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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Why Subrogation Provides Relief, But Not Remedy....

By Anna Von Reitz

Most of the ills of the court scenarios we experience can be relieved simply by stepping forward at the appropriate moment and saying, "Ahem.... I am here via Special Limited Visitation. This is my legal and lawful Notice on and for the record of the court that I am owed the legal and lawful right of subrogation in this case.  The bond being brought forward by the Prosecutor has been issued in my name and my credit underwrites it, making me the actual creditor owed exoneration of my Good Name and Estate.  I ask the Prosecutor to certify my subrogation and ask the court to honor my Notice of Set Off,  to settle the account, and eliminate the record."  

This is basically a substitution in which the actual Creditor of the ESTATE or whatever other entity is being "charged" ---replaces the Prosecutor. 

They won't want to give up this position and will try to distract you or get you to enter into arguments with them.  Don't fall for it.  Just stand there four-square on the floor and if necessary, repeat a dozen times, "Your Honor, I am here to claim my right of subrogation and have raised a bar to all further proceedings." 

The substitution of Plaintiffs, aka, subrogation, puts an end to the claim and the role of the Prosecutor, too, which is a relief.  This is often "good enough" for the purposes of the people involved, because it stops an unjust prosecution. 

However, it fails as remedy, because it does not serve to prevent such prosecutions, does not punish the perpetrators (other then depriving them of their sought-after unjust enrichment), does not provide monetary or other satisfaction for inconvenience, impounds, improper detainment and other travesties that often accompany these attacks. 

So, use subrogation in cases where there is no actual physical harm to anyone, to stop the prosecution in its tracks.  If that's all you want to do, call it good.  


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  1. I would posit that in most cases if one can get to subrogation relief that remedy for all the crap preceding the Special Limited Visitation needs attending to.

  2. Anyone have a handle on claiming the estate of a deceased mother, she died on the 23rd of December.
    I would like to buy a hotel and renovate it to homeless housing and abused women shelter.

    1. God Bless You Mike, that is a worthy cause, near to my own heart.
      Did Your Mother have a Will?

    2. Mike, all of her estate should have been designated 'TFD....transfer upon death' That way it gets directly handed over to the designated heir. Some states do not allow such TFD, or TOD. Without that stuff generally goes thru Probate which means you have allowed the State to get their nose in your personal affairs.
      There are other ways, such as certain types of Family Trusts where you own nothing, but control everything. My own brother passed away just a year ago december, and left everything very disorganized. I was amazed that I got him buried and finalized.

      Almost everyone I know has no plans for their own death, but are thinking ''somebody will take care of things'. But that is not so.

      Everyone Ive ever known is now either moved away and lost touch with, but most have already passed away. I lost 2 cousins just in the first half of this year in addition to my brother.

      So I had to go on a search for some adult children of some of my best elderly friends, for them to be Executors for me; a couple of good kids, they were and are. I also have an insurance company that provides a 'final wishes service'.

      For any vehicles, there is a beneficiary designee line on our car Titles. Otherwise you should as your BMV for a Beneficiary attachment for your Title. Vehicles should already be assigned; otherwise you gotta be able to park it somewhere where you can wait for at least 6 months to move it if it has expired tags on it.
      If you use TOD's, and have all your personal business in order, and let your ''nearest and dearest' know all your business and where things are located, and what to do, then you should not need to get the state involved at all.

      If you check your individual State, you will find what the untaxable limit is on inheritances now. You may be very surprised. In Ohio it is now up to around 5 million $.

      The bottom line is......if you don't have somebody overseeing your final days of life, within the medical industry, 'they' will almost totally ignore you, your wishes, or your vital needs. You hear of this going on in nursing homes; it happens in hospitals too. If you are elderly and go to an ER, they will tend you you Last.
      And the same if you do not have a visible person making noise upon your death, letting 'them' know you are watching and paying attention, and they think nobody cares or has no family involved...then they will just throw you away, the local government will provide bare minimum for a cremation, and set your remains in a container on a shelf waiting for someone to Claim your ashes. Of course we know 'they' probably collect plenty from your ''Secret Assets' but never mind that, you get the ''oven' and a jar.

      Just some thoughts and info.......

    3. Mike....why doesn t anyone do something about abused men shelters....its always the women who are supposedly abused, when I know different...!!No one cares about men, only little boys who have been or about to be abused....!!

  3. Anna, thank you, We are doing this process here in Utah, in First District Court Cache County and Sixth Judicial District Court in Sanpete County.
    Instead they grab the American State Natl., throw handcuffs on them, throw them into jail immediately. This is what is happening here, no chance of justice. 6 of our people just thrown into jail, no due process, just persecution. One is a grandmother, committed NO crime, No evidence of a Crime, now forcing her into a State Institution.
    Crime Gangs running our courts here, seems there is nothing we can do. Even though we have brought this to the attention of the Attorney General and District Attorney, they say it is NOT their area.
    They are attempting to throw me out of my house as we speak, no due process, because I am doing my best to help people here. It is persecution at it's worst. Those committing these crimes are High Priests in the Mormon Church, through a crime gang syndicate, by all appearances. Thank you for Your Encouragement, We will Continue to do all we can, God Bless all Yours and Your Teams efforts. We pray continuously for yours and all Alaskan's recovery from the Earthquake, we continuously pray for you and we are getting alot more of our community to contribute through your paypal for all our Freedom. God Bless Us All through these times of great change. Jacquline

    1. community alliance...please get in touch with me at My property in Sanpete was also stolen via the criminal IRS and bank persons.

    2. community alliance, this is what Ive been saying for quite awhile. Talk is one thing, filing papers is another, but implementation is quite another story. ''They' are goliath, and we are all little stone throwing Davids; they hold all the guns, disregard the Truth or any lawfulness, and we have............little tiny pebbles.

      I am not a discourager, but I face the Truth and look at the ''weapons stockpile' which is nothing but a little noise and little stones. I know people cannot just sit down and do nothing, but I also know they are going about their battle in all the wrong way; like spinning their wheels in a snow bank.

      Ive also 'warned' that any judge at anytime can require any defendant to undergo a mental evaluation and that can last as long as 6 months, and it can require them to be institutionalized for that length of time, for any reason 'they' deem 'necessary' (to force the defendant to 'see the light' and stop with the 'freedom crap'.

      The underlying problem to the whole thing is the wickedness in high places; evil hearts of those folks would need to change, for anything to change, and they are NOT gonna change. Just like a rotten apple to the core, is impossible to change.

      It is for THAT reason that you cannot use common sense, or lawful Law, or providing evidence of proof......against evil people who are in power positions, and ever expect they will see things the Right way.

    3. Sorry to hear of your troubles community alliance. Care to share details of the "process" you and others have engaged in so we can get a clearer picture of what's going on here and why? Just the facts please.
      Thank you

    4. Community alliance, you folks desperately need to secure your NCSN passports. That is the silver bullet that takes you out of their jurisdiction. Got mine through

  4. Ok, let me point out that the word 'subrogation' is a foreign word to some of us who admit we dont even know what the hell it mean. Anna this is one of your big faults here; you just throw subrogation slop on the floor and act like we street people just know what it means in the
    'legal system' which most of us have never had any dealings with.

    And I for one am not going to hike myself thru the maze of people and traffic to the Law Library to go digging it up. When is it used, how it is used, and what does it accomplish, etc.

    So, I will just go watch the final football game of the season, wait for the kiddies get over their insatiable appetite for fireworks and getting boozed outta their minds, take a deep breath and get back to the real business of actual living by mid week. (geesh, what a looser month december is, lol)

    1. how to suppress bad courts by Anna von reitz may help -re: subrogation.

  5. Anna explains (for even the lazy and lost)the subrogation process if you were to take the time to keep up with the conversation. You could always search it out on her website if you want clarification, there is always that book called a dictionary !!!! What is a street people mean?

    1. TE, please read what Ive said. Nobody has explained just what 'subrogation' even means. And if you are gonna bring up something in here, then you should as least explain what it IS. Why is that asking so much, that would cause you or any other smartass to come off so crass?? I am sure ''subrogate' is not an everyday word in any of our daily walk and I for one simply asked what's it mean in the legal arena.
      Of course YOU know, dontcha, Lol. Thats why you answered my question for me, being the wonderful person that you are......right?

    2. community alliance, it sounds like you have good cause and possibly standing, especially if you are a member, to create an affidavit of probable cause against your alleged persecutors in your matter of being thrown out of your home for helping others defend themselves. Your affidavit can list the facts as you know them and by your sworn testimony of the truth you ought to be able to pursue the matter in both civil courts and a ecclesiastic court if church members are implicated, asking for redress, a stay of execution of any "Order", and reconsideration based on historical facts and lack of jurisdiction of incorporated actors without bonds prosecuting unincorporated American State Nationals. Does your group of targeted people have their papers of repatriation completed establishing their corrected a-political status?

  6. Its what the 2nd amendment and those organized militias is for. Your " Rights" and Soviernty are unalienable and inalieable, period. Allowing the employees to war against you is despicable. Find people to stand...look at the French !!!!!!

  7. You are right. Thank you for reminding me how I must learn to be more patient. Please see "Court is like an order of French fry's" Anna Von Reitz. Black Laws Dictionary "Subrogation" Happy New Year Abby!

    1. Well TE, I will be the first to admit I am just plain sick of this entire mess, and have pretty much walked away from it, and just living my life and moving forward. I have long passed my 'working days' and its time for the younger ones to pick up the mantle and do whatever.
      The Lord has led me to travel different and better ways and to stay untangled , and its working nicely for me. There are just some better ways to do things; just have to be able to spot them. Also depends on your own situation; I keep a low profile and have no need of some of this stuff anyhow.

  8. Heads up they have a council in place to take over the US power grid
    Also have groups in place to put their electric car initiatives in place working with the department of transportation all across the US
    All of this is UN Agenda 21/2030/2050
    Also ties in to the NAFTA Super Highway and the FEMA MEGA Region SMART City Zones they have designated where the human species may live
    Also ties in the Rockefeller Foundation creation,
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    1. Shelby where is your information coming from?

    2. I responded yesterday with detailed information but the comments were deleted?
      NAFTA Super Highway Information
      Events planned and then put on tell lie vision to further the agenda to disarm - see who is planning them
      As a result of the events this is what is being rolled out all over the country in your schools
      How about did you know that the governors of each state are global governors and belong to their own private membership association?
      Go look up CALCOG and NCTCOG just two of the private membership associations set up and working on the UN Agenda
      These organizations are woring everywhere to initiate the objectives of the UN Plan
      Here is some information on Michigan and how they training the children for the future this UN Agenda has planned for all of mankind
      This all ties in with their FEMA Mega Region SMART Cities this is what 5G is for
      All of this has been planned and carried out since after WWII and the nation state that most of not all of our tax dollars has went to is behind it and I can tell you they are not who they say they are
      Hollywood big time involved from the start
      Anyway just some information to follow up
      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    3. And if that's not enough go look at the electro magnetic radiation they are drowning this entire country in - this will assist in their depopulation agenda by giving a lot of us cancer which is worth billions of dollars to big pharma and the medical industrial complex
      Apple designed laptops to sterilize it's users - the wifi antenna points directly at the reproductive organs of the user - hence they are currentky working to put a laptopn in every childs lap in every school across the nation
      Reports from real scientist that say anyone who knowingly puts wifi in schools needs to be prosecuted
      Military industrial complex dumping chemtrails all over the world that contain aluminum, barium and lithium
      Now if these are not international crimes then I don't know what is but is anything being done??
      Go to and see how they have planned the intentional poisoning all all things on earth and not a soul is stopping any of it
      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    4. Shelby: Much is being done behind the scenes. As careful as these monsters have been, we too must be as careful in the approach to take them down. Working on defunding the incentive these pilots receive if they are real humans means shutting down the source of funds for the vast majority. While a handful dedicated to the cause may choose to fly a plane, the majority of humans still have families to feed and if they are not getting paid, it is not likely they will show up for work. On the other hand if these planes are operated via robotics, cutting off the funding for the corporations managing that component needs taken care of. Lack of evidence is not evidence of lack.

  9. Did I see last nite where Alaska got another earthquake? In the Aleutian Islands this time. A 6.1.....?

  10. I told you so Manny times that if we find something that gets past their radar, there will be a quick response against it, until people get frustrated enough to just give up, or create enough FEAR so no one tried anymore....because people are so apathetic, the courts know they can get away with murder while making everyone the defendant knows, is flat out crazy, which they easily accept as the TRUTH...because the evidence is that the person wound up in jail, he must be nuts, and the govt is just trying to protect the rest of us...!! That's why I always tell patriots NEVER put down another patriot for trying something that really should have worked but didn't because of the corruption of the courts...!!

  11. Mr stramer thank you for your help please pass this along to the community alliance maybe this could be helpful

  12. has a cease and desist letter along with a affidavit of two or more complaining witnesses to shut down the out of control liars and keep them at "BAY"