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Saturday, January 14, 2023

No Good Guys

 By Anna Von Reitz

I used to laugh when I would hear about "the White Hats" and say, "Yeah, well, they look more like Grey Hats with a lot of greasy spots to me" ---- and they still do. It's just two sides of the same coin, the Carrot and the Stick. 

Maybe I was the only one who got the joke when they released a Trump poster a couple months after Biden purportedly took office with the caption, "Miss me yet?" 

But the Truth of the Matter is that both the Federal Corporations are filthy dirty.  Both are bent on evil agendas to boost their own profits.  It is, no matter how you try to avoid it, a choice between raspberry-flavored crap and vanilla-flavored crap, take your choice.  

Trump orchestrated "Warp Speed" and didn't appear to know what he was doing; Biden followed along and did the same.  Are we supposed to be comforted by this performance, when neither leader of either party appears to have any control over the military, which, as we now know, has colluded to murder over two billion innocent people for profit?  Including 160 to 200 million Americans?  

Pardon me while I retch. 

There shouldn't be any military supported by any country or nation that could or would carry out such a mission, yet here they are, using atypical asymmetric civilian "Uniformed Officers" --- licensed doctors and nurses, to do their dirty work for them.  And setting it up so that these Uniformed Officers die right along with their victims.  

Both the officers and their victims are accorded all the respect of used nose-wipes. 

As things stand, they have killed two-thirds or more of our population --- and most of their own Priority Creditors --- without firing a shot.  The cowards. The nasty little useless cowards and the King's "civilian militia" known as Bar Attorneys right beside them, one wearing their white coats and one wearing their black robes, and both of them foreign as Kung Fu in America. 

Yet where are the Americans?  Walking dead and still asleep.  

So we hear the Narrative, about how Trump and the "Good Military" are going to save us.  

You mean the same "Good Military" that got all this started?  The ones that own all the patents and contracts and who are raking in the bucks hand over fist while the people they owe money to are dying like flopping fish on the playing fields and in the streets, on sound stages and in grocery stores and train stations?  Slow baked in the public microwave oven that our streets and cities have become for anyone foolish enough to take their vaccine?

Have you noticed the reports that all these corpses are unnaturally hot?      

And after this, they are going to give the Survivors what?  A half-baked re-defined version of "NESARA" while the old legislation lies dead on full public display, like the sweet people who believed all this nonsense?  

Biden is a living joke of all that is bad in this political system.  And when he is gone, you will have someone far more competent, and yet, worse in his own way because he is more competent and still going along with all this murder and mayhem. 

The only Good Guys are those who wake up and say, "No more of this." --- and mean it. 

Good Guys don't try to substitute British Territorial "officers" for American Officers.  They don't make up stories about "The Act of 1871" and they don't mistake the Southern Confederacy of 1861 for the American Confederation of 1781, either.  They don't try to deceive Americans to benefit the British King.  Or the Pope. 

Good Guys don't adopt foreign citizenship and "offer" to invade our vacated Federal Republic ---and pretend that they R us. No, no, no, no, no -- that would just be a reprise of when the Brits came ashore and replaced all our American State-of-State business organizations with their own Funky Turtle British Territorial versions.  They started running our business "for" us and nobody was the wiser. 

That's what the British Rotters are proposing again.  Oh, yeah, there will be an "emergency" that they started, because they are killing us, their Priority Creditors, just like they killed the Jews in Germany.  There's a reason Bill Gates talks about "the Final Solution" --- and it has nothing to do with religion or race.  It has to do with money and assets and who is owed what in this world --- and the fact that they are dishonorable, worthless crooks.

They will try to pretend that they are "American" heroes, when they're just rotten Tories in drag. 

The Good Guys are Americans through and through, with no apologies and no ruse or excuse, no phony names, no games. They know who they are and they have a clear, solid vision. They aren't confused about how their government is structured, or who has the right to operate it.  

Get a clue, folks.  You are the ones that are supposed to be operating your government and telling your troops what to do with all that equipment you bought for them and all of that training you paid for --- not the British Crown, and not the Roman Pontiff and sure as Hell, not any unelected "National Security Council".   

Go to: and pass the word: "Good Guys". 


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  1. Replies
    1. for what exactly?... hasnt "anna" been telling people that these very same people "she" is now criticizing are "Our Employees". whats with that??? :)

      as i asked before about four Articles back:
      who ever said anyone had to participate in Trusts anyway? or anything else?
      the comments back were default: unfounded insults.
      .... i guess being used as a substitute for actual inform-ative answers?.. then, the comment section was shut down!
      does "anna" have substantive answers to these questions?
      ... just asking. :):):)

  2. Anna is correct, there are no "white hats" coming to save us. The TRUTH is sometimes inconvenient and hard to swallow. If Trump gets back into power, he will last about 3 years before it's obvious that he is a British Territorial puppet.

  3. The dominoes are starting to topple over and maybe the slumbering lot will finally get a clue...

  4. Hindu Proverb - When the elephants fight, the grass gets trampled.

  5. Just like the state department nothing more than ZOG .
    Control from CFR all good white hats have been killed generals Patton , Butler,
    And JFK , Jim Trafficant.
    Murdered by the same culprits that did 9/11 .
    England suffers the same fate they control the military like Oliver Cromwell who attacked the Christians and their king . All run out of city of London Rothschilds (nation State) . Jefferson vetoed central bank Myran amshell Rothschild declared war on American.
    If it wasn’t for brave Andrew Jackson we would have returned sooner to one world governance.

    1. hi bubba!!!! great comment!

    2. heres one bubba:
      from taskandpurpose datte camme, The Militiaman...... :
      james swan ... scotsman. brilliant man. he wrote "Britain and the African, Slave Trade", published 1772 exposing the abusive British Slave Traders.
      he paid alot of the Massachusetts militia expenses and sold his property to finance the Continental Army for our War for Independence from the British and Church of England/ Vatican.
      Swan privately accepted the entire debt for our War for separation.
      he was instrumental in the Louisiana Purchase agreement.
      he was thrown into debtors prison for a debt he could have paid, but refused on principle because he said he didnt owe it, but paid off the other prisoners debts for them. by the time he got out, everything he had was gone. he died soon thereafter. hes been all but removed from our history.

      first the attacks on us that caused our protection of ourselves, 1776.
      then attack upon us again, War of 1812.
      then attack upon us again 1860s.
      all from our "friends", the British. Perfidious Albion.
      always causing another "bankruptcy" of our union following after each one of their undue attacks upon us.
      hmmmmm.... kinda looks like maybe they PLANNED it that way??

    3. so it looks like:
      the British were running the Black (Physical)Slave Trade Situation
      and creating the White (Debt)Slave Trade Matrix?
      now what? theyre trying to combine both with both?... so both Black and White Americans are both Physical and DebtSlaves?

    4. "The Dummies Guide to Shills & Pick Pockets"

      1. women:janmarie writes to deflect/direct you to other web sites.
      2. Shelby writes to direct to more and different other such sites.
      3. Neither women:janmarie nor Shelby focus/direct anyone (if ever?) to Anna's home page, where there is a link:
      "or use this new search system." (Which is where your essential assembly information may be explored/navigated.)
      4. And thereby the sanctity (I call the "pocket) of your mind" is picked of it's focus, by the Shills of "time-theft" & "deflect/direct," via their clever hocus pocus, we stole your focus!

    5. Hmm what do ya know self governing zones

      Who would of thunk

      To set up world parliament the people will provide the funding
      says so right in their document
      Thats what you are donating to not your freedom

      The WEF (the few) falls under number 2 listed above that would be WEDO
      The World Economic Development Organization

      And world patents well now wonder ole Doc Martin can attest to anything on that there list
      Hmm you don't say genetic engineering
      2.5.) To work closely with the Agency for Technological and Environmental Assessment and other relevant agencies to monitor genetic engineering and other possibly dangerous technologies and regulate permits for development of such technologies for the protection of the people of Earth.

      Of course all this was enACTed couple of decades ago but on and on it goes

      Probelm reaction solution but decades later the problem of genetic engineering and the genocide of millions goes on unabated

      And ole Doc Martin was given access to all this shit to analyze by whom?
      It's not an accident it's generational and it gets passed down through the families
      They lie for each other as they move their plans forward

    6. anony115 551am,
      its been brought up numerous times that "anna" rarely furnishes references and so then seems to not give credit where credit is due;
      its not too surprising if you regard commenters who diligently furnish references as doing something wrong.

    7. man stands = Babylonbabble-on has fallen, fallen.

  6. White Hats Black Hats - they're all Hats!
    That's what I've been quipping for a while.
    Always renaming their crap.
    Oh, now it's NESARA.
    Repackaging, trying to throw the current generation of their sordid trail of misdeeds. It's time to be able to sniff them out like a million rat terriers in a red -hot second flash!

    1. Sorry. I didn't intend to publish the above comment as Anonymous... or Anon... or any other Hiding-Behind. Nor do I have a Non-disclosure Agreement, nor do I have reason to hide, obfuscate or adulterate... Darrell Penner - Ark. It's my decision before all to be transparent and without fear.

    2. yes, both Nesara/Gesara look very much like a one-world money system.

    3. yes, ne/ge SARA looks like a one-world monoeye cyststem.

    4. white hats black hats is their so called duality bullshit
      No coincidence they have balck and white checkered board floors

      Kind of like the sky over noth dallas yesterday just full of chems looked like a checkered board once they got done with it

      This shit is no accident folks

      Makow has a good one to read today about ole Benny Franklin
      a crypto foundling father (by the way ff is 66 one of their fav numbers)

      This vaccine is no different that the almost 100 they are giving your children now
      And their fraud CORPORATION known as the CDC is looking to approve and add the covid ones to the little ones schedules

      And they don't give two shits about your paperwork
      According to their records the name is not yours nor was it ever yours it was copyrighted the minute you were born

      Now what about a TRADEmark?
      IT'S NOT MY NAME(mane)
      I've been through the desert on a horse with no name it felt good to be out of the REIGN

      Sung by AMERICA back in the day

    5. yes, ne/ge SARA looks like a one-world monoeye cyststem.

      I would say that is the GAI

      #42 their Guaranteed Annual Income Administration or GAIA
      Of course that is after they steal all social security and retirement funds and all the income in the CAFR reports
      Ya know after they fake bankrupt the nation with the help of Martha Stewart aka Janet Yellen
      Stewart by the way is a so called peerage name or so they say
      None of them got anywhere unless they were connected

    6. Back in the day for the so called 'new deal' is when they introduced social security remember
      No different today they just clear out all the accounts and start the new CON
      The Green New Deal

      READ IT

    7. And remember now the non governmental non profit that paid the CEO over $500,000 bucks I reported the other day

      Last year he got a $50,000 a year raise and he recently stepped down they are currently looking for a new CEO

      And check it out how they can change them up all over the place and we don't notice any of it

      And they do it all the time
      This guy is good folks and he outs a shit load of these lying mofo's

    8. I'm tellin ya the guy is good

    9. The question is who are the they? How many times has history been rewritten by the winners? Why was almost all the old architecture and technology on this continent disappear starting in 1812 and almost disappear after a World's fair, except for some spiritual buildings and oversized and very ornate, with horse and wagon?
      When Frances bacon did the final edit on The King James Bible, he stressed science, but I don't think the science they say don't question, but isn't that what science is? The dark ages ended at that time, with all the untaught empirical, nihilistic, controversy, of what philosophical views to follow, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle to shroud in the veil and control of religion, to control the masses of mankind.
      What is very clear to i, is that this social experiment of a constitution limiting the power of government is unique to the ages and a history reset took place not long ago, and what transpires will be the result of what we The People do to change what the controllers have done for all of history, and countless civilizations hidden, destroyed, or self destruction, even natural deluges, that just a few survivors used the technology from their time to repopulate cities with farm grown people, who just were able to clean up the mess, and it just kind of destroys the idea that America was discovered, not conquered by Philistines, Jesuits, Masons, Venice, after being settled by other peoples, well evidenced, but who built all the pre America cities and grids, and how, remains unanswered, though many theories exist, why destroy it just a couple generations ago?
      You comment too much, do you have real answers?

    10. And you comment too much without a handle/name

      Yea I have the answer, ignore them all

      I could give two shits about this shit

      It is a slow TRANCEformation to the world they are looking to create and if you want to be a part of that have at er

      I for one don't give two shits

      I wasn't here in 1812 and neither were you
      How do you know what you spout off is even true
      After all they lie about everything and that includes the fake history they gave everyone

      As far as I'm concerned this rock needs to be blown into trillions of pieces and be gone

      And if you have to ask the question who are they you haven't a clue as to the tribe running this shew

      I don't give two shits about staying alive in this fucking 3 ring circus, you can have it

  7. I distinctly remember Anna pushing the trump, qanon, white narrative! I was blocked for saying trump was a puppet.

  8. [thats-interesting:dear]

  9. Must be why anna has yet to direct the state assemblies to hold the incorporated state and fed govs accountable huh.

    Whats more amusing is that none of the state assembly folks have benefitted from the mutual credit offset exchange.

    Whats the point of standing up the state assemblies if Anna or James has to TELL them when to do something and what to do? Doesn't that make Anna and James the unelected "president" of the unincorporated state assemblies? or? And why hasn't this happened STILL? Are we waiting for the full 7 years to pass before Anna directs the state assemblies in what to do next?

    Eh, this farce has induced the patriots to take up this position of Waiting and Hoping something happens while adding their own names and information to public registries.

    And whats ironic there is the ones who attend the state assemblies won't share whats supposed to be public details about the assemblies meeting minutes. Always the self chosen pretending to be worth more than the ones with sense enough to pick everyone.

    1. that is some clear thinking.

      if you havent already, i hope you consider serving the people. if history repeats itself, it will likely be a thankless job, but i believe only two to four years of service was originally intended to be the length of service for statesmen.
      once we get back to basics and to the honest handling of the peoples affairs; and to OPEN BOOKS with no hidden "*Ac*-Counts"; that are open to view and re-view at all times by the people who own those books and all that is referenced in them: then things have a chance to run pretty smoothly as long as the *people* have full access to and take responsibility for watching what is happening AND then peacefully "putting the Boot on" what deviates from what they have decided. "Infil-traitors" (Infidel Traitors) often stick out like sore thumbs just by asking: does what they do elevate the people or tear the people down? and our safety cannot be turned over to someone else; as we can see, greedy stupid worthless men and women can so easily be bought.

      im not sure theres going to be a hugely disruptive big "shake-up", but if there is, it will be up to the actual living good people to get started moving forward. i sense that we'd better have some ideas about how to actually go about doing that, just in case. people who have ideas about this already know who they are.


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