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Monday, June 5, 2023

The Central Issue of Freedom

 By Anna Von Reitz

Can you be free if you are financially enslaved? 


How have you been financially enslaved?  By banks. 

So the banks are the problem.  

But why are banks the problem?  They will tell you that they have no choice.

The government, they say, is requiring them to close people's bank accounts for political reasons.   

The government, they say, is forcing them to identify individuals as 
enemies of the state and close their accounts. 

This is straight out of Nazi Germany. And, also, all Communist countries. 

There are now ten major countries that use banks and bank accounts to punish political dissidents.  Including the U.S. 

There is no effective oversight of the banks.  

There is no rational value system underlying the legal tender that the government and the banks depend upon. 

As a result, people are losing faith in the government, but still not aware of what's wrong. 

It's because you are no longer free.  You have been forced into a form of slavery by the government and the banks, and it has been done by burdening you with non-consensual taxes and displacing debts on you that you, most likely, don't owe. 

These huge debts that are created simply by not crediting your payments and locking away your assets in "public trusts" that you don't have control of.  And finally, by misidentifying you as a British Territorial U.S. Citizen when you aren't one by nature and by birthright.  

It's a criminal shell game in which you are fingered as the one to pay debts you never agreed to, and then locking down your money so that you can't pay the debt off.  All you can do is exchange debts. 

Picture the system.  You go out to dinner at a restaurant with a bunch of other people.  They order the fanciest, most expensive meals on the menu.  And then, they all leave you sitting there with the bill.  But, when you look in your wallet, they've stolen your money, too.  

What do you do? 

You wind up washing dishes to pay for their extravagant meals, plus your own.  

And that is exactly what is happening here. 

You are being enslaved by con artists --- foreign Municipal Corporations in the business of providing "essential government services" that are masquerading as your government. 

They've stolen your money for their own benefit, substituted it with I.O.U.s' called Federal Reserve Notes --- Promissory Notes, backed by the good faith and credit of what?  Congress.  

So where is their "Congress" when these foreign Municipal Corporations go bankrupt?  Nowhere to be seen.  Their bankruptcy fraud allows them to foist off their debts on you, just like the False Friends who had dinner with you at the restaurant.

And when you reach for your money to pay the debt, you find that you have no money.  That's been purloined, too.   

So, don't get mad, get even.  Pay attention and focus on the situation. 
What you need is your money, your purloined gold and silver, back in your control, and you need banks that aren't colluding with the phony "government".  

You have the right to build your own banks and issue your own money and you can thumb your nose at these corporations as long as you focus on what is right in front of your face. 

They betrayed you, they stole the money out of your wallet, they commandeered control of the banks or the banks commandeered the Municipal Corporations "acting as" your government, either way, and they ran up your credit cards sky high, and left you to pay their debts. 

It's up to you to say no to this by correcting your political status records and developing your own banks and your own State Assemblies and issuing your own national currencies, electing your own political officers, and drawing the line between yourself and the rest of the dinner party guests. 

Otherwise, you wind up washing dishes to pay someone else's debts. 

And you live your lives as slaves and human cattle, being used and abused as human chattel presumed to be responsible for these jokers' debts.  

Time to change that legal presumption.  Begin right now.  


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  1. A great book showing how the unincorporated world bankers run the show is "How the World Really Works" by Alan B. Jones. The Illuminati have been at it for quite some time.

  2. most people are aware by now that these people werent elected and some of the polls are showing that as high as two-thirds of Americans believe these people are installed.
    if the Pope who you say you went to to get His Sovereign Letter Patent to build your New Federal Republic under authority of, -- closed down the VATICAN- INSTITUTED PUBLIC OFFICES using His [Francis'] Motu Proprio July 2013, then there arent even any Roman, Vatican -based Federal Republican Offices still left in place either.

    whoever is doing this cant say they are our Government.
    the only thing our Govenment is delegated by us:man to do is secure our [God-gifted] rights. para two UnanimDeclar.

    so why are you still confusing people, "anna", by writing this Article where you refer to the men doing this evil as government?
    theyre not our government.
    are they *your* government? is that what youre saying?
    they're not mine.
    they're not the people of the united States of America's government.
    i:woman find no reason for you to still be referring to them as government instead of "Criminals", lying evil men, unless you want people to think they are the government.

    furthermore, they are required to make their claims known on the record if they believe we owe them something so we can answer on the record.
    we already know they owe us everything theyve taken, if any, multiplied.


    1. and one (or more) other thing/s:
      it is utter ridiculousness to publish that man are not free because of a FICTION.

      do you even think about what this shite you are publishing sounds like before you print it?

      a man God made is in debt to an IMAGINATION in another man's head???.... and owes the IMAGINATION his rights and substance?
      oh really?
      and just exactly how would that work except through use of violence, lying, force?... since the IMAGINATION in the other man's head does not even actually *exist*.

      did the "debtor" agree?
      the "debtor" doesnt even know someone says hes obligated....
      why not?
      because nobody told him there was an obligation.
      why?... because there ISNT an obligation?
      they need to say man volunteered?

    2. and another example is:
      "anna" using our law-fully ratified Confederated Union's Stile/ "Name": The United States of America for the Foreign- Originated (Roman: Sovereign Letters Patent she says she got) Federal Republic "she" is attempting to Construct.
      she is apparently trying to use a "Vari-ation" of our Stile (?) by adding "dashdash space Unincorporated" onto the end of it, which she almost always leaves off anyway.
      this generates unnecessary confusion, as it makes what i:woman believe is an un-law-full overlap onto our Stile, so that people would have reason to confuse the FOREIGN-based Private Federated Republic "anna" is Constructing with our own Government that is made up from our Free and Independent States that are in a league of friendship with one another: The United States of America: that is law-fully ratified from the peoples consent.

      see how confusing that is?...
      kinda like the Birth Certificate System making up a Vari-ation of our calling/"Name" and using it to make claims on what belongs to us i:woman believe..... then somebody could come in and start up a Private Foreign Legal Association Legal Crap-Styled "Controversy" Argument about whose Government "The United States of America" is.
      when all "anna" ever had to do in the first place was just pick out a Name for her FOREIGN-ORIGINATED FEDERAL REPUBLIC that we had not already Declared before God and all man is our Stile for our own Free and Independent States' Confederated Perpetual Union.

      see how easy that would have been?
      why didnt "she" do it though?
      its such a simple thing.


    3. rumble:mycatholicredpill: is the vaxs really a biiwepon?
      13:24 man called to stand for Gods law reads from peead oh book in schoolboard meeting and boardmember tells him to stop.
      he says "How dare you tell me to stop reading because you dont want to hear this filth but its in the school library."
      same video
      30:50 jose delgado Navy financed some of his "experiments" HORRIBLE! 1960's. came out that he lifted skull plates and attached electrodes to peoples' brain tissue and "Remote Controlled" them and worse.

    4. Does anyone else observe blogger women:janmarie never gives us the date/ source "Article" references, which she attributes to Anna?

      Why is women:janmarie confusing us?

      Women:janmarie, please post the precise "Anna Article(s)" titles and dates to the Anna Articles, per your discussion above. Additionally please give a precise count, how many Anna Article(s) are referable to your comment above?

      We await hopefully, for your informative reply.

    5. Ratheon and remote control of the human subject

      Raytheon BBN Technologies is in contract with the Department of Defense and DARPA develops Parallel computing software used for predicting outcomes based on calculating all information similar to the concept of astrology and predicting patterns. Vannevar Bush founded Raytheon and was the head of the Office of Scientific Research and Development and Manhattan Project. Alsos Mission and Operation Epsilon was a US and UK joint operation where they "imprisoned" Nazi scientists working on the German nuclear weapons project which included the Nazi scientists Werner Heisenberg, Horst Korsching, Karl Wirtz, Walther Gerlach, Erich Bagge, Kurt Diebner, Otto Hahn, Paul Harteck, Carl Friedrich von Weizsacker. The Nazi scientist Heinz Schlicke worked for Allen-Bradley a division of Rockwell Automation and specialized in electromagnetic emissions and was president of the Electromagnetic Compatibility Society. The modern day electronics are emitting electromagnetic emissions or radio frequency interferences using geometric structures for the purpose of hacking into the human nervous system. US Patent 6506148 under Loos Hendricus G. is titled "Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors" and his other patent is US Patent 6,238,333 titled "Remote Magnetic Manipulation of nervous systems" and both support the scientific basis for using electromagnetic frequencies emitted from electronics to manipulate the human physiology by hacking the human nervous system. Erich Traub was a Nazi virologist who was brought into the United States and worked at Plumb Island which is believe to be the source for Lyme disease. IG Farben was a chemical company that developed the deadly chemical agent Zyklon B used by the Nazis for carrying out genocides. IG Farben was redeveloped into several chemical and pharmaceutical companies like Bayer. Alchemy is used for covert chemical warfare on society. The Nazis were also financed and promoted by some American businessmen and companies like Henry Ford, Chase Bank, General Electric, IBM, and Standard Oil. Henry Ford awarded the Order of the German Eagle under the Nazis for distributing Nazi propaganda in Europe. IBM developed electronic tracking for Nazi concentration camps.

  3. Does anyone else observe blogger women:janmarie never gives us the date/ source "Article" references, which she attributes to Anna?

    Why is women:janmarie confusing us?

    Women:janmarie, please post the precise "Anna Article(s)" titles and dates to the Anna Articles, per your discussion above. Additionally please give a precise count, how many Anna Article(s) are referable to your comment above?

    We await hopefully, for your informative reply.

  4. women:janmarie, please correct yourself (or do not!), you wrote:

    "...whoever is doing this cant say they are our Government..."

    By virtue of "freedom of speech" is it not so that people are "free" to speak/write as they will? (Or are you proposing, like a serpent, to close down speech?)

    Furthermore, by way of etymological definition:
    Govern = steer, Ment = mind. Government = Mind control.

    women:janmarie, while I accept that you are under "mind control;" Please be reminded, I and others "guide" our own minds. Some even do so per the the 10 commandments. (the worthy "commands" upon minds; Being those minds of the chosen, whose minds are worthy under God?)

  5. How did the story of Julius Shiva become ?
    World's ‘‘richest’’ man was a fraudster.
    Shameless bitch doesn't apologize.

    1. She goes silent when she's wrong. Can't take the sting.

  6. June 5, 2023
    Vatican Delegation Update is
    Send Money

  7. Opting out. We free ourselves from hidden contracts with corporations, we exchange using our money, or no money, we administer using our representatives ... And the vermin? They are still there. Circling us, waiting to pound on us, stealing our children, infiltrating wherever they can ... We still need to deal with them. We still need a modern army to clear out the evil established for millenia. How to go about that?

  8. The Pope is played by actor Jonathan Pryce.