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Saturday, June 1, 2024

International Public Notice: Putting the US Debt in Perspective

 By Anna Von Reitz

The most recent claims by BRICs state that the District of Columbia Corporations owe the rest of the world 53 Trillion "dollar" equivalents--- a "dollar equivalent" being understood to be an amount of labor or assets equal to the value of one ounce of fine silver. 

The U.S. Treasury admits to owing approximately 200 Trillion "dollar" equivalents after the debts of both District of Columbia parent corporations are merged under the 2015 UNITED STATES bankruptcy. 

This means that approximately 147 Trillion "dollar" equivalents are owed to the American people who bore the brunt of these criminals.  We are, by far, the largest and therefore "preferred" Creditor and we have, against all odds, shown up and claimed our Priority Creditor position.  

This has put a Big Stick in the wagon wheels of those who sought to claim our material assets as "abandoned property" and who also sought to shift the balance of our credit to China, to be used by them for their own benefit.   

Now, granted that the rest of the world is owed $53 Trillion and we are owed $147 Trillion plus all our material assets returned safe and sound -- let's put this in perspective. 

In April of 2017, a church official acting as the GOVERNOR OF OTTAWA, delivered $950 Trillion in liquidated "Life Force Value Annuities" to Prince Philip; three days later, Prince Philip retired from public life, presumably having taken the $950 Trillion in insurance benefit annuities into the Black Hole of the Royal Family coffers.  

That alone would pay everyone more than four times --- almost five times --- the worldwide debt of the District of Columbia Corporations. 

The purportedly "abandoned" assets of the Avila Family Trust tangled up in the personal estate settlement of Severino Sta. Romano, a professional (and honest) Metals Depositor, is worth more than anyone can imagine -- an amount so large that it dwarfs all comprehension and reduces the "mighty specter" of the debts owed by the District of Columbia Corporations into a flyspeck.  

And that is just one of many private family trusts that contain assets of a magnitude sufficient to pay off all debts worldwide.  Last time we looked, the St. Germain Trust (which was commandeered and illegally administered) held $473 Trillion in assets, the V.K. Durham Trust held $1,573 Trillion in assets, the Urban Trust I held $2,643 Trillion.... and so on.  

The schtick was to impersonate the actual Trustees and Heirs of all these trusts, claim that the assets were "abandoned, owners unknown"--- and for the rats to waltz in and acquire the use of all these immense private trust assets in consideration of some legal expenses and lies.  

The Perpetrators of this scheme include the Usual Suspects, the Vatican, the City of Rome, the Committee of 300, the Bilderbergers, the Royals, the UN CORP, the Government of Westminster, the Lord Mayor of the Inner City of London, the Lords of the Admiralty, the WEF (World Economic Forum), the DOJ (Department of Justice), SERCO, RELX, CIA, DIA, DARPA, and other alphabet soup "Agencies", the World Bank/IBRD, the Federal Reserve System and its Successors, JPMORGAN and Chase Bank, The Global Federal Reserve Department, the Swiss Government, the Governments of Monaco, Liechtenstein, Israel, and all the self-proclaimed "independent, international city-states" set up as pirate bases for the so-called Empire of the City, the latest iteration of the outlawed Holy Roman Empire conceived as HRE, Inc. 

Everybody had enough? 

World War I wasn't supposed to happen.  World War II wasn't supposed to happen.  And if we have anything to say about it, World War III isn't going to happen. 

All those tragic events, all the disease and despair and misery, all the killing and maiming and theft -- was brought to you by the so-called Saturnine Brotherhood to cover their tracks and create a smokescreen of chaos to hide their thefts.   

You can recognize them because they wear Black Robes; in their own mythic history, they claim to come from Saturn and to serve the native deities of that planet including the Lord of the Rings, and the Holly Trinity (as in Hollywood), Baal, Baphomet, and Mammon. 

 All bunk, of course. 

Likewise, they claim to serve "the Queen of Heaven", but they deliberately vacillate between applying this title to the Virgin Mary one day, and then to that Great Abomination, Ashtoreth, otherwise known as Semiramis, Isis, Astarte, Cybele .... and .... Columbia.... as in District of Columbia, the next. 

These Cultists are criminals and idolaters and actors of the worst sort. The militaries and what remains of the lawful governments of many nations are called to make a simple choice. 

They can either bring an end to this criminality or live their own lives as cheap mercenaries, forever relegated to the condition of indentured servants and/or slaves. 

Please remember that the gold assets backing the Central Banks that are part of the Bank for International Settlements come primarily from the Avila Family Trust and similar Spanish and Dacian Family Trusts --- and these resources were meant to be used to end the practice of taxation, to uplift humanity, and put an end to poverty and ignorance.

We have the agreement and contract of the Heir of the Avila Family Trust firmly committing all but one (1) percent of the Trust assets to the relief of humanity and to building needed public infrastructure and to providing technological advancement on a global scale -- for all countries and all living people. 

By the time we add in the other purloined private trusts and public assets, it is apparent that the debts of "the US, Inc." and "the USA, Inc." are trivial, and are being used as a Paper Tiger; the true aim of those perpetuating these lies about asset scarcity is to gain and retain coercive and arbitrary control over other people, so as to enslave and denigrate humanity for their own self-interest. 

This has been the modus operandi of for-profit corporations since the plague of these faceless, soulless, unaccountable En Legis entities began in the 1840's.  

Please join us in putting an end to this rampage of racketeering, impersonation, barratry, fraud, and theft; there is more than enough of everything for everyone, no need for wars, no need for fear.

What we have is a global need to clean up banks and government service corporations, courts and other incorporated entities, via liquidation, forfeiture, lawful conversion, and arrest of the guilty parties that have been stealing our identities and abusing our assets and credit. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

June 1st 2024


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