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Tuesday, June 6, 2023

The "War" Fraud

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court regarding our Claim March 6 2005, January 19 2023 in seq: 

Any fool can adopt war as a model for life, and many men have done so. 

Chief among them have been the 19th Century Industrialists and Captains of Industry, generally, ever since.  These men erroneously conceive of themselves as soldiers or warlords in a constant state of war against a sea of "enemies" --- competing businesses, competing products, and even consumers --- have at various times been attacked by men espousing this mindset.  

As compelling as the analogy may be, we have completely lost our way and our sanity, when we allow commercial competitions to boil over into violence and actual mercenary conflicts, which are never political and never legal or lawful in nature. 

These conflicts are typically spurred only by self-interest and greed, and are used to obstruct  trade, or to rig commodity supplies, so as to create an unfair market advantage for the Perpetrators and their cronies. 

This is why commercial mercenary wars are both unlawful and illegal. 

This is why, traditionally, mercenary soldiers are highly paid and considered "dishonorable", even overtly criminal.  

We have seen that The American Civil War was precisely such a lawless commercial conflict and not a war at all.  

The American Civil War was never declared by any Congress and never  ended via any peace treaty.  All the soldiers enrolled to fight in this conflict were enrolled in the name of State of State business organizations, not the actual States of the Union. 

These facts provide us with absolutely proof of the nature of that conflict. 

This illegal, unlawful, and immoral conflict was promoted by an Undeclared Foreign Agent, Abraham Lincoln, operating as a Bar Attorney, passing off his office as "President" of the United States of America, Incorporated, a British Territorial Corporation, as The Office of The President of the United States of America --- our unincorporated Federation of States and our lawful presidential office.  

This usurpation and the secrecy surrounding it has continued via Lincoln's Successors in crime ever since. 

Our honorable soldiers have been unwittingly enrolled as cheap mercenaries, and used by commercial interests promoting wars for profit ever since.  

This is how our country--  has been purportedly at "war"-- for all but 22 years of its existence. 

In fact, it hasn't been our country at constant war and promoting war for profit, it has been our two foreign government services contractors, a couple Municipal Corporations operating out of the District of Columbia, that have been promoting this all along.  

This usurpation against our lawful government by Municipal Corporations has led to Americans being feared and hated worldwide and our country being blamed for this lawless and predatory behavior toward other nations, when the actual Perpetrators have been sitting behind the scenes in London and Rome.  

These Municipal Corporations have been chartered and run by the British Monarch, the British Crown, and the City of Rome, respectively, and all have been allowed to run completely amok on our shores for the last 160 years by the British Monarchs, Lord Mayors and Popes responsible for their conduct as the other Principals bound by our Federal Constitutions.

Our own American Government has been bypassed, evaded, and defrauded under conditions of secrecy all these many years, and our people have been kept in a state of constant confusion by our erring Federal Subcontractors and their Municipal Corporation officers. 

We are here to address this grossly immoral situation in no uncertain terms and we have done so.  For more than 160 years our American Government has been deliberately marginalized and defrauded by the other Principals responsible for providing us good faith service in accord with our Constitutional Agreements. 

We have researched, detailed, and exposed the role of the British Government as the hotbed for all this fraud and the abuse of people worldwide as part of a Territorial Government take-over scheme, which has resulted in the establishment of the British Raj -- as it was called in India -- throughout most of the western world. 

This scheme has been overall modeled on the take-over of the lawful South African Government in the 1880s by the British South Africa Company run by Cecil Rhodes, which was allowed to run the government functions in South Africa, illegally, unlawfully, and immorally, by Rothschild banking cartel scion Lord Pirbright, also known as Henry de Worms.  

This experiment in having a commercial corporation run a government for profit and have the full ability to abuse government powers to do it, led to war, the use of Nazi-style concentration camps, non-consensual medical experiments including non-consensual "vaccinations" that killed tens of thousands, and asset stripping of South Africa's mineral wealth on an unimaginable scale. 

It was the British Government backed up by banking and industrialists and corporation interests that promoted this in the 1880s and it is the same group of miscreants at the bottom of it now.  

Fascism, such as we saw and experienced during the Second World War was always a British invention, and Corporate Feudalism has always been promoted by the British Government throughout the world.  

This is precisely the kind of abuse that these corporations represented today by the World Economic Forum have planned as the future of the entire world. 

We can already see the outlines of it -- more than 800 FEMA concentration camps established in The United States alone, more than 600,000 innocent people dead or maimed by undisclosed experimental vaccines in our country alone, and asset stripping --- more than 30 million Americans left homeless while commercial banks leave their homes empty, rotting, and vandalized after exercising fraudulent mortgages against non-existent PERSONS, American Uranium purportedly sold to Russia by British Persons having no possible interest in our Uranium, and offers to sell our gold to China, without any right to move as much as one cubic centimeter of our soil.  

Whereupon we say that we have seen it before and have no reason to see it again. This gross criminality must be brought to an end. 

These corporations that have promoted this situation need to be destroyed and/or forfeited to us immediately and we invoke the Ecclesiastical Law which is the form of law responsible for the discipline of Legal Fictions to do it, and we bring our claim for all assets of the offending corporations and corporate officials to Rome for final settlement. 

The Officers, elected and hired, of these offending Municipal Corporations have been under constant Due Process since 2005, and have no excuse for their subsequent destructive illegal and unlawful and immoral acts and their continuous terrorism against the actual United States and most of the rest of the world. 

These Municipal Corporations and their commercial corporation franchises have caused more than enough trouble and destruction in the name of profit for themselves and their shareholders. 

These Municipal Corporations have proven to be dishonest and are untenable and oppressive government service providers; they have twice been overthrown in South Africa, once in India, and now, today, in The United States and Australia and the British Isles.  

There are no provisions, contractual or otherwise, allowing the Territorial Government military occupation of any of these lands in opposition to their Employers, the actual State Citizens of The United States of America, the similar Citizens of Terra Australis, and the people of the respective Kingdoms of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. 

Specifically, the unincorporated government of our Federation of States, doing business as The United States of America since 1776, is the proper international receiver of all physical assets and returned delegated powers owed to this country, and Lord Shrewsbury, Ivan Talbot, the Lord High Steward, is the proper receiver of all physical assets and returned delegated powers owed to England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, and is the temporary custodian-holding-in-trust for all such assets and returned delegated powers owed to Australia and other former British Commonwealth countries. 

These corporate criminals, the guilty Municipal Corporations and their commercial corporation franchises, need to be liquidated and removed, or else transferred and forfeited to us, the actual land jurisdiction governments, and remain subject to our administration without further adieu.  

Our access to and control over our physical assets in the banking system needs to be unblocked and made available to us without further argument or delay.  If the banks will not agree and capitulate on these issues, they need to be liquidated, too.  

Our recommendation is that all 4,000 members of the World Economic Forum should be liquidated as accomplices to these many enumerated crimes against humanity, and returned to the dustbin of imagination from whence they come.  

We shall fashion a more conscious awareness of a far larger vision of what the true self-interest of mankind is and should be --- a vision of love and inspiration and generosity --- that will finally allow men to live in peace and prosper without the ugliness perpetuated by the Doctrine of Scarcity, and the numerous Big Lies that have been told to explain away the symptoms of inflation and economic instability that result from fraud, false claims in commerce, theft, unjust enrichment, unlawful conversion, personage crimes, inland piracy, and political tyranny imposed under conditions of non-disclosure and deceit.  

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                 The United States of America
                 In care of: Box 520994
                 Big Lake, Alaska 99652

June 5th 2023


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  1. bob lob law huh. Keep tooting your history lessons while the nation gets ready for the Second American Revolution courtesy of not a single halfwit seated authority clown being held accountable or prosecuted for the doublestep march to idiocracy, courtesy of morons seated via diversity dictates.

    Arm up, There will be no Legal end and no reversal of the Tyranny coming down the pike.

  2. Question? What is the charge for a Corporation creating its own war where many innocents are lied to and die ? Damages?
    No !
    Treason and murder have been committed and those crimes must be reckoned with.

    When will we stand up our courts and prosecute these criminal psychopath?
    Will we demand military tribunals?

    Do we feel like waiting some more?

    Monday nights are just repeats of what we already know! Bless those who teach the history lessons... It leaves us empty and mad and no plan again...

    Looks like waiting is the preferred response to tyranny!!

    Where are the action people when we need them??

  3. The story now takes a twist where the intention is to lead the listener astray. Now Hera is Gaia, mother earth, and she, as Gaia, gives birth to her final son called Typhon.

    Hmm GAIA
    As in their World Parliament and their ACTS and their
    Guaranteed Annual Income Administration
    ACT 42
    You're supposed to sign up sign in and get on board the new LOVE (evol) boat
    They (the world parliament) will incur no cost in getting this all set up the money will come from the slaves who volunteer after they produce their debtor documents for validation through the use of the shetar
    You'll be born again which I take it to mean you will be spared from the flood to come as you have agreed to the terms and conditions of the new earth CONtract

  4. What can be done? How is this being addressed? I don’t foresee any powers to change the course.

  5. Why not take the corrupt corporations down by publishing who the perpetrators are? Money seems to be the only thing that people understand.

  6. I have sent funds to Anna Von Reitz several times and not once has she even acknowledged my efforts. I for one have had enough of the talk. When are we going to do the walk. Eleven years I have been reading this nonsense and frankly my dear I'm sick of it.

    1. Boy these state assembly folks are clowns. Self chosen, angry when someone asks for more actual Facts instead of Claims from Anna. Waaaaah.

    2. Not able to think for themselves.

    3. Look who's crying, look at "Anonymous June 7, 2023 at 8:36 AM"

      Who cries for ". . . more actual facts . . ." and his cry "...Waaaaah."

      Typical parasite sitting on his couch.

      Get off your ass, go the library.

  7. Excellent job of bringing up the British South African Company and Cecil Rhodes! Could this be the focus of the documentary that exposes the unincorporated International bankers or parasites that we wish those who are asleep, to get to know better?

  8. Romley Stuart, Jordan Maxwell or Miki Willis come to mind as people who might take this on.

  9. Replies
    1. Maybe this helps the State Assemblies with something to look for to make use of?

      "This Country is Ours and Our Children’s future
      Jason Wentworth Michigan Speaker of the House
      A Remonstrance Being filed and to be acted on for the Common People of Michigan;
      They failed to respond; It’s law Now;
      In law, acquiescence
      The doctrine infers a form of “permission” that results from silence or passiveness over an extended
      period of time.
      Estoppel is a judicial device in and when used affirmatively by a plaintiff it is sometimes called a
      MICHIGAN a Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations;
      And We the People of Michigan have full control Today;
      Robert Gregory Boensch 2022-09-04
      Image of the date they received certified Mail
      April 6, 2022 at 11:58 am
      LANSING, MI 48924
      To The Michigan House of Representatives
      101st Legislature
      I Robert Gregory Boensch Am Formerly presenting this Document as a Remonstrance
      A Remonstrance Being filed and to be acted on for the Common People of Michigan
      Drafted by Robert Gregory Boensch
      I am a common man and this document is for all the people of this state. It is for our children who have
      not fully learned what a State is and how government works they don’t know they have (that operation
      is by omission and deceit).This information is also for our Elderly and people that are challenged that
      are unaware of why events happens in this world around us. And its also for all the people that are not
      interested or too scared to get involved in Governmental affairs. And, for the ones in power that have
      usurped power as impersonators abusing their false powers against the common good for the people.
      And this remonstrance is to be restricted to our God given Rights and everything that is disclosed and
      referenced. And not to be expanded upon or altered in any way unless agree upon by the Author and
      creator Robert Gregory Boensch.
      It is with this Knowledge that I present this Document to you today. This Document is drafted my
      myself today with the interest in the well being of all of the people in this Great State of Michigan.
      And with full knowledge and hope that the other State and territories of this Great nation will take note
      of what is enclosed and alter and adapt any part of the elements that are to be disclose herein for the

      benefit of their own land.
      Remonstrant were used in this state and this is not a new concept but a very hidden one, and now we
      will go to some history for the founding of this state and how it was created.
      You need to down load the PDF and click the links through out this document to see all.
      Find the documents on this click here 1835 CONSTITUTION OF MICHIGAN
      in 1836 after the constitution a remonstrance was used 5 times as noted in the
      1835-1836 Journal of the Senate

    2. Part one Evidence being presented
      Part two what redress is being sought.
      Page 1of 9
      Part one Evidence being presented
      President Donald Trump says this Inauguration Day marks the transfer of power back to the People.
      Trump: We are transferring power from DC back to people
      President Donald Trump says this Inauguration Day marks the transfer of power back to the People
      President Trump Proclaims The People of America are Sovereign
      Fourteenth Amendment
      Section 1
      All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens
      of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which
      shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive
      any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its
      jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.
      The three Day Congress
      117th United States Congress January 3, 2021 – January 6, 2021.
      People on January 6 2021 Did President Trump Shut Down The United States Congress before the
      Electoral collage votes were certified???

      President Trump Speaks to the crowd this.
      254. Proclamation to disperse
      Whenever the President considers it necessary to use the militia or the armed forces under this chapter,
      he shall, by proclamation, immediately order the insurgents to disperse and retire peaceably to their
      abodes within a limited time.
      Video Evidence 2021-1-06
      Our President of The Unites States of America Proclamation to disperse (while in office).
      Donald Trump tells supporters to ‘go home’ after they storm Capitol
      Donald Trump tells supporters to ‘go home’ after they storm Capitol Archive backup
      page 2 of 9
      Written in Law
      Office of the Law Revision Counsel United States Code
      10 USC 254: Proclamation to disperse
      254. Proclamation to disperse.
      Whenever the President considers it necessary to use the militia or the armed forces under this chapter,
      he shall, by proclamation, immediately order the insurgents to disperse and retire peaceably to their
      abodes within a limited time.
      + Article 4 of the constitution concerns the state
      +Section 1:mandates that all states will honor the laws off all other states;
      this ensures, that for example, if a couple is married in Florida is also considered married in Arizona, or
      that someone convicted of a crime in Virginia is consider guilty by Wyoming.
      +Section 2 guarantees that citizens of one state be treated equally and fairly like all citizens of another.
      It also says that if a person is accused of a crime in one other state flees to another, they will be
      returned to the state they fled from. This section also has a clause dealing with fugitive slaves that no
      longer applies.
      + Section 3: concerns the admittance of new states and the control of federal lands.
      + Section 4: Ensures a republican form of government (representative democracy”
      and both of which are opposed to a monarchical or aristocratic scheme-the states derives its power from
      the people, not from a king or gentry, and guarantees that the federal government will protect the

      states against invasion and insurrection.


    3. i:woman believe true that:
      Remonstrance, Common People, Common Law (lesser than: common law), Estoppel, Acquiesence, Judical "Devices", Doctrine, Affirmative, Plaintiffs, Speaker of the House are all "Constructs" of *English* or other FOREIGN Common Law Systems.
      it is all FOREIGN to Americans; and it is not American common law, but goes along with the other British Law Systems/ FOREIGN.
      why use FOREIGN Systems?

      American common law is like what jesuis taught in his parables/ other and is extremely simple:
      man restores man man causes harm to; that is: if you cause harm to man you are required to restore that man.
      when dealing with jesuis the Romans, Pilate, Herod showed they knew this law, and all man know it because it is law God wrote on man's heart.
      thats why it is law common to all man.
      there is no excuse.

    4. Why do you complain against the self-same language you use? Please go back to hyphenating/semi-colonizing ev-er-y:thing.

      And please provide (to we who have found our way through many a symbol jungle) your code book (referring to your lingua franca) of the recently identified (by Super Linguists) your "Hyper-hyphenated, super caffeinated, Calif.- Fragile-istic u r x-cephalic ly atrocious"

  10. Seems like a lot of official solutions are base on killing. Virus theory has been accepted as truth and requires attacking and killing virus, bacteria and even theorized tiny things around us we are constantly in battle with. Trees are in the way and mowed down, often burned up to destroy totally then the soil killed to make way for the coffee plantations or scientific chemcial farming the also kills lots of natural things. The "feelble minded" and "undesirables" were and are attacked to be killed by abortion and sterilizing. The main root or body generating these ideas and teaching them now trying to kill off masses they view as useless now that the machines ( that also kill nature and create toxic dumps) they think can replace living beings that again must be killed. On and on the way of death marches forward. Look up in the air with a flashlight at night and notice many particles descending to the ground that are toxic and are killing things including your lungs. Way of life and way of death. Time to attempt to get the garden growing and the beautiful planet creator made taken care of as intended and end this killing spree.


    Signs everywhere

  12. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


  14. Check out 'federation'

  15. Imagine that

    Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources
    Kinda goes along with this
    And this 'Ministry'

    Or how about this


  17. Just passed by a television program my sister was watching on the SCI channel as they exclaimed that slowly but surely that the Illuminati were making the world a better place


    Signed on May 31, 1650 by Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony Thomas Dudley, the Charter of 1650 established the Harvard Corporation as Harvard's primary governing board. Harvard continues to operate under the authority of the Charter of 1650 to this day.

    The charter of Massachusetts Bay represents still another way in which self-government was established in the English colonies of North America. In this case, the Massachusetts Bay Company, a joint-stock company resident in England, whose membership included merchants and landed gentry, received a charter from the Crown.

    “Everything is quiet. There is no trouble. There will be no war. I wish to return.”
    Hearst sent back a note: “Please remain. You furnish the pictures and I’ll furnish the war.”