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Saturday, January 14, 2023

A Reply to Ron Vrooman and All Would-Be Assemblies -- Make This Go Viral, Too

 By Anna Von Reitz

We agree that there was a fraud upon the people when the British Territorial Government "came ashore" and substituted their "State of State" business organizations for their American Counterparts following the end of armed hostilities in the so-called Civil War. 

Where we differ is that we call the "Civil War" what it is --- and always was --- an illegal commercial "Mercenary Conflict", just like Vietnam.  You will note that the Vietnam "War" ended when the Kingdom of Ethiopia recognized the fact that it was an illegal Mercenary Conflict and NOT a war.  The same thing has happened now, but the US, INC. and the USA, Inc. are fighting the realization and the international pressure --  trying to excuse themselves for what they have done here, because they began their illegal activities before it was illegal.  This is like saying murder is okay, because there wasn't a specific law against it prior to 9,867 BC.  

We do not agree that it is possible to jump from the High Seas back to the soil jurisdiction of this country without returning first the individuals and then the State and then the County government structure, step by step.  This is mandated by law, by jurisdictional barriers, and even by the structure of the government that the Founders established.  American "Isolationism" isn't only about foreign policy.  It's about our "queer custom" of protecting our soil jurisdiction from international intrigues by isolating it and making access to our national soil jurisdiction exclusively through our land (State) jurisdiction.  

The Maxim of Law is the Maxim of Law: "As a thing is bound, so it must be unbound."   We were individually contracted with, and "bound" as first British Territorial U.S. Citizens, and then, secondarily mischaracterized as Municipal citizens of the United States --- impersonated as PERSONS.  As a result the first step in freeing ourselves is to repudiate the Municipal PERSONS, then the British Territorial Persons, and finally to arrive back in our own proper standing as Lawful Person standing on the land and soil of our States --- where we began.   Once our own political standing and status is corrected on the public record, we become "recognizable" as Americans and from that vantage point, we have been free to correct the rest of the Mess we inherited. 

The American States Assemblies have followed the logic of the history, the law, and the circumstance that we found ourselves in, to arrive at the only safe, sound, and demonstrable conclusion --- which includes the restoration of the States and the Counties and the American People as the lawful Government in international jurisdiction, represented by our Federation of States or via Roll Call Vote, and the people of our soil, acting as the Government of our Counties, represented by The United States.  

Everything and I do mean -- everything -- that I have done, has honored and protected the rights and the property of the American people from every State of the Union and every jurisdiction.  There is nothing held back, nothing that isn't a matter of public record, and nothing in place to take anything whatsoever away from any American or any State or any County.  What does, however, remain, is for the Americans to wake up and reclaim their own identities and their own property interests. 

Imagine it this way --- my husband and I and the others who were awake, claimed back all the property and assets and rights and prerogatives belonging to this country and its people from the clutches of the would-be Globalists.  This creates a gigantic Slush Pile of individual inheritances and estates, some of which are larger or smaller, of longer or shorter duration, or greater or lesser wealth, along with public interests which are separated by the nature of the individual States and Counties, and yet, which provide for some universal material interests expressed as Natural and Unalienable Rights and Constitutional Guarantees owed to every American.  

As you entered the foreign system(s) one by one, via the birth registration process, you have to return home one by one.  And as we made the claims and cured them and made them stick, it is up to us as a collective population to enforce the Constitutional contracts and property rights we are owed.  We can only do  that together as a united force acting upon the same basis and making the same claim--- and that is why the Founders set things up with only one (1) State Assembly per State, which we have properly and with authority summoned into Session to conduct business and prosecute our claims in international jurisdiction.  All the so-called "District Assemblies" that have sprung up since the Civil War are in fact foreign to us, both the Territorial District Assemblies and the Municipal District Assemblies have nothing whatsoever to do with the American States, nor the long-vacated American States-of-States that have been represented by State Trusts since the "emergency" take-over and rewriting of the State-of-State Constitutions to fit the British Territorial versions acting as custodians after the Civil War. 

Ron and pals are busily trying to rectify the situation, but they haven't properly understood where the starting point of the process has to be, with the result that they just spin their wheels.  They don't understand the entirety of the history or all the name-changes and other verbiage that has to be grasped to safely navigate through it all.  They don't even properly grasp what happened to the American States-of-States or the (mostly self-interested) presumptions that were made about them once Lee's Army surrendered.  

The same can be said for the Oathkeepers, which Ron insists on comparing with our State Assemblies, even though the Oathkeepers (like Ron) never listened to me or any of the other knowledgeable Assembly Members in their own States.  

What Ron is doing, like many other otherwise well-intentioned Junior Woodchuck Patriots, is to grab onto just one small piece of the puzzle and try to extrapolate powers for themselves based on that one piece.  

I can tell you all -- with fifty years experience and the evidence of a great many patriots who have served jail time --- that this approach that Ron Vrooman is advocating, is incomplete and doesn't work.  It won't stand the test of examination in all three General Jurisdictions.  So. While he has a 20/20 bead on part of the problem "as he sees it" --- he doesn't see the whole problem that needs to be solved at all.  Doesn't even have a glimmer. 

This whole silliness of Ron's and all the PMAs and other "National Assemblies" etc., need to be ignored, because: (1) we already figured it all out and acted upon it; (2) there is only one "State Assembly" per State and they are already properly declared and defined on the Public Record and have been in Session for over three (3) years and (3) there is no room or need for any other solution to the problem.  

The British Territorial and Municipal Governments have not been able to mount a single complaint against what we are doing or deny who we are --- and it hasn't been for lack of trying.  

Unlike Ron and the Oathkeepers, we closed the circuit and finished the job of restoring our members and our States and our Counties to full functionality and standing, prior to going off half-cocked and not having our own ducks in order. 

As for the National Trusts ---those were established by the Federal Constitution in 1787 and have not changed one iota.  None of the actual Constitutions have changed. 

What was changed, behind our backs, was our own identity and standing as Americans deriving our nationality from our States of the Union,  a process that "redefined us"  into de facto British Territorial U.S. Citizens or equally de facto Municipal citizens of the United States --- foreign "persons" who never had a National Trust and who never had any Constitutional Guarantees or protections to begin with. 

So, if you want to protect yourself and your families, and want organizations standing on firm ground already, lawfully and peacefully pursuing their restoration of the full powers of government vested in the people of this country, and already having their property claims and national trusts in place --- then don't muck around trying to recreate the wheel our Founders designed for us.  It is what it is and it's a good, sturdy, and worthy edifice, which in the end, has only been wounded by the deceit and self-interest of our foreign public employees --- not overcome. 


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  1. thank you anna, great post,

    1. women:janmarie, below, you are either slow on the uptake, or act otherwise to your performances.

      You comment as though, you would/could/should not have to fully defend your-self against Liars who have, in a manner of great magnitude thrown you upon their "document ships." Yet you call out others for theirs "proofs" i.e. "...prove it..."

      Fine, don't defend your-self against those historical Liars who are the "ship on paper" shills. Suffer the consequences.

      But you expose yourself as hypocrite, in that you would call for others to provide proofs. Yet provide no proof that you intend to defend your-self, by ALL tools available; available to defend even your-self. Bring others and yourself to the assembly guidance here on Anna/Paul web site at link "or use our new search system."

      Seems. you would never helpfully defend any one other's hope to exit the paper-ships/of the shills, maybe more accurately called a "docu-drama, of draconian disaster?

    2. My apologies I just wanted to double check if your BC channel is waterman57? Thank you

    3. anony 1009a,
      prove what you say is true.
      otherwise youre a liar.

  2. repeat:
    how does one "return to" something we never left?.... i did not go to Office Depot so i do not have to return from there.
    did we leave our naturalborn state? no.
    did we go out and harm others? no. or intentionally harm ourselves? no.
    then why record things on the Public Record that we didnt do?
    who says we have to lie on the Public Record?

    1. They lied about us janmarie, we are correcting/bringing to light their lies.

    2. " how will you exit their FakeShip-on-Paper that you never boarded to begin with?" ~woman:janmarie DO YOU REALLY WANT TO KNOW? If so, follow this link to my Bitchute channel and check out what I have discovered!

    3. anony9:54a,
      i will check out your channel as a thank you to you for caring enough to comment.
      however, i must say i:womanbe-ing, traversing this earth in God-formed missourimud- turned- to flesh and blood [water to wine] can neither enter another man's Imaginary Ship, nor can i leave his Imaginary Ship that i never entered in the first place just because he thought he could lie about me behind my back and say something like "i:woman entered his ShipImagination", and then use such utter illogical stupidity to rob me of the gifts God gave me!
      no! i say!
      ...especially when, on purpose, he made sure to never tell me anything about what he was doing in his little self-serving Imaginations of me volunteering to become his Slave or owing him what belongs to i:woman!
      no. "ThatShipJustDontSail".
      he, that man, has his own gifts God gave to him that he needs to use, with thanksgiving, and keep his damm mitts off of other peoples' gifts....and quit lying too.
      its ridiculous what theyve done. there is no excuse. they did it on purpose, they knew what they were doing, they knew we would say NO!, so they agreed together to not tell us, and then they pretended to be our friends to move in closer for StabbingUsInTheBack.
      and it looks like theyre trying to do it again??
      ... so: no.

    4. woman:janmarie... if anything is certain nowadays it's that there is no doubt we need to investigate/question/challenge the would be soothsayers. There is no doubt that Anna & team have vested much time and energy towards what is meant to be "tipping the scales" in the little guy's favor all the while forcing these invaders out. There are so many different plights than any one of us can latch on to in hopes that it is the right one that will bring forth our true Republic and possibly guide one or two of us on how to go about retrieving all that GOD hath promised and/or in store for us. That being said, in all of your discern for this particular platform, are you in a position to do so? Thank you.

    5. why would i not be?
      we dont have a Republic. read the Unanim Declar and Art of Confed.

  3. "As a thing is bound, so it must be unbound." Makes sense if we do it legally, step by step. But what if there is a revolution? Couldn't that get rid of the old system in one fell swoop?
    The Gordion Knot comes to my mind. If we don't want to carefully untie it, we take out the sword and slice through it.

    1. woman:janmarie...
      lMO, the way l see it is that the Public "Record" is paper, and l was captured by paper pirates to the paper High Seas on a paper ship and registered by a paper registrar to a foreign paper king/queen without my consent or knowledge or any volition of my own so l have to return on paper through the Public paper Record to prove that l never left reality on the land and soil of the real world {reality} Their BC paper record is evidence that they kidnapped me on paper and makes them guilty of a paper crime to seize my paper credit thru my paper {non-living} strawman/strawgirl paper name and gave me a paper name that only sounded like my name but didn't look like my name on paper in a paper sign called a sign'ature instead of an
      Auth-o> Autho> Author> Authority > Authorized representave.
      Can't make this sh¿t up.

    2. karen gore,
      that is an excellent description of what theyve done!

      as far as exiting that Imaginary PaperShip of theirs:
      1. you cant use their property: their processes and papers are all "Copyrighted", they can "Sue" You.
      2. youre not a Member. the BAR is a Closed, Members-Only Association and that Society doesnt know who you are.
      3. the only Role they "Recognize" you, an Outsider, in is ActingAs the FakeDead Corps(e) they need for their BonePickingActs.
      so as far as getting off of their FakePaperShip when you cant use their Copyrighted processes; they cant hear "You", a DeadCorps(e); and a DeadCorps(e) cant pick up a pen and write to them, or write out a Public Notice either:
      so how will you exit their FakeShip-on-Paper that you never boarded to begin with?

    3. To Mr. Gordian Knot - Answer to you is - No! You are not Alexander the Great, and anybody who would want an Alexander the Great is not worthy.

      Alexander the Great burned the books in the ancient Libraries, and this "slicing with the sword" the "gordian knot" was the murdering of everyone in his way.

      The "Gordian Knot" even as you use it, is a metaphor. Consider instead the metaphor - "the sword of the word." Use the word(s.)

    4. Additionally "Mr. Gordian Knot" I may wonder if even those among the "Land & Soil" jurisdiction would consider having you arrested, as an agent provocateur.?

  4. County government is missing here in worcester county massachusetts. What is the lawful manner to make our claim (if that needs to be done)so that our jural assemblies can act in a lawful manner and possibly use jury nullification or other lawful means to disavow the actions occurring in Washington D.C. and get on with our lawful government. Does worcester county need to make a claim to our State Assembly for recognition? Can anyone give the proper procedure for this lawful action/deed. Thanks.

  5. Anna you stated: "You will note that the Vietnam "War" ended when the Kingdom of Ethiopia recognized the fact that it was an illegal Mercenary Conflict and NOT a war. " Anna,How does Ethiopia fit in to the end of Vietnam???

  6. Hi Baldwin T.

    I have before me "THE, REVISED STATUTES, OF THE, "Commonwealth of Massachusetts," PASSED NOVEMBER 4, 1836, TO WHICH ARE SUBJOINED.....TO WHICH ARE PREFIXED, THE CONSTITUTIONS, OF THE, UNITED STATES, AND OF THE, Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
    (FYI - I can not reflect typographic styles)

    (FYI - this is all conjecture by me)
    Baldwin, firstly, is not the key to claim of land inherent in or united Declaration of Independence? Winning the Revo, and Winning the war of 1812? And are not the "counties" established firstly, in existence prior Declaration of Independence?

    In this 1,006 page volume, there is an index for the word COUNTIES (all upper case) and referenced to "counties" (lower case) and a reference to "counties to remain remain bodies politic for specified purposes....etc. etc.

    This, so I believe, above simply represents an inadequate sampling of the "Commonwealth" overlay upon the geography, right? But it helps to begin to discern the forest for the trees?

    It may be easier to discern, geographic massachusetts neighbor connecticut. connecticut has totally depopulated politically its geographic counties. So, it seems connecticut may be more easily geographically repopulated? I dont know.

    But, from my opinion, more importantly, is the ponderous use of the word "OF." Through-out this volume. Every Tittle, Chapter, etc. initiates with word OF, either in mostly in upper case or sometimes, lower case. It is the very first word! e.g.:
    PART I.

    "OF" is perhaps used 100 times like this in the Titles and Chapters.

    What does "OF" mean? According to my Merriam Websters. It is derived form Old English, and it means OFF. (Here's the Merriam Webster reveal of the 1940's redefining "OF," where the word is many times defined as a "Function word."

    I looked up "function word" in same dictionary, coined 1940. Describe as a having a "grammatical function" sort of like the word "but"- or the muppets mind control song, "...conjunction junction what's your function."

    So "OF" used all upper case, to name 100 titles/chapters etc. tells me it means "OFF," maybe as if floating in the Air jurisdiction?

    Maybe you have to use the word "ON" like you are ON the geographical county, which right to was won some years earlier, in the revo?

    Maybe the word "INTERNAL" also tells us something?

    hope this is somewhat useful?

    1. You are either "ON" or you may be considered "OFF?" Who would thunk it could be so binary?

    2. You are either IN our you are OUT (not INTERNAL)

      Or as the guy of "The Way, The Truth, and The Life" said.

      Let your YES be YES, and your NO be NO. Any thing else is of the evil one.

    3. Thank you anonomous 7:23 I believe it is as easy as worcester county making its claim to the Massachusetts Assembly and then following that up with some paper work that can be recorded on one of the counties but would like to make sure of this with the Federation. We are going to need the counties to be ready to go into action at some point in time and we here in Massachusetts are near the back of the line.

    4. Adding to my "Anonymous 7:23 AM"

      Anna has provided essays on how to say "NO!" And also her comments re "As a thing is bound it must be unbound."

      I use the History's I have obtained (old, dusty, dog eared) to empower me and to gain my CERTAINTY and ACCURACY to say NO!

      Although, I too as yet merely say "no" by increasing increments, and by laying an expanding paper trail - on "truth." (such as your assembly paper claim to the county?)

      Our body politic needs their own CERTAINTY, for POWER. And that CERTAINTY and POWER expands by the count. One by One.

      Maybe it would then be so that, although the Paper Work is essential, for our individual record (CERTAINTY) of time stamp and passage out of Sea/Air Juris, we also must, by voice in our body politic by shouting/writing to the rafters - NO we are not in Sea/Air Juris, and even more loudly blasting "We, I, and you are ON the Land, within the Land Juris.

      Our lifetime having been suckered into the B.S. shall/must by days be un-suckered. Throw off the yoke, safely, kindly, constantly, with CERTAINTY and with the POWER of numbers.

      And all this is accomplished incrementally. Unless you can artificially fill a stadium (no, rather decentralize and fill the geography/body politic?) with individuals who grow CERTAIN of their CLAIM, and POWER.

      This is merely my stream of consciousness. But I am CERTAIN it is Accurate. There are no shortcuts.

    5. Wild card - Addendum:

      That one (I) not be a hypocrite and by self test?:

      Who, today, having & gaining sufficient CERTAINTY as to actual/preferred Jurisdiction, and who by selfsame necessity, you (I) shall (securely/safely) share/communicate, by voice or paper presentation, to inform, one or more man/women encountered, about thy(my) nativity (nation) status (state) county, capacity (skill set?) polity (people?)

      Please, some blog poster, refine for accuracy and vocabulary this wild card self test. If you help correct my any errors/proof read it, I may even attempt it?

    6. anony723a,
      i really like your comments to Baldwin. you are digging in! so cool! :):):)
      its logic like what you were using that is going to CleartheField of the Crapn'Clutter theyve thrown in our pathway so we can go forward despite their (apparent) EternalWar on Good Man. much respect to you.

      consider: at the end of your comments, put anony723a (or something) so your comments dont get skipped over anymore?

    7. thank you women:janmarie that is a sweet and appreciated comment. as i access new things, i will be sure to alert you for your interest.
      again, your comment is appreciated

  7. I think you two gals need to get yourselves on Rumble. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    1. just disprove whats shared if you can.

  8. Hey Paul, it’s Kevin
    Why do you allow the dissention and bs of some of these idiots ?
    There is no positive effect . There is only doubt and questions that have either have already been answered many times or are just plain idiotic.
    Please try to keep this blog positive and on subject.
    I have been a critic too, of Anna and you, yet here I am defending again.
    If this is to get traction we have to be United and keep the detractors t bay.
    What do you say. Call , you have my number and email if you don’t care to write.

  9. woman:janmarie,...
    My reply to you was lost when l got a phone call.This blog has no retention of messages in draft form. l will try to rewrite it.

    1. karen gore,
      great... will be watching for it .... elsewhere if this ComSec gets shut down.

  10. woman:janmarie...
    All you're doing is rebutting a claim in commerce which is a living woman has over a dead entity such aschallenge that they instigated. A war if you will. They are claiming something about you. An unrebutted claim stands as truth in commerce.
    So lMO, they invited me to use the BC document which has further implications to it than meets the eye.
    The BC document is copyrighted by them. But it is just that, "A COPY" You are the original living woman in due course on the document. They can
    only copyright what they've created. The BC is not a creation but a record of a creation. No more than a patent {pat: means Father of} a virus but a record of a discovery of a virus that depicts the discoverer of the virus as the "pat" tent holder,, father, creator, inventor, owner of the patent. A copywright can exchange hands, but a patent canot, it only belongs to the creator of a thing that was created and can only be one creator of a thing. Once a thing has been created, it can never be created again. lt can only be copied over and over again in it's entirety. But if it is altered, then it becomes a different thing altogether.and needs a new patent bcuz it is a different thing.
    The BC is not a creation but a record of a creation of an EVENT, right? Wrong. lt's a record of 2 different EVENTS that happened on 2 different days.
    1.) A living woman was
    born on a specific day.
    Say Aug. 6th.
    2.) 10 days later on Aug.. 11th, A copy of that living woman was created on a different day, a berth "Dtate". say, Aug. 11th. This is the 2nd EVENT. lf they created the copy of the other living woman then they can copywritght that creation of the living woman.
    The BC is evidence of 2 different events.
    How is it so that you can authenticate your BC at the Secretary if State's office if you had no interest in the BC. Bcuz you do have interest that involves you in the BC. You can seize the BC bcuz of the power that a
    living woman has over a dead entity corporation such as the British Crown Corporation, the so-called owners of the copywright. That's hogwash that they own the copyright of the BC. ITMt may be that they own the Copywright to the event that occurred on Aug. 11th, but they do not own the copywright on the living woman depicted on the document bcuz only God,our Creator owns the patent on us. Let 'em sue me. They'll be sorry that they did.

    1. karen gore,
      [thatsnicedear] just appeared, so if this ComSec gets shutdown, will comment in the newest Article.

  11. karen gore,
    i:woman never entered commerce.

  12. karen,
    it will be tonight before i can sit down and give your comment the attention it deserves.

  13. woman :janmarie...
    And BTW, they had their opportunity to sue me when l authenticated
    { SEALED} my BC in the state Secretary of State's office at the state level and the Department of Secretary of State office at the federal level in Sterling, Virginia.and they couldn't do diddly squat about it. lf they could've, they would've. The horse is already out of the barn.

  14. Useful comments Karen, thanks!

  15. karen gore,
    first of all i dont recall that you ever referenced yourself in your naturalborn state be-ing:woman/ a living woman before, but may have missed comments where you did. again, from what i comprehend in present, living woman is not "Recognized" in the Law of the Sea/Commerce... that only deals with Dead Corps(es), but i believe that is the state we need to be in in order to make right the wrongs that have been done to us and others.
    second, 100% AGREE WITH YOU that ANYthing that is *from* me is *mine*. period.
    my comments come from what i have read so far, and in present, believe true, but always ready to correct when new, verifiable info comes my way;
    • "all youre doing is rebutting..."
    rebuttals are for Affidavits, for Dead Corps(es), in Commerce/Law of the Sea Jurisdiction. i never entered the Sea. i am also not a Dead Corpse. i am woman. i never left dryland.
    • yes, it feels like they are warring upon us. without reason.
    • they are not making claims upon us, they are making [what i believe they call] unsubstantiable "Legal Presumptions": that have no basis in either fact or law.
    • "So IMO, they invited me to use the BC..."
    agree. and further, i believe they also even refused(?) to provide some/all of the Services the BCs Funded unless we *did* use it. ex.: "enroll in school".
    if true, that feels like Coersion to me. Duress? even "Extortion"???
    • "...[more] than meets the eye.."
    ooooh yes, sooo much more. i have turned up three "Birth Certificate" so far and i think maybe the StateInc. is holding a fourth. in present, i believe there is likely: a Debit AND a Credit Certificate for each side of each "TrustAccount/ Person/ Corporation".
    maybe more.
    • "The BC document is copyrighted by them".... through.... "The BC is evidence of two different events..."
    great breakdown. yes: COPYwrights, COPYwrites, makes COPIES. yuck it makes me sick what they have done. They could have done so much good for man(kind) using a System like this for uplifting those who truly need Assistance. with a System like this, almost all but those who are dying naturally would probably be able to function at a minimum of 80% capacity throughout their entire lifetimes.
    • on the Authenication i got years ago, back when i was under the impression that we needed to have it for accessing some kind of TreasuryAccount, it only says something like:
    'I, NAME, Sec of St... certify that, NAME, Registrar of Vital Stats authorized to grant said Certificate according to State laws.'
    • "you can seize the BC because of the power..."
    im taking that to mean, you, the living woman, can seize the things that were funded using the BC?
    if that is what you mean, then 100% agree again: yesyesyes, the good things, the things beneficial to man that were funded by the BirthCertDebtCreditSystem belong to the Funders, you and me, and to all American "Funders". on the other hand, however, i:woman say true that ALL the debts, wars, and crimes BELONG TO THEM THOUGH, because we, the "Funders", were prevented, by them, on purpose, from knowing what they were doing.

    1. correction:
      "...a Debit AND a Credit Certificate, ** that is, one Certificate** for each side of each "TrustAccount.... ."
      so that each TrustAccountCorps(e) has a both a Credit "Bond(?)" and also a DebtCertificate/the BC, associated with it.

    2. Quote (or paraphrase) from Movie "I Am Legend"

      A scene - Will Smith is watching endless re-runs of a "Shrek" movie - The Shrek movie, plays before us. Shrek is confronted by a hireling of "Lord Farquar" (characterized by a tiny hireling, on a pony, carrying a banner having the "Face book logo "f."

      The Hireling tells Shrek, "I am seizing this land in the name of "Lord Farquar!" Shrek turns to puny and replies, "yeah? You and what Army?

      The puny hireling, then down-plays his claim, a bit, suggesting that maybe he and Shrek might work together?

      Meanwhile the planet is being wiped out by a clever cure for cancer where every man woman and child on the planet has been injected with a "cure." Which "cure" goes rogue wiping out civilization.

      Ultimately, Will Smith, reveals a cure ......? (a day late and a dollar short?)

      Hmm? Was Ben Franklin quoted as once speaking "Join or ........"


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