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Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Fancy That?

Go here to see where Dominion Voting Systems is registered in "the" United States as a foreign for-profit corporation: 

Then, go here to see who owns an interest in the voting machines end of this incorporated entity:  

And consider that the whole shooting match was sold to the Chinese just in time for the elections by the Swiss banking and property management giant USB, long a primary service provider for the City of Rome and Municipal Government interests worldwide?  

Voila, all the dots are connected, from the schmarmy comptrollers of the Vatican to the Biden family, from the Municipal United States Government to the DNC, from the Swiss bankers and UN CORP to innocent Joe Average American voting in a foreign election taking place on his own soil.  

The view is at the very least bizarre. 

Millions of Americans are deceived into thinking that the "elections" they are participating in are their own public elections--- when in fact these elections are private in-house corporation elections---that is, elections intended for employees and shareholders only, pertaining to who runs our governmental services  subcontractors.  That is strange enough. 

Then, there are two offices up for grabs, not one, but practically nobody knows that. 

One office is President of the United States [Municipal Corporation] and the second office is President of the United States of America [Territorial Corporation].  

Both corporations are bankrupt and one of them no longer exists. 

Are your "Weird Sensors" off the chart about now?  We are talking about ghost offices in ghost corporations.  And that's the office Joe Biden purportedly won. 

The remaining office, President of the United States of America, Inc., dba USA, INC., is still viable, but in Receivership to foreign creditors, including BlackRock, Inc. 

All of this is going on while the actual Priority Creditors, Landlords, and Owner/Operators are "missing, presumed dead".  

Well, folks, are you "missing" --- as in no longer self-governing and doing your part to control this runaway train? 

If you are a typical American, you have been "presumed" to be an "infant decedent" since you were a baby, and so, in a political sense "dead".  

All this legalistic redefinition of you and your political status went on behind your back and happened when you were a baby in your cradle, because your public employees were being misdirected and operating in Breach of Trust and under color of law. 

There are many reasons, but no excuses for any of this craziness. 

Correction requires you, Americans, to get off your butts and declare and record your correct political status as Americans.    

And then, if you care about your country and your countrymen, it also requires you to join your State Assembly and take on the responsibilities and the rights of Americans to self-govern.  


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  1. Standing By. All Papered Up 928 and short form

  2. Joe Biden's sister's spouse John would be his brother-in-law. John's brother is not Joe's b-i-l.

  3. Anna when you Include supporting evidence of your interpretation of current events that adds credibility to your position. This article certainly does connect the dots of culpability in the recent fraudulent election.

    We can see the evidence showing Dominion is in good standing as a franchisee with the foreign State of State in its acceptance as a franchisee by State of Delaware, Dominion having paid the State of State Franchise Tax.

    That reminds me of the pride of membership displayed by candidates for leadership in the Municipal United States elections. They use their franchise tax payment status as qualification to run for corporate office: they claim they have been good taxpayers, filed their forms and paid their income tax, confirming their being members of a franchise, like Dominion Voting Systems also confirms its franchisee status by paying the State Franchise tax.

    United States citizens are fictional color of law United States "persons" who in United States courts are politically and legally "treated" as the property of the United States, which is a foreign corporation.

    By comparison American State Nationals are living people on the land of the un-incorporated state whereon they live. As such American State Nationals are in fact non resident to the United States or to any of that foreign corporations franchises named as States of States, like State of California. American State Nationals are under no requirement to engage in the laws, codes or statutes of the United States as the foreign corporation it is to them, since the laws of that corporation are pertaining to it own internal corporate franchised members: citizens, voters, officers and employees.

    With respect to the United States, American State Nationals comprehend that entity is a foreign corporation whose laws are alien to them. The endless massing of propaganda aimed at making it appear as if there is no other choice than participating in the corporate activities like "voting" in corporate elections and "jury service" in United States courts, cowers and intimidates most people to participate in those foreign corporate activities.

    The truth is there is another much more intelligent choice: participate in your local American State Assembly and re-organize as the organic non incorporated government our fathers operated by to maintain limited government, enjoy local control, lawfully avoid "income" and "franchise " taxation, and eliminate the shrill voices, piracies and corrupt influences of illegitimate foreigners who are traitors and pirates on our soil.

  4. Barr announcement he sees no basis for feds to sieze machines?! Apparently,
    would be them to investigate and "discover" their own crimes, in broad daylight before the eyes of the world. That would be inconvenient for swampy Bill, as guardian of the drain plug.

  5. Barr announcement he sees no basis for feds to sieze machines?! Apparently,
    would be them to investigate and "discover" their own crimes, in broad daylight before the eyes of the world. That would be inconvenient for swampy Bill, as guardian of the drain plug.


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