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Monday, March 15, 2021

What If....

 By Anna Von Reitz

Back in the Sixties it was de rigueur to ask, "What if they gave a war...and nobody came?"  

Like snubbing the Nasty Neighbors by not going to their barbeque?  

It appealed to me then and it appeals to me now. 

I am going to do a little disclaimer here, because I don't vote in corporation elections.  I don't have a dog in the fight when it comes to "Democrat" or "Republican" ---- so far as it goes. 

I take my Grandmother's stance on the whole panoply of politics --- "White pigs, brown pigs, pink pigs, black pigs.... they are all pigs!"  

That said, I am going to observe that all the wars for profit that this country has ever had the bad fortune to participate in ---- with one stunning exception ---- have come to us at the hands of members of the Democratic Party, and today's situation is no different. 

Joe Biden has been busy making just about everyone else in the world angry at "the US" and unfortunately, most of the people he is enraging don't know the difference between "the US" and America.  

Wake up, honey.... 

I once had a Mockingbird that loved to torment our cats.  He'd swagger around on the deck just outside some sliding glass doors and drive them nuts.  And this is sorta like that ---- the bird (Joe) isn't risking anything, because the glass (America) is standing between him and the cats (Russia and China).  

One day in the spring, I was out on the deck and left the glass doors open. Boy, was that bird in for a surprise!  All three cats hit the deck running and just kept coming.  Yow, yow, flutter, flutter. 

Biden's  Administration has been funding ISIS again and trying to get something started in the Middle East.  They've been poking at the Russian Bear and China, too.  All signs point to an effort to get another war for profit going. More Democrat war-mongering. More lies. More False Flags.  

But guess what, peeps?  

We don't have to stand in the middle anymore.  

We can hold Biden and his corporate kleptocracy accountable. 

We can work with other world governments to arrest these criminals and seize their assets --- which are mostly our assets that they have purloined, and the fruits of criminal activities --- drug running, prostitution, human trafficking, enslavement, arms dealing, etc, etc.,etc.  

If Francis wants to start another mercenary war, we can hold him accountable for it and let everyone know who is behind it.  He can also pay full price for mercenaries, instead of telling our sons and daughters that they are soldiers. 

And see if anyone comes to their war. 


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  1. I love the thought of: If They start a war, NOBODY would come to it. Let it BE.