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Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Not to Creep You Out

 By Anna Von Reitz

This will creep you out, but that's not why we are sharing it. 

This shows you the mindset of the people running the Vatican --- the "secular property management side" of the Roman Catholic Church.  As you will rapidly appreciate, their giddy-up isn't about peace, joy, or anything but a very material and ugly view of life, salted down with a --- considering the circumstances---- pathetic public statement against capital punishment.  

Go here to see the ugliest, most death-centered, most anti-nativity creche ever: 

The angel Gabriel is always the Announcer, and he stands in the guise of an ancient computer (looks like the rib cage of an animal to most people, but not to those of us who saw the original "stacked deck" IBM computers) complete with control panels built into the pillars of Joachim and Boaz.  The feline cat-face of the Pashat Warriors sits atop the ascending pyramid, while the downward stairway to Earth points to a red-wrapped bundle of something-or-other, most likely the symbolic embodiment of a Communist New World Order ready to hatch. 

An Astronaut symbolizing the weaponization of space and the "new" no longer secret Space Force, is paired with a Babylonian-style executioner, while a fat yellow-haired toddler, presumably Donald Trump, looks on.  

This isn't about the birth of a baby in Bethlehem thousands of years ago.  

This is a political statement in the vein of the radical priests of the 1960's.    

The actual figures of this weird "monumentalist" creche were built in the 1960-70's and are now being hauled out of the basement (where they belong) to express the sentiments of the Roman Pontiff and his Followers.  Remember that monuments are raised to remember the dead?  

Yes, quite so. 

They are telling you in a particularly nasty way that Artificial Intelligence is determining our existence, that the hierarchy of the Ancient Egyptians is still functioning (through Aleister Crowley), that the church founded on the Holy Family and the Bishopric of Rome is dead, and that the future is disguised Communism dominated by the Chinese Communist Party.  

Bring out the bunting, eh?  They might as well take out a full-page ad in the New York Times announcing, "God is dead! Long live the Communist Party!" 

Or is the Vatican "dead"--- a miasma of legal fictions?  And the Church still alive-- a fellowship of living people?  

These Vermin always like to proclaim victory long before they've achieved anything like victory, as part of their attempt to control our thoughts and emotions.  Demoralizing their victims is their stock-in-trade, because it makes conquest of what is alive and good so much easier when people are scared and confused.  So they pull out some Rag and Bottle Show like this, to make sure that their victims, actual Christians, are presented with something ugly and shocking, like the old mafiosi sending a dead fish or a dead horse's head.  

Confusion. Lies. Black Magic. Illusions. Distortions. Disinformation. Ugliness. Greed. Brutality, Worship of death. Political manipulation. Blackmail. Racketeering.  Extortion. Enslavement. Perversion. Piracy. Blood sacrifices. 
Where have we seen all that before? 

Oh, right.  The Roman Empire. 

And DOG LATIN.... where have we seen that before?  The Roman Emperor Justinian and Empress Theodora.  Enslavement of the ignorant masses via labeling---all accomplished using distorted grammar and perverted texts: Latin that isn't Latin. 

The Roman Empire, again. 

There was never anything "holy" which means "sun" ---about what these people did or what they stand for; no, everything they've done has been done in the dark, and they firmly imagine that nobody saw them do it, no ears heard what they said, no God restrained their hands from any Abomination.  

As a result, they are smug and prideful, seated in their banquet hall, secure within the shelter of their idols and dead creations-- their corporations and their money, their political parties and their artificial intelligence sources, yes, and the power they and their lies seem to wield.  

Yet, the Creator is always more than the created; the hands that cast these monuments are still greater than the stones.  And the baby born in Bethlehem was not converted into a thing by any lawyer's lies.  He still sits upon the throne.


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