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Monday, March 15, 2021

Well Over a Century Ago.... Part Two

 By Anna Von Reitz

Let's fast forward to the present, because in the end, that's all that matters---- and look at the real problem facing the banks and the world economy. 

They cannot supply the demand for lawful money.  That is what caused the problem in the first place.  The inelasticity of the lawful currency together with the pressure to expand economies on a worldwide basis is what dictated the adoption of legal tender laws. 

As I keep telling everyone— money is a commodity— a widget like any other widget. However, it happens to be a widget that everyone on Earth needs on a daily basis as a tool to obtain other commodities—- and therein lies the rub.

In order to support the needs of the entire world population and sustain the growth of the world economy it became impossible by ANY means they could think of at the time or at any time since, to supply money widgets having intrinsic value in-and-of themselves and at the same time meet that ongoing and burgeoning demand. 

This is in fact a part of the reason that there are certain parties calling for a drastic reduction in world population.

Evading payment of their own debts is another.... 

But, to cut to the chase—- we all on a worldwide basis have the same problem we all faced back in the 1930’s. 

The way they tried to sop it along and still limit their risk was by placing that ridiculous top end limit on the issuance of U.S. Notes.

The way they attempted to keep a lid on was by never telling the Public.

The way they have attempted to honor the system’s debt balancing function is by counting paper coups against paper debts via a process of “denomination”. 

By “denominating” the funds going into and out of your account as “Lawful Money” they simply count it and treat it as lawful money, deduct an answering amount from the so-called “national debt” — and keep on rolling.

It should be apparent to all world leaders and to everyone else reading this that the whole system is broken and has been since the 1907 bankruptcy, and there is no way to fix it by signing it this way or that, hopping on one leg, singing “Ave Maria”, or pretending that some digits are lawful money and other digits are fiat. 

It’s all ridiculous and fraudulent as it stands and has been for longer than most of us have been alive. 

That said and firmly grasped there is no reason to panic.  

We are sane, adult people, and we are able to observe that as a commodity “money” is a scam and “fractional reserve banking” is a ridiculous scam. 

And so what are we going to do about it? 

Arbitrarily declare that every ounce of gold is now worth $100,000,000.00?  

Even gold enthusiasts realize that that is not going to wash and that there is no current system that can provide any kind of lawful money based on any actual commodity or even “basket of commodities” that can meet world demand—- especially not when you add in the practice of “fractional reserve banking” on top of it.

The bankers have tried everything. 

They originally thought they could simply take the gold off the market and hoard it and wait for the natural degradation of the fiat currency to happen by inflation — and use that to make up the difference and provide the necessary “growth in perceived value”. 

An ounce of gold sold for around $30 in 1928 and it now sells for what?  That accrual in perceived value is due to the degradation of the fiat currency — not because gold became so much more valuable, but because the paper currency lost that much by comparison. 

What this also represents is a devaluation of everyone’s labor.  It costs more to get the same or less back in return. 

Now, this difference in perceived value between gold and paper is astronomical, but not sufficient. 

There’s no way to balance the books. 

The banks would have probably been able to pull this off except for one thing. They decided that gambling in rigged private casinos — private trading platforms —- was the answer.  

The insurance companies colluded with them in this. 

And while this propped up the Nervous Nelly bankers and kept the books balanced on paper at least, it only made it impossible for the gain in gold and silver values to catch up with the loss of value vested in the fiat currencies. 

Think of it as a teeter totter with “cash” on one side and “credit” on the other. 

On the “cash” side sits a 300 pound gorilla, and on the “credit” side sits a bull elephant.

What happens? 

The teeter totter stops moving.  The elephant sits and the gorilla can either sit there hoisted in the air, or climb off and leave the whole situation.

That’s where we are, and the world leaders don’t have the honesty, courage, creativity or insight to deal with the actual problem. 

We, the ASAN Bank, have already solved the “unsolvable” crisis, but everyone is so scared they won’t talk to us. 

So there things sit—-and the “constipation” and paralysis just gets worse every day.

The "answer" both actually and mathematically, is to invert the whole system, so that the debt is counted as credit and the credit is counted as credit.  There don't have to be two sides opposed to each other. There can be one united world populace on this issue; we are free to choose abundance. 

And say good-bye once and forevermore to The Doctrine of Scarcity.  

At the same time, we can and should introduce a worldwide education effort to teach people about money --- what it is and is not --- and develop our credit accounts with access to a Universal Currency System.  What does this mean? 

Everyone keeps their time-honored National Currencies, but we all have the option of using the planetary currency, too.  And what do I mean by a "planetary currency"? 

A currency based on the value of all commodities and labor assets traded worldwide. 

Such a currency only gains in value when we reinvest in our labor assets and our environment, so everyone holding this currency has a built in motive to make education, health, and environmental caretaking top priorities. It also acts as a natural "hedge" against commodity manipulation and local market disruptions. 

Instead of using the coercive and nasty stick of "the New Green Deal" which is just another excuse for coercive and nonsensical taxation schemes, we can get far better results with the carrot --- the gain in value each nation gets on their Universal Currency investments when they develop the quality of life and improve the environmental and natural resources of their own countries. 

We don't need another self-important, sneaky, snide, but ultimately stupid pyramid scheme. We don't need any more unconscionable contracts, or more mercenary wars for profit.  What we need are people with common sense and a mission to put all this crap in the rearview mirror. 


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  1. What is the Quantum Financial System . . . AND WHAT WILL IT DO ?

    1. Lots of pundits out there claiming Quantum this and Quantum that. Quantum financial system, Quantum medical system, Quantum economy... ad nauseum, yet despite my best efforts I can't find a single realistic definition of what any of these so called Quantum systems really are and how they are going to solve our problems. LOTS and LOTS of empty Quantum promises is all I can find so far...just like the grand promises of Quantum grammar, which turned out to be just another scam like so many before.

      The dictionary defines quantum as a special state of physical matter, and that has nothing at all to do with what all the quantum evangelists are blabbering about night and day.

      If it looks like a scam, behaves like a scam, and sounds like a scam, then it's probably a scam.

      If anyone can explain what these Quantum systems are then I'm all ears and I give you my full attention.

  2. .

    look it up on the net!!!!

    The QFS of the Republic- DJT will control all banking and voting combined with NESARA / GESARA.

    The alternative is the cabal system

    Both are digital wallet and money - but the cabal will be the same system we have working now but worse with inflation and FRNs not gold backed.

    So take your choice .............
    The QFS System of the Republic- DJT will control all banking and voting combined with NESARA / GESARA.

    The alternative is the cabal system

    Both are digital wallet and money - but the cabal will be the same system we have working now but worse with inflation and FRNs and not gold backed.

    So take your choice ............. the Good or the Bad, either way it will be digital from now on

    1. Ok, digital wallet and money, that's sensible. I'm a computer programmer, I can understand that. It's been around a number of years already in smaller than global applications. I see no problems with that. What I still don't get is the "quantum" part of this? What makes it quantum as opposed to simply just another computerized system?

      As far as I have knowledge of it, NESARA is the result or verdict of a 1950's court case that American farmers won, and that JFK was intending to implement and was supposedly killed for. In other words NESARA is an agreement or understanding or verdict reached by a court. GESARA is apparently a similar agreement but extended beyond the American border into international and global affairs.

      I can't see any connection between such agreements (NESARA / GESARA) and these so called quantum technology systems. What does an agreement have to do with quantum? What's the relationship between them?

      I'm really curious to find out.

  3. WOW! Brilliant explanation of the current scene & BRILLIANT solution!!!
    i tip my hat young lady!

  4. He who controls the money controls. If we are going to be in control of our own fate we had better be in control of our money.

  5. I am not posting this video for religious reasons..but for the incredible information that is given to us..there has been some questions about "Quantum"that has come up recently..there-in this video you may find many answers to your questions..imo..this is the first video I have found outside of Shelby and Wink Wink's deep research and hours of work to be just as complelling and to bring us more important information..My hopes is that people can put aside their religious views and listen to what evidence there is's only fear porn if you allow it to be..this is an incredible expose
    DEMON-TECH..DEVIL DNA..LUCIFER BLOODLINES & HELLISH HYBRIDS..if for some reason the video link doesn't work..go to Sheila Zillinsky on youtube God Bless!!