piratical corporations, both of which richly deserve to be denied all bankruptcy or other protections, together with all their phony subsidiaries, franchises, and affiliates.  

The Principals responsible for all this impersonation and theft and Gross Breach of Trust and Commercial Service Contracts are known and we are calling them on the carpet.  Any Carrot v Stick Routine playing a Trump v. Biden Narrative (as if that's the best we've got to offer), or excuses for their behavior are not appropriate. All that is appropriate is a prompt rollout of hidden and suppressed medical technology to heal the harm that has been done to the epigenetic code of two billion people. 

And more debt heaped on these corporations for the damage done to our infrastructure, our economies, our supply chains, and our populations.  

Yes, we do believe that we are the rightful owners and we do claim to be the rightful owners of all nine trusts in all three General Jurisdictions held in our names and the names of our unincorporated Holding Companies and Political Bodies, Priority Preferential Creditors, operators of our long-lost government, heirs, political Progeny and Entitlement Holders, Naked Holders in Due Course, Authorized Representatives, and all thought to be "Donors" in the Corporate Implied Trust Scheme --which means that we, have the absolute right to dissolve the Public Trusts and their Derivatives for the benefit of ourselves, the Beneficiaries and Assigns of our Assets, and so we do declare this Express Trust upon this Thirteenth Day of January in the year of 2023; 

We, the named Parties of Interest holding original trademarks and terms of art and identity upon the land and soil within the Boundaries of our sovereign and Several States of the unincorporated Federation of States known as The United States of America, do hereby and in the sight of the Assembled International Community, reclaim our vested and reversionary trust interests in all nine trusts held in all three general jurisdictions and we do retain and return these assets and interests to our Assign and Fiduciary in International Jurisdiction: Anna Maria Riezinger, and we do hereby return each man and each woman and each son and each daughter to their own estate according to their expressed will and according to this Express Trust and the Pure Trust established by our Sovereign Letters Patent, issued November the fourth of 2015, and by our Signature(s) upon The Postal Treaty of the Americas 2010, and upon our Paramount Claim to be I Am, God Eternal, Within the Body incarnate now and forever without time and without space: we return the trusts to the Donor-Beneficiaries; all unclaimed assets to be held by the Fiduciary, her heirs and assigns, as established by The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States, for the benefit of lost heirs and future generations. 

Issued by: James Clinton Belcher, Head of State

                  The United States of America


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  1. thank you anna, grace to you

  2. Ultimately relieving to read.

  3. thank you James, grace to you

  4. Those are the facts she put them together very well!

  5. man:jim, there no references cited for any of this. i would like to do some fact-checking. would you please furnish them? ty!

    1. go away - u r legally dead

    2. that sounds like the kind of thing a scared loser would say to try to make themselves feel like theyre DaBoss of other man. :):):)

  6. It's not about Biden v Trump, it's about "staying the plague" unleashed upon peaceful men and women by the Military, and reversing this same terrible plague.
    Peace upon Anna and James and all our Assemblies and let's take it back!

  7. Thank you, Granny-

  8. Anna is a no attention to this wiccan witch of the west, she is nothing more than a paid puppet that's attempting to fleece the dumbasses following her now.

  9. In fact, that witch is SO afraid she threatened to have her two sons find me, rip my head off and shit down my throat. I still have that email Anna and so does DHS and the USDOJ, bitch.

  10. "upon our Paramount Claim to be I Am, God Eternal, Within the Body incarnate now and forever without time and without space"

    I would never claim to be God Eternal, the great I AM ... so this letter can not represent me or anyone else who would never make that claim. I think this letter should be re-written without such outrageous heresy.


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