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Saturday, January 14, 2023

Last Monday, I Told You the Bad News:

 By Anna Von Reitz

The Department of Defense and the unelected National Security Council have been in charge of the whole mRNA injection campaign -- as shown by patents, government contracts, executive orders, and Congressional acts. 

And, according to the DOD's own research, the seven year survival rate of this mRNA "therapy" is 1:40,000.  

I also told you that the members of Congress exempted themselves from these injections and exempted their families and their staff members and their families and also members of other favored groups including employees and officers of the Big Pharma corporations and members of the Church of Scientology. 

They have, in effect, killed 200 Million Americans without firing a shot, by hiding behind "Uniformed Officers" conscripted under Title 37, and used these "irregular forces" in a Mercenary Conflict they are merely calling a "war". 

Now, Japan has raised the alarm, too.  

Kyoto University Professor Emeritus Masanaro Fukishima: 

“People are already doing research all over the world,” Fukushima told health ministers during a conference earlier this month. “Japan’s prestige is at stake. You have vaccinated so many people. And yet, only 10% of the members of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, who are leading members of the vaccine campaign have been vaccinated. Is this a joke?”

Similar to Congress, the Japanese officials exempted themselves, too.

This is a "smoking gun" that reveals that the members of these organizations, the U.S. Congress and the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare, knew what they were doing and avoided death and disability for themselves and their families, even as they mandated it for others.  

An examination of policy-making bodies throughout the world reveals the same thing. They knew they were murdering their own people, protected themselves, and did it anyway. 

At this point we should all realize that this has been promulgated by a Corporatist Death Cult that has had a worldwide reach into the top echelons of government, in at least the 31 countries that former Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara unjustly favored and rewarded for their willingness to act as proxy states of the Cabal running Washington, DC (1966). 

McNamara was a crook. Pure and simple.  He withheld benefits that should have been freely shared with the other nations of the world, but refused because they would not relinquish their sovereignty to the growing cabalistic monopoly created by the "city states" government that was secretly establishing itself and usurping against the national governments mandated by law and custom. 

It is now our job to put an end to this "breakaway civilization" of nutcases and psychopaths attempting to take over the world via "independent international city-states" such as the US, UN, DC, VC, IC and OTTAWA pox-marking the landscape of other nations. 

These small "enclaves" are established without full disclosure or authority and used as "free trade zones" for smuggling and allowed "self-rule" instead of being held responsible to the Public Law.  

These pirates actually think that they can create new entities by arbitrarily redefining what words mean--- for example, they believe that calling a rose a "helip" creates a new flower.  Or calling encapsulated mRNA  a "vaccine" makes it into a vaccine.  Or calling a man a "person" makes him into a corporation.  

They think that changing a street name creates a new property. 

They think that naming themselves after their enemies gives them power over their enemies (until the enemy wakes up and charges them with identity theft).  

Nobody who makes profit from war or death or disease can be trusted. No corporation that makes profit from war or death or disease can be trusted.  All of these persons and entities must be strictly regulated and held in non-profit status from now on.  They must also be prevented from making political contributions. 

Come on, folks, let's get it together.  There's a way to shut down the spike protein and the people responsible for this. Let each man go into his own country and declare his own law:


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  1. thank you anna, grace to you.

  2. Thank you Anna, Thank you Paul, Thank you each and every one who heeds this call.

  3. Name names, hang them all. Confiscate their I’ll gotten gains and repay what they have stolen and fix what they destroyed. No amnesty, no mercy , just rotting impaled corpses in all these “ City States” as a warning to anyone who would consider repeating this sociopathicpedophile criminal death cult ever again.
    Dead evil doesn’t harm you. Make them all dead.

    1. I could not agree more, I second that motion!

  4. My archives show "name substitution" too.

    What falsely became called (and so spelled) "Civil War' is called variously (and so spelled) "THE AMERICAN CONFLICT" and also "THE GREAT REBELLION" and THE WAR OF THE REBELLION."

    And the old archival books I have reflect the naming as above.

    1. And, the pensioners of "THE WAR OF THE REBELLION" were in this "CATALOGUE" having been "Compiled" as "Record of .... Volunteers In The War of The Rebellion" - "Under direction of the Adjutant-General ... 1885."

      So they received their pensions for having volunteered to serve in "THE WAR OF THE REBELLION."

  5. How do we overcome the damage to the blood? I’m reading there is no antidote. Can medbeds heal it all? What is holding that up?

    1. This guy here did extensive research as to the damage caused by vaccines

      They've been poisoning our children since birth
      They get two ate birth
      Vitamin K
      Hep B
      Within hours they inject them with these two

      Hope this helps
      And yes he is a trusted source I've talked with for years

    2. And I have seen different takes on this name game

      Using it makes you a criminal in their ficticious courts/world
      All by design



      They don't need parental consent because the child is property of the state as per their ficticious records, take heed



    7. Some Trolls seek to distract from a blog/mission.

      Shelby's mission here (as per her above) retards Assembly's productive uptake of Anna's and Paul's treasure of "knowledge in action."

      One could identify Shelby as a "Distract Attacker Troll." - As evidenced by many re-directings, done over the years here. Always redirecting attention TO other sites. And and by her distracting always, FROM of Anna's essay/messaging.,

      Which messaging/knowledge/action is presented usefully to the truer audience here, who seek useful knowledge/action. Which Anna provides.

      Thank you Anna, and Paul.

      No thank you Ms. "Distract Attacker."

    8. What a load of crap

      Many a researchers have buried Anna's narrative and the blind will remain blind

    9. New York used to be called New Amsterdam before it's rebranding

    10. If I didn't know any better I's swear that the troll of Anon is actually Anna herself

  6. You need to read all of her stuff

  7. We all know the nature of the cabal the dreaded Canaanites who Eustace Mullins details is behind every war crime in recorded history .
    And all the historians know it also Ezera Pound , Micheal Gaddy teaching American history for over thirty years.
    The intricate details don’t change a thing we know the culprits.

  8. I have not taken the shot, yet still suffer from the spike protein; please tell how to remove them. Thank you, Granny

  9. To them, it is us that need to be eliminated. But the truth is, it is them who need to be eliminated.

  10. Knocking it out of the park he is

  11. Listen to this

    Must be a mason star to purchase and the land is not included

  12. Please post the link to the DOD research that states the seven year survival is 1 in 40,000. Wouldn't this be some "bombshell" news if true? Anyone wanting to share this info must have the documents to back it up. Thanks!

  13. We're going backwards

    When I was a child 50+ years ago this is what we had a hand pump
    We took baths in a wash tub had to heat the friggin water and we had an outside toilet

    So any of you loud mouths out there calling me a shill just shut the hell up

    Paperwork ain't gonna solve any of this shit

  14. And when you reroute the water you get corporate takeover in disguise
    Like the one billy goates and his geo engineers are creating all over the world

    Meet the California couple who uses more water than an entire city
    Almonds, Pistachios, Cuties or some Fiji water anyone (the elephant in the room)

    It's not an accident folks

    1. Pay attention 'workforce development' is one of the UN buzz words
      Around 31 minutes in

      Read about workforce development and the plan to decimate the military and 36 bases and they TRANCEform the world

      This switch to solar is not an accident I tell ya and my guess is these folks haven't a clue as to the END GAME

      All of it is UN driven and World Paliament

      And they will merge the current UN with their new world order, world godvernment/parliament, as they create the chaos needed to make it happen

      Carefully planned destruction at all levels

  15. Hmm you don't say
    'federated union of all continents'
    Hmm Federated, Federation

    Look under the heading
    Chabad Defector- Jewish Racism is Behind "Vaccine" Holocaust & WW3

    You don't want to make a deal for their sheckles


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