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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Sometimes the Things I Write About.... Homework

By Anna Von Reitz

Yes, sometimes the things I write about go right over people's heads, and "my fellow Americans" are left standing there scratching their ears and looking very dull indeed.  It's not their fault.  They aren't stupid.  They have been deliberately un-educated and left in the dark by swanky criminals bent on  making use of them. 

So the rest of the world will have to understand this about Americans and be patient while we catch up; once alerted and motivated, as everyone knows, we can be hell on wheels--- one of the ironic consequences of being used as gun fodder for a hundred and fifty years.

There's a part of us that really doesn't give an EFF.  That comes in handy for fighting evil--- once we have a clear view of the Enemy.  So, gang way.

I am sharing two articles from the not-so mainstream media, which I recommend that you read in order one after the other, and then, connect the dots. 

The first article from Zero Hedge is about HSBC and its role as "the" premier money-laundering agency for the British-operated Opium Trade in the Far East, India, and Afghanistan. 

It will be a shock for most Americans to realize that there has been a "Triangle Trade" in drugs similar to the Triangle Trade in slaves that existed between New England, Barbados, and Africa.  The Drug Trade dates from the same era as The Slave Trade.  It simply occurred in a different part of the world.

It will also be a shock to realize that India, China, and Afghanistan have been used and abused by the British to create, sustain, and yes, even enforce, this illicit drug trade despite its heinous and destructive nature and despite all the hypocritical anti-drug posturing of the western governments.

The Zero Hedge article describes the "traditional" money laundering system of HSBC and the Swiss Cartels. 

The second article by Layman's Law describes what is being done now, and how the Vermin are using their bogus Foreclosure Mill and private mercenary security forces mislabeled "Law Enforcement" and acting under color of law as "STATE OF...." officials  to unlawfully convert their worthless paper generated from drugs, slave trading, gambling, and other illicit activities into nice "clean" real estate assets in America: 

This has to be stopped by shutting down the Municipal and Administrative COURTS that are enforcing and running "the laundry", and then by shutting down the banks and secondary "mortgage servicing companies" that are making the  false claims and corrupting the course of justice.

Make no mistake, this is Super Big Business, and it represents generations of corruption by the British Crown. Literally millions of people are involved worldwide, from Kandahar to Kuwait, from Persia to Pittsburgh.  

And the only way it can be stopped is for many more millions of people  to wake up and take action.  It's either that, or everyone on Earth will be enslaved to criminals and criminal enterprises, and life will not be worth living.

You might as well hold your noses and jump.

What you will see is how the same British and European criminals have raped and pillaged and abused the entire rest of the world, including America, and also how they have used America as their Whipping Boy.  

You will understand once and for all that "the US" is not America, that the British Crown is not the British Monarchy, that the UN CORP is not the United Nations, that "the" United States is not The United States, and that "the" United States of America was never The United States of America, either.

You will also understand exactly how and why the rest of the world has been misled into hating "America" --- how they have misidentified us so that we are mistaken as "the US", and how "the US" has in turn been used as a vicious club by British Fobs and European bankers to subdue and defraud and oppress and cheat and corrupt the entire rest of the world.

We, Americans, have been unknowingly used as their patsies and proxies in place of "The Raj"  to do all this harm, so of course we get painted with The Ugly Brush.  Of course, other nations hate and fear us. 

This is why you've got people in Tehran and throughout the world ignorantly shouting, "Death to America!" --- because the British Creatures and their Municipal City of Rome Counterparts certainly don't want the blame for their actions and schemes coming back to them, do they? 

The nasty little cowards would much rather play the part of sanctimonious and thoroughly "decent" people, and let you take the blame and pay the costs of their war-mongering and criminality. Watch on:

Come on, people!  You can do it!  

Daylight in the Swamps!  

Spend three minutes and pay special attention to what Godfrey Bloom has to tell you in this one, at the four minute mark:

Spend another couple minutes and see what the former head of the IRS has to say about the "voluntary" income tax that we all purportedly  "volunteered" to pay though most of us have no "federal income" at all:  

Spread the word and take the action.  Declare your actual birthright political status and take a stand.  Push back.  Join your State Assembly.  Organize your civilian courts to replace the Municipal and Administrative "COURTS". Alert every Sheriff and Deputy Sheriff and Law Enforcement Officer. Tell every US Marshal -- the Continental Marshals already know. Tell everyone you know in the military.  Tell the members of the phony Congresses.   

Give them no "plausible deniability" --- tell them and let them all know what's going down.

Inform them, and if anyone complains, just tell them that you are doing your public duty to inform them of crimes being committed, and that if you didn't do your public duty you would be an accomplice to those crimes ---just as they will be if they don't get the lead out and put a stop to it.  


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  1. Or....we are just bored, simply not interested, and could not care less and not trying to catch up, lol.

  2. I have been blocked from posting it seems and cannot post on the redalert redalert article, so will post here for now since the comment box did come up on for me for this article:

    This does go with RedAlert RedAlert! Article though:

    Don't ever forget that
    The united States of America created by the living people was created July 2/3, 1776.
    That is the date of the Declaration of the freedom, sovereignty and independence of the American States' people. Not People (a DEAD FICTION).

    It precedes and also supersedes ALL other agreements!

    All prior agreements are NULL.

    All subsequent agreements are VOID and also NULL if they violate it.

    It was put into place lawfully from the consent if the people.

    Its still standing.

  3. Also the info I got three or so years ago about the Reign of Heaven was that it, itself, claims it's base from "Israel"!!!!!!!

    ....meaning, the way I understood it at the time (and haven't been interested since), was that the Reign of Heaven claimed it's standing?territory?place? in the place/on the ground that is presently being referred to as "Israel". I think they have actually maybe been allowed to "own" a teeny tiny piece of "Israel" to put their "country try" on. Seriously, its been awhile, but I think they did something in that vein.

    I found that EXTREMELY weird at the time, and disturbing.
    Now it sounds like perhaps they were setting up/domiciling? an incorporation-type of supposed "USOFA" in "Israel" like has been done in PuertoRico/elsewhere,... presumably to be able to sneakily apply "Israeli"/"Noahide" law to us "goyim"/"cows", maybe???

    I #would# say "They're the cows",

    but I don't want to insult our lovely, clean, healthy, gentle bovines... Especially since I just devoured a yummy beef brisket sandwich swimming in barbeque sauce.
    Thank you lovely cow :):).
    You can fart all you like.

  4. My comment just got wiped out as I was posting it..Apparently (?) somebody is trying to control the information I am trying to furnish?? Idk.

    I'll be brief:

    1. The peoples' united States of America was formed on July 2/3, 1776! Not in September or in March or other!
    That is a historical fact, not FICTION, that cannot be changed.

    2. Please cite the reference you are using to publish the information that: the united States of America/variant name that applies directly to the living people was formed in March, 1776. Where is the broadly-published declaration of intent? And who is claimed to have lawfully declared it?
    Without proof of claim the information cannot be relied upon as accurate and correct, or applicable, no matter who the author is.

    3. No one was, or could be, the DONOR of the Delegated Powers in "the Constitution", or elsewhere, to the Municipal or Territorial US Corporations or any other!!! A DONOR is a gift-giver!!!! A Grantor. So these documents are claiming that the people DONATED, GRANTED, GIFTED their Delegated Powers to the Corporations?!! :):)
    No! I don't think so!! :):)
    You are put under lawful DEMAND to prove your claim... Show us where the people consented. Or you must honorably retract that claim if/since it cannot be proven.

    First of all "the Constitution" was never lawfully ratified at the Confederated Union level, the national (States) level, or the private level, from consent of the people that would have authorized the peoples' Delegates to carry the voice of the people forward!!

    The people delegated their authority to their Delegates. That's as far as it can go.
    It's a breach of trust and of Office if they do.

    Third, I've already brought forward that a DONOR IS A GIFT-GIVER.
    ....which is what they claim we did,... but that WE DID *NOT* DO, ANYMORE THAN WE *GIFTED* OUR BODIES, NAMES, AND/OR ESTATES TO THEM!!!!!!!
    It's all just different version of the same FRAUD!!!
    Same ghouls... Different masks. :), recycled, trying to be resold to us as our remedy and solution.

    Remember what Pinkham(?) said about there being double "loopback and pass through" types of arrangements they do on paper [--that form the chains?] Well, think seriously for a moment using natural critical-thinking skills, and try to determine "WHY are there TWO different Cancel of All POAs in #928 basic free packet?" Sound like a looping back perhaps? Passing something "through", maybe?

    Since the author of same has failed to give me a substantive answer so far, I am left to guess that putting TWO Canc of APOAs in there can only be for the purpose of doing *some* kind of a double loop back, or SOMEthing...
    that should be a red flag to ANYone that something is at least questionable, if not completely wrong or even worse perhaps.

    And also, further down in the he article, she claims her Lawful Persons FICTIONS accept all gifts and waive all benefits, which,... WHY?
    Why? oh, why? would anyone do that?-- :):):):):)
    when she, herself, has authored that: the gifts they gave us, the American state nationals, were, or were in the nature of, stripping us, without our knowledge or consent, of our natural born statuses, rights, and property/other that goes along with being a natural born man/woman and *gifting* us with their "GIFT" of being of Civilly Dead Entity status in their secretive system, of being their property: so they could steal our public and private property, including our bodies and our family members.

    If anyone comments back to me substantively with citations and proofs that the information i am giving the wrong, I will answer; but if someone rails on me for pointing these things out, please don't waste your time, I will be skipping right over your comment as soon as I determine the nature of it is without cognitive merit.

    1. Or....we are just bored, simply not interested, and could not care less and not trying to catch up, lol. So. thats why i recommend you to post this in twitter where a large amount of other users could know about this airways. And remember , that you can always buy twitter followers and quickly boost their number.


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