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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Ravalli Voice Seventy-Second Edition June 2017


Editor's Introduction
This month our commentary is devoted entirely to the rapidly growing Muslim insurgency. Don't
be deceived by liberal Muslim apologists nor the highly biased US news media. Islam has been a
festering problem for the past 1500 years, but in recent times growing from a regional to a global
threat to peace.
Islam followed the birth of Christianity by slightly over 600 years. Now considered one of the
world's three great religions, it was founded by the Prophet Muhammad in 610 AD. The three
religions are Judaism, Christianity and Islam. All three religions are based upon monotheism,
meaning belief in only one god. Islam's god is Allah and Muhammad was his prophet
Contrary to what some liberal apologists now tell us, the Christian and Muslim gods are not one
and the same. Islam's equivalent of the Christian Bible is the Qur'an, also referred to as the
Koran. Islam's traditional capitol is Mecca, located in present-day Saudi Arabia. At least once in
his life, every Muslim is expected to make a pilgrimage to Mecca.

Islam's Prophet Muhammad was born in Mecca Arabia in approximately the year 570 AD. He
was active as a religious leader from 609 to 632 AD. Muhammad's father died before he was
born, and his mother died when he was about 6-years old. He first married at about 25 years old,
to a woman 15 years his senior. By all accounts, it was a happy marriage. In all, Muhammad
eventually had 13 wives. Muhammad died at age 62 in 632 AD.
In 610 , Muhammad meditated in a cave on a religious retreat. Some historians suggest that it
was a Christian religious retreat because Islam did not yet exist before Muhammad experienced
his revelation in the cave. Although Muslims now label such a suggestion blasphemy, they offer
no explanation otherwise. Thereafter Muhammad claimed that God's angel Michael had come to
him and ordained him to preach Islamic religious philosophy. Michael certainly would not have
advised Muhammad to kill Christians and Jews, but Michael's imposter Satan would more likely
have been the culprit.
In 622 AD, Muhammad and most of his followers moved to Medina. There the emerging warrior
Muhammad began a series of raids. His first six raids failed, but the seventh raid succeeded. An
innocent man was killed in this raid, eventually leading to war between Muhammad's Muslims
and Mecca. It was in Mecca that the Muslim movement also became a political party, a theme
central to Islamic philosophy.
For the next ten years, until Muhammad's death in 632 AD, he and his Muslim followers never
ceased fighting. Muhammad's army fought several key battles against Medina, finally
conquering the city in 630 AD. Muhammad led unprovoked attacks against other peoples as
well, including a Jewish settlement in Northwestern Arabia.
Shortly after his conquest of Mecca, Muhammad received Surah 9:29, which exhorted Muslims
to battle all non-Muslims, including Christians and Jews, until they submit to Islam. Obeying this
command to conquer, Muhammad marched his Muslim army against the Christian Byzantine
Empire, although the Byzantines had chosen not to resist. Muhammad became ill and died
shortly thereafter, allegedly poisoned. It is very obvious that Muhammad was not a man of
peace, nor did he preach religious tolerance and compassion, as does Christianity.
While it is in error to maintain as Muslims do, that Muhammad was history's greatest moral
example, and while many critics portray him as history's worst, Muhammad did have some
commendable qualities. Muhammad placed an emphasis on helping orphans and widows, and
there were occasions when he exhibited great mercy. He was an ardent monotheist, and despised
idolatry. He exhorted his followers to heed God's prophets, like Noah, Abraham, and Moses.
Yet Muslims tend to focus entirely upon the commendable qualities of their prophet, and to
completely ignore his less admirable traits and brutal misdeeds.
After leaving Mecca, Muhammad began robbing caravans entirely for profit As a result, greed
soon became one of the primary factors in persuading people to convert to Islam. Although
patiently enduring persecution in Mecca, Muhammad's attitude quickly changed when his
followers' numbers grew in Medina. Soon he would tolerate no criticism whatsoever.
Muhammad's violence was directed toward specific ethnic groups as well. Muhammad once
said to his followers, "I will expel the Jews and Christians from the Arabian Peninsula, and will
not leave anyone but Muslims." When they surrendered, Muhammad confined them in Medina.
There he cut off their heads, some 600 to 700 in all. Every male captive who had reached puberty
was executed. Muhammad divided the women, children and property among his men, keeping
one-fifth of the spoils for himself.
We may contrast Muhammad's behavior with the historical Jesus. Christians believe that Jesus
performed miracles, died on the cross and rose from the dead. Documented history confirms all
these beliefs. While Christians have nothing to fear from an examination of historical records,
history is a huge problem for Islam.
Islamic wars of imperialist conquest have been conducted for almost 1500 years, against
hundreds of nations, over millions of square miles ( significantly larger than the British Empire
at its peak ). Islam's lust for imperialist conquest stretches from southern France to the
Philippines, from Austria to Nigeria, and from Central Asia to New Guinea. This is the classic
definition of imperialism, "The policy and practice of seeking to dominate the economic and
political affairs of weaker nations" For Islam today, its objectives are more specific, having
become those to achieve total world dominance, and to eliminate Christianity entirely, for
Christian tolerance and compassion are the antitheses of militant Islam.
There are horrendous examples of Islamic intolerance for other religions. Perhaps its worst act in
modern times was the Armenian Genocide, extermination of an entire Christian society. This
was the Islamic Ottoman government's systematic extermination of 1.5 million Armenian
Christians, mostly Ottoman citizens living within the Islamic Ottoman Empire, and its successor
state, the Republic of Turkey. This genocide began in April 1915 during the First World War,
with the arrest and deportation of approximately 370 Armenian intellectuals and community
leaders, the majority of whom were subsequently murdered.
Armenian genocide was implemented in two phases, first the wholesale killing of able-bodied
males, followed by deportation of women, children, elderly and the infirm. They were driven on
a death march into the harsh Syrian desert, where they were denied food and water until they
perished. To this day, Turkey's Islamic government denies that any of this occurred.
Today, Islam is spreading rapidly through immigration and the misguided tolerance and
sympathy for alleged Muslim refugees from African and Middle East conflicts. Militant Muslims
have infiltrated the influx of refugees, and now pose a serious threat to domestic stability and
peace in western Christian nations.
Today, the "Islamic State of Iraq and Syria" ( ISIS ) , a Jihadist militant group that follows
fundamentalist Wahhabe doctrine of Sunni Islam, is murdering thousands of Christians in
western Iraq and Syria. It now boasts 30,000 fighters, and is believed to be active in 18 nations
around the world, including several in Africa and also the Philippines.
The high Muslim birthrate also threatens world peace. The average number of children per
Muslim family in Mideast countries is presently eight, while Iran's radical Islamic government
recently mandated eleven. In America, the Caucasian birthrate is now below the sustainable
minimum, less that two children per family. Obviously, Islam also seeks to overwhelm the West
with its burgeoning population.
Islam has also spread to Southeast Asian nations, like Indonesia and the Philippines. Indonesia
now contains the largest Muslim population of any country in the world. Its current Muslim
population is estimated to be 207 million persons, most of whom represent Sunni Islam.
Approximately 13-percent of the world's Muslims reside in Indonesia.
Today's 2-billion Muslims make up 28-percent of the world's population. With their intentionally
excessive birth rate, their numbers will exceed 50-percent of the world's population by the end of
the 21st Century. Islam is well on its way to achieve Muhammad's goal of world domination,
unfettered by Christian compassion and morality.
Ravalli Voice


  1. Come to find out that that paragon of American patriotism, Ronald Reagan, was the first president to start importing Muslims into the US by the masses. I had blamed George I for starting if after the first gulf war but google says Ronnie did it first. Wow, did we ever get suckered and it looks like Trump is just as bad a Zionist licker as the rest of them have been. So now, we have THREE carrier groups headed to N. Korea, and for what!!!??? Oh, that's right, N. Korea, Syria, and Iran are the ONLY countries on earth that don't have a kike controlled Rothschild bank in total control of a country's money and economy, imagine that!? but most important, N. Korea supports the Palis and not Israhell so they are on the hit list. And the sheeple don't have a clue. Now you folks know why we will have WW3, is so that the elites can get of the dumb sheep. Wake up!!!

  2. I believe the angel that visited Mohammed was Gabriel, not Michael. And despite what George Jr. claimed that "we all worship the same god," Allah does not mean "god" since "god" is an pronoun and not a proper name. ANYTHING could be called "god" but a proper noun is specific, especially a person's name. Allah is the specific name of the Muslim god NOT that that entity is a god. When they shout Allahu Akbar, they are not saying "god is great" but that "Allah is greater"!!!!!! Makes a difference folks. Any "god" can be "great" but what they are saying is that Allah is GREATER than any other thing called a god. We been lied to by politically correct people and a populace that refuses to think for themselves. As was pointed out in the article we do not worship the same being and I hope to have clarified a big lie that has been foisted on us by a deceiving media and their toadies!!!


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