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Monday, July 9, 2018

Status Report -- Grandma's New Shoes

By Anna Von Reitz

What have I been doing?  Working. Hard. 

What's the status?  We and our allies are in every national and world court and we are pinning down a dozen "administrative agencies" besides.  We have come from all sides and from many nations to expose the global crimes.  

At home, we are commissioning our Marshals Service, setting up our international trade banks and state credit unions and other services.

Others among us are busily setting up the County and State Jural Assemblies.

And always, day by day, we are chiseling away at the injustices on every side: the private collection agencies masquerading as courts, the misrepresentation of marriages as business Joint Ventures (with the State of State owning the controlling interest), the endless demands to license rights, the illegal and immoral foreclosures, and so much more.

Everyone is working with a sense of urgency and mission, and going as fast as we can with the resources we've got.

When I view the immensity of the task, even I don't know how we are doing it ---- but we are. 

Have I been attacked? 
This strikes me as a silly question. 

I, like everyone else, was attacked by these vermin when I was only a few days old, a baby in my cradle.  And to one extent and one direction or another, I have been under attack ever since.

This is the norm.  This is how we have all been forced to live thanks to these maniacs. 

We've had to fear our own government.  We've been subjected to our own employees. 

Absolutely everything about this whole situation has been upside down and "bassackwards" and when you stop and think about it, you will know that this is true and that not only have I been under attack ---- so have you. 

Have I been lied about?  Hahahahahah! 

This is a spiritual war in which truth is our weapon, and falsehood is theirs. 

So here I am, an American, being mischaracterized as a "US Citizen". 

So here I am, a Lutheran, being attacked as a "Vatican Agent". 

Here I am, a Great-Grandmother, being called a "Reptilian Warrior". 

Here I am, scraping along, giving away all my money to the cause---my book sales, my retirement income, the donations I receive --- being accused of "getting rich" and taking "Rothschild money". 

Hahahahahahahahah!   And I don't even believe in money. 

Think about this: a group of criminals pretending to represent you hands over your ability to produce your own money to a Third Party (Rothschild, for example) and he starts printing little paper I.O.U's purportedly "for" you. 

In return, he receives a hundred percent of the face value of each I.O.U., plus the cost of producing the I.O.U's, plus 4%.   And you?  You pay for it all.

You make him unimaginably rich for doing almost nothing at all, and you make yourself and your children unimaginably poor --- and you can't see through this?


Some days I am stunned by the sheer number of lies these people can produce. Our adversaries do "lie faster than a horse can trot" --- as my Mother used to say.  If one lie doesn't work, they don't miss a beat.  They just concoct another.

You have been told that Satan went insane and no longer knew the Truth. What you have not been told, though this should be self-evident, is that his children suffer the same affliction--- because the truth, literally--- is not in them.

They cannot tell fact from fiction, which makes them very effective liars: they come across very sincere, because they believe their own lies.  And they cannot feel, either, because of this inability to sort fact from fiction.  A man seems as insubstantial and unimportant, to them, as a photo of a man. 

Whatever their opinion is, at any given moment, serves them as "truth" and they neither know nor can recognize any greater standard.

I was asked "What's taking so long?" 

I replied, it's like being Alice in Wonderland.  

Every question we ask has a dozen answers, eleven of which are wrong, and all twelve have avid proponents trying to shout louder than all the others.  And because the liars all believe their own lies, it's not like you can sort it out according to whose palms are sweating. 

So we journey onward, and I have worn out my shoes.  I have spent my "forty years in the desert" and am ready to conquer the promised land.  

Come now, and let's finish this.  Let no moment be wasted. 

We are still in great need of donations.  Those who can give, certainly should, in view of what they stand to gain.  Those who cannot, need not be ashamed.  

May all pray for us who bear the brunt of these assaults--- those unjustly imprisoned, those unjustly indebted, and all those innocents who have been attacked by these criminals.

My PayPal is the same as my email:  The snail mail here is: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652. 

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  1. Education system deliberately dumbed down and weather undeground running the schools 80% of the domestic terrorist group now work for the dept Doe.

  2. If this does not ring true, what does. It is near impossible to deal with these facts and not let it register mentally. Thats the path and there is nothing for it.

  3. Thanks Team Von Reitz !! God bless

  4. Thank you Paul easier to share from here.

  5. I do not trust. I research. So, why the Fight? I do not have the time to read every word posted, especially 10th grade drama passed back and forth between groups supposedly operating to help. Like always we can not come together as a nation. I want to be free. One group will abdicate a certain method and this group another. The end goal is the same, freedom. The history is being revealed, slowly. If everyone is a liar, I'm back to square one and have no hope of getting out of this BS. We are all agents until we get out and I'm not out yet. Who the hell do I believe? Is death the only thing that will set us free?

    1. Annie, I hear you. I've been where you are Now, and mother to mother my heart breaks all over again knowing this pain, anger, frustration and betrayal your feeling. If you need someone to talk with that understands and can relate, you can reach me at

      Much Love, Love, Love and Peace Now!

    2. Annie,
      In the Bible there is a first death and a second death.
      Perhaps researching this will be a help?
      Freedom as the world promises is somewhat of an illusion.

  6. Thank you anna and paul for all you do without much praise and often times the are appreciated.

  7. Thanks to Anna and Team; however, it would be better if we had more updates about some of this other stuff, as well.

    If its of any consolation, please know that I have not been sitting around on my duff waiting around; I came to realize my home had gotten out of control, so I've been working on that, cleaning out unnecessary items, gave 3 Totes worth of stuff to the thrift shop, all in very good condition. Cleaning all the corners, nooks and crannies, and getting organized, finally. Still more to go, but I am not nearly as ambitious as I used to be; agility has up and gone somewhere over the past few years, lol.
    Getting close to shampooing carpet then will be DONE with it till next year's spring housecleaning, except for the daily stuff.

    Now, as for all this haggling going on in your 'camp grounds' anna, I assume you realize that is a tactic the devils use to stall Time out there as far into eternity as they can to maintain their status quo till time immemorial? Stalling so The People never move forward, get no real solid solutions to anything.
    Call their bluff right up front, else you'll spend all your days haggling and accomplish nothing. Their game is to waste your precious Time and wearing you out.....IF you let them. !

  8. All I can say is if you are really going to win this war, it's only with this President. ....!! After that, it will be given to the Lord of darkness...!! They are already planning on giving everyone a "REAL NATIONAL ID " given out by the DMV by 2020..!! And if you still insist on keeping your original DMV license, you will not be allowed to enter any federal building or a passport to leave the country...!!
    That's from Lisa Heavon on utube...!!
    The point is we don't have much time left to fight this mess...!! Or the stomach....!!! At least now I know that there is such a thing as an "International Common Law Court" in Brussels that I've never heard about before....And apparently it has great enforcement rights...They are the ones that made the arrest of the Pope (Francis)...!! And if I'm wrong , they are also going to arrest the Queen too....!! But this is no time to get lazy...The "deep state" is still alive and well...!! And today, Trump just nominated Kavinough as the supreme court justice...!! A conservative, but I don't know which "Constitution" he means to notice that every time they take about the "Constitution" they always refer to it in the "singular" as if it's the only one that exsist....!! Why doesn't anyone refer to it as the ORGANIC ORIGINAL CONSTITION, so we know what they are talking about....!!Some of us do know there is a difference...!!! When are we going to demand "Common Law " Courts, since we now know there is an "International Common Law Court"..!! Let's appeal to that COURT...How about it...grandma...!! (And I say that lovingly). I have no doubt that you have the people's best interest at heart. But some of us have been "bitten" once and now twice shy....!!It's amazing you still have faith that this will actually still happen, given the absolute depravity that this and other Nations have lowered themself to, according to that last article you wrote about "Serco" and their grip on everyone...!! All I can do is PRAY that you and everyone else will be successful....!!! That is way more than money can buy....!!

    1. James, you are so right. There is very little time left to get anything done; after Trump leaves, it will all be over with but the 'burial' of america.
      So while time is of the essence, at the same time we never know how long Trump will be with us. We cannot go by elections; there are lots of strange things that can happen.
      I have learned long ago never count on anything, either way. Both good things and bad things can and usually do happen unexpectedly. Anything can just turn around on a dime, as the saying goes.
      Whatever will be will be, I always say; and I live just a few days at a time. (God opens doors no man can shut; and he closes doors no man can open')

  9. James I'll watch the REAL NATIOAL ID & get back to you. That reminds me of, The UN is seeking to even "legalize" Nationals.

  10. James ok that doesn't supprize me, now Trump Federalizing Police does. Please read,United Nations-Universal Declaration of Human Rights: The Defenitive Document for Human Slavery.
    Article 1-30 (World Constitution)? Is there any more Rabbit Holes?

    1. Hu-man is color of man and every human creature is subject ti the Roman pontiff.

    2. cube, not at my house ! In fact this 'pontiff'' is self deluded. only catholics who fall under his spell believe that crap. Why are you still playing that 'silly word game'?

  11. James at

    1. Thanks...Jasun..!! I'll check it out and get back...!!

  12. When there is info like this coming out, there is no stopping.


  13. "You have been told that Satan went insane and no longer knew the Truth. What you have not been told, though this should be self-evident, is that his children suffer the same affliction--- because the truth, literally--- is not in them."
    No i have been told quite the oppposite.

    James 2:19 You believe that God is one. Good for you! Even the ...
    You say you have faith, for you believe that there is one God. Good for you! Even the demons believe this, and they tremble in terror. English Standard Version
    ‎James 2:20 · ‎James 2:19 · ‎James 2:19 NASB · ‎James 2:19 NLT
    In fact we have been told satan (at some point) knows his time is short.

    1. No, satan did not go insane. In fact he knows exactly where this long and winding road is leading to........which only a couple of us in here, seem to know.

      Note: saying 'you' believe in God does not profit anyone anything.

    2. satan and his children (spirits) cause people to become childish. When people have taken the mark of the beast, it would seem they are insane and no longer can see the Truth.
      So do we recognize when we ourselves or others are behaving childishly?
      There is a great difference in those who are children and those who are childish.
      i believe in fully taking the mark of the beast many will appear lost and insane. oblivious to there own hypocrisy and a contradiction to themselves.

  14. If you "don't believe in money" then WHAT are you using to PAY for all of this stuff you CLAIM you are doing/have done!!!??? It is idiotic statements like this that negate anything you state on this forum!!! And as far as your touted "Jural assemblies" goes, not one of them that you tout has done anything and won't/can't as they have no legal basis of enforcement, I have stated that MANY times on this forum, but crazy granny is the "star" here and her imaginary views are going to prevail. You also failed to mention those "eight trusts" you claimed you tapped into using your discovery powers of the system so how is it you are mealey mouthing what all this stuff is costing you!!!??? It is statements like this from crazy granny that detracts from anything of value you "may state"!!!

    1. Back last year when Anna talked about all the Trusts that were in existence, she said: "I have 9 of them myself''.
      So it would be logical we'd want to know the status of those, and especially since most of them were 'created' using our Names.

    2. Anna is referring to the concept of money it's to easy to manipulate like Inflation .
      as far as Juryal. assembly like county commissioners are the jury in English common law but due to thair fraudulent corperate/statutory system the people you know like in the preamble to the constitution we the Ppl , well we created government . Government created citizens .

  15. For those infants with such short term, one track, ignorant mindlessness (aka; spiritually dead aka; the walking dead, raging zombies) needing constant spoon feeding (entitlements/benefits) and worldly pacifiers (IDOLTRY) To Be Still:

    1. Meanwhile back on the land of the living, true rejoicing INspirit IS lighting our world as the Hammonds have been pardoned today!! Its ALL Good!!

      Much Gratitude, Love, Peace and Joy Be Now

  16. What seems insurmountable and impossible , we are doing . Dont let the liars lie , keep the truth aimed at them and never back down . They are cowards and they will evaporate when we stand united against them . Light cancels dark .

  17. My God. You guys just don't get it. The only "temporal" sovereigns are the collective three branches of Government (i.e., Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches). May God have mercy on your confused souls.

    1. UCADIA let me help you out with one simple truth that is at the heart of everything being discussed on this site, and then if you can understand that, you decide who don't get it and who is the confused soul. That truth is what you are thinking of as your government, all 3 branches you refer to, has been hijacked by the foreign corporation hired by the founders to provide certain enumerated services to WE THE PEOPLE. They renamed their corporation after the civil war to all cap names of our original Republic and States. So what you think is your lawful govt is a foreign corporation, and only living souls can be sovereign in any capacity whatsoever. A corporation is a fiction, it only exists on paper, has no spirit or soul, is not living, breathing ,self-aware,self-determining. Like mickey mouse or santa claus. This truth will set you free from the confusion of believing you are free only if you follow all their rules and regulations and give them a third of all your labor; to the truth that you are free by your birthright.

  18. "So we journey onward, and I have worn out my shoes. I have spent my "forty years in the desert" and am ready to conquer the promised land."
    What do you make of this one?

    1. a follower, well it reminds me of how Moses took 40 yrs to take a journey that should have only taken a few short weeks or so.
      (and even after the 40 yrs of going around in circles, he died on this side of the boundary line, and never did get to step foot into the Promised Land)

    2. So Anne is now Moses and if we all will only follow her we will reach the promise land?
      For 1 thing.
      i do not see the promise land as something to conquer.
      For another, starting over again with yet another king and queen is a kin to beginning yet again another circle.imo.
      Have a good day.

    3. Awwe yes. Now ask yourself WHY it took Moses so long? Why did he fail? What was he missing, or was he? Seek deeper for the wisdom and the revelations within this "story" and the timeless relevance Will appear, then you Will truly See.
      How do you relate yourself and your life's "journey" with this story, as a "Moses" character or one of his child-like (unconscious) "followers?"

      Much Gratitude, Love and Peace Be


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