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Tuesday, June 6, 2023

The Peacekeeping Task Force

 By Anna Von Reitz

Perhaps no other initiative of the Federation has caused more controversy, and mainly, this is because the Peacekeeping Task Force is a new initiative, one that our government in former times never entertained.  

There is no historical precedent for the PKTF and the name itself gives pause. 

A "Task Force" in military terms gives rise to thoughts of Special Operations, specific and targeted operations, requiring coordination across different branches of services, and often coordinating action by troops from multiple nations.  

What could "Peacekeeping" and "Task Force" --taken together-- mean? 

People encounter the joined concepts in situations requiring the occupation of a country by foreign militaries, but in this case, no foreign military is involved, so that again leaves people scratching their heads. 

What we are talking about is the function of "peacekeeping" which takes place on local County, State, and ultimately, a national level, when the States all combine their militias.  

Peacekeeping means what it implies --- the function of keeping communities at peace, safe from outlaws, marauders, gangs, and even guerilla forces and organized crime cartels, maintaining order, providing assistance, and preparing for natural and man-made disasters. 

We recently observed that there is no provision for a "National Militia" per se, and that it is necessary for the individual State Militias to be organized separately and operate within the borders of their State or County as lawful and well-regulated forces.

We also observed that there is nothing stopping the State Assemblies from voting to work together in coordinated and pre-planned ways in the event of various kinds of disaster ranging from invasion to earthquakes and storms.  

The PKTF is responsible for exactly that kind of coordination and pre-planning, and outreach to the State Militias and State Assemblies, so as to assess and aid the State and County Militias to organize and gain supplies and training and organize things in advance of any emergency.

The PKTF, like our State and County Assemblies, operates in Original Jurisdiction, meaning that we are self-governing and not taking orders from any foreign sovereign or corporation.  The highest officers in our organizational structure are Justices of the Peace.  Our law is American Common Law.  

Our purpose is to preserve the peace, safety, and property of our people. 

As a practical matter, this means working together as neighbors, first and foremost --- getting to know each other, assess our own resources, and getting a handle on what we need to do to be able to help each other in an emergency in which there is no government or army coming to help us. 

Despite the billions of dollars spent on FEMA, hard experience has taught us that the agency is not about helping or protecting average Americans in the wake of any kind of disaster. FEMA does nothing practical, for example, in the face of wildfire, floods, or earthquakes. 

So, what good is FEMA in a real emergency?  

It's worthless, as we can directly attest from firsthand experience. 
They typically don't show up at all until three weeks after an actual disaster, and when they do, the come in the guise of undeclared insurance adjusters.  

There is no practical help for the victims from FEMA at all.  

There is no response from the military, either.  

The only organizations that reliably respond when our communities are threatened or damaged are churches and synagogues and a handful of non-profits like the American Red Cross.    

And what happens when a disaster directly impacts several states?

Then there is no coordinated response.  Texas might be the closest source for potable water during a disaster in Louisiana, but there is no organization prepared and ready and having plans in place to provide that water across state borders.  

So, as things stand, there's no help from "the government" and as for our own efforts, they take too long to get organized and there is too much confusion. It takes weeks to set up a soup kitchen or public latrine or on-s site showers. 

Nobody, no umbrella agency, is organized to help anyone in any sufficient and practical sense, and State-of-State Governors making disaster declarations to get money that never trickles down to the street level where it's needed, are less than no help at all.  

We believe that government has one purpose: to protect people and their property.  Period. 

So that's what we focus on and that is what the PKTF focuses on as it helps each individual State Assembly organize its own State Assembly Militia, and it's what each State Assembly needs to focus on -- first at a local level, then at a statewide level, and finally, in terms of coordinated effort with other State Assemblies and other State Assembly Militias in case of a regional disaster. 

We are getting organized to face whatever challenges come to our country and our countrymen.  

The Peacekeeping Task Force is, therefore, doing a number of things simultaneously: (1) meeting and greeting and assessing preparedness for State and County Assemblies; (2) connecting State Assemblies and State Assembly Militias to resources offered by other organizations, for example, CPR and First Aid classes; (3) helping State Assemblies organize response teams and coordinate action across multiple jurisdictions --- working with our County Sheriffs and Justices of the Peace, State Assembly Militias, and Continental Marshals to develop working relationships, ascertain goals, provide education and skill building programs, and develop and organize emergency equipment and supplies. 

It's a big job, and it is one that requires awareness of the laws and the limitations of each jurisdiction and what it means to establish and run a "well-regulated" militia.  

We are indeed fortunate that such excellent men have answered the call and staffed up the Peacekeeping Task Force. The Director of the program is a former Continental Marshal who is fully up to speed.  

If you want to do something meaningful --- truly meaningful --- toward improving your own safety and the safety of others, get busy organizing in your own community.  Get to know your neighbors and discuss the need to protect yourselves and your community and get involved in your State and County Assembly Militias.  

If you don't have a program yet, start organizing.  There's no time like the present.  And call the PKTF if you have any questions about the limitations of your County and State organizations and the ways in which you can lawfully and safely organize your militia functions and lawfully coordinate your actions with other County Assembly Militias and State Assembly Militias. 

Together, we can lawfully and peacefully plan for the security and protection of every community in America, come what may.  There is no need for the clandestine and dangerous and "unregulated" activities which have led to "militias" having a bad name.  

We aren't children playing games.  We are lawful adults taking part in our American Government, doing what has to be done, according to our own Public Law.  We have every right to organize our State Assembly Militias and County Assembly Militias and we are exercising that right. 

Any law enforcement officers or district attorneys or others who have concerns need to be informed in a forthright manner that: (1) our State Assemblies are now lawfully assembled and in Session, and the members are properly declared and recorded; (2) we are organizing our assembly functions which include the establishment of County and State Assembly Militias for emergency preparedness purposes; (3) we welcome their cooperation and understanding of our Original Jurisdiction capacity.  


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  1. "non-profits like the American Red Cross." Just another criminal Organization.

    Yeah they sure helped themselves to HAITI huh.

    "NPR and ProPublica went in search of the nearly $500 million and found a string of poorly managed projects, questionable spending and dubious claims of success, according to a review of hundreds of pages of the charity's internal documents and emails, as well as interviews with a dozen current and former officials.

    Red Cross Responds To NPR/ProPublica Report
    The Red Cross says it has provided homes to more than 130,000 people, but the number of permanent homes the charity has built is six."

    Quoted from here:

    1. The Red Cross is a Rothschild organization.

    2. Update - Sorry, correction, The Red Cross is a Rockefeller organization. It's the Salvation Army that is the Rothschild's organization.

  2. With over 3100 counties the PKTF is a great idea that should pull our Article IV Section 4 Republican form of government together in a positive way. Have all the States and counties made their claim (as specified by Story) for their Republican form of government? Would it help to get our Continental Congress and State delegates organized for this PKTF?

  3. What are they doing about the chemtrails which are attacking us daily?
    I'll believe it when I see these criminals tried in a common law court.

    1. i:woman believe true that:
      Both "Criminal"/"Civil" are part of ROMAN Law or other FOREIGN Law Systems: and "Crimes" can be "dismissed, discharged, pardoned, thrown out, have technicalities where they cant be heard" and so forth, making them Fodder for A Two-Tiered Just Us System.
      but a claim made by a man cant be: that is: man naturalborn upon one of our landstates, is and has right to be, under authority common law on our landstates; to open courts of record; and to trials by jury of his equals...... not be put under some FOREIGN: English/British/ Crown Common Law System that man makes up to use on FICTIONS it calls "Citizens or Subjects"....or FOREIGN Roman CriminalCivil Law either; or FOREIGN Napoleonic CODE, unless you live on louisiana land .... and yes!!!! part of ALASKA STATE LAW IS NAPOLEONIC CODE from what i am reading!!!!).

      but YES!!!* they must stand in trials by jury in open courts of record held under authority of the common law for man upon our landstates and answer for harm done to man, if any.

      weve been so brain-washed with all this FOREIGN Legalese, Code, Statute, crapolla, it really takes some effort to think more simply.
      the easiest way ive found to comprehend this simple law God gave to man is to read jesuis words.