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Saturday, June 1, 2024

International Public Notice: Concerning Donald Trump "Conviction"

 By Anna Von Reitz

The easy answer is that the whole trial is invalid, fraudulent, null and void,  even though it was a jury trial, because the jury convicting Donald Trump was not a "jury of his peers" and this was not a "trial by jury".  

As you can readily observe, the Judge decided the outcome and forced the jury to comply as a rubber stamp; this is known as a "jury trial" not an actual "trial by jury" in which the jurors freely decide the outcome. 

BTW, this is how Maritime COURTS have been able to maintain their astonishing 96% conviction rate. 

Like millions of other Americans, Donald Trump was never actually the one on trial, either.  An En Legis entity, a foreign corporation doing business "as" DONALD J TRUMP was the defendant, and this entity as a "citizen of the United States" was already guilty the moment its name appeared on the docket. 

We've already pointed out to you that none of these courts are competent to address living people, and all the Defendants/DEFENDANTS they address are impersonations of the victims, created by foreign corporations acting as Public Usufructs. 

So, Donald Trump, the man, hasn't been convicted of anything. 

A phony British Territorial Estate Trust named "Donald John Trump" may be have convicted; an even more phony Holy Roman Municipal Trust doing business in some form of "DONALD J. TRUMP" may be have been convicted --- but none of that has anything to do with the living man and no enforcement can be justified against him.


There is no contract binding him to his Mother's undisclosed signature on a contract obligating Donald Trump to perform as a U.S. Citizen or adopt the person of a British Territorial. This unconscionable (to him as a baby) contract can't be held against him, and so, no British Territorial Estate can be presumed to exist and no derivative Public Trust related to any such Estate can be presumed to exist. 

That also shoots any presumption related to the existence of a Municipal Federal Trust serving as a "citizen of the United States" named in some form of sign-language as DONALD J TRUMP -- in the rump, because the Municipal ESTATE Trust is formed in response to the British Territorial "person's" demise. 

No British Territorial Estate means no Municipal ESTATE, either.  

And as this whole pile of politicized nonsense was addressed to a Municipal franchise corporation that was created by the defunct UNITED STATES acting as a Public Usufruct, or its immediate Predecessor in crime, it falls to the Successor dba the "White House Office, Inc." to hold the man, Donald Trump, completely harmless from any harm or misfortune occasioned as a result of the existence of their Municipal franchise dba "DONALD J TRUMP" in any form whatsoever. 

Joe Biden has to "pardon" IT, or be raked over the coals for crimes including impersonation, racketeering, election fraud, criminal conspiracy, default of Usufruct, knowing personage and barratry, operating a private court under conditions of fraud and deceit, physical assault and trespass, false claims in commerce, violation of The Constitution of the United States, and attempted inland piracy. 

There's probably more potential charges to be had, but we will leave it at that. 

What an Ant and Alligator Show this "trial" has been! --complete with a proven and self-confessed Liar as the Star Prosecution Witness--  but perhaps Donald Trump's experience of the rank injustice promoted by the Municipal COURTS against "citizens of the United States" will finally knock some sense into him and his poor excuse of a legal team --- and might open up the entire necessary discussion concerning what serves as "courts" in this country.  

We consider the purported trial another low point event in a Silly Buggers Contest that has been staged to dupe the world and the American Public by those criminal elements inhabiting the various unauthorized "independent, international city-states" and the District of Columbia.  

We are left in irritated amusement to consider the next move in this pathetic play.  

Will the British Crown Corp Operatives arrest Joe Biden and subject him under Admiralty Law?

Will the American elements of the Armed Forces finally say, well, enough of this strip show? We've seen Trump's polka dot Boxers and don't want to see Joe's soiled Tidy Whities?   

Will we, the American people, dissolve the District of Columbia and evict the inhabitants in violation of the Residence Act?  ---Just be done with their non-performance, criminality, and constant war-mongering? 

Will the rest of the world recognize what has gone on here and get on with doing business with the actual American Government?  

Will we sit on enough bankers and lawyers to convince them that yes, we do know what we are talking about and we know who we are, and no, they are not getting away with the court scam business anymore? 


We think the word has already gone out, judging from the number of attorneys jumping ship. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

May 31st 2024


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