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Saturday, January 11, 2020

For the Sake of Peace

By Anna Von Reitz

The Founders of this Universe are still here. They didn't die. They didn't leave.

They continue to watch over us and care about us and our progress, much like human parents care about their children, but on a much grander scale and including all life as part of The One Life of All That Is. Their transit vehicles have been identified, but rarely seen here, as very large, very beautiful globe-shaped air ships with lights in concentric circles.

The Original Heavenly Host included a dominant society in this Galaxy that was a Caste Society, like the Hindu culture still is.

There were scientist-priests known as the All Seeing.

There were soldiers known as the Dragons.

There were merchants known as the Children of Men.

The Dragons were a conquered race of Reptilians that originated in the star system of Draco; their ancestors rampaged across the Galaxy approximately two million years ago, colonizing widely and diversifying as they went.

When they came up against the All Seeing, the scientist-priests of the Sirius B "Morning Star" star system, they were steadily defeated and pushed back toward their home planets. Their war-like nature and physical strength and other attributes, however, made them ideal warriors.

Right or wrong, the All Seeing bred captive populations of Reptilians to fight against the original Reptilian invaders in the same way that we breed dogs for special purposes.

The greatest warriors of the Reptilian races were thus conceived in captivity and trained and imbued with the wisdom of their All Seeing captors to become Seraphs --- Angels.

In this context, Satan, a Seraph, can be seen as a rebel throw-back returning to his Reptilian roots, however imbued with new knowledge and new capabilities.

The Children of Men were the races of the Pleiades descended from their great ancestor, who was called "Men" as a Proper Name. They formed powerful trade and market alliances with the All Seeing.

All three Castes were from substantially different backgrounds and races, with different biology, different sense organs, different capabilities, different values, different cultures, different histories.
These very different castes could have sex and produce hybrid off-spring, but the off-spring were often sterile and suffered health and mental problems, so intermarriage between castes was generally discouraged for practical reasons.

Here on Earth, hybrids were eventually engineered in an effort to preserve the unique genetic heritage of the All Seeing, and to tame and calm the Reptilian war-loving nature.

It was realized too late that breeding the Reptilians to be super-soldiers led inevitably to the pursuit of war, so the opposing effort was made to correct this and mainstream the Reptilians by reverse genetic engineering.

Homo sapiens today are a blend of all three of these Elder Races, plus some I haven't discussed.
All Homo sapiens have a Reptilian brain that controls their Autonomous nervous system, tiny scales that cover their skin, and numerous other reptilian traits. The genetic traits of the All Seeing are far less common, but also widely distributed, with some individuals being throwbacks to this ancestor race, too.

Once you become aware of this it's easy to see, but until you become aware of it, you are ill-disposed to evaluate what's what and who's who.

As the All Seeing dwindled in numbers and "faded away" --their diluted genetic content carried on by hybrid children-- the leadership and knowledge that once guided this planet steadily toward peace and nurturance faded away, too.

Their absence left a vacuum of power and the predominantly Reptilian scions stepped in to fill it, but the Reptilians are ill-suited to peace. They are still too close to their original genetic code, and as result, they create war and think as warriors, and delight in the spoils of war.

They have not outgrown this predilection.

You can see them wandering around the halls at the Pentagon and in bunkers from here to Timbuktu, and in the boardrooms of corporations planning the next marketing "campaign", and in the agencies and in the political parties --- wherever there is conflict or danger, there the Reptilians can be found, attracted like moths to flames.

And if there is no conflict, they will start one for profit or out of pure boredom.

It's not for me or anyone else to judge them. They are what they are, and its not their fault that they are geared this way. It is however a fact, and until the rest of us wake up and stop electing Reptilians to positions of political power, there won't be peace on Earth for obvious reasons.

For obvious reasons, too, these people need to become self-aware. They need to step back and realize what they are doing and why they are doing it, so that they can consciously evaluate their impulses and motives and not just function "on reptile brain".

Once they are fully conscious and aware, they can stop following their genetic beaten-path to destruction, and stop promoting war, war, and more war.

They can find ways to make war against disease and poverty and pollution, and turn that basic Reptilian impulse into something profoundly powerful and good.

As for the rest of us, those who have a greater portion of heritage from the All Seeing and from the Pleiadeans, we need to help the Reptilians find outlets for their boundless energy and physical strength, and provide them with ways to fulfill their need to be active and competitive ---- without being destructive.

There are those who think that the Reptilians should be destroyed, simply wiped out as an evolutionary mistake. They think that Reptilians will never learn to choose life or peace. They think that Reptilians "have served their purpose". They are tired of struggling with Reptilians, and would just as soon see them written out of the Book of Life.

Faced with the Reptilian propensity for war and destruction, their violent history, their conflict-driven mentality, and the sheer cost of their mismanagement of resources on this planet, it's hard not to agree.

But then the wisdom of Our Father intercedes and reminds us that the turtles are reptiles, too, and they are among the wisest and most tolerant and most avid protectors of life. And the birds are the descendants of the reptiles. What would creation be like without them?

And let's not lose sight of the fact that Homo sapiens all depend on a reptile brain to keep our hearts pumping and our eyes dilating and our lungs inhaling and exhaling. Our skin, the largest and in some ways the most important organ of our physical body, is also largely reptilian in origin. Just look at your skin under high magnification and you will see the scales of a reptile.

As we wake up to our history and to a higher consciousness, and we begin to see with new eyes and hear with new ears, we will recognize reptilian combativeness and "Either/Or" thinking in ourselves as well. And we will pause and think about the many ways in which our reptile heritage has preserved us and protected us and made our lives and our species possible.

Our reptilian heritage is not a matter of "for us" or "against us". It's something we need to acknowledge and accept along with all the other gifts passed on to us and to include in our conscious awareness of both its good and its potentially evil attributes at work within us.


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  1. Anna and readers, where is the evidence, the written histories, the verifiable indicators for the above claims? It is like a mixture of imagination, science fiction, wizardry, and speculation as I view what Anna has described.

    All mankind is on a trajectory through time, space, temporality, spirituality, and we are in individual progressions toward realization of personal potential. We came to earth from a place and condition of far greater perfection than what we see and experience here.

    The universe exists by means of opposition - of all things. There exists an eternal condition of perfection and light, and another eternal condition of chaos and darkness. Compare the brightness of the sun and the darkness of outer space for a concrete example.

    Light is synonymous with truth, life and life forces like the genesis of a seed into a tree bearing fruit, and its having joy in its fruit, by reaching the purpose of its creation. Darkness is synonymous with lack of fruitfulness, damning of progress, ignorance, lacking the light of comprehension of the nature of the universe.

    We as "individuals", that is as individual developing intelligences, have always existed, and cannot be destroyed. But intelligence can be refined and extended and increased by experience and better choices made, by higher paths taken, by the principles of intelligence which we serve.

    We as individual intelligences now live temporarily ("temporally") in tabernacles of clay. These tabernacles are endowed with very limited powers of perception, but with experience, thought, study, comparison, we make choices either toward the light, or toward the darkness.

    Anything that leads us toward Jesus Christ is light. Anything that leads us away from the light of Jesus Christ leads toward darkness, in the eternal view of the Universe.

    Over time, and through eternity, the principle of individual choice, founded on individuals intelligence making choices toward light or toward darkness, and experiencing the results, then making additional choices, having added experiences, determines which eternal kingdom we will eventually inhabit permanently. And choices we make also determine what degree of assistance from the higher worlds of intelligences we become eligible to gain assistance from.

    Consider that the man who lived most perfectly of all men, was half immortal. He made a choice as the highest principle of intelligence that could be made - to lay down his mortal life as a perfect offering to pay a price no one else could pay, because no one else was able to pay the price of a perfect life - to purchase our corrupted souls if we follow Him, and keep the commandments His Father gave those who will humble themselves, casting off their carnal natures of temporal life in a fleshly tabernacle to give everything to follow the light to the highest dwelling place of intelligences, light and glory, and having joy in becoming what we were created to become, out cleanest, highest selves. This is the nature of the Universe we are experiencing.

    1. Here's some evidence for ya and and if you want something
      written go to the vatican and ask if you can have access to the 50 miles of tunnels underneath it.You need to understand that the british o.s,s changed its name to the cia and have been here since 1940 not 1947.
      aka (the crown in America).What is the biggest thing these scumbags hide at all cost?. The answer to gravity is what they hide.below is a 1964 interview from george van tassel,can find tons of interviews on youtube.

      A little science about how our universe really works,watch every thing you can by this guy.

    2. Tony
      Evidence? From the Vatican" From the literal head of the Snake?
      Seems like a lot of peoples resources are tainted and corrupt?
      World Wide Web designed primarily to catch you in its web of deceit and lies.
      Illusion and delusion!
      Learn to pronounce
      a thing that is or is likely to be wrongly perceived or interpreted by the senses.
      Learn to pronounce
      an idiosyncratic belief or impression that is firmly maintained despite being contradicted by what is generally accepted as reality or rational argument, typically a symptom of mental disorder.

  2. And i thought you said you didnt take drugs Anna. My mistake.

    1. Anton you made me smile, thank you. Let us hope Anna stands by the burning bush also known as cannabis and the Tree of Life, and God speaks to her like he did Moses...

    2. You have to have a sense of humor Marcus and you need much heavier drugs than that to come up with those beliefs. All things that were created and made both visible and invisible were made by HIM. :) John 1:3 Coll 1:16


  3. Joel, thank you. I will speak a common language so common people with common sense can understand: Why are we here? It is all in Genesis 1:26-2:25. Our Creator, the Great Spirit/Father God, created the earth (our mother) as well as man/woman and appointed us to have authority(author; to name all things) and dominion over all things (Land, Air, Water - L.A.W.). Dominion means protect, guard, tend, keep and use all the mother Earth's resources in the service of Our Father God and our fellow man/woman. But man/woman has lost his/her way and forgotten his/her purpose for which he/she was created. Genesis 1:26-2:25 is the constitution/indenture of the Divine Trust which is the first trust on planet Earth. In it, God gave man one commandment and he couldn’t keep it? And don’t blame this on Eve! Where was Adam, her protector, when the snake showed up and lied and tempted her? The next day the Lord showed up and asked: “Adam, what have ‘you’ done?” And Adam pointed to the woman(and blamed it all on her?) and yes, Eve was framed. Come on ladies, smile.

    1. Marcus
      i agree,
      yet Eve was not framed, and contrary to what Anna has said in the past, neither Adam or Eve accepted any personnel responsibility.

  4. In regards to: "until the rest of us wake up" - this also involves a "genetic" accounting and that is well presented in "Gene Keys", By Richard Rudd:
    The Gene Key to see is the 55th.
    BTW there are 64 Gene Keys and they correspond directly with the 64 Hexagrams of the I Ching which (according to legend) came by way of inspiration while contemplating the pattern on the shell of a turtle!

  5. Paul i have a ? I have lots of old occult books on science in text form /occult just means hidden.I can send you a free text to speech program to convert.It only takes about 4 mins to covert a 400 page book to speech and then you can put on web site for down load.pp will be shocked to know whats really going on out there.

  6. A while back i ask the ? what the hell does MAMMON mean.well i found the answer in a book called the (transcendental universe) Well here it is,know wonder the flies love to land on obummer an hillary.LMAO

    Beelzebub has been called the God of flies." Disease germs
    would be more correct. The life of these microscopic creatures
    which are the cause of zymotic disease, and indeed, all forms of
    parasitic life, vegetable as well as animal, are determined by lunar
    influences and are consequently under the control of the Lord of
    the Eighth Sphere. This is well known to those who practice in the
    higher kinds of evil magic or sorcery. Mammon (whose name is
    derived from the Syriac word for riches) is one of the rulers of
    the darkness of this world ". He is the god of
    barriers," and presides over all those evil influences which are
    begotten of ignorance, prejudice and fear. It is for this reason
    that he is supposed to be specially connected with material wealth,,
    as constituting a false standard of worth and dignity.

  7. Anna,- "Our reptilian heritage."
    " Our reptilian heritage is not a matter of "for us" or "against us". It's something we need to acknowledge and accept along with all the other gifts passed on to us and to include in our conscious awareness of both its good and its potentially evil attributes at work within us."
    What in the world."
    And what part of all of this mumbo jumbo is Simple?
    Why would anyone 'Need' to acknowledge or accept???
    We 'all' were originally created in His image. This is all i need to know and accept. if you or others are part of something else,some "Hybrid." i suggest a returning to the original may be the correct course of action.

  8. Space, galaxy, universe, reptilian. All these things I have not experienced. I like to go by what I have experienced combined with logical things from the Bible. I prefer to not speculate on how things might have been in the past or insert my own imagination when interpreting the Bible, because I cannot compare them to what I experience now.
    When we are dealing with information that we have not experienced ourselves, then the potential for deceit is much larger than the potential for fact. As we all know, the evils of the world operate under war principles like divide and concur and order out of chaos.
    With that in mind, If someone stays in the CITIZEN realm, they subject themselves to the deceit, chaos, and concurring influences of governments. If we declare ourselves outside of all this, we remove the tools and influences that are used against us. Simple, less likely to contain deceit, more likely to contain fact.

  9. It's called rewrite history
    First they told us we evolved from monkies
    And now we are reptilians

    David Icke's geneology and some history on who he is

    Pay close attention to the footnote at the bottom of the following paper

    Notice the name there?

  10. Not the first time for rewrites of history to suit their purposes, they have been doing it for centuries

  11. So In one hand she quotes the Bible and says praise the Lord. And in the other hand she believes there are reptiles among us. Oh. Ok.

  12. The Nature of Man

    The Image of God from Saint Thomas of Aquinas

    The Incarnation of the Divine Person of Jesus Christ

    The whole line of reasoning that there were other species created in the Image and Likeness of God leaves many questions unanswered.

    What are the Angels? Are there good and bad Angels?

    Do the Angels, good or bad, have bodies?

    1. Paul
      1. we are not animals but man
      2 Gen 1 we are made in His image
      3. Jesus is both God and man. incarnate.
      4. Angels are spirit beings and are good and bad.
      5. Angels do not have flesh like ours.

      Stick to what is written in the bible not from mans interpretations of it.

    2. You must not have read much of what I linked to. There are many things written in the Bible that should not be privately interpreted. Your 5 sentences were not necessary because all 5 are what the links essentially say.

    3. I'll bet Anton stated it more succinctly that the links you provided. Brevity matters.

  13. remembering basic biology a fetus experiences all the transformations from a single cell to fish like, to mammals [ including a tail ] to human. That in itself says volumes. oh and I must add that no species appreciates light as much as reptiles

  14. Pinkham you may find some interesting information in here - listings and names for crown companies within london

  15. No secret. Elite created Mars colony long ago. Expecting turmoil on planet earth, they moved all gold, precious art, Vatican and elite families to Mars. They recruit "workers" and children to service them - one way ticket only.

    Answers From An Alien From Andromeda. Open PDF – To search the PDF press Control F

    Planet Mars Photos copied before being deleted by NASA - showing trees, water, snow, buildings:

    Laura Eisenhower's Mars Recruitment Story

    Video 14, October 28, 2010 PDF Page 37 - Regarding Mars Colony started in 2002
    But we had a strange surprise orbiting; we found a settlement of Reptilians there on Mars. We consulted the Chithok Research Base there (of small humanoids) and they said a large Reptilian movement has been in the area for nearly 8 years. We saw some of your compatriots (Earth elites) there too working with them. With the cover-up of the Reptilians, a sovereign race, the Earthlings were able to set foot on Mars, even if you do not yet have permission to do so. From the size of the facilities, it seems they are intending to develop a great colony there. They are working hard there in the assembly of many installations. The transport spaceships stationed were all Reptilians, but we saw lots of heavy trucks and heavy equipment like those used here. We already reported about it to our command, and they replied, telling us that the Reptilians had already informed the establishment of a colonial base on Mars to Community Galactica a few years ago. There is practically a big city already assembled, with power units, teletransporters, and facilities of all kinds: water tanks, atmosphere generators, central air conditioners, large warehouses, and a large residential area. We also detected large underground facilities covered by large domes. And they started two more foundations and excavations in other craters nearby which already have all streets and areas demarcated. Your government should have some agreement with them, for sure. The Reptilians would have no interest in building a base in that location were it not for an agreement ordering it. It seems that this colonial base will serve very well to host some important Earthlings (Elites) for a period of bad weather here on your planet Earth. Q -Mythi, does the Reptilian city on Mars happen to be in the Hale Crater?-Yes, that's the name you give to the site. It's a big city with several sectors and residential neighborhoods, defined for administrators and workers as well. There are also large areas of irrigated greenhouses of different types of vegetables and fruits.

    Video 65, October 3, 2011, PDF Page 193 Mars is very beautiful, is getting a lot of water and totally changing the look. Many of your scientists and military reportedly killed on Earth were actually secretly transferred there. The population there is around 35,000

    Video 35, May 14, 2011, PDF Page 105 Regarding Reptilians are building or have bases on Mars for the elite... The Reptilians are here as "guests" of your government. In return, your governments are being "invited by them" to the lunar and Martian bases. It's a simple bi-lateral agreement. They are not breaking the rules because your leaders are admitting their presence out of free and spontaneous will. Your current governments will not have much time in this new era of the planet, so these Reptilian plans do not have much chance to give good results for them. When you are properly represented on the council, you may or may not accept Reptilian presence on your planet.

    1. This is the corrected link for Laura's video:

      Laura Eisenhower's Mars Recruitment Story

  16. Mars Continued...
    Video 96 December 8, 2012, PDF Page 255 Friends, as I promised, here is an update on the planet. Many dozens of scientists of your planet are being transferred to new laboratories on Mars in the two cities that are in full activity there. There are laboratories of all segments already installed properly. After the shutdown of the space program here, all personnel connected to your INASA already been transferred. Your elites want everything to be developed there to not have to pass the scrutiny of Community Galactica here on planet Earth. Virtually all the world's gold reserves have been transferred there as well, with the exception of the reserves of China and Russia. Your whole economy is turning around papers, without ballast because the reservations that guaranteed are no longer here. Many of your great art collections in libraries and museums and your "Vatican" have also been transferred. Everything that exists today, exposed to the public eye, is false. The planet is being emptied for quite some time, and now this exodus of resources is coming to an end on the agenda of your elites. The process of "cleanup" population of the planet just has not started yet due to the fact that CG have interfered more than they expected in natural processes. It's like a bunch of sabotage, piercing the hull of the ship, and exiting in single lifeboat, leaving all to sink without any help. But as I mentioned earlier, this colony will survive and prosper, because many friends are here to ensure that happens. The planet will continue spinning, but a lot will change over the planet that you know today. The planet is expected to grow by five percentage points in diameter and adjust your new vibration in a step up from the current.

    Video 16, 2010, PDF Page 43 Well, we know a lot of Pleiadeans-Earthling hybrids, but they are very similar physically to you and result in normal children (or above normal). In the case of Grays and Reptilians, attempts are the hybridization of races, which they try to make happen in a natural environment, not only in the laboratory. You cannot generalize what happens to some alien races. Like I said, the Earth is not an official colony, so a few races of Grays (as you say, bad Grays) without scruples, that have competent scientists in the genetics area, do genetic experiments on humans to try a hybridization between Reptilians and Humans, to service these Reptilians under research contract. As their intention has always been to divide the colonization of the Earth with you, a possible race of hybrids is much studied as a future possibility. To our knowledge, they have failed to develop properly, even with an equalization of antibodies between the races. Any day they'll succeed, and you can have a grandchild or great-grandchild with a face quite different from yours, but perhaps mentally more advanced.

    Video 31, May 9, 2011, PDF Page 91 About abductions, as I said, there are races that have used your DNA to correct problems of development. There are Gray races that make experiments genetically crossing them with your line of humanoid, seeking a stronger race physically speaking, and other Grays, working for the Reptilians along this same line of research. Your government provides human beings to experience pregnancy of hybrids in laboratories kept at underground facilities. They provide these to the Reptilians, among other races, who request such a procedure. Your government has a specific department for this especially within underground bases in North America. After these agreements, the need for abduction of humans by these races fell almost to zero.

  17. Mars Continued....
    Video 51, July 5, 2011, PDF Page 151 Jose asks, which alien races are responsible for abductions, also known as 4th kind encounters, and what's the purpose of these abductions? Joseph, as already explained, the abductions were always caused by genetic research by other humanoid and non-humanoid races. The various types of grays, deep do research for the genetic improvement of their races, the Reptilians look for ways to hybridization with humanoid races to form colonies considered humanoids, and so on. Currently this type of scientific conduct is no longer approved for this stage of this colony, but even so, with help and cover-up of your own governments they continue to be made

    Video 53, July 18, 2011, PDF Page 157 You said before these hybrids are a work-in-progress, but did they actually succeed in ways, they are now put into our society? Although there is no way to create this kind of reptilian-human hybrid. The day you meet a reptile will understand what I mean. The difficulty is the same as you try to cross an alligator with monkey. The research done so far is the level of chromosomes and genomes. So far, only generated meaningless monstrosities, impractical as a future race hybrid. These videos that you claim exist, could only be three-dimensional holograms and not real people.

    Video 91, September 25, 2012, PDF Page 242 Again, in the case of Earth, for being a "reformatory", many of these breeds with problems, were brought here as a last resort to attempt in an isolated development. This natural filtering process meant that societies pass here for more problems than most other societies on other planets colony. Therefore, all who pass level here, deserve serious consideration as a new breed, they are the survivors forged by its own merits. As this question will be made with certainty I will answer now; the reptilians are not humanoids, and all attempts to hybrids between them and humanoids, did not work.

  18. Scripture supports every thought or idea I conveyed in my reply to Anna. If interested I will provide them for readers. Let me know if interested in my sources of authority for my statements by replying. Then you can confirm them for yourselves and continue on in your discovery of light and truth about our purpose and the purpose of life. In the fullness of times, no one need be or remain in the dark or walk in confusion about the purpose of our individual life. "...for they know not where to find it". (the truth about our purpose of life.)


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