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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Calling The Sons of the Revolution and DAR

By Anna Von Reitz

You always knew that you might be called. Somehow, somewhere in the back of your brains there was this little prod, like a rose thorn in your brain, a suspicion that someday you might be called upon to do something besides genealogy and fundraising for scholarships and historical pageants and debutante balls.
This is it. You have a serious mission to help save your country. And it is an especially important message and mission for those of you born in Delaware or in a State neighboring Delaware, because believe it or not, Delaware is a problem.
Delaware has been taken over and operated by the Monarch of Great Britain, secretively, through the establishment of a Chancery Court on the shores of Delaware.
Now, it is our trust and belief that many patriots still live in Delaware and many who have been born in Delaware over the past century, who would be appalled to know that their State apparatus has been illegally and immorally and unlawfully used to promulgate fraud upon the rest of America.
THE CORPORATION TRUST COMPANY/CORPORATION TRUST CENTER, 1209 Orange Street, Wilmington, Delaware, in New Castle County, has been operating as a State owned Municipal TRUST and as an Agent to protect criminal foreign corporations, and has abused the State Compact of Delaware to do so.
As you are all aware, the State Compact belongs to Americans, not British Territorials. As you have also learned, the entity called the "Delaware State" is a State Trust that was formed under False Pretense following the Civil War. But the State known simply as "Delaware" is a different Beastie and when Delaware rises, the Delaware State and all presumptions related to it, dissolve.
It is of earnest and utmost importance that those of you who have answered the call already and who have done the work to declare your correct political status as Americans and who have formed the Delaware Assembly--- and all those who shall act in concert in support of the Delaware Assembly, take action to inform the now-figurehead-only "Governor" of the State of Delaware that the Delaware State Trust belongs to the People of Delaware and that the People of Delaware are here, alive, and well to claim it.
It is also of utmost importance for the Delaware Assembly and its Supporters to serve Notice on THE CORPORATION TRUST COMPANY in Wilmington, informing them that the Delaware State Trust has been claimed by the lawful heirs and that their Municipal TRUST, together with all client corporations, is losing its charter for cause and all right, title, and interest vested in the so-called Delaware Corporations now belongs to Delaware.
Rally round the Delaware State Assembly and do outreach, particularly in New Castle County, via newspaper, telephone, computer, or any other reasonable method to enable the people of Delaware to correct this deplorable and dangerous situation, which impacts not only Delaware, but every other State.
These so-called "Delaware Corporations" that are operating within our States of the Union are not supposed to be here, and the only way that they are here, is by clothing themselves as part of the Delaware Trust --- an operation akin to wolves putting on sheep's clothing.
The current Liars and Criminals attempting an economic coup against our country are deliberately lying about the Coronavirus as a means of keeping people from organizing and taking action against their monstrous attempt to undermine everything that America is and stands for.
They are making it difficult, and yet, they have no lawful right to continue so long as one Son of the Revolution or one Daughter, either, stands to defend Delaware --and to oust the foreign management of the Delaware State Trust.
Those of you on the East Coast must again bear the brunt of the effort, but all the rest of us will be with you in spirit and intent, bringing forward our expertise and our connections and lawful money to assist.


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  1. Anna are you saying here that all States of State, likes State of California and State of Idaho, across the whole of similarly organized "the United States" are all operating as sub-corporations of the Delaware State owned Municipal TRUST, which has been fraudulently taken over by an Agent which is protecting criminal foreign corporations, like State of California and State of Idaho? Or is the condition you describe in this article pertinent to Delaware only? Of how many States of State, and to which ones can this be applied as the typical template?

    1. Sorry to jump in, please correct me Anna if I'm wrong. The answer to Joel is kind of like what he perceived, but in this order: "CA of WA D.C.", "ID of WA D.C.", etc.. You can see the "D.C" is in violation of American Constitution, and many other laws, including the International law, after 1930 Geneva Conventions, Bankrupted countries agreed to play fair, by rule of Honesty. The vermin are not supposed to create their deceptive law (corporate policies, legislature, fake STATE codes) or alter the International law (UCc) at all. They did all lawlessness, to cheat us, by creating false laws since 1990, to cheat us. Over a minimum of 8,000 codes have Revenue-bearing to scam us.

      Ie. The Uniform Commercial Codes were altered by the GHBush Administration, and thereafter. Act of 1871 repealed, they shouldn't have tampered with it neither, to make it look active or alive.

      It looks like the Pope were involved, in grand scheme to amplify fake debt, or Wall Street SCAM on people credits and all resources. You can tell by the Registration of the U.S.A.Inc. in 1989. The Corp.Register didn't know how to classify the, so they can only think of who suggested the creation. Perhaps GHB enticed the Pope for advance cash, for his scamming idea.
      Like Anna said, it makes sense why U.S.A.Inc was created to mirror U.S.Inc. to expand their credit extractions, against people interest.

      File Number: 2193946
      Incorporation Date / Formation Date: 04/19/1989 (mm/dd/yyyy) Entity Name: UNITED
      400 City: WILMINGTON County: NEW CASTLE State: DE Postal Code: 19808 Phone:
      (302)636-5440 Additional Information is available for a fee. You can retrieve Status for a fee of $10.00 or more detailed information including current franchise tax assessment, current filing history and more for a fee of $20.00
      Number: 2221617
      Incorporation Date / Formation Date: 02/08/1990 (mm/dd/yyyy) Entity Name: UNITED
      GREYSTONE MANOR City: LEWES County: SUSSEX State: DE Postal Code: 19958
      Phone: (302)645-7400 Additional Information is available for a fee. You can retrieve Status for a fee of $10.00 or more detailed information including current franchise tax assessment, current filing history and more for a fee of $20.00.
      File Number: 0325720
      Incorporation Date / Formation Date: 07/12/1933 (mm/dd/yyyy) Entity Name:
      CORPORATION Entity Type: GENERAL Residency: DOMESTIC State: DE
      State: DE Postal Code: 19901 Phone: (302)739-3138 Additional Information is available for a fee. You can retrieve Status for a fee of $10.00 or more detailed information including current franchise tax assessment, current filing history and more for a fee of $20.00.

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  3. I have searched the Corporation Records at the Secretary of State Office for STATE OF DELAWARE extensively looking for "STATE OF DELAWARE INC" and other STATES while looking up the Private Municipal Courts and Certain Banks back in 2018. This was not long after finding Anna's site and quickly Verifying "THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA INC is most certainly incorporated in SCOTLAND as Anna reported in her Articles.

    I can say I have spent hours looking for some information Anna has reported without success only to find they hid the information somewhere else. One of the big ones is that the MUNICIPAL STATES have supposedly abolished Common Law within their statutes. I found this quite quickly researching the COLORADO REVISED STATUTES in 2016. When you dig a little deeper you find all state courts are Courts of Record, Common Law Courts, but if you don't invoke the Record you don't get anywhere near Common Law, like Traffic Court.

    Could not find "STATE OF DELAWARE" however styed or any of the but other STATE OF STATE Franchises here but I always believed "IT" was hidden in their Records some place.

    You can search all CORPORATIONS online simultaneously and I could never find where the MUNICIPAL STATE FRANCHISES were incorporated. Makes sense they are hidden behind a Trust Entity.

    Everything is about TRUSTS and all manmade Laws go back to TRUST Law. Equity is based in TRUST Law and everything about Equity has to be based in Truth.

    I traced Banks back to Trusts formed in 1924 and many Named BANKS are held by the same TRUST, recorded right here in the INCORPORATION STATE.

    Several of the Municipal Courts here were easy to find and others are hidden under Names like "Judicial System". If you look up DUNS Numbers first to get the actual NAME used these Corporations are easy to find through the Secretary of State Office. I found the Name used by the ARAPAHOE COUNTY COURT, COLORADO by typing in the phone number at DUN AND BRADSTREET online. Another interesting fact is: "THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF COLORADO" INC is held by a man on Colorado and the purpose of his business is listed as "To protect the People of Colorado State." His last name is Browne and I spoke to him on the phone in 2017 when my son was targeted by the STATE OF COLORADO Pirates.

    AUSTRALIA is incorporated in DELAWARE. DISNEY is incorporated in DELAWARE. The "IN GOD WE TRUST dba USA INC" is a TRUST Entity incorporated through the Secretary of State Office, State of Pennsylvania. The address is a vacant lot in Philadelphia. All Currency; is the property of "the" "IN GOD WE TRUST". This is the factual reason the word "GOD" can not be removed from US MONEY/CURRENCY.

    Delaware the Land is separate from the CORPORATE, but we have no Sheriff for the People here, just a corporate flunky using the name SHERIFF.

    Each man/wombman is responsible to take a stand and the only way to let these Public Servants know the People are back to run our Government is to send them "Notice". A Gentleman always gives Notice.

    Delaware is small but STATE OF DELAWARE is worldwide.

    Annie McShane
    On Delaware

    1. Carpenter March 23, 2020 at 3:48 AM
      WinkWink: I have no clue what they put in there real or not, yes the dates are suspicious, except the IRS (Inc). 07/12/1933 is definitely REAL.

      >> 1990,1993 <<<== are Actual copy from the registration site. See below: other site made a copy of actual images

      The US Treasury (INC) is real, It makes sense, GHB did all of these mirror [USA.Inc <> US.Inc], to expand their human Credit extractions. Remember Al gore - Clinton, screaming about their SuperHWy of information? That’s part of their motif to create E-trade for their Toxic stocks, fraudulent “Affordable home Act” scheme, signed by GHBush. He defined the U.S.A.Inc as Religious Corporation, perhaps he was trying to get the Pope or Vatican to give him advance $$$$$$$, for his Genius scheme.

  4. You may enjoy this;


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