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Wednesday, February 9, 2022



  1. This comment is for "Anna's" latest;
    Thursday, February 10, 2022
    It's Late at Night... By Anna Von Reitz
    “They have never understood good people. That's what scares them most of all, because they have no way of telling what's going to happen when a lot of good people get fed up enough to turn bad.”

    Well “Anna”, Good people, really good people never turn bad, good people just get better.

    1. yeh, and good people, really good people, *know* really good people never turn bad because they are one of the really good people.

    2. All of Us have a clear comprehension of what Pelosi, and the ilk that follow in like manner tendencies, and whole psychological framework are molded like. “They” will soon be so busy trying to contain their own highly skilled, and trained rogue elements that will be turning inward, and using the same torturous techniques of hurting, maiming, and killing that “They” have utilized against the unsuspecting masses for so long. “They” know that there is no honor among thieves. Those, will be the ones that go from bad to worse. Dogs are known to eat their own excrement, and pigs will even roll in it as well as eat most anything. “They” will soon find out what a Cannibalistic Nation of “Their” own making “They” are truly living in, and amongst. This is at the core of what “They” are the most afraid of. “Apocalypto” comes to mind. Was Mel trying to tell Us? Nah, he was just another crazy man expressing his crazy views, what a loon. Not.

    3. goosebumps.

    4. lol, look at the timestamp on my comment! a 9 and two 11s!

    5. i meant on my first comment.

      i dont follow that mumbojumbo numerology coding secretspeak stuff they do but for some reason that timestamp on my first comment of the day, agreeing with foscolos00's assessment of the outcome of these atrocities being revealed, caught my eye and when i fiddled with the numbers a little, it surprised me:
      day = 11; minutes 5+6 = 11; (feb)2 + 2022 + (hour) 1 = 9. i thought it was kinda funny. :):)

      and no, we do not accept their "offer" to destroy us. smh.
      and yes, they must accept back this and all unaccepted offers. these evils are their creation, not ours and the creator of a thing does bear full responsibility for what they create, in perpetuity.
      and it is so.


    6. and with all offers in their construct i believe this is necessary, among many other "conditions":

      CLEAR offer. CLEAR.
      and acceptance.

      along with: "A MEETING OF THE MINDS".
      I just now realized that that is probably part of the reason why they train their FOREIGN AGENTS they call Police to:
      keep talking and talking and talking to you WHILE they are CAUSING YOU HARM, saying blablabla, OKAY??? blablabla, OKAY??? blablabla, OKAY???. Im gunna put these handcuffs on you, OKAY??? blabla.

      They KNOW they have to have our permission. they DO NOT have it. smh.

    7. 3-11s in that last timestamp!
      i dont know why these are catching my eye all of a sudden!
      oh, and an 8. hmmm :):), one 8 and 3-11s. isnt that interesting though?


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