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Wednesday, February 9, 2022

The Commodity -- The First Salvo

 By Anna Von Reitz

They use filmed child abuse as the dirt solidifying the "brotherhood" of the criminals at the government level of planetary administration.
"They only trust you, if you are as dirty as they are."
Go here and listen to The First Salvo released by Lin Wood on Telegram, January 19th, 2021.
It describes Chief Justice John Roberts' use and abuse of his adopted children as "the commodity" to buy his way into power.
It describes a complex web of evil orchestrated by Justice Roberts planning the assassination of other judges throughout America, using an FBI-constructed group of disaffected divorced fathers infiltrated by agency personnel to do the dirty work.
This FBI Agency Terror Cell broadly discussed their plans and initiated them and planned to act in the would-have-been first year of Hillary Clinton's anticipated presidency. Their plans were written out, with surveillance, maps, arms, roles, etc.
This attack on conservative judges would have been used to promote gun control and would have gotten rid of conservative judges and justices, including Antonin Scalia.
The plotters discussed all the details of the Scalia assassination; the assassins were brought in as servants and laborers at the ranch where the murder occurred.
They discussed using DMSO to deliver heart attack or asphyxiation drugs to Scalia.
They discussed all this with Justice Roberts and Roberts wanted a say in who was going to take Scalia's spot. And this was all taking place before Scalia's death.
Hillary Clinton knew about it. All of it.
And now, you know it, too. No thanks to mainstream media.

Joint Special Operations Command
Pentagon Pedophile Task Force

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  1. concerning all these "revelations" of "crimes" by members of the same "brotherhoods/ Societies" as those men and women who are being "outed" for participating in harm to other men and women:
    suggests an intended "Psychological Operation" on the American and other people around the world...
    [like, look what we did.... you didnt know it and now were standing up here TELLING you in front of everybody, and were SHOWING the world that regardless of the harm we do to other men and women, were going to skip away free and theres nothing youre going to do about it."]
    i do sense that this is perhaps part of a very, very long-running low-grade "FEAR CAMPAIGN", intended like "Tokyo Rose's" constant "friendly warnings" to "GO HOME. YOU CAN NEVER WIN" to instill hopelessness in the July21776American people.

    *If* thats its intent,.its not working.

    with few or no "arrests" or "prosecutions", it also looks like an "Awards Ceremony" to me??:
    1. introduce the man and his "crimes"
    2. tell the world what hes done, how horrible it is, and how many people hes harmed
    3. turn him loose, let people see him walking around freely among them
    4. then we never or almost never hear from him again.
    i do be just as straight- forward with "them" as they may be being with the July21776American people:
    regardless of whether or not they are doing Rituals and Ceremonies, if any:
    i and many other man and woman already know that the peoples'/ "sheeps'" authority is superior to theirs and i:woman:janmarie do say that the Man-Made "Office" they "Cloak" themselves with/in may be "Perfect" in their Eyes, but that man and woman "Cloaking" themselves still have to stand trial in our American common law court, under our, the july21776American peoples', inherent authority before the people and God and answer to us, if theyve actually caused harm to man.
    its our right and we/some havent given it up, and we wont either.


    1. "anna",
      would you please agree with my comment (directly above) right here on pauls website in this very comment section; or else disclose to us all why it isnt true and you disagree?
      thank you for your answer.

      woman:janmarie:kenton house, on bluebird acre, kansasland.

    2. i and many other man and woman already know that the peoples'/ "sheeps'" authority is superior to theirs
      "sheep" was "our lady"/grace

      "the lord" is the goats/wolves

      where does the jewish queen sit? where does christ sit? where does "the father" sit?

      as anna says, you orders are to be a wolf and follow the 10 commandments and deny christ and deny the new testament. its wolves versus wolves.

      illuminism does not do goats and sheep.

      as paul says "lord of hosts" -- which strikes the shephard. christ is out/obsolete -- any sheep will be struck, and the flock scattered.

      "most high god" "god most high" is baal. no sheep here.

      another reason there is no sheep, is because the bible never bothered with aquarius.

      somewhere perhaps there is chysomallus, "lamb of god". alchemy. that's the only loose end of the bible -- did they find a philosopher stone or not?

      like anna says, christ is not god, christ will never be god, christ does not save, everyone is born saved, there is no difference between the devil and god -- luciferianism.

      there's no sheep or goats here -- only sheepgoats. goats/wolves in sheep clothing.

      get your tent up and switch to "the lord" and "the law" and forget about christ and the new testament -- americans reject christ and reject the new testament.

      when you try to pass off luciferianism as "sheep" this is just...doubly satanic. satan + satan == more satan.

      i judge noone, but america does not do sheep or christ. it does goats/wolves and sheep/goats.

      get your old testament tent pitched up, christ is not part of america. if you want christ/new testament, you will have to look elsewhere.

      christ and new testament has no standing in "law" -- he is "dead to the world". only goats/wolves and sheepgoats and sheepwolves have any standing in "law" -- same as it has always been.

      anna is correct -- there is no room for sheep in america. the lord sits with the goats. sheep was "our lady" grace.

      you need to listen to what anna is telling you, loud and clear -- no sheep, only goats/wolves. wherever the sheep assembly is, is somewhere else.

    3. mary had a little lamb.

      "the lord" is 180 and is the wolves/goats.

      as anna and the state assemblies have declared, there are no sheep in america.

      "the law" and the 10 commandments is the other team.

    4. Well Xerxes, ewe have led Us back around full circle. I once again ask ewe one simple question; Did Jesus Christ rise from the Dead? Yes, or No? Ewe have eluded answering that question in the past, and if ewe elude it this once more, any future postings by ewe will be accompanied by me stating such. Every time. So here’s ewer chance to make ewer oratory, and confession. A simple Yes, or No will suffice. Thanks.

      For all others here’s a very small yet insightful scholarly discourse.

      On this point (Resurrection) Greek Philosophy fails. Most of Us by now, also know how the Pagan religions, with their pantheon of gods leeched onto “The Word”, and have tried through a litany of veiled (masked) schemes to be constantly vying for recognition, and acceptance as the true. “Source”.

    5. Good Folks, not getting involved in conversation here, and applaud thinking minds, whatever the question.

      Think of Christian Law vs talmudic law, metaphor, in that:
      Christ rose from the DEAD aka talmudic Law of the Sea, as Americans are rising from the CORPORATE DEAD by standing upon land & soil jurisdiction.

      Christ 'walked on water' in that he walked above talmudic Law of the Sea. Christ walked all over their talmudic azz's by knowing his jurisdiction.

      Our religion is our law, not just 'beliefs', but our law. We are currently under talmudic boot Shanghaied out to sea by pirates upon our land, but for those who RISE FROM THE DEAD, aka escape CORPORATE DEATH, to Walk Upon the Water, Resurrecting ourselves based upon Christ's Law.

      Warning: judaizers will always & unrelentingly promote talmudism over Christ Law. Protestants were called judaizers, as they began to follow talmudic law, rather than Christ Law & proceeded to destroy Christ Law which was administered via the Catholic Church.

      Our history is a talmudic LIE. The Protestant Revolution occurred in 1705 not 1520 >>> that is to say Martin Luther's The Captivity of Babylon was in 1705, which began the "Christian Schism" which the jews weaponized against the Catholic Church. Those Protestants were called judaizers!

      Adding here: Christ's Law was welcomed around the world thus Christianity was favored as Law. The administration for this Law was the jurisdiction of the Catholic Church, as it required a strong, committed cohesive structure across great spans of travel. The Catholic Church is much, much more than we know. 'Cathode' as in Cathedrals kept holy by the Catholic Church (cathode church) who has KEPT THESE STRUCTURES FOR POSTERITY TODAY, as the talmudic jews seek to destroy it all & Christians, especially White Christians.

      Christ rose from the DEAD & Walked on Water = Our Christian Law is above all other laws, especially the law of the DEAD/talmudic. Note that 1705 is closer to 1776, which is the timeframe for America to defeat jews talmudic law & the destruction of Catholic administration for Christ Law. The word jew only came into existence in 1700's, so there is NO bibilcal 'jew', & Martin Luther called the talmudic jew azz's out for their infiltration, destruction of Christ's Law.
      BEWARE of judaizers who install themselves by self-claimed 'rite' without contract, & who vilify, blaspheme Christianity & Catholic Church. thanks & stay sane

    6. Wink wink good to read some more tie ins.
      However years ago I shed light on the word “Jew”.
      The first time it was put into use can be located in Jeremiah 34 (Verse 9 Specifically). These are those of one of the tribes of Israel that indentured themselves to another more economically well off kinsman. Thus these people were called "Jews".
      The similarities are too close to what is going on today to deny.
      This can also be located in Harper Collins’ Bible Dictionary Revised 1996, ISBN 0-060037-3 Pages 410-411 “The Hebrew Slave”
      I have been thoughtfully asking the question for over twenty years; Why don’t the “Jews”, refer to themselves as Hebrews, or even Israelites? The above is what was given to me, and shed light on everyone’s present situation (especially with the "Jews" of today in "ISRAEL", and around the whirled), along with having a correlation with the “Birth Certificated Person”.
      That Chapter in Jeremiah has also much more in it than just the first usage of the term “Jew”…

    7. Foscolos00 - Good seeing ya. Yes, we're busy digging for Truth. Its a talmudic mess of magnanimous proportions.
      WHAT IF: This is the thing, jews have edited, rewritten our Bibles & are doing it TODAY, RIGHT NOW, removing the word jew. Nothing, as in NOTHING, stops them!
      In my above post, the Chronology we think is correct, is a talmudic LIE. There was NO biblical jew, as the word only came into existence in the 1700's. As research reveals, much more happened in the 1700's, the 'talmudic crush' to destroy Christianity, Catholic Church, White Christians specifically (jews are non-White, have 112 genetic diseases including 30-40% mental diseases; Whites have ZERO genetic diseases).
      The jew continually redefines itself, just as jews with their global murder Scamdemic redefines 'vaccine' to its benefit $$$$. Just as the jew defines itself as White when needed, now jews say they're not White as it pleases the jew to do so. Most so-called White mass-shooters, 'White' serial killers, are in fact jews.

      I offer this: ~~ Origin of the word jew For example: two of the best known 18th century editions of the New Testament in English are the Rheims (Douai) Edition and the King James Authorized Edition and both contain the word "Jew." Yet, when the English language version of the Rheims (Douai) New Testament was first printed in 1582 the word "Jew" did NOT appear in it. Similarly the King James Authorized translation of the New Testament into English (begun in 1604) and first published in 1611, here too the word "Jew" did NOT appear. That is, the word "Jew" first appeared in both these well-known editions in their 18th century revised versions. The combination of the Protestant Reformation, the publication of the revised English language 18th century editions and the printing press (allowing unlimited quantities of the New Testament to be printed) meant the wide distribution of these English language Bibles throughout the English speaking world. That is, among people who had never possessed a copy of the New Testament in any language but who were now in possession of one in their native tongue. And, although these 18th century editions first introduced the word "Jew" to the English language the word as it was used in these has since continued in use in all the editions of the New Testament in the English language.
      Numerous copies of these revised 18th century English editions (especially the Rheims (Douai) and the King James translations of the New Testament) were distributed to the clergy and the laity throughout the English speaking world. And so, the new readers of these 18th century editions were introduced to a new word both to them and the English language, the word "Jew." For, these readers did not know the history of the origin of the English word "Jew" and accepted it as the legitimate modern form of the ancient Greek "Ioudaios" and the Latin "Iudaeus." Thus, these new readers did not understand or care to question the meaning and use of the word "Jew" since it was a new English word to them. Consequently, the use of the word "Jew" was not only stabilised by these 18th century editions but also its anachronistic application to people and places fully established.

      Remembering, the year of the Protestant Revolution/Christian Schism was 1705 not 1520. Note too, the Old Testament was composed after the New Testament. There is no biblical 'jew'. Hope this helps. thanks & stay sane!

    8. cont'd: The Entangling Alliance of Jews and Christians - "One of the strangest and most inexplicable movements in two thousand years of Christian history has been developing rapidly and almost imperceptibly in our midst at this time. Scan the Judeo-Christian notes and news items of lectures in any large daily newspaper for abundant evidence of the reality and growth of an amazing confederacy of Jews and Christians. Jewish rabbis are frequent speakers in Judeo-Christian pulpits. The National Conference of Christians and Jews has become a going concern which influences the policy for the major portion of American Protestantism.
      Unthinking Judeo-Christian laymen accept this situation without even feeling the need of a shock absorber. To them it seems a friendly gesture based upon brotherly love and mutual goodwill. Yet the scriptures tell us:
      “THOU SHALT MAKE NO COVENANT WITH THEM, nor with their gods. THEY SHALL NOT DWELL IN THY LAND, LEST THEY MAKE THEE SIN AGAINST ME: for if thou serve their gods, it will surely be a snare unto thee.” (Exodus 23:32-33)"
      judaeo-Christian is an OXYMORON, as one cannot follow both talmudic law & Christian Law which are POLAR OPPOSITES. Our minds & souls are polluted with jews filth, lies upon lies, inversions upon inversions, Color of Law, simulations, Corporatocracy, talmudic blood sacrifices for jews profiteering. One can't be both Islamic & Christian, now, can they? But for some godless reason we FALL OVER & OVER & OVER & OVER AGAIN & AGAIN FOR THE JEWS LIES 'judaeo-Christian'. And Anna promotes this!

      Anna is a Protestant which = JUDAIZER. Anna has NO CLAIMS to Christianity, but blasphemes & vulgarizes, especially the Catholic Church, which Anna literally projects the jews FILTH upon. Anna has never been Catholic, thus has NO CLAIMS WHATSOEVER upon anything Catholic including her claims to its wealth. Only Catholics, & generational Catholics, True Catholics, whose Baptisms are recorded with the Catholic Church, demonstrating their provenance.

      Be wise, copy the above information to a document for later referencing. Christian Law is the highest Law, above all Law. jew's talmudism is the vilest law & NO there are no Torah jews, its just another jew-spin so as to creep into Christian's brains like the blood sucking parasite it is. CHRIST'S LAW & ONLY CHRIST'S LAW.
      I'd like very much to post what occurred during the defeat of the pre-jews at Kulikovo Battle in 1380, its profoundly won war by Apostolic Christ'ians. YES, A WAR OCCURRED & it is reflected in the Mahabharata, in which Apostolic Christians produced the first cannons, called serpents, due to their wildly, never before seen, felt, experienced 'snake-biting' cannon fire in 1380. By the way, 'Russia' was called India before it was diminished to India the country. Thus we have American 'Indians' NOT from India, but Russia-India. cont'd

    9. Most excellent addendum Wink, just read it all. I am glad that my composition, and reply back was waylaid so that the cohesiveness of the above comments were not segmented by me. Here’s my reply to the initial comment any way.

      Yes Wink, many if not all “major religions" have been not only infiltrated but more than likely their tenants were written with the same core outline. Each have subtle variations, likenesses, and divisive contrasts in order to set each apart. We all know about the divide, and conquer mantra. It has worked so well for so long that “They” love to use it’s machinations every chance “They” get.
      I have often brought up about how the majority of Us whirled wide have all been given basically the same texts to be educated with. Very rarely is there any literature that is provided as educational material before the “1700’s”. Let alone the “1600’s” or better yet the “1500’s” when most of the “Great Sea Explorers” where traversing “The Globe”. The same ones that where supposedly claiming “New Lands”, and “New Worlds”. These “Captains” were touted as the best of the best, and given the best ships, and crews to make these “discoveries”, all the while making very extensive logs, precise calculations, drawings, and Maps. These Maps are also dated with an “I” as the first Numeral and not a “1” that are so detailed that an aerial view would have to be considered. There are many ways to confuse, and stymie a populace ie., times, dates, place, famine, poison, coded languages, interpretations, wars,… the list of control methods is quite extensive that “They” have at “Their” disposal. “They” will utilize as many if not all these control mechanisms against any, and all in like manner as most Sociopaths will do in order to maintain “Their” control. What I am relaying here is just the tip of the iceberg. The hard part most of Us have to hurdle is realizing that we all, **and I do mean all, even “Them”as well** have been fed plateful after plateful of malarkey 365 days a year after year after year… by just about everyone, every where all the time. However, there is “One Truth” that no matter how “They” try to obfuscate the existence of, always seems to rise up no matter how hard, and loud “Their” storied denials are.

      Take all information as one would a grain of salt, consider the source(s). Test, and apply everything in one’s own walk within their own life in order to verify it’s validity.
      Also If one is being led by the “Spirit” test that as well. If there is one iota of doubt whatsoever it is not of “God” which is most everyone’s “Real Father”.

      Pretty kool huh Wink? While I was writing this reply look what was being expounded on, and being brought forward for all to consider above my comment.

    10. I know wink that there is much animosity that is projected towards the"Jew" that resides within. However take note of what Jesus hated; Not the man or woman who sinned but those that lay the trap, and caused others to sin in like manner. He stated who their "Father" was. It is quite evident that there a few who are actually pullingnthe strings all the rest of Us are unwittingly being played. "Forgive them Father for they know not what they do." However the other "They" know exactly what "They" are doing.

    11. cont'd:
      To the east of Belarus & Ukraine in Russia is Kulikov:
      battle site near Kulikovo, Kaluga Oblast, Russia - Google Maps
      Memorial Stone to the heroes of the Battle of Kulikov - Google Maps

      The Mahabharata - › the-story-of-the-mahabharata-1770167 - "The Mahabharata is an ancient Sanskrit epic poem that tells the story of the kingdom of Kurus. It's based on a real war that took place in the 13th or 14th century B.C. between the Kuru and Panchala tribes of the Indian subcontinent. It is regarded as both a historical account of Hinduism's birth and a code of ethics for the faithful."

      Note: 'Code of Ethics' as in Law. The Mahabharata's story of Kulikovo Battle, written in Sanskrit (thus Sanskrit was used in 1380!), of this 'Heavenly Battle', won by APOSTOLIC CHRISTIANITY, who used the first canons made of oak. Hinduism, with Krishna aka Christ, their form of Christianity, began with this win, but the date is falsely pushed far back to 4th century BCE or earlier. Nope, its 1380.
      Kulikovo Battle at "Kaluga", Oblast, Russia, has the same sound as "Kali Yuga", an era or epoch, in the Mahabharata, which is followed by Kriti Yuga, era to come.

      The Raj in India is JEW CROWN EAST INDIA COMPANY, same jews owned the West India Company who ran the AFRICAN SLAVE TRADE. So when Anna sneers about the "Raj" but fails to say JEWS, its a tip, as the British Crown = City of London = JEWS, not the Monarch:
      British Raj - The British Raj was the rule of the British Crown on the Indian subcontinent from 1858 to 1947. The rule is also called Crown rule in India, or direct rule in India.Wikipedia

      So, jews were the RAJ ENSLAVERS in current India, NOT WHITES. And the 1380 Kukilov Battle freed all mankind from this talmudic blood sacrificing enslavement to pagan-pre-jews deemed themselves as gods, just as jews do today. Its the same filthy clutch.
      Russia's Orthodox Catholic Church has little tolerence for the jews, as they well know what the Bolshevik jews did to them! Unlike Americans, Russians have a memory!
      And to round out this narrative: In 1916, Brooklyn New York, 'polio epidemic' occurred. At this same time, same place, 1917 Brooklyn, 30,000 Bolshevik jews convened to attack Christian Russia, revenge for their defeat by Apostolic Christians at Kulikov 1380. Funny, 'polio' has the same symptoms as DDT POISONING & executed by JEW ROCKEFELLER LABS. The jews modus operandi: Poison called epidemic, to keep their useful idiots occupied while they pillage, destroy, enforce talmudism, seat themselves as global rulers to be honored as gods with human & animal sacrifice & make a BAAL-SH*T LOAD of shekels on their blood libel sacrifice. Notice how their blood libel debts is paid in sacrifice to Moloch while dangling their Star of Remphan, the Rothschilds logo brand, even the logo for their fake Israhell demon state. The jew was NOT given land for a damn good reason!
      And this is why their lingering-state is DEAD, CORPORATE, Fiction, Lost at Sea, they're not even to be on Christian Land by Christian Law. Its all their own doing! Christ knew what he was talking about, eh. Thanks for letting these posts be read & stay sane, y'all

    12. Here's something for all of those that think Wink is too hard line;
      JOHN CHRYSOSTOM, "Eight Orations Against Judaizing Christians" (387-388)

      Very little has changed other than the fact that what was abhorrent to St. John Chrysostom in his days has become passe' in ours. He even speaks about how these people are continuously putting on theatrics to the point it has become their lifestyle.
      Shelby I'm sure should find this quite vindicating as well.
      Although I, myself don't, and won't go to the extent to categorically group everyone that has "Jewish blood", or "Jewish lineage" in with these "Satanic Pagan Warshipping Jews", because I know that only a certain handful are initiated, and the rest that aren't are as oblivious as most "Christians" are to the full scope, and depth of what is happening in "Their" secreted catacombs.

    13. What all of Us should be mindful of; is connecting, and associating “Jews” that aren’t part of “The initiated ilk”, whom are still perceived as the ”Jews” that should be scorned, and receive everyone’s diatribes. For these also are the same one’s that are used by “The initiated Ones” as sacrificial scape goats in order to take the focus off “Themselves”. Otherwise we then create for ourselves a slippery slope. This is why now it is more important than any other time in history that the main architects are apprehended, exposed, and all of “Their misdeeds (wily ways) are brought forward for all to know, and see.
      Shut down “Their Game”, and put the “Baal” in the trash where it belongs with the Flies.

    14. Foscolos00 - THANKS for this link! Just scanning it now between chores.
      Christian Law in action, too. How strong Christians were! Look at too many of us now! Wimps! Pansies! Rubber Spined! Weak Minded! Lost in talmudic sludge. Picked up a couple other quick search subjects too, and of all things to come up: The Rus freedom & Kulikovo Battle win for Apostolic Christians. ==> "Pretty kool huh". Yes, it is!

      JOHN CHRYSOSTOM, "Eight Orations Against Judaizing Christians" (387-388)

  2. Why the blurred faces? Do we really know who's speaking? Are they look alikes as we've heard about over the years?

    I remember watching/listening to voice impersonations on Saturday Night Live and being blown away...

    Just sayin...

    Be well

    1. this video lacks any credibility. This is either a complete and utter lack of judgement OR Anna is somehow a paid disinformation agent. Either way, disseminating this is inexcusable

  3. Boots I trust your assessment don’t need to view any holographic Hollywood psychology theatre thank you very much Q’s plan left a bad taste in my mouth.
    The Jew-disuary. Is the matrix all the recent appointments are know deep state tools.
    What should be going on is a oh I don’t know tour with Richard Mac and use his platform to explain the actual system.
    The fourth branch of government under the executive.
    Paul Craig Roberts as usual hits a base hit with executive orders usurped the article 1 branch the legislature.

    1. hi bubba!
      do you think Mack would allow that? is he actually for the peoples freedom? im questioning all players these days:):).

      im thinkjng youve said that too basically, that Lincolns first EO started the encroachment into the authority of their own Corporate Legislative branch.
      ... so there you go. w
      changed to 'Who Dictates' rather than 'Who Directs the Fulfillment of Issues Agreed Upon.'

    2. My oh my Shelby, what a wicked web "They" do weave when "They" first practiced to deceive.

  4. Guys, this data was available at a small number of controlled sites available to the public if you knew where to go in January and February 2021. Believe what you want to believe as to whether it is or isn't accurate. For me, these are typical depositions from a person who is cooperating in an attempt to remove the death penalty from the table in advance of an actual trial. Full and complete filmed cooperation on the record in accordance with - UCMJ Article 849. ARTICLE 49. Depositions UCMJ the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

    It isn't new information. That said it is always good to be skeptical about anything that pops up during this charade. This one and all the others that were shown in this time frame have had an excellent command of the UCMJ process well beyond that seen in Hollywood and other Media productions. Just sayin'

    1. very interesting and important. youre the first person ive heard say ANYthing about "military\styled tribunals" that rings true.
      sounds like you are familiar with ucmj procedures, so thank you very much for sharing your experience. much appreciated.

  5. this video lacks any credibility and now so do you. This is either a complete and utter lack of judgement OR you are somehow a paid disinformation agent. Either way its inexcusable

  6. God Bless Them.....
    General McInerney
    BREAKING: GiveSendGo says it will ignore Ontario court order to freeze Freedom Convoy funds.

    "A reminder that the COVID vaccines are DESIGNED to kill. The ONLY ”TESTING” going on right now is experimenting with various batches to determine the concentration of poison that will kill people well after they receive their shot, so the vaccine won’t be implicated in their death."

    Dr. Sam White - The evidence? We have it all. Feb 6th 2022

    Hi-Rez & Jimmy Levy - God Over Government (Official Video)

    Terrain - - The Film - 5 Feb 2022

    Australia: Gas Chambers Ready, Covid Camps
    CONTRACTOR: Covid Concentration Camps Have Double-Frame Unbreakable Glass and Gas Lines Pumped Into “Cells”

    Johns Hopkins University confirms: You can be vaccinated with a PCR test, even without knowing

    Ezra A. Cohen, [2/8/2022 11:16 AM]
    The Deep State does not consist of big tech ownership, politicians, or celebrities. The Deep State is the 13 evil families.
    Bloodlines of Illuminati by: Fritz Springmeier, 1995
    "Clark County District school in Las Vegas where a kid was beaten unconscious as the teacher and students just laughed! Can you imagine if this was your child?"

    1. Trucker in Ottawa says "They are coming for us" and explains the game plan. If one trucker signs the leave and get out of jail agreement, THEY WILL REPLACE THAT TRUCKER WITH THREE MORE TRUCKERS.....LOL

      Corporal Bulford Resigns from his Position of Personal Security of Trudeau with Scathing Speech Citing the Canadian Bill of Rights and his Sworn Oath. One of the most impressive and poignant resignation speeches you may ever witness. Corporal Bulford exposes the NAZI 2.0 PSYOP-19 Program and decimates the illegitimate Trudeau administration and their illegal “mandates”.

  7. Tired of censorship? Try your hand on the air RBN allows callers.
    If you can be articulate you will do well .
    Practically get on everyday. Search RBN scroll you see schedule of shows and call in numbers are on top . Hop to hear from you before Paul scrubs this repeat of missing post.