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Saturday, October 15, 2022

A Brief But Important Message to Russia

 By Anna Von Reitz

We, the actual American Government, are now in Session. 

We, the actual American Government, are in possession of the 1858 American and Russian Alliance, which we have never broken. 

We are also in possession of the paperwork ceding Alaska to Us,  and the receipts for our gold to pay for the transfer. 

Although the deal was made by our British Federal Subcontractors “for” us, using our gold, and done in our names, it was and is a valid contract. 

The investments and growth in population in Alaska would never have been undertaken otherwise. 

As our American Government is now in Session you must deal directly with us regarding any issues affecting our land and soil. 

You can also bring any economic issues that you have with our Subcontractors to us for resolution as the actual Parties of Interest. 

We do not sanction Russia for taking action in Ukraine, for example.  

We are aware of the misdeeds of NATO. 

As you know all nuclear arsenals including ours and your own have been rendered ineffective, so we fail to see what is gained by making threats. 

All the false claims about “We own Alaska!” are inappropriate, and so are the threats.  

Our countries have been at peace since 1858 and Russia has often acted as our Ally and Friend.  We expect to keep that peace and friendship intact. 

We are not threatening Russia.  A self-interested commercial corporation based out of Washington, DC, is threatening Russia. 

Being that it is what it is, and that it has no delegated authority related to land and soil issues,  and no ability to actually declare war, we suggest that you immediately designate a team of negotiators to speak directly about these matters, and we all act as rational people to promote the peace and create prosperity for everyone concerned. 

We are ultimately responsible for the debts of these corporations and have authority to direct their activities and enforce their limitations with respect to our delegated powers.  So if you have a problem with them, which you obviously do, you should be talking to us. 

From: James Clinton Belcher, Head of State

The United States of America — our unincorporated Federation of States. 


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  1. We the Actual Government ( WTAG ) are faced with a Grand Conspiracy as You know. This bunch or Pervs from the World Economic Forum are aiming the Overthrow WTAG with a Mafia from the UN. Not on My Watch ….. Swamp Fox

    1. if you want to know the intent for the WHOLESHITSHOW, look at the first ten words in "james" last paragraph:

      "We are ultimately responsible for the debts of these corporations..."
      lol!! you gotta be kidding me!! lol!! hahhaha!!! hahaha!!! HAHAHAHA!!

      there you go.... the Vatican and others who actually *are* responsible for the corporations and all that debt they created??:
      need SOMEbody besides themselves to be responsible for their debts??!!!!
      ... looks like mabee "dear'ole bananafannafofana" just volunteered "her" "subjects"!!!??

    2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA! Dam thats real funny woman Jan,, HAHAHAH Real Funny!

    3. yes, its funny, but more important: its also shaping up to be looking: TRUE.

  2. I would be interested to knowing if Russia responds.

    1. Agree: Anonymous. I too would be interested in Russia response OR non response. Also I was under the impression No anonymous comments on this site

  3. Please explain your statement, i.e., "...all nuclear arsenals including ours and your own have been rendered ineffective...".
    Thank you,
    Jack H

    1. Agree Jack H. It would be GREAT to understand that statement

    2. oh You Sillies,
      didnt bawnawnawfawnaw already say there were some MUNCHKINS who flew in FROM MARS "to help us", who destroyed all the newcleer capabilities?
      (did "robert david steele" tip "her" off?!! :):):):):) )

    3. No one will ever use nuclear arsenals as we live in a closed system, under a firmament Gen 1:6-8, Job 38:8-11, Prov 8:27-29.

  4. You James are a municipality of your own making and mind. You and your wife do not speak for or represent in any form the American people , except for thoes ignorant enough to registered with your Herod reincarnated system, whos Estates are not enough and will never be enough to meet the evil mark for the Crown you are under tribute and allegiance. You are here basically addressing the puppet Charles , only in order to create yet another diversion in the simple minds of the people you have registered, in order to keep them under strong delusion while you create more false Equity Conrtracts that bebnefit you and your impersonation of the True HEAD of State, because you could never be The Head iof even a Marble team becasue the truth is not in you, The evidence against you is Massive that you are frauds and i wish to debate you man to man, if you have the guts , to prove this is TRUE.

    1. You will cease and desist any claims and presumptions James Washington that you speak on my behalf. Ignorance of your words only show the childish stupidity you display in the statement

    2. Interesting! LOVE TO HEAR YOUR AUGMENT

  5. James , self proclaimed Head of State for some foreign Government calling itself the United states of America, Let me know when you wish hold the Live-debate in front of a country of our peers, lets say Facebook Live? Or any platform pf you choosing. Thirty minutes is all we need, you get fifteen and so do I to prove our clains for and so the whole world can JUDGE THE TRUTH AND FACTS. Looking forward to hearing back from you on your own turf , right here.

  6. James Washington. You do not speak on my behalf. Cease and desist on presuming that you speak for me. I can and will speak for myself. Thank you very much. Have a good day.

  7. Looks like John Chapman lll has an alias. Are you OCD?

    1. No problem Minority Midget Jonathan, i do not speak for you , you are obviously already sold out your rights and will to this fake foreign institution being run by lying lost frauds, your already spoken for son by your own volition. speak for the Majority, who authorize me to speak. I will argue with you and you were not challenged to a debate of Truth vs Fiction , num nuts so please mind your own business. Thank You

    2. My rights and will haven't been sold to anyone with my consent. Its been stolen and continues to be from the likes of you and all your jesuit friends. And just what majority are you referring to? The recycled evil souls who can't seem to learn whats needed and enable them to leave the physical form? We kicked britians ass TWICE, criminals hiding behind the vatican, crown or puppet regimes only require public humiliation like a good tar and feathering, maybe a strong tree branch once in a while. We have NO FEAR of the likes of you NUMB nuts. Learn how to spell

    3. Im not trying to butt in you guys, but this is VERY interesting since literally everything going on is based in spiritual laws (but most Americans dont recognize that yet.)
      would like to keep your convo straight if you dont mind:
      so anon 10-15-22 5:08 thinks jas. washington is a jesuit named johnchapman3 [who i believe at one time said he is lucfre???]... and now says hes speaking for The Majority? -- what Majority?: American man and woman, or other???
      then anon 10-15-22 9:03s comment sounds like s/he is saying that there are evil spirits who call themselves je-suits, that took on/over the flesh of man AND CANT FIGURE OUT HOW TO GET OUT OF IT?? or maybe, just cant figure out how to get off this planet after finding a way to get onto it?... [looking for a "portal"? cern? antartica, artic circle,... ET phone home].
      i do believe demons are capable of whats being talked about presently as "bodyjumping" in man; and also can trans-FORM into light(angels of).
      there is all this talk about "ascending" and getting ready for the ascension, and how we will be instantly changed into acsended form: without our physical bodies..... at the same time that the whole physical world, we're told, is under attack to be destroyed?

    4. Nothing happens in this world without the blessing or approval of the pope. Any country that doesn't accept this is excommunicated meaning government less and open to a take over. The current pope Francis is a jesuit, the first one. The jesuits have a long history and not a very nice one. You will find them in this country with the spanish and french long before corporate britain colonized the east coast. The jesuits hide behind the knights of malta and the society of jesus and is well documented they are the militant arm of the vatican. They also own several colleges that have their own special programming and most of the corrupt officials we deal with are "educated" from these colleges. I was guessing that James Washington or JW is John Chapman for several reasons - the grammar and spelling, threats and name calling and just a total lack of respect for anyone who doesn't have the same beliefs. The attitude identifies an ego which is pride and pride is one of the greatest sins. Men and women are spiritual beings but mortal. Immortality lies in a different dimension and a different spiritual level. We have chosen and must experience life in the physical form in order to progress to the next level of spiritualism or non-physical. But we have to get it right, right in the way Yahweh expects of us - kindness, love, compassion - all of the traits and feelings that are generated from the heart. The mind is easily corrupted and influenced which is used against us. Those who refuse to treat others as they wish to be treated are subject to repeating the experience until they get it right. Yahweh has mercy, we are ALL his children. Mercy allows the time for man to recognize his wrongs and repent. Man will suffer on his death bed because of regrets, the wrongs he will never forget and tries feverishly to correct them but its to late, he has already been judged.

    5. thanks for the info about the P... didnt realize the other men in the world who say theyre running things all ask the man wearing long gowns what they are allowed and not allowed to do.
      no wonder the world is in trouble.
      men want to hold the place traditionally held by women... they want another man to take care of them instead of being a man and taking care of their own lives... they want to BE women.... parading around in stilettos, lipstick, and hoop earrings... looking about as fetching as a plop of wet cowshit :):):)
      if the je-suits are programmed, then im guessing, it is intense, depraved mkultra-ish "experimentation"; torture of some sort; and/or brainwashing thru repetition. seems like the so-called GOVT/ "Military"; MKULTRA/ "Science Experiments"; and RELIGION "War-Ship" are using the very same types of "Programs" on man, but under those various pretexts.
      i believe we have already made our differences in our spiritual beliefs known, so i wont go there again now.

  8. There is a lot of controversy here. We shall learn more.

    1. Correct you are in defcon four and had better learn more, by first taking a good look at yourself and the mass formation of psychosis you hold allegiance. That is, unless your a controlled hired pawn as you sound , by your defense of DeFacto.

      No Controversy here pirate, you must be a pawn under the mass psychosis of the Crown and the Bar Rats, that would love to rule over your controversy in their court.

      For example, under "your" Jurisdiction/ enslavement, and those who you defend here, who are calling themselves Americans, who created their own country/ company ,under seal, proclaining that it is of a republic, knowing it is NOT, All to ensnare the peoples E states, like so many other communist have done. Yes , their own Company that is, chartered for the people, under your Constitutions, a constitution that ,we the people are not party ( not our constitution).

      The Case or Controversy Clause of Article Three of your ---- the United States Constitution (Section 2, Clause 1) states that "the judicial Power shall extend ... to Controversies to which the United States shall be a Party". This clause has been deemed to impose a requirement that United States federal courts are not permitted to cases that do not pose an actual controversy—that is, an actual dispute between adverse parties which is capable of being resolved by the [court]. In addition to setting out the scope of the jurisdiction of the federal judiciary, it also prohibits courts from issuing their marks as beast Administrators, or from hearing cases that are sovereign, or moot.
      I know how bad you want a controversy so your fellow rats of legions living in the filth of their torment upon others, can press the fraud switch of Equity in hopes it will lead you more blood from another mans soul, what leads you time and time agian out from the sewer your entrenched in, with your lost soul of filth and fraud. Joing the rancid ranks of this Trap called The United States of America, compliments of Anna and James, who are , with their Architects are in deep shit and Liars to the core. It is is a real mans duty to his fellow man to expose such filth, that could slow down the mass mind control all of you are under.

      Your dummy court , your BAR. your ordinances and your search for controversies are not going to bale you or your handlers out from your treasonous crimes.

      Your trumped up controversies claims proves you have taken nummy nuts to a all new high. yes:Dear , war has been declared long time ago, choose your side or stay where you are at, but be prepared to own your choice. No Excuses for Ignorance of the Real Truth.
      James Washington

    2. james washington:

      true. True. TRUE. and EVERsoTRUE... please post more comments.

    3. 'mass formation of psychosis you hold allegiance'
      Absolutely spot on

      Brainwashing and the ROCKYfellers LOCK STEP plan
      25 minutes in
      IDentity data is outside of individual control
      Hmm maybe thats why you need a fiduciary and some coordinators to verify who you are?

      You flip the s'crypt' and lead the blind to their fake promised land

      These are pretty profound
      In one of them he discusses that so called 'birth certificate'
      Sorry cannot remember which one but the one above is pretty good

    4. At 1 hour 6 in to this one

      Also at 1 hour 30 minutes and the grateful dead
      You see it's not the grateful dead it's the greatful as in we should be great full to be the dead slaves they've made us through the birth certificate

      Again references to this BURNING MAN shit and the role that the grateful dead played in all this HORSESHIT along with their First Earth Battalion and other HORSESHIT

      You bet step right up and let some nobody grandma and crew 'verify' who the hell you are while promising a pot of gold at the end of the rainblow while you work for free and donate that fake ass cash to the cause

    5. And listen to this one
      They pre arranged the K12 schools for fucks sake

      Makes you think about the schools being closed down that I reported that Mary Greely News did on schools the other day

    6. At around 15 minutes listen to what he says
      And your social credit score

      So much information in these videos it will blow your mind

    7. The closing of schools forced on line interaction without a 'teacher'
      Distance Education and Innovation in the
      'Federal Register'
      At 20 minutes in

      And at 30 minutes in you will hear about
      IBM folks and Watson AI

      Swissy Land and the world wide web - CERN
      of which I think all links to
      CERN in Swissy Land, see below link

      Then it links to GREENLAND and
      The main brain of the world wide web
      Swissy is the middle bridge to the entire web run out of Greenland and

      Which is why they came up with the fake ass story about ICELAND and them throwing out the bankers or jailing bankers
      Look under the heading DANICE and the connecring the world to GREENLAND through ICELAND
      They used the stories to cover their tracks to get the system set up through ICELAND

      Had absolutely nothing to do with them throwing out any bankers what so ever

    8. 32 minutes in he talks about the transition

      The TRANCEformation of the entire world to think like these fucking lunatics who are behind the scenes driving this

      Manifest Destiny 'ringing' any bells about right now

      It was the US's role in this whole scheme of things to

      Hence the movies PLANET OF THE APES
      And remember now that in one of the very first movies they did the Statue of Liberty was completely under the sand
      From 1968
      Complete with a fake ass ASS TRO NOT
      Ya know like Astro the dog on the cartoon the Jetsons

      And ole Ted Nugent refers to all of us as little monkeys
      Gee I wonder why, because he is one of the so called elite?

      That anyone in their right mind would ever and I MEAN EVER go along with anything to do with these plans

    9. Look at the names rolling by

      Zack Hubbard and his genatria bullshit

      Leary like in maybe Timothy Leary and Oklahoma?

      The list is endless people

      4 minutes in the Galactic Center (CIA)

      Miles talks alot about the name of Cohen and there is one in this chat session here

    10. Listen up

      Brazil is one of the BRICS 'nations' and one of those 'nations' is RUSSIA
      Don't be fooled

      And if you think that there World Parliament and this so called
      Earth CONstitution is just BULLSHIT
      You best think again

      And who is it that keeps selling you a FEDERATION?

    11. Might I also remind you that the base of USNORTHCOM is Colorado

    12. At 21 minutes

      Gaia and your google mail or GAIA ID folks

      And what do you know a GAIA INC

      In Barbados, OVERSTOCK and Fintech sign MOU

      Convenient is it not that it is disguised as an airport management corporation you know like the ones that the bush boys operated while they planned 9 1 1

      Crooks is a friggin understatement here folks

    13. The BIG BANK(G) THEORY
      38 minutes in folks

      And there in LIES the big lies they have all been telling for generations
      And you bet these crazy mother fuckers have big plans
      And NOAA
      And all their key stooges playing their game

      And what you get is their fake ass NOAHIDE Laws when their done as their so called chosen idiots work out the details for them

    14. I like this guy and he is a wealth of information

      The charts and graphs and links of his are off the charts folks

  9. jonathan,
    where is james w. speaking for others? i dont see it.

  10. The red flags continue to accumulate. The fruition of promises never seem to materialize. The claims contain no evidence. Follow up to important topics is nonexistent. Emails are ignored at every level and communication is atrocious. Researching some of the claims proves to be the opposite. Webinars side step the issues and become nothing more than a rant of history lessons. I may be gullible at first but eventually the big picture comes into focus. I am a man of principles and truth and when that line is crossed there is no turning back, no replay and no forgiveness. Moving on. Had enough yet?

    1. You are a wise man of principle, i had enough when i found out Anna and her husband took a deal and under house arrest , for 12 years, ankle bracelet and all . She sold out good people , then she plays dumber than the dumb she is to act like the friend savior,to all, including thoes who are in jail for a long time. She must as part of her plea , deceive the people into accepting the debt their enslavement from birth, march the people back into the bondage of US Citizenry, CROWN, State National, aka Municiple, Territorial property. The evidence and case can be found under her real name that nobody here has obviously taken the time to research.

    2. With all due respect, you could have posted the name for the deception to stop. The entire show has crossed the line for me. The claim is made the she is heir to the saint Germaine trust that funds the entire world governments but she can't get a bank open and apparently can't control how it is used. But she will accept your donation. Way to much doesn't add up and I don't see her providing the math equation

    3. All you have to do is read world parliament documents and all this shit about so called self government and the people will come forward one by one and self govern themselves while donating and volunteering to the cause is written right in the damned document

    4. As boasted about in the below link

      Breaking News! Anna von Reitz Reports the American Government has Backed the US Dollar with Gold

      The EveryDay Concerned Citizen

      Global Banking and Economic Collapse Averted | US and Australian Debt Paid Off
      World-rocking news, shared in a first interview on this subject, Report 298, and two recent State Assembly webinars by Anna von Reitz, Fiduciary for The United States of America: the American government has stepped forward to provide the gold to back the US dollar, a global banking and economic collapse has been averted, and US debt and Australian debt has been bought out.

      The every day concerned 'CITIZEN'?
      Are Anna and crew not 'citizens'

      It's slight of hand people

      The world bank will incur no cost in the tranceformation to the new earth and the Earth FEDERATION of global serfs working for free while they fleece the world blind

      Meanwhile back at their home base

      Can't prove not one word of what she blabs out of her mouth
      In the above linked video her name actually sounds like that of one of her couterparts at like 2 hours in to the video

      You've got a parallel play going on here

      One is on the tell lie vision screens where the actors play out their roles and the other is the new
      VIRTUAL REALITY godvernment being created by Anna Banana here
      The METAVERSE they call it

      Rolled out all this shit on line (in the meta verse, now the new name for Facebook) to hook the deaf dumb and blind in to working for their cause of self godvernment right in to hell while your hard earned, not worth the paper it's printed on, is donated to the fucking cause

      Meanwhile back at the swissy land world wide web computer brain (AI) they monitor their progress of how many deaf dumb and blind sheep take and set the baited hook

      Why do you think it's called Fishers of Men and the popeye wears a fish hat


      All kinds of stuff they've uncovered I'm diggin in to these of late

    5. Listen to this shit folks

      OMG this is what they are doing with the friggin CAFR 'investments' too

    6. Pay again babies

      Pagan Babies at 9:41 in and the book she displays??

  11. AmericanGovernment for humans is, and the US or the USA for business people are, make the choice! m
    "Well, you know, I was a human being before I became a businessman."
        - George Soros, Interview with Mark Shapiro (2000)

  12. Was blind but now I 'C' - hmm they even made a song about it

    Their sick ass intent is to manifest their destiny remember
    Better think, is it the destiny that you are looking for

    Funny word manifest like a SHIPS MANIFEST and their sick ass
    Where we go one we go all

  13. The little crafty devil actors on the world stage have a big shew planned for the masses

    Stay tuned tomorrow for
    As the Whirled Turns

  14. Be sure and click on the 'I' 'CONS' on your computers and log in to those PORTS

    The shit is everywhere I tell ya

  15. The next assault

    Adding yet another round of toxic vaxxines to the childrens 'schedule'

    Like the two they are givin at berth before they are even breathing for an hour
    Vitamin K or so they say
    Hep B

    Bio warefare from the minute the child is born

    Criminals is an understatement

  16. Interesting

  17. And just what in the hell is SLED

    A license to grow the shit that only the controllers can prophet from
    Like all those special places in Colorado they set up shop on and made it 'legal' for them but not everyone else

    Absolute crooks EVERYWHERE

  18. Read this

    Then check out this city in Virgin Mary
    Manassas, Virginia
    Manassas, formerly Manassas Junction, is an independent city in the Commonwealth of Virginia, United States. The population was 42,772 at the 2020 Census. The city borders Prince William County, and the independent city of Manassas Park, Virginia.
    Pre-incorporation County:
    Prince William County (None after Incorporation - Independent city)
    Named for: Manasseh of Judah
    Type: Council-Manager

    And this one here well who the hell knows what the hell these psychopaths are capable of

  19. janmarie check this out

    So now all of a sudden they are finding this stuff?
    Possibly 'v' related?
    They have been in operation for long time and now all of a sudden a concern and switiching them all to virtual learning??

    1. soooo many people are knowingly involved.
      they were told they were safe.
      they thought they were safe, special, and privileged.
      theyre not.
      they are the most STUPID of all.

  20. And they want it all and their dumb minions are helping them get it too

    Their home base where sern is the world wide web


  21. Look at this shit

    Now how driggin sanitary do you think those mask are?
    Just sickening

  22. It seems like nothing has changed and still everything seems "normal" since the last time I seen posts on this forum which has been considerable amount of time. Only thing that will bring everything back to true normal is when humanity no longer stands in the way of nature, natural progression of things. In the mean time I have been working on my multi-trillion dollar online retail company, Amazon and Walmart killer if you will . Still figuring out what I am going to do with all that cash, definitely going to convert it into physical land and previous metal and maybe some stones. And really considering establishing my own kingdom country to finally remove all liars, thieves and murderers out of my life once and for all, can't wait and can't happen fast enough! Cheers! 🙏😇🕊️😘🌍🌎🥇🎉🏆👏

  23. At 1 hour 8 minutes she discusses

    Like R2Fusion Inc set up in Plano Texas in 2020 and the company logo is plastered on the side of FedEx Trucks
    FedEx does a hell of a lot of tracking and tracing of 'packages' to and from their destininations and even does INTERMODEL
    Hmm as in shipping like a container coming from say like China and the contents are not checked they are worked through the system via electronic manifest and the shipment moves throughout the entire 'supply chain' without the doors of the container ever being opened until it's final destination
    I know I worked in this electronic data realm for decades

    How can you ship in millions of immigrants/soldiers and no one is the wiser without a single entity checking it's contents aling the way?
    Send in containers full of soldiers and offload in a 'zone' off limits to even so called local law enforcement


    Follow up with the comments too and the links she provides


    The hidden isle of Crete?

    The island of Crete which is modern day new york? or Manhatten Island

    Crete in this writing

    Manhatten island is the rock where they built their tyranny from through the BULL STOCK markets

    1. The Isle of Man - MANHATTEN


      Pretty damned similar I would say

  25. Look at the population centers in this Ring of Fire

    Like ole Johnny 'Cash' sang
    I fell in to the burning ring of fire
    And it burns burns burns
    The ring of fire
    The ring of fire
    He was also known as the Man in Black

    Loretta Lynn who recently died and I say is AKA June Carter Cash has an interesting storyline too of how her hubby is a 'doolittle'

    These schmucks can make up whatever the hell they want and get away with it because they are part of the game and are all interrelated, IMO

  26. The ROLLING STONES did not sing the song
    Back in the USSR for shits and giggles ya know

    The north wall represents the location of the god of war in the sides of the north. Just as today the Pentagon war machine is pointing north, which, when reversed is THRON or THRONE (silent E). It is through war that the serpent king holds his choke hold on the human race. War is brought about through religion and religion causes hypnosis. In todays terminology, this war machine of the north is the USA and the former USSR, which is once again called RUSSIA. Notice the symbolism in the letters. The USA = use ‘a – a slang way of pronouncing user and uniting 2 ideas as one.
    USSR is very direct and is pronounced USER.
    RUSSIA likewise is pronounced RUSE along with USS-IA which is again USER. The USA, USSR and RUSSIA are all symbolic subliminals which condition everyone in these war producing countries to UNITE for the cause of A – the all seeing eye pyramid deity.

    Remember, it’s sound and shape association that means everything, not what they’ve taught us in the illuminati reptilian school systems.

    SORROWS = ROS – WOR when reversed
    ROS – WOR = ROSE WAR or the war against humanity through the Order of the ROSE whereby the christ rising from the dead (the Order of the Dead) would lead to the death of countless millions throughout history.

    Hmm the movie War of the Roses - ya think the hollywood el ite know the score or the script?

    Like ole Ronnie Howard who makes movies about the unemployed, broke, drunk and drug ridden populace that they left behind in the ohio valley back in the day when they shipped all the steel and other industries off to china
    You bet he knows because his son plays the role of Prince Harry who married the actress from hollywood Meagan Markle who by the way has the same inititals as Mary Magdeline

    1. You think the movie Oceans 11 might be a hint

      And there you have the RAT PACK
      Along with the MARX brothers

      And during the 'vid' lock down you can bet your sweet ass they looted everything from vegas and all around the world
      and they are still doing it today

  27. These globe ball less wonders want it all folks and they make up all the stories to go with the narrative and send the cannon fodder in to do the job with their actwhore it's all relatives at the helm

    Crimea hmm sounds like Creye me a river doesn't it
    Maybe they are clueless too?

    This whole entire realm just absolutely SUCKS

    1. SHELBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      utub: EntertheStars
      LIVE | 200 Fallen Angels of the 33rd Parallel | Where they fell.....
      i have the sense that this goes right along with your Greenland\ Iceland/ Cern FactDiggs...
      at about 4min 15sec it gets really good, he says there ARE NO (exact?) COORDINATES for this location; then at about 4-53 he says:
      its the highest UN BASE IN THE WORLD -- it is at the summit of Mount Hermon!
      its all the more astonishingly interesting because in German, the name 'Herman' means '(the) man'!!
      etymonline datte camm
      shows Herman means:
      "army, host" + "man", "man of war", "warrior".

      so, what? make the damn thing a LandingStrip/ PORTAL for fallen angels... and 5henbthey **CALL** it the Mount of (the) Man of War?...
      ...see, theres spiritual deception right there...
      they never stop
      theyve done it from the beginning
      they are nothing but liars.

    2. Yea I warch some of his stuff not sure about that one
      I'll check it out

      People need to wake the fuck up
      They've had this scam going for so long this is like 'childs' play

  28. Hmm closing schools for 'radiation' and now st louis has an incident

    Now how would you go about sending all the kids home for virtual learning and close all the brick and mortar schools and reclaim the properties

    The closing of schools forced on line interaction without a 'teacher'
    Distance Education and Innovation in the
    'Federal Register'
    At 20 minutes in

    Well I'd say you hire a bunch of actors to fake a bunch of shit and a bunch of fake scientist and reports on the conditions of the schools and then have a 'federal register' set up on the skulling (school, the skull is where the brain is located as in like skull and bones) of the kiddos virtually and you eventually get exactly what you planned for

    And when you're paying all the employees at every level well you can figure it out

    Maybe all you working for free coodinators and unincorporated employers of these cretins can stop their terror
    I know do your paperwork that will help
    I wonder how long before the scales (as in scales over your eyes) are tipped

    1. 1. covee
      2. shoe ters and chicken k ops
      3. uninhabitable buildings?
      so, after over 100 years of "going to s koolle", now all of a damn sudden its one disaster on top of the other???
      uhhh, no.

    2. I know someone who is a substitute teacher (a scab more like it) that said in a local Texas school they were shot around 40 teachers just this past week

      You force the teachers to quit for the no jabba the hut and then there is a crisis which leads to their one line learning like the K12 stuff that was set up back when they knew what was coming

      I think it is in this video here where they talk about how K12 set up was also an inside job as it was preordained as part of the PROGRAM moving forward
      Distance Education and Innovation in the
      'Federal Register'
      At 20 minutes in

    3. Sorry should have read
      short 40 teachers not 's h o t'

      Holy hell I might get 's h o t' for that typo
      Not kidding wither
      You just never know when they will send their goons for you or some of your family
      After all they know who is connected to who

  29. And I read something the other day, I'm trying to locate it

    If they can get you to sign up for say something like social security then you have agreed to the terms of their pay outs of the trust and the trust remains in their control which is why you get a measly monthly benefit paid out in electronic form and put in a bank account or on a prepaid vendor card

    Sound like you are being double crossed in to accepting the benefits of whats really owed to you through a 'new' ILB and a creditor prepaid vendor card?
    Just step forward provide two witnesses and the volunteers in this so called unicorporated scam will take care of the rest for you
    They promise that your prepaid vendor cards are forthcoming any day now
    And they will have those 'centers' set up any day now for you to go and set off the debt or give them a voucher to offset the debt
    Blah blah blah
    That Blue dot FEMA LOVE bank is just around the corner too

    I will find what video it was that someone commented under and what they found and how this new conversion scheme of theirs might apply

    More to come
    I have an errand to run this morning so it might take a bit for me to find the video and the comment

  30. PNWER

    Hmm I wonder if grand ma ma knows about these planning sessions?

    Seems all we ever get is the same stories of how you can self govern yourself to freedom if only

    And yet not a damned word is ever spoken about anything that has been revealed about any of this other shit

    And it seems to me that in one of Vicky's presentations the term self givernment for the folks of Afghanistan was used by papa bush?

    I will look to see if I can find that one too

    I tell ya this is the bait and switch
    You will get your payouts only if you comply
    That is steep forward come on board her ship and VOLUNTEER and DONATE all you can
    Your freedom is just around the corner

  31. If I were a globe ball less “End Times” scriptwriter, SCRIBE

    This is Paul Harvey and his little speech about 'if I were the devil'

    And it is not so amazing when you consider the same ass schumucks have been behind the movie script all along
    It is really amazing to realize over 47 years ago how accurately he “prophesied” the future spiritual condition of the United States.

    Tell ya what I've got their spiritual condition hangin you know where and I'll give the shit right back to these helots every second of every day till they are all right where they should be

  32. If I belonged to a cartel of thieves I would make a speech like that to go along with the rest of the shit shew they have been putting the ritz on for for decades

    Mind fuck the masses and hynotize them all through the media we own and the world is ours for the taking
    These stupid dumbed down animal herds we've created will never catch on