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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The "Secret" of 1954....

By Anna Von Reitz

Once again, the hive is buzzing and people are astonished by the revelation that in 1954 all the courts in America effectively shut down and stopped hearing Common Law Pleas and instead started hearing only Statutory Pleas--- which means that they are not our courts and that the "Defendants" and "Plaintiffs" in such courts can only be business entities or incorporated entities, not people at all. 

So let us briefly review what happened in 1953-54 and why this happened.

In the aftermath of the Civil War a group of Territorial United States (British Sympathizers - Tories) Congress members conspired to overthrow the actual United States Federal Government via the use of legal chicanery, similar names deceits, unlawful conversion and "other means of art" to replace the Federal States of States with Territorial States of States, and to also convert from the use of lawful United States Money to Corporate Fiat Currency. 

Here is a link to just one tell-all expose and just a small piece of the amassed proof that our lawful government was usurped:   This was called "The Aldrich Plan" after then-Senator Aldrich---one of the chief architects of this infamy. 

They infringed upon our Common Law Copyright to the name "The United States of America" and created a Scottish-chartered corporation merely calling itself "The United States of America, Inc." which they then substituted for our lawful government and used as a device to promote the idea that this foreign entity "represented" us and our assets and had permission to access our credit.

This is, of course, merely identity theft on steroids, a crime, and a fraud.

By 1907, this Scottish cuckoo bird was bankrupt.  The International Bankruptcy Trustees (named by the banks responsible for knowingly extending credit to the interlopers)  "took title" to our land as "surety" for the pay off of the Scottish Corporation debts in Chapter 11.   All property public and private was annexed, labeled -- that is, given a "title" and description, and placed in trust subject to property taxes ear-marked to pay off the debts of this Scottish imposter.  Generations of Americans labored to pay off debts they never owed.

In 1953, this initial "government" bankruptcy settled and the land and the titles should have been returned to the actual states and people they belonged to, but the cretins in the US [Territorial] Congress pretended that too much time had elapsed and it would be too difficult to determine who the land actually belonged to.  So they gratuitously rolled the released land assets into "state trusts" doing business under names styled like this:  Ohio State, Idaho State, Wisconsin State.  These trusts have been operated by the perpetrators for their own benefit ever since.

This is what caused our land jurisdiction to "disappear" behind the veil of the Territorial State of State organizations pretending to act as the Trustees of our States, and which in turn forced the switch from American Common Law to Statutory Law in 1954.  If you don't have a land jurisdiction, you can't have land jurisdiction courts---- unless of course, the actual owners of the State "come home" and operate them. 

Which is what we are doing now. 

The Territorial States of States don't have a Common Law jurisdiction available to them, unless you indulge the deceit of calling martial law a form of "common law"---which they have done often enough, in their efforts to maintain control and to deceive the American Public. 

The end result of this that there has been nobody but volunteers enforcing the actual Public Law of this country for decades. 

See Mack and Prinz v. USA, Inc. --- a Supreme Court case brought by then-County Sheriff Richard Mack and another officer, which forced the [Territorial] United States Supreme Court to admit that, yes, Sheriffs could --- if they wished to do so -- enforce the requirements and honor the guarantees of the Constitution(s).

But only if they wished to do so.  As "law enforcement" officers, their real job is to enforce whatever is "legislated" --- regulations, codes, and statutes. They are not, strictly speaking, responsible for enforcing the Public Law. 

See another clear example and sign post telling you what game they have been playing:  Thompkins v. Erie Railroad.  In this infamous case (which many patriots know is important--- but apparently don't know why) the Territorial United States Supreme Court admitted that no "general" Federal Common Law exists. 

There is no secret to this.  The Federal Government was never given any land or soil jurisdiction, so has never had access to any form of Common Law --- except for the noted euphemistic claim of "Martial Common Law" as a "special" ---not general --- form of common law.   

What the [Territorial] Federal Government was doing in Thompkins v. Erie Railroad was effectively serving notice that if we wanted to live under Common Law and have local control of our property and our lives, we would have to provide it for ourselves, because they were incompetent to do so by definition.

The only actual international  "Common Law" --established by Treaty -- that the Federales are responsible for knowing and obeying is embodied as the three Constitutions establishing the Federal, Territorial, and Municipal United States Government(s).  And they do their best to evade and avoid even that.

Common Law by its nature is messy and localized.  People within a land and soil jurisdiction make it up as they go, picking and choosing those "laws" that they accept and rejecting or amending those that they disagree with by a process of Jury Nullification. 

Jury Nullification is the "check" built into our original American Government to "balance" federal and state-of-state legislatures and keep them from establishing a monolithic and unaccountable despotism.  But Jury Nullification --- the direct rejection of such legislation by the people serving as jurors sitting in judgment of the law and the facts-- only takes place in our Common Law Courts, so once the Common Law Courts ceased to function, the people were deprived of their ability to reject or amend legislation. 

The people and actual owners of this country thus became pawns to their purported "representatives" without a means to check the endless flow of rules and regulations and "Public Policies" of these usurping commercial corporations and their private, foreign, corporate boards of directors masquerading as public officials. 

There are now over eighty million "federal regulations" and "administrative code" rules that you are purportedly responsible for knowing and obeying.  Even such a ho-dunk backwater as the State of Alaska Legislature passes an average of between 200 and 300 new statutes per year that subscribers are supposed to know and support and which the police are supposed to enforce. 

The insanity built into this situation is self-evident and the need and means to stop and overcome it is also self-evident. 

"Return" to your own lawful birthright political status now that you realize that you have been cheated out of it via a process of unconscionable contracts. Assemble your counties and your States to control the land and soil jurisdictions you are heir to.  Elect and otherwise staff your own Courts and establish your qualified jury pools. Take up the task of nullifying literally millions of "federal regulations" being imposed on your people and your soil. 

The means to put an end to this ugly and crime-infested system is already provided and standing on the books.  Just become aware and do your part to restore the government of the people, for the people, and by the people. 

Cancel and Revoke all Powers of Attorney related to you and your name(s)/NAME(S) however styled. 

See my basic forms and instructions posted as Article 928 on my website to stake your claims:

Organize your County and State Assemblies.  Go to or send an email with your county and state as the subject line to: 

Join the discussion every Thursday night at 9 p.m. EST, 1-712-770-4160, participant code 226823#. 

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  1. Is every country's Recording offices "Corrupt"..!! How is it the Scott's can record a name like The "UNITED STATES" and get away with it..!! I thought law was supposed to keep things civil...isnt that the reason for law in the first place...?? If the law is so prone to "corruption" and outright deceite, why have laws at all...!! Get rid of law and courts altogether and let's go back to the wild west....fastest gun wins...simple..!! Unless you have a posse with you when a gang gets out of control...!! From what I can see, the law will always be a "liability" to "THE PEOPLE"..!!
    We can no longer trust anyone with the law or these recording agencies, because they are filled with people who will do anything the are told to do by their masters, and given good pensions for it....!! The law and courts have become weapons of war for people with tons of money and know how to deceive everyone using "semantic deceite", by agents of the Crown....aka. BAR Attorneys....!! No wonder GOD said never to legislate law...!! We only needed two laws:
    1) Love the Lord with all your heart

    2)love your neighbor as he would love you..

    I'm beginning to understand the wisdom of those two laws and why God ordered it.....!!!

    1. Corporations and legal persons register things private, unincorporated people record private property which is why you do not have any.

    2. and what pray tell did you use for I.D. to get a "drivers license"? i bet it was a "birth certificate" which is the Bank of whatever's property; its a C.U.S.I.P. # bond; bonds are not supposed to be used for I.D. purposes; their is no forensic evidence of life on a bond so anyone can assume some elses name and use it; the entire foundation of corprotocrazy is built upon fraud so evryone is a criminal ; i believe christ said this was building a nation on a foundation of sand instead of rock which is truth; criminals don't have any rights only benefits & privileges...

    3. james,
      i believe that is also the path to 'True' freedom.

  2. Indeed, in the film Vertigo (filmed circa the mid-1950s) you can see one of the last occurrences of a common law court proceeding, near the end of the film when James Stewart's character is being "put on trial" for (sorry -- spoiler if you haven't seen the film!) the death of the mystery woman played by Kim Novack. They make no mention in the film that it's a common law court, but my lady and I watched Vertigo earlier this year and I said, "That's a common law court, not an admiralty/maritime law kangaroo court," and she said "You're right." We figured it had to be one of the last occurrences or representations of a common law proceeding -- turns out, we were right. Thanks, Judge Anna for continuing to pull this whole American motion picture into focus!

    1. Pretty old news but nevertheless timely, the proper courts do exist you have to know how to invoke them and your political status and nationality have to be proper.

    2. Fraud was done to our fledging country by British Sympathizers called Tories) anna said it, so no need to insinuate that scots were to blame, we wouldn't have a united states if not for our early scottish pioneers.

  3. You accepted the contract when you gave them an unqualified signature signing as trustee in behalf of your legal person when you registered your car and legal person over to the state.

  4. Ie contract being the Drivers License

  5. Pennyforyourthoughts:
    Can I receive a bullet point simple path to follow on how to invoke
    proper courts and have the proper political status and nationality.
    respond to:

  6. As usual, I have to correct the historical record since queen ann here thinks she is the ONLY one that knows anything!!! I have been in the patriot movement for over 25 years now and I can tell you one thing, they all KNOW what the Erie Railroad case was all about!!! Looks like granny has run out of her meds is now aggrandizing herself as more important than she really is!!! Sorry to have to step on all the toads on this site that hop on everything she posts but her "history" is flawed, as usual.

    1. You claim to be a patriot yet you come in our camp and talk trash you are a troll nothing more. You want a clear path hoes your nerve? You can use thair lawyers but you automatically give the courts jurisdiction . Everyone has a tact they like becoming clear Bill Thourton is correct you don't talk you inner act in paperwork setting up a dual court out ranking the inferior administrative tribunal . You issue your writ and don't allow the judges any action except witness .

  7. DL=contract? Where's the meeting of the minds? Full disclosure?

    Adhesion contract=unconscionable contract=no contract.

  8. The DL is not yours any more than a SSC is yours. The card/property when held by another creates a trust. It is a contract, the contract is with the office through its trustees. First you have a trust, then you have a contract by operation of law when the property is used. What capacity is being used is the question. Are we acting outside that relation-ship or acting in fact?

  9. Was I informed of all of that stuff? No full disclosure, no contract.
    Capacity is agency. Did we agree to that? Were we informed?

  10. cube,but its a lose lose situation. No SSC, you can't work. No DL, you get into a heap of trouble and land in court, as you already know, lol.

  11. We all know the courts are running thair corperate law on us and we have to play this cat and mouse jurisdiction game that has deadly consequences .
    They will not change it a money maker.
    only people power educated and committed will do what the Colorado judges were doing putting heat on corrupt judges .
    the judges struck back using a paper terrorism law say what? The common law folk were right but when you have no honest law you better have more arms that the others.

    1. And so were form assemblies numbers are strong.and follow the original path.


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