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Saturday, June 1, 2024

International Public Notice: About the Zim Answer

 By Anna Von Reitz

The Zimbabwean Currency Speculation is based on another CIA-style government putsch in which the actual civilian government was replaced by a puppet government that signed over all Zimbabwe’s mineral wealth.  

It’s crooked and this circumstance had nothing to do with love. 

People in Zimbabwe are still rioting and resisting it.  We expect that there will be criminal charges and all sorts of drama before that all gets sorted out again. 

It's exactly what the Mercenaries using our honorable military as a storefront have been doing for decades all over the world -- pillaging and plundering the natural resources and labor forces of other countries at the behest of the British Crown and the reinstituted "Holy Roman" Municipal Empire.  

If we want peace, justice, and security we have to give those things to others.  We can’t go around pulling off “change of government” coups and using them to steal the natural resources of other countries. 

We have good friends all wound up over their speculative currency investments in Zim and believing in the currency valuation reset to make them fabulously wealthy as Zim Holders —we shake our heads.

If it works, and they actually become fabulously wealthy as a result of this crime, it is still the result of crime and unjust enrichment. It's still immoral as hell itself.  Those who profit themselves unjustly reap the results. 

These are good honest people who have sunk their life savings into Zim, hoping to use the promised wealth for good purposes. 

These people would not knowingly and willingly approve of the violent removal of an innocent elected government. 

They would not support the replacement of that government by a puppet regime favorable to foreign interests and on the payroll of those foreign interests.  

They would not affirm the agreement of that puppet regime to give over the control and most of the benefit of Zimbabwe's natural mineral wealth to foreign interests -- and all at the point of a gun. 

Would all these Zim Investors invest in Zim if they knew?  No, probably not, and yet, this is how evil grows, from ignorance and self-interest --- even innocent self-interest. 

This is just more rabid commercial mercenary violence and scheming, more plundering and pillaging of innocent people and entire nations by Colonialist "powers" operating as Commercial and Municipal Corporations. 

These Offenders need to be cut off at the roots.  The banks supporting these activities need to be cut off at the roots.  And if we knowingly support any of this, we would deserve to be cut off, too -- but the fact is that we don't support it.  

We have the utmost sympathy with the people of Zimbabwe and we grieve over the many lives senselessly lost over this strong-arm racketeering and theft of natural resources from among the world's poorest people.  

No doubt the promoters of these crimes see the mineral wealth of Zimbabwe as a threat to their own "empire" of crime, and fear that if Zimbabwe got control of its own destiny and its own minerals and its own life --- it could better the lives of people throughout the entire African Continent and might invest its wealth in Africa, so that that great continent finds its power and blooms again. 

These Perpetrators have done everything that they possibly could to keep Africa and Africans and even African Americans in chains.  

They have employed every possible scheme and cruelty and outright crime to promote this crippled outcome for Africa, generation unto generation.  They have reduced Africans to ignorance and poverty and violently suppressed every effort by every African leader to build community, develop resources, or establish justice for the African nations. 

It is sickening what they have done and what they have been allowed to do by the rest of the watching world. 

Are the people presently holding Zim currency criminals, too?  No, but they are unwitting and complacent accomplices, as most Asians and Europeans and Commonwealth nations and people are.  

We are all sitting here in our club chairs and going to our dinner parties, comfortable with our "Christian values" and sanctimonious sentiments about freedom and justice --- and not really thinking and not really caring about freedom and justice.  

If we did, our soldiers and "intelligence services" wouldn't be acting as cheap mercenaries and causing all this violence and crime. Our politicians would feel the steam and remember what it means to be accountable.  

Certainly, no one with a decent moral compass would knowingly and willingly speculate on Zim currency investments knowing the backstory and so, we have done our best to spread the word and discourage Americans from buying Zim. 

We discourage them from buying Zim, because yes, as things stand, the Zim Bonds are evidence of crime, and we know that these Americans are not criminals in their hearts and minds. It's possible that those holding Zim will be prosecuted.  It's also possible that the Zim currently on the market will be confiscated without return of investment interest.  

It would be true to form for these Monsters to cheat both the Zimbabwean people and the American and European investors -- and simply pocket the change under color of law. 

Until these "Colonialist Corporations" are put down like the mad dogs that they are, and until these issues are settled in favor of the Zimbabwean people -- and to their satisfaction -- we consider Zim to be a bad investment from the perspective of everyone's ultimate best interest. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

May 31st 2024


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