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Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Review of The Great Awakening Film

 By Anna Von Reitz

The whole Red Carpet portion of the presentation lasted much too long, and even though we saw a lot of "stars" they didn't say much, except for one doctor who said, (and I don't guarantee to be an exact quote) ---  "They lied. They are still lying. Don't trust them."  

I thought that was brilliant -- and succinct. 

Alex Jones gave a good "Fed Up and Not Taking It Anymore" rant that put across the urgency of the situation.  

Maybe the hardest hitting -- for me, anyway, was a historical film clip of Anthony Fauci back in the 1980's  peddling the drug AZT which was introduced back then as an AIDS drug.  There he was, touting that it was "safe and effective" --- which it wasn't.  

And immediately after that, a film clip, all these years later, and there he was again, calling the vaccines "safe and effective" -- which they aren't. 

Nothing else I've seen quite gets across the message about Anthony Fauci -- either a genocidal madman or a complete incompetent, take your pick.  I say genocide Nazi scum taking revenge on the world that rejected him and his ilk.  

You think it's an accident that he is Sicilian and his name means "Scythe"?  Really?  And who was Hitler's good friend and ally?  Benito Mussolini and the Italian Government.  

After all these years a lot of young people don't realize that the Italians and the Germans were Allies.  

And a lot of people around the globe have forgotten that there were Nazis all over the world, and even in the Royal Family in Britain.  

People have also forgotten that there is little difference in the end result of Fascism and Communism.  Both end in totalitarian regimes. 

Here's how my Father explained it to me: "The Communists steal everything and then take over running and paying for everything.  The Fascists steal everything, and force you to run it and pay for it." 

A man of few words.  Well-chosen.  

The background and leitmotif is a young G. Edward Griffin narrating in a very early video explaining the difference between different forms of government (he explained a "republic" as a "limited form of democracy" which is not exactly accurate) and describing the threats and nature of Communism. 

Embedded in this was a lot of ugly material about the Communist Chinese Government and the CCP's mistreatment of members of the Fulan Gong movement and average Chinese who don't agree with their lock-step oppressions. 

Dr. David E. Martin made several nice cameos throughout; I wished to see more of him and his information.  

Dr. Tenpenny popped in a couple times, but other than a brief cameo and ads for her website, not much content from her. 

Overall, it left me cold, vaguely depressed, and unimpressed.  I was hoping for so much more --- and different.  

Bear in mind, that's just my reaction.  It's worth watching if only for the shock value of a few of the cut-aways, but I would never voluntarily watch it twice.  

I guess that's the sad part.  There was nothing in this film that could serve to unify people and give them the focused inspiration needed to take specific action.  It was all just more miasma and disturbing facts --- what I call "reservoir building".  

Like collecting water behind a dam, "The Great Awakening" may wake more people up, but it just leaves them scared and milling about, without any real focus, splintered up like little chat groups at a dinner party, gossiping about the latest scandal. 

I can hear it now,  one woman says to the man at her left elbow, "Do you think the Communists are taking over the government? --- Or the Nazis?"  

He shrugs and says, "It's hard to tell.  It's the same playbook either way." Then he pauses and adds. "Looks like Biden is on the take with the Chinese, so maybe it's the Communists." 

Then the guy standing closer to the fake fireplace chimes in and says, "Nah, this is all coming from Rockefeller and the WEF and they are all Nazis. What do you expect from the son of a Nazi industrialist?  That's what Schwab is."   

And so the conversation continues without apparent conclusion, as if the participants are struggling to identify "the" culprits, and can't quite come to grips with the possibility that they might have to fight both the CCP creeping in the back door, and the WEF coming through the front door.  

Communists and Fascists against the middle.  

The Big Grudge Match of the Unhappy against the Unenlightened. 

We all have to wake up, that's true -- but once we wake up, we need a plan, a practical means forward, a way to organize safely and lawfully, so the Vermin can't just prey upon us.  And most of all, a way to take action together. 

Here it is: www.TheAmericansStatesAssembly. net. 


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  1. IT is a dream of mine, to correct the miss-conceived word, called "communism" which, is easy to SEE, the Root word as "commune" and an extension thereof as "community" which are people LIVING in a "community" whom "communicate with each other which makes them REAL "communists"
    SO... those facts of TRUTH... we all now know that the word most should be using RATER than "communists" as they are "communities of people living in a "communal" setting, should be NAZIS, or Stalinists, or any word OTHER NOUN other than "communists," that the NAZIS, used in OUR community's "pubic Stool System," as training for separation, / separatists ideologies!

    SO.... when I got "RE-EDUCATED" form the "separatists" SPEAK, I found being in a "commune-ity", and "commune-icating" with others a real great why to be a commune-IST!

    And I really do NOT much care for NAZIS, nor Stalinist's, who try to use the WRONG English words to separate members of a community, (commune-ity,) form communicating, and FREEDOM to do so!

    1. The USD Work From Home Program expired Dec 2022. Is there an updated site?

  2. We need to hire a movie maker to get the word out there of who we are how we got here and what we can do about it.

    This movie was well done and extremely depressing. Doesn't help to be hammered when we are already beat down...we need courage, inspiration, and a PLAN!!. and get the assemblies full

    We have to get the word out and we need help!!

    1. 1776 website has a movie in the works that I think/hope/believe will address a lot of concerns.

  3. Looks like those devious, dirty, rotten reds are back in business, doing all their usual dastardly deeds again. I wonder who they're working for.

  4. Why bother with more propaganda? The real deal launches on June 20th: The End of COVID. 90 sessions to educate the whole planet. Real doctors and not BS State actors. Mark and Samantha Bailey, Tom Cowan, etc. Mike Stone and many others.


  5. The Federation in it's proper form is certainly part of the solution but without the counties and the land and soil jurisdiction as it's backing we are screwed. With over 3100 counties and counting these body politics need to be communicating with each other. A film on Article IV Section 4 along with American Common Law/American Public Law as it's partner is where our film efforts should be placed. Sometimes you need to go to the answers in the back and work from that direction.